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The Art of Living: Vipassana Meditation: As Taught by S. N. Goenka #2020

The Art of Living Vipassana Meditation As Taught by S N Goenka The Ancient Meditation Technique that Brings Real Peace of MindVipassand bhavand the development of insight embodies the essence of the teaching of the Buddha As taught by S N Goenka this path to s

  • Title: The Art of Living: Vipassana Meditation: As Taught by S. N. Goenka
  • Author: WilliamHart
  • ISBN: 9780060637248
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Art of Living: Vipassana Meditation: As Taught by S. N. Goenka By WilliamHart, The Ancient Meditation Technique that Brings Real Peace of MindVipassand bhavand, the development of insight, embodies the essence of the teaching of the Buddha As taught by S N Goenka, this path to self awareness is extraordinary in its simplicity, its lack of dogma and, above all, its results The Vipassana technique can be successfully applied by anyone.Based on thThe Ancient Meditation Technique that Brings Real Peace of MindVipassand bhavand, the development of insight, embodies the essence of the teaching of the Buddha As taught by S N Goenka, this path to self awareness is extraordinary in its simplicity, its lack of dogma and, above all, its results The Vipassana technique can be successfully applied by anyone.Based on the lectures and writings of S N Goenka and prepared under his direct guidance The Art of Living shows how this technique can be used to solve problems, develop unused potential, and lead a peaceful, productive life It includes stories by S N Goenka, as well as answers to students questions, that convey a vivid sense of his teaching.S N Goenka s Vipassana courses have attracted thousands of people of every background Unique among teachers of meditation, Goenka is a retired industrialist and former leader of the Indian Community in Burma Although a layman, his teaching has won the approval of senior Buddhist monks in Burma, India, and Sri Lanka, a number of whom have taken courses under his guidance Despite his magnetism, he has no wish to be a guru instead he teaches self responsibility This is the first systematic study of his teachings to appear in English.
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    1 thought on “The Art of Living: Vipassana Meditation: As Taught by S. N. Goenka

    1. This book is a review of the practice and theory that underpins the foundations of SN Goenka s famous 10 day meditation retreats A former Hindu industrialist suffering from chronic migraine headaches sought treatment from all the world s best medical doctors and found no treatment It was only after he did a Vipassana retreat that his headaches cleared up This pure Buddhist teaching was preserved and kept in Mayanmar Burma and reintroduced to India and the world where it is one of the fastest gro [...]

    2. read this book, take a vipassana meditation course it is honestly one of the most fulfilling experiences you can have on the planet that doesn t involve something illegal.

    3. I attended the ten day course in Onalaska, WA in May 2012.We began noble silence on day zero, and left on day twelve.For the ten days in between, we observed the noble silence no talking or looking at any other student This is to help the student feel as thought they are in isolation, and to minimize distractions.The meditation retreat was the best gift I ever gave myself.The study of Vipassana meditation is non religious, and can be applied by anyone regardless of religion To be clear, it is no [...]

    4. I absolutely love this book I would recommend this book to anyone if you re interested in developing inner peace and wisdom you re interested in meditation you re interested in the mind body phenomena

    5. If you are looking for a book to explain Vipassana Meditation and the core principles of Buddhism, this is the book to read It is very clear and precise Wonderful short stories are attached to the end of each chapter on the various aspects of the practice My favorite is the story of the two rings one set with a diamond and the other a simple silver ring inscribed This will also change.

    6. This book is an excellent introduction to the wonderful technique of Vipassana which is most secular, logical and scientific method of meditation I have ever came across Most of the texts, concepts and theories in the book are basically compilation of the Dhamma discourses given at actual 10 day retreat However the writing style is simple, clear and concise enough to be understood by general readers Accompanied with short stories and QA at the end of each chapters, it makes reading fun and main [...]

    7. This is an honest book written in simple language explaining vipassana meditation techniques and key teachings of the Buddha It is a good companion to have which can be read prior to attending a course and referring to the concepts at a later date Though it does not discuss any meditation techniques for which the course has to be attended, it does cover background, concepts and benefits It has a good QA with SN Goenka and simple stories to make the point.

    8. I just finished a 10 day silent retreat with S.N.Goenka It was absolutely amazing and I learned so much This book is essentially that training Don t know how much a person could get just by reading it Afterwards, though, it is a great resource.

    9. 3.5h 1.5x Contents view spoiler Hart W 1987 Art of Living, The Vipassana Meditation as Taught by S N Goenka Foreword by S N Goenka Preface Introduction Story Swimology 01 The Search Questions and Answers Story To Walk on the Path 02 The Starting Point Matter Mind Questions and Answers Story The Buddha and the Scientist 03 The Immediate Cause Kamma Three Types of Actions The Cause of Suffering Questions and Answers Story Seed and Fruit 04 The Root of the Problem Suffering Defined Attachment Condi [...]

    10. Reviewed as part of my 100 books challenge jimmylongley blog books Run on Sentence SummaryA brief introduction to Vipassana meditation, and a guidebook for a popular 10 day retreat.ImpressionsI ve read a lot about meditation over the years, and practiced it daily off and on since college At the beginning of my travels, I wasn t able to join my friends Nate and Kyle in taking this famous 10 day course, and have been hoping to find a good opportunity ever since When I found this little book in a h [...]

    11. What intrigued me This book was written from the teachings from S.N Goenka who was referenced inNever Eat Alone, and seemed like a worthwhile starting point What I liked The structure of the book worked for me, lesson QA story The Immediate Cause was my favorite chapter and very inspiring It talked about a bunch of cliches that never made sense to me that all of a sudden clicked for me The real kamma is mental action and I have been vary wary of sowing neem seeds since reading this book What I d [...]

    12. Though nominally written by William Hart, the text is pure Goenka This book is a great primer on the particular practice of Vipassana as passed on by Goenkaji and through is teacher Sayagyi U Bha Khin There s many references to the Buddha s teachings via quotes from a number of different suttas, and they get to the heart of some essential topics e.g the three characteristics, four noble truths, five khandas, Satipatthana sutta If you ve practiced and studied Buddhist teachings a little, there wi [...]

    13. This book is an excellent resource for those who have taken, or for those who are considering taking, a Vipassana course as taught by S N Goenka Writing and reading are not permitted when you sit the meditation courses and so having some of the teachings, techniques and stories written down is beneficial The author, William Hart, is obviously a masterful practitioner of this Vipassana practice and his writings follow closely what is presented during the courses If you are not a student and or pr [...]

    14. Super accessible explanation of vipassana as understood by Goenka Sayagyi U Ba Khin, mostly in Goenkaji s words My only problems with this book are my same problems questions complications with this style of meditation overall, namely Anything outside heterosexual monogamy is classed as sexual misconduct under Precept 3 Under Precept 5 you re supposed to abstain from all intoxicantsexcept those prescribed by a doctor This doesn t mesh well with my understanding of criminalization within a white [...]

    15. Read this book before I sit a 10 day vipassana course It really helped me to have an idea of what I m going to do and understand the philosophy I will be taught I recommend it to anyone who s interested in doing a Vipassana course or of course anyone who has done a course before

    16. It comes closest to the best book that I have read till date on meditation and what it can do for you I understand that perhaps one cannot get the technique right till one goes for the 10 day conclave but at least one knows the reasoning behind it and what it can lead to.

    17. i just finished this book i recently finished the 10 day silent vipassana retreat in north fork, california, and it had a profound affect on me i want to maintain the awareness i felt there.

    18. Was doubtful about Vipassana but after reading and enjoying this book I feel now in touch with it and definitely motivated to do a 10days courses as soon as I can

    19. I bought this book after I attended a 10 day silent retreat in India I can strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to understand Vipassana better William Hart goes through Goenkas 10 day course and provides indepth explanation of the technique so that one is left with a better understanding of vipassana afterwards I will probably reread this book again later this year just to keep everything afloat.

    20. Je l ai lu pour la 1 re fois en 2004 Il d crit la technique de m ditation Vipassana et a veill ma curiosit au point d aller faire un premier cours de 10 jours en 2005 Cette exp rience a profond ment chang ma relation moi m me Ou plut t m a enfin donn un outil pratique et son mode d emploi pour le faire La m ditation en g n ral, Vipassana en particulier n est pas une religion, pas une affaire de foi C est une technique qui se pratique au quotidien dans l id al , qui demande travail et pers v ranc [...]

    21. Solid survey of fundamental Buddhist teachings in the context of Vipassana practice.This book covers ground regarding the theory and practical application of meditation proper than most primers on Buddhism It covers proportionally less ground in top down philosophy and metaphysics Sutra citations are in endnotes and translations are very clear, helping the text flow Sequence of ideas is logical for those without a background in dharma study Alternating philosophical prose with short allegories [...]

    22. This material was organized for the benefit of people who are merely reading about meditation without necessarily having practiced it, in order to give an outline of the Vipassana method for those interested in practicing It is not a do it yourself manual and I would not recommend it as literature, rather as a precursor to a 10 day course The approach presented here is not for dabblers Goenka s views are unyielding For years people may come to courses and have wonderful experiences in meditation [...]

    23. Un exposici n breve y muy bien estructurada del armaz n te rico que explica la concepci n budista de la realidad y del camino que propone hacia la liberaci n personal.Cada cap tulo consta de tres bloques 1 Una argumentaci n sobre el asunto a tratar en t rminos sencillos y accesibles 2 La transcripci n de una conversaci n del autor con el maestro birmano S.N Goenka que versa sobre aspectos pr cticos del tema 3 Y un breve cuento cuya moraleja asienta la idea central de la ense anza.El libro se lee [...]

    24. I have heard a lot about Vipassana mediation which created a great interest in me to know about it luckily I stumbled upon this book at a friend 19s place All my doubts about Vipassana are cleared I am looking forward to join the course This book is a must read for people who have heard a lot about Vipassana but are under great doubts like, if they should go for it will they be able to do it It also gives a very clear picture of this form of mediation to the readers You can get a good idea abou [...]

    25. This book is a good compilation of the dharma talks given by S.N Goenka in his 10 day Vipassana course Best to read this only after one has completed the Vipassana course rather than pre empting it.More important than reading about meditation is actually practicing it Here s some links for information on Vipassana youtube watch v C69Icdhamma en US indexS.N Goenka s lectures are also available on YouTubeyoutube watch v cz7QHKey message awareness equanimityI found the parables particularly memorab [...]

    26. Two Types of People Write books as this one.1 Are the one , who really wants the benefits of meditation to reach the lowest level of world.2 Second are the one who wants to display their flair of language to some section of world.The Author seemed to me of the second kind A valuable text on a very popular meditation could have been explained using simple , lucid language And I am very much sure Goenkajee would ve agreed on this one, as all his speeches were in simple language.William Hart, made [...]

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