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The Lady Elizabeth #2020

The Lady Elizabeth Following the tremendous success of her first novel Innocent Traitor which recounted the riveting tale of the doomed Lady Jane Grey acclaimed historian and New York Times bestselling author Alison

  • Title: The Lady Elizabeth
  • Author: Alison Weir
  • ISBN: 9780345495365
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Lady Elizabeth By Alison Weir, Following the tremendous success of her first novel, Innocent Traitor, which recounted the riveting tale of the doomed Lady Jane Grey, acclaimed historian and New York Times bestselling author Alison Weir turns her masterly storytelling skills to the early life of young Elizabeth Tudor, who would grow up to become England s most intriguing and powerful queen.Even at age twFollowing the tremendous success of her first novel, Innocent Traitor, which recounted the riveting tale of the doomed Lady Jane Grey, acclaimed historian and New York Times bestselling author Alison Weir turns her masterly storytelling skills to the early life of young Elizabeth Tudor, who would grow up to become England s most intriguing and powerful queen.Even at age two, Elizabeth is keenly aware that people in the court of her father, King Henry VIII, have stopped referring to her as Lady Princess and now call her the Lady Elizabeth Before she is three, she learns of the tragic fate that has befallen her mother, the enigmatic and seductive Anne Boleyn, and that she herself has been declared illegitimate, an injustice that will haunt her What comes next is a succession of stepmothers, bringing with them glimpses of love, fleeting security, tempestuous conflict, and tragedy The death of her father puts the teenage Elizabeth in greater peril, leaving her at the mercy of ambitious and unscrupulous men Like her mother two decades earlier she is imprisoned in the Tower of London and fears she will also meet her mother s grisly end Power driven politics, private scandal and public gossip, a disputed succession, and the grievous example of her sister, Bloody Queen Mary, all cement Elizabeth s resolve in matters of statecraft and love, and set the stage for her transformation into the iconic Virgin Queen Alison Weir uses her deft talents as historian and novelist to exquisitely and suspensefully play out the conflicts between family, politics, religion, and conscience that came to define an age Sweeping in scope, The Lady Elizabeth is a fascinating portrayal of a woman far ahead of her time an orphaned girl haunted by the shadow of the axe, an independent spirit who must use her cunning and wits for her very survival, and a future queen whose dangerous and dramatic path to the throne shapes her future greatness.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. I read Weir s Eleanor of Aquitane and was bored stiff by all the contradicting accounts she included You really wanted her to take a side, and she just wanted to give you all the information she had dug up Well, this novelized version of Elizabeth I s life preceding her coronation does take sides You have to credit Weir with creating a sympathetic character out of someone who tried during her reign to obliterate any trace of weakness or even of her past But one of the first things Weir does is v [...]

    2. I expected from an historian Weir s imaginary account of Elizabeth I s early years is a bodice ripper The problem with academics writing fiction is they lack imagination Young Elizabeth is described as a minx whose body betrays her when she falls for the debatable charms of her stepfather thus explaining why she refuses men thereafter to become the Virgin Queen Blood, mess, childbirth Elizabeth recoils from the very idea of marriage There s nothing wrong with creating an imaginary lover for Eli [...]

    3. Here is another one I was asked to review for Library JournalG, so good This is the second fiction novel from Alison Weir, the fabulous Tudor historian who wrote many biographies, including The Six Wives of Henry VIII, and The Children of Henry VIII But last year she gave us her first foray into fiction about Lady Jane Grey, who was queen for about a week between Edward VI and Mary I That one was fascinating since I knew very little about her I know quite a bit about Elizabeth I, and this was a [...]

    4. To me, Elizabeth I is the most interesting of all the English monarchs This novel is about the young Elizabeth, which may be a remarkable story than that of her as Queen Elizabeth She is very lucky to have survived, let alone become Queen.Her mother was executed as a traitor, she was proclaimed illegitimate, her father was the seemingly mad my word Henry VIII, and she had many other detractors as well, not the least being her two siblings, Edward and Mary But she survived her tribulations and b [...]

    5. 10 days It took me 10 days to plod my way through this 400 page book I kept coming up with reasons NOT to read this I cleaned out junk drawers, broke down cardboard boxes, sorted through my winter clothes, organized my armoire, etc And when evening rolled around my usual time for reading , I surfed the Internet, played games on my tablet, watched television, calculated my taxes, etc I did just about ANYTHING other than read this book I never seemed to be in the mood for it.To put it bluntly, I w [...]

    6. Alison Weir is very easy to read She is in her element writing this kind of historical fiction, because she has written so many biographies on the Tudors, including the Wives of Henry VIII which I loved I also really enjoyed Innocent Traitor Unlike Philippa Gregory, Weir s writing is based on actual facts Do not get me wrong, I loved Gregory s The Other Boleyn Girl, but it had very little based on fact, it was made into an entirely different drama My only issue with this is that I have read so m [...]

    7. Obzirom da su povijesni romani moj omiljeni anr onda jo Tudori to nije Elizabeta I pa jo i to da sam ovu knjigu dugo, dugo eljela itati nisam ba objektivna u ovom osvrtu Meni je ovo sve super Pri a prati onaj rani dio ivota Elizabete Tudor, od njezine 3 god pa do trenutka kada postaje kraljica Likovi, doga aj temelje se na povijesnim injenicama, za injeno, naravno sa dozom fikcije I sve skupa je meni odli no Za ljubitelje anra obvezatno tivo.

    8. The story telling was 4 stars, the fictional liberties were 1 1 2 stars Yes, I know it s a fictional book, but I expect from a historian than a bunch of cliches In Weir s author notes, she says she enjoyed running with this story, but stated she stayed true to the facts I did not like the portrayal of Kat Elizabeth s governess She was immature, annoying and I simply wanted to slap her The problem with knowing Tudor history is hating to see the mythsAnne Boleyn and the 6th finger, Jane Grey havi [...]

    9. I ve read a couple of Weir s books, fiction and history and so far I ve been very impressed I sometimes really struggle with the story of Elizabeth, she is a woman I greatly admire but her life sometimes lacks the excitement her parents had I keep trying to figure this out and I think the conclusion is that I don t like the men in her life Thomas Seymour and Robert Dudley are the times when she appears weakest and they are not worthy men in my opinion I know they are important parts of her life [...]

    10. A very interesting fictional portrayal of the life of Queen Elizabeth the first before her ascension to the throne The book is divided into three parts describing different periods In the first, the writer deals with her childhood in a very tender manner that shows us that despite her position she was also a little girl like all the others, looking for love and affection In the second she deals with her highly controversial relationship with her stepfather but I found this point somewhat exagger [...]

    11. Historical novels are one of my guilty, but infrequent, pleasures I have little patience with archaic dialogue, for one thing, and I chafe at too much fictional corpulence draped over an historical skeleton But when the author of a fictional novel is also a well respected historian who s taken her first turn with those characters and events as a non fiction writer, then we re talking a different colored horse altogether Alison Weir s The Lady Elizabeth is such a horse Having already written Eliz [...]

    12. Loved, loved, loved this book was a daunting four hundred plus page turner that I thoroughly enjoyed.d of course it combined all my favorite elements to an amazing book, a strong woman with power, drama and secrets, at least one major scene that makes me reread with my mouth wide open and my weakness the Tudor dynasty This is the story of dear Elizabeth, daughter of the infamous Anne Boleyn and her rise to be the longest ruling, most effective and greatest queen England has ever known, ruling al [...]

    13. Since I m an avid Anglophile, I couldn t resist this book Even though I ve read many books on the subject and know the story, it showed it to me from a different angle, and added a lot to my understanding of the frame of mind of the main character, Elizabeth I, and others around her The book follows her since the death of her mother Anne Boleyn, to her becoming queen It is an amazing story, filled not only with some very interesting and unique characters with fascinating personalities, but also [...]

    14. In tutta onest non so proprio moltissimo su Elisabetta I e i Tudor in generale, per cui ero un po in ansia all idea di leggere una versione romanzata prima di una biografia, senza sapere cosa era vero e cosa no.Di buono c che Alison Weir non Philippa Gregory che dopo tre libri ho abbandonato senza troppi problemi, chiedendomi cosa le abbiano fatto i Tudor di male e neanche Jeanne Kalogridis.In effetti ho apprezzato un sacco che la Weir si sia premurata di dire che alcune svolte narrative sono fa [...]

    15. Ova je knjiga jedan veoma op iran i vrlo zanimljiv povijesni roman o Elizabeti I, koji zapo inje u njenom djetinjstvu, a zavr ava njenim usponom na tron Kod povijesnih romana uvijek postoji problem unaprijed nam znanog kraja Ponekad je te ko prona i neku nepredvidivu situaciju u romanu za koji ve zna kako zavr ava, i u kojem su ti poznate brojne injenice i na in na koji su se pojedini doga aji opisani u njemu odvili Alison Weir tom je problemu uspjela dosko iti upravo odabirom razdoblja Elizabet [...]

    16. Alison Weir has authored an intriguing fictional representation of Lady Elizabeth later Queen Elizabeth I Her understanding of history provides a detailed context in which this story is placed Since I am not a historian of the era, I cannot comment on historical accuracy per se Nonetheless, from having read a few other works regarding the era, it does not seem too far off the mark.The story depicts Elizabeth, bastard daughter of Henry VIII, as a survivor Her early life often placed her in situat [...]

    17. 4.5 starsThis was my first Alison Weir book ever and I can t I was disappointed Weir is known for her historical non fiction, but sometimes non fiction can be dry and overall boring, so to give myself the best impression of Weir s knowledge, I decided to pick up one of her historical fiction novels.The Lady Elizabeth focuses on Queen Elizabeth I before she was queen It follows her life as she tries to survive as her family members are put on and off the throne What I liked most about this novel [...]

    18. This book is about the life of Queen Elizabeth I, and highlights from the day her mother, Anne Boleyn, was beheaded to the day she became Queen upon the death of her sister Mary Tudor Although I already knew the rudiments of the story, the book helped to fill in a lot of the gaps I thoroughly enjoyed Weir s portrayal of Elizabeth and her wit and intelligence I felt at times, though, that she portrayed her as a little too high strung What most fascinated me was the portrayal throughout the book o [...]

    19. I ll admit that after having read most of Weir s nonfiction work, I expected alot Maybe thats why,for me,her foray into another genre fell so flat The plot doesn t stay strictly historically accurate at least according to her own nonfiction on Elizabeth but this could be forgiven if her characters were just , well, believable The writing style lacks the immediacy necessary to draw the reader into the plot and connect with the characters, which seem to be somewhat stiff and one dimensional for my [...]

    20. I adore Alison Weir s non fiction, but she is not a novelist The writing is trite, simplistic to the point of childish, and in great need of editing The sentences were often so awkward and basic that I found myself editing in my head Weir drew a great portrait of Elizabeth in her non fiction books brilliant, wise, precautious, careful even when young In this book she is superficial, and talks like an air headed, dumb bimbo And Weir wrote sex into the story, even though she herself asserts that E [...]

    21. Between Alison Weir and Philippa Gregory who have both written about the wives and times of King Henry VIII, I feel as if I m becoming an expert on that era This book is nicely researched and written Though it is not as deep in description and detail as Gregory s books, it is a very satisfying read.I always thought being the Queen of England would be a nice peaceful existence in which you dressed beautifully and had lots of money That may be the way the Queen lives now but certainly not in the t [...]

    22. This book held my interest from beginning to end It documents the early years of Lady Elizabeth from her childhood 1536 until she ascends the throne of England as Queen in 1558 Ms Weir documented the fictional liberties she took in the story but for the most part it was historically accurate and written in a very readable manner She describes in detail how Elizabeth s coped with the shifting political and personal changes and the personal dangers she herself endured The relationship with her fat [...]

    23. Weir covers the years of Elizabeth s life from the age of about three, when her mother, Anne Boleyn, was decapitated, to the day she becomes imperious as Queen Elizabeth I Weir in her author notes expresses the fact that she is foremost an historian, but because there are certain fantastic rumors covering the adolescent years of Elizabeth s life, she took the opportunity to spread some royal gossip Therefore, some of this book may be fiction than fact we just have no hard evidence The Lady Eliz [...]

    24. The Lady Elizabeth by Alison Weir is an exciting addition to the realm of Tudor fiction The story follows Lady Elizabeth from when she is three years old to when she is become Queen of England and all the trials in between I am very impressed with Alison Weir s storytelling ability I have not yet read any of her non fiction work but as she is an historian first, I appreciated the level of detail and historical account in this novel The conversations between characters and descriptions of England [...]

    25. A great many novels have been written about Elizabeth I, and still the market is not yet satiated I picked this novel up wondering what new insights or interpretations could Ms Weir possibly bring to the fictional portrayal of Elizabeth.Ms Weir s novel opens with Elizabeth being told of her mother s death in 1536, by her half sister Mary, and takes us through Elizabeth s life until the time when the death of Mary in 1558 makes her Queen of England Ms Weir addresses three distinct phases in Eliza [...]

    26. I loved this romp through 16th century royal court life Whilst initially put off by princess Elizabeth speaking complex sentences at two and a half, I thoroughly enjoyed this mostly historical but partly speculative look at Elizabeth 1st s childhood and young womanhood until she became queen The author did acknowledge that she makes Elizabeth a tad precocious but apparently it is known recorded that she had a keen intellect from an early age so I ve forgiven her the author.

    27. A brilliant, highly engaging read As always loved the writing, and found I couldn t put the book down Loved learning about the early life of Elizabeth 1 I love historical fiction so loved this Esp as easy read so hopefully appealing to wise range of readers.

    28. This was awesome The writer really makes you feel for Elizabeth I loved reading this book, and was a little sad when it ended.

    29. Odli na, zanimljiva, osje aj da pri a samo te e i te e Ovo je vjerojatno moj najkra i osvrt o knjizii sve sam rekla i tri rije i

    30. As the tall young woman pulled back the curtains and opened her window, the sun streamed in, burnishing her waist length wavy hair Her face was pale, her posture dignified The severely cut black gown set off her slender figure to advantage, but its high standing collar lined with fine white lawn and its lack of adornment suggested modesty and purity There was a gravity about her that made her seem older than her nineteen years, and yet there was something of the coquette too One only had to look [...]

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