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Kentucky Heat #2020

Kentucky Heat In the second book of the powerful new series that reunites the beloved Coleman and Thornton families New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels brings readers into the turbulent lives of a Kent

  • Title: Kentucky Heat
  • Author: Fern Michaels
  • ISBN: 9780821773680
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kentucky Heat By Fern Michaels, In the second book of the powerful new series that reunites the beloved Coleman and Thornton families, New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels brings readers into the turbulent lives of a Kentucky horseracing clan headed by the incomparable Nealy Coleman Diamond A woman of substance, Nealy rides fast, loves hard, and lives with an appetite for winning no one can mIn the second book of the powerful new series that reunites the beloved Coleman and Thornton families, New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels brings readers into the turbulent lives of a Kentucky horseracing clan headed by the incomparable Nealy Coleman Diamond A woman of substance, Nealy rides fast, loves hard, and lives with an appetite for winning no one can match Now in Kentucky Heat, she tests her deepest beliefs with one shocking decision and one daring last race Kentucky HeatWith Nealy, horses come first So when her two grown children s irresponsible acts nearly cost her Shufly, the foal that carries all her hopes for the Triple Crown, she throws them both off Blue Diamond Farm, a decision that changes their future and her own To the world, Nealy looks unbreakable Inside, her heart has shattered Estranged from her daughter Emmie and son Nick, she struggles alone to build her racing stables into the best in Kentucky and Shufly into the horse of the century.When Hatch Littletree, her ex husband s law partner, pays an unexpected visit, he brings Nealy much needed comfort But he also brings turmoil A tough Native American and a brilliant attorney, Hatch is determined to see Nealy heal the painful rift with her children He s also a man Nealy cannot resist Raw with emotion, and yet filled with an unstoppable energy, Nealy will face bitter disappointments, exhilarating triumphs, and a night of bloodcurdling terror one that could mean the end of her dreams d maybe her life.In Kentucky Heat Fern Michaels keeps readers enthralled, as the power of a woman s indomitable spirit leaps off the page d rushes like a thoroughbred toward a finish you will never forget.Fern Michaels is the New York Times bestselling author of Kentucky Rich, Plain Jane, Finders Keepers, Yesterday, and many other novels Surrounded by five children, three grandchildren, and six dogs, she shares her 300 year old South Carolina plantation home with a resident ghost named Mary Margaret who leaves messages on her computer Includes a teaser from the concluding novel in the trilogy, Kentucky Sunrise It s a tribute to the author s skill that she can keep so many plot pots stirred at once People on Plain Jane He s magnificent, isn t he Nealy said.Hatch nodded, his gaze never leaving the colt I have to say, Nealy, he s the finest piece of horseflesh I ve ever seen Shufly whinnied and would have broken away if the grooms hadn t kept a tight hold Careful, Nealy, Hatch warned Something s got him spooked Nealy reached for Shufly s halter, brought his head down to hers and whispered in his ear He immediately calmed, nuzzling his massive head against her arm Awed at what he had just seen, Hatch walked over to the now calm Shufly and rubbed his muzzle Just out of curiosity, what did you whisper in his ear Nealy tilted her head to the side I simply told him if he didn t behave himself, I wouldn t take him out to the track I told him he had to behave like a gentleman Hatch grimaced And you re telling me he understood what you said Nealy laughed He calmed down, didn t he Hatch s eyes narrowed with disbelief Was she putting him on She certainly looked serious Something in him clicked Suddenly he had the overwhelming desire to know everything there was to know about Nealy Clay He smiled Nealy smiled back She s in her element, Hatch thought This is her life, her love He was beginning to understand why Hunt had been so in love with her and why her children were so in awe of her She was special, from the top of her head to the tip of her toes It was going to take a team of wild horses to keep him away from her Prose so natural that it seems you are witnessing a story rather than reading about it Los Angeles Sunday Times on Kentucky Rich

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    1 thought on “Kentucky Heat

    1. I had so hoped that I would not come across the second book in this triology In the first book, I learned to dislike Nealy Clay In the second book, I learned to loath her What a horrible mother I could not buy her kicking her two kids out of her life so they could spread their wings Yeah, right It went downhill from there for me I struggled through the entire book, praying it would get better Now my prayers are only that I don t come across the third book of the trilogy Fern Michaels has a veery [...]

    2. The story is continued from book one and another awesome story Both Nick and Emmie have been thrown off Blue Diamond Ranch by Nealy, and Emmie is pregnant with a little girl Flyby s colt is born and Nealy spends her time training Shufly for the Triple Crown She expects him to be labeled the horse of the century.Nealy and Hatch find love and happiness and are engaged However, before they can marry, a terrible, freak storm comes through Kentucky and Blue Diamond Ranch and burns most of the barns, [...]

    3. This is the second book in a trilogy After reading the first, I wanted to continue reading to find out what happened to the protagonist, Nealy Diamond Clay While I enjoyed the storyline, the dialogue was so stilted my enjoyment was diminished so much that I have no desire to read the final book.

    4. Once I got halfway through, it was hard to put down I enjoyed it although the story line was a bit far fetched.

    5. What a way to get your children out of the picture Lost a star for me and waited for it to get better The first book was better for me.

    6. Probably the only reason I read this book was because I was able to get both first and second books at the same time It was appalling to me that people would treat family members so badly and not learn from these mistakes The book itself was quite unrealistic I do genealogy and when it was revealed that Josh Coleman was almost 100 years old I kept thinking a quick check of the census would resolve most of the unknowns about this weird and repulsive character Many of the characters seemed weak an [...]

    7. The continuing saga of the Kentucky Colemans Nealy Coleman Diamond Clay and her family living on a thoroughbred horse farm in Kentucky The Colemans fight, they find new loves, and they manage to survive and or succeed at nearly everything storms, winning the Triple Crown for a second time, and Or to put it as the author says time and again, in novel after novel It is what it is One question for the author though and it may be answered in the third book of the series with all money and power thi [...]

    8. The first 3 4 of the book were really good, the last 1 4 or so was boring, once Nealy had to go away fir her treatment it was so boring.Shufly seems like such a lovely horse, Nealy has some wonderful family and friends, and a man who loves her to bits, but she treats them all really poorly i found Nealy to be quite selfish, similiar to how I found Fanny to be in the other books in the Coleman Thornton series.I have enjoyed these first two books in this series, I am already reading Kentucky Sunri [...]

    9. Book two in the Kentucky series titled Kentucky Heat A continuation in the life of Nealy Clay, a strong willed woman She continues live life her way only this time with a romance that has its ups and downs Just like the last book, this story is set on Nealy s Kentucky horse farm where she raises race horses which makes for a great scenic back drop for the story I m ready for book three to see what happens next.

    10. It was amazing It had everything that I wanted and This book is one I would reccomend to anyone who s looking for a tearful, heartfelt, and victory book This book has ups and downs, but in the end it will make you happy and glad you started and finished the journey of Nealy Diamond Clay It was raw with emotion, just like the back of the book said it would be In other words, it was a masterpiece.

    11. 2nd book of a 3 book series I have read some of the reviews and I was kind of shocked that some people hated it I thought it was written well and made you feel like you were sitting on their porch in Ky and watch and listening to what was going on Maybe some people don t like horses or what is involved with them I enjoyed it

    12. First of all I want to say that I really liked the first book except for the talking to dead people getting an answer A few chapters into this one I just can t handle replies from dead people so I m done with the series I think the idea behind it is really good but I didn t like how the dead people were telling them the future.

    13. I like Fern Michaels Seems like her books usually have horse farms, and this one did, as well Big money, beautiful property, great horses, big barns Also big problems and intertwined relationships I find this is Book 2 of a series of three Guess I ll have to go look up Book 1 and Book 3 I m looking forward to it this means good reading

    14. Glad there was a second bookMore than awesome intriguing.didn t want it to end Such good readI enjoyed it so much and I can t imagine living thru such devastation

    15. Generally, I don t read books of this nature, but it was my only option once upon a time, and I m glad I read it Fern Michaels is a fantastic story teller This one was hard to put down, and even though I never read the first one, this one is good enough that it stands on its own.

    16. I read this book first in the series and I loved it so much that when I found out it was part of a series at the end of the book when there was a snippet from the next book to entice me I had to go back and find the first one to see how it all started I loved Nealy s spirit.

    17. A big part of this book was about overcoming personal tragedy and moving forward towardreachable goals Must read the last one of the trilogy

    18. A little silly I just skimmed the book Dead people talking, over the top talk of Metaxas wife Didn t work for me.

    19. I wasn t as impressed with the writing in this one I have enjoyed other books by Michaels, but this one seemed confusing and stilted.

    20. The last half almost makes up for the first half Be sure to read the first book in the series before this one I didn t.

    21. This is a continuation of the character Nealy Diamond Clay s life She gets burned in the story I liked the first book better The third book is Kentucky Sunrise

    22. Read book 1 2 which I loved alot, yet this one still took my by suprise What an amazing turn of events, I could have never predicted Another amazing series by Fern Michaels.

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