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What Is Mine #2020

What Is Mine One afternoon after school nine year old Emilie doesn t come home Her father finds the backpack from her late mother that would never be abandoned willingly A week later a five year old boy goes mi

  • Title: What Is Mine
  • Author: Anne Holt Kari Dickson
  • ISBN: 9780446578028
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What Is Mine By Anne Holt Kari Dickson, One afternoon after school, nine year old Emilie doesn t come home Her father finds the backpack from her late mother, that would never be abandoned willingly A week later, a five year old boy goes missing And then another child Meanwhile, Johanne Vik, a former FBI profiler with a troubled past and a difficult young daughter, tries to overturn a decades old false murdeOne afternoon after school, nine year old Emilie doesn t come home Her father finds the backpack from her late mother, that would never be abandoned willingly A week later, a five year old boy goes missing And then another child Meanwhile, Johanne Vik, a former FBI profiler with a troubled past and a difficult young daughter, tries to overturn a decades old false murder conviction Police Commissioner Stubo lost his wife and daughter, has only his grandson left, and needs to solve the case Johanna resists helping until the bodies return to their homes with notes You got what you deserved.

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      122 Anne Holt Kari Dickson
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    1. Now you ve got what you deserved.Scandinavia is one of the birthplaces of crime fiction With novels selling millions of copies from Norway, Sweden and Denmark, it is easy to see why they have attributed a loyal fan base, with many published works being adapted for the big and small screen Novelists and Nordic natives like Jo Nesb , Hakan Nesser and Hanning Mankell are regularly touted the best in the business.Child abduction and murder is at the cornerstone of this novel, my first of 2017 and my [...]

    2. Punishment entitled What Is Mine in the US is the first in the series which sees Detective Inspector Adam Stubo of the Oslo police pairing up with university lecturer and former FBI recruit, Johanne Vik Already very successful in Europe, the first in this series is an absolutely enthralling novel which grasps the reader from the first few pages when a child in abducted and sets in motion a sinister sequence of abductions and murders which strikes fear into the heart of every parent in Norway Chi [...]

    3. My View What a fabulous read Chapter one and a child is abducted, immediately the heart quickens, the tension on the page is palpable, the tension I am feeling is sky high Works of crime fiction where the victims are children are never an easy read Anne Holt however has managed to write her victims and their deaths with a sensitivity that gave me permission to continue reading and to enjoy this well written narrative Well rounded characters, multiple viewpoints, historical crime and current myst [...]

    4. This decidedly creepy thriller is based on the abduction of a series of children and goes back and forth between perspectives abductor, abductee, investigator Holt paints a chillingly normal portrait of all the characters the villain, reluctant hero, police, children are all just normal folk Their motivations and ultimate actions are occasionally shocking, but the characters feel like someone you know.Although there are strands of many stories woven expertly in this novel, the main thread concer [...]

    5. The United States has no monopoly on the thriller genre This is something Europeans, in particular Norwegians, have known for some time But then, they ve been reading Anne Holt for years Anne Holt is one of Norway s most successful crime writers and her most recent book What is Mine is making its U.S debut this year What is Mine is a serial killer crime novel, the first in what is to be a series featuring Johanne Vik and Adam Stubo, both middle aged professionals who are caught up in a series of [...]

    6. I really hate a DNF but this is definitely one I just can t make myself keep reading I gave it a good 100 pages and it s just so hard to read The names are hard for me so I have been renaming all the characters just to try to get the book to flow better That didn t work though and it s just dragging along I m not too fond of some of the happenings in the book either so I just plain ol give up it s time to move onto something I will enjoy .

    7. I ve been reading a lot of SciFi and Fantasy lately and it s been a while since I ve read any good thrillers so I decided to take a break with a Crime Fiction novel Punishment also known as What is Mine is the first book in a Norwegian series featuring former FBI profiler Johanne Vik What started off as an exciting story about kidnapped children and a crazed killer, only to be let down by a series of disappointing events that are too convenient and coincidental.Joanne Vik was brought into the ca [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this one, the first in the Vik series I ve been reading the Hanne series and greatly enjoying them and was half wishing I wouldn t get them mixed up but they re both extremely different women so there s no danger of that One thing I did especially notice was the translator for this series goes with English spellings which I prefer.Something I wondered at which was probably a mistake was that chapter 15 in the table of contents was written this way but all the other chapters were [...]

    9. The Vik Stub series 2001 Det som er mitt What is Mine Punishment iBook 5 5 What a writer How is it possible I ve only discovered her even though I ve been reading Scandinavian authors for two decades The first series, I thoroughly enjoy reading And this the Stubo Vik series is truly excellent writing This is the first of five and a lot of time has been given to introduction to the characters before and now, when they come into each other s lives There are two huge cases, a cold case and a very d [...]

    10. What a great story I love the Scandanavian crime mystery noir and this was one of the finest This took place in Norway Children are disappearing and then being found dead with no apparent cause of death A policeman seeks the help of a college professor who has written a paper on profiling She has had no experience in the field so to speak and things get up close and personal when she is sought out by Detective Stubo for her insights Excellent story I will read by this author for sure.

    11. This was a really good story It comes from a true story that actually happened in Norway Anne changed the story to make it readable and interesting She did an outstanding job.

    12. The first of the Johanne Vik Adam Stub books, PUNISHMENT, is now available in paperback locally An excellent crime fiction series by Norwegian author Anne Holt, this has been a series that could be well had to be read out of order Now there s something compelling about being able to go back to the start, and work your way through.Originally read by this reviewer back in 2007, when it was newly translated, PUNISHMENT is the novel that introduces an unusual investigative ultimately personal coupli [...]

    13. 3,5 sterren De hele tijd heb ik met het gevoel gezeten dat ik het wel een goed boek vond, maar dat ik er niet bijzonder enthousiast van werd Toch heeft het einde mij weten te verrassen en vandaar die halve ster extra

    14. PUNISHMENT is the first in a newly translated, extremely successful series in Europe, featuring academic and former FBI profiler Johanne Vik and Detective Inspector Adam Stubo of the Oslo police.When 9 year old Emilie goes missing her father is worried but not frantic She d done this once before just after her mother died This time, they don t find her When a little boy disappears and ultimately is returned to his parents dead, no obvious cause of death, and a handwritten note You Got What You D [...]

    15. The first in the Stubo and Vik series set in Norway Stubo is a policeman who has recently lost both his wife and daughter, and Vik is a female lecturer on criminology who has a mentally handicapped daughter Stubo courts Vik, first professionally to help with a series of abductions and murders of children, and then personally The developing relationship between the two is touchingly mature and characteristically for Scandinavian literature reserved, and it forms the backdrop for the search for th [...]

    16. La gabbia psicologica che intrappola i protagonisti molto ben descritta, e il loro modo di agire decisamente norvegese sono tutti dei benintenzionati dilettanti, perch in una societ fondamentalmente esente da peccato originale come quella norvegese non ci sono molte possibilit di conoscere e far fronte a un male di qualsiasi tipo.Forse c un po troppa ingenuit nel pretendere che il serial killer dei bambini sia il figlio dell uomo ingiustamente condannato per lo stesso delitto tanti anni prima.

    17. Libro de narrativa pausada, pero muy intrigante Excelente caracterizaci n de los personajes, muy cre bles Maneja dos investigaciones en paralelo que, aunque son totalmente diferentes, con el transcurso de las p ginas uno puede empezar a sospechar que tienen alguna conexi n no digo m s para no echarles a perder la sorpresa Buen desenlace, at pico para este tipo de literatura, como si la suerte interviniera para desbaratar todos los planes Un t tulo perfecto para la novela, aunque se descubre su v [...]

    18. Another mildly depressing police detective psychodramas from Scandinavia I swear, despite what Marina told me, I don t think anyone in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, or Russia ever smiles let alone laughs or has a good time But, the book is goodgood like it feels after you recover from having hit your thumb with a hammer.

    19. The book is about a serial killer with no heart Who kidnappes little kids and than cruely kills them and than sends notes to there mother s saying you got what you deserve its a great book i loved it and i truly recommend it.

    20. I wanted to read crime fiction, and whilst The Murder of Halland was a good book it was the only crime novel I had in the house, with the possible exception of the Peter Grant comic fantasy series , I craved a traditional plot A few years ago I enjoyed Holt s 1222, so looked for other Hanne Wilhelmsen novels, but this, the first in her Johanne Vik series, was about half the price This is part of the appeal of genre, patterns of events which recur like the steps of an old dance I know I d get bo [...]

    21. I have not read any of Anne Holt s books before and this is the first in a series about Johanne Vik Adam Stub This is a bit of a complicated tale as there are actually two mysteries going on The first one is where someone is abducting children and then returning them dead with the note You Got What You Deserved Adam approaches former FBI profiler Johanne Vik who is now an academic to help him solve the case The most puzzling is that one of the earliest children abducted Emilie is not returned an [...]

    22. Appena finito, mi sono rammaricata di non essere riuscita a farlo durare pi di tre giorni Il fatto che leggerlo mi innervosiva e mi turbava come giusto che sia con un giallo sociologico Sono un po perplessa dai giudizi letti qua e l nel gruppo Anobii Norden ma non solo su questo romanzo chi lo trova stupendo, chi cos cos , chi decisamente brutto Non vorrei che i secondi e i terzi fossero stati pi che altro condizionati dall argomento disturbante non facile leggere di crimini compiuti su bambini, [...]

    23. My first thoughts on Punishment was that there were two separate stories happening at once and there just didn t need to be.One story told tales of child deaths and abductions, just like the blurb promises, and the other story told tales of a long forgotten case that didn t make sense with the overall plot line.But, as I usually am when it comes to crime fiction, I was wrong These two stories that didn t seem to relate to one another actually concluded in a way that makes sense and comes out of [...]

    24. Il primo di una serie di thriller investigativi che hanno conquistato mezzo mondo per la sottogliezza, i personaggi e i colpi di scena narrati dalla storia di una dolente, umanissima coppia di detective l investigatore Stub e la criminologa Vik Lui, che ha appena perso moglie e figlia in un incidente assurdo, sa che l unico modo per venire a capo del caso dei bambini scomparsi convincere Vik a partecipare alle indagini Lei non ne ha proprio voglia, ma non pu restare indifferente di fronte al cre [...]

    25. Scadente, non mi ha appassionato in alcun modo La parte introduttiva che dovrebbe servire a presentare i personaggi e la storia l ho trovata lunga e noiosa, non ho capito per quale motivo il detective ci tenga cos tanto a collaborare con il personaggio femminile dato che a mio giudizio questa tipa non fa altro che inanellare una serie di banalit dietro l altra Lo stile piatto, i dialoghi privi d interesse, i corsivi irritanti e come se non bastasse tutto viene risolto con una serie di coincidenz [...]

    26. Interesante y entretenida novela negra acerca de un asesino de ni os tema escabroso pero muy bien tratado Una muestra m s de la gran proliferacion de autores nordicos, em este caso Noruega, que manejan con soltura este genero Recomendable Lo peor, el nombre de la protagonista, uno de esos compuestos, se ve que la chica no tiene nombre de pila, que se sepite constantemente mientras uno se pregunta como narices se pronunciar y lo mal que suena.

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