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Baby-Sitters Club Boxed Set #1 #2020

Baby Sitters Club Boxed Set Kristy s Great Idea Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls The Truth About Stacey Mary Anne Saves the Day

  • Title: Baby-Sitters Club Boxed Set #1
  • Author: Ann M. Martin
  • ISBN: 9780590598873
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Boxed Set
  • Baby-Sitters Club Boxed Set #1 By Ann M. Martin, 1 Kristy s Great Idea2 Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls3 The Truth About Stacey4 Mary Anne Saves the Day

    • READ BOOK ✓ Baby-Sitters Club Boxed Set #1 - by Ann M. Martin
      154 Ann M. Martin
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      Posted by:Ann M. Martin
      Published :2020-05-15T11:00:49+00:00

    1 thought on “Baby-Sitters Club Boxed Set #1

    1. I m not going to bother listing the whole series, but I read quite a few of them maybe 30 or 40 of the at the time 100 or so books in second and third grade By fourth grade I could feel myself starting to outgrow them, but kept reading because I just couldn t bring myself to let go of a series that I had once loved In fifth grade, I tried to reread some of my favorites from the series and found myself thinking God, this is stupid What exactly did I like about these books While I thoroughly enjoy [...]

    2. I preferred The Famous Five by Enid Blyton because I was a big, fat nerd I do remember the books being repetitive and the girls, although having unique character traits, being rather unspectacular Someone had diabetes, someone was a tomboy and there was the blonde californian girl who I either wanted to be, or had a crush on I think even back then, girly stuff made me a bit nauseous I was never one of those girls that was like, Oh my god, Howard is so sexy, look at him play football and I notice [...]

    3. I pretty much read all the Baby Sitters Club books when I was younger middle school, mostly , including most of the mysteries, the super specials, and the movies yes there was a little known series of movies before the big blockbuster came out I was a member of the fan club, and made my own kid kits for children I never babysat I was a pretty huge fan, to say the least Mostly a Dawn Mallory fan, but loved them all.

    4. The best thing about this book is that there are sooo many books one could read if they liked this book I would love to introduce this book to a middle school girl I would know that she would love it and continue to read this series This is a great book for those who are at a hogher reading lever than some transitional chapter books Background Kristy, the tomboy She disdains makeup and girly clothes, plays every sport and is good at all of them Oh, and she has three brothers that s why she s a t [...]

    5. I remember that my mom read a bunch of the Baby Sitters Club books to me when I was a very young child, though I don t remember how many we read If I recall correctly, we both enjoyed the early installments, but as the series went on, we both lost interest For my mom, it was because she felt like the girls in the books started trying to grow up way too fast and were getting all boy crazy and stuff For me, I think I was either just plain growing out of the book, or maybe it got to the point where [...]

    6. Ann M Martin s writing style Step One Cut and paste first three chapters from previous novel, changing name of featured baby sitter as necessary.Step Two Copy plot from previous novel, changing name of featured baby sitter, and slightly tweaking the conflict If book 4 is about Kristy s struggle with braces, make book 5 be about Mallory s struggle with her curly hair.The fun thing about Martin s writing is how she defies logic In one story, Dawn buys a lottery ticket though she s under 18 and use [...]

    7. Oh my god, did I love these.I wouldn t say they did very much for my vocabulary or literary ambition, however.

    8. I used to love this series so much I went from being younger than the main characters to being older than they, and the series still hadn t ended From time to time, I wondered if the girls would ever pass the eighth grade, and if perhaps Claudia wasn t the only dumb one Ann M Martin would later answer the question in a sub series that was mildly disappointing due to its realism Stylistically speaking, BSC isn t the best In spite of having different personalities, the girls all sound the same I a [...]

    9. I like this book because it tells a story about four girls planning a baby sitters club which is very interesting They plan it and the club turnes out pretty succesfull.

    10. I read the books in this series when I was younger, and absolutely loved them However, when I read them again this year, I was not very impressed In spite of having different personalities, the girls all sound the same I also have problems with the series now that I realize the girls are only thirteen I must also question the sanity of Stacey s and Dawn s mothers, who let their respective daughter get a perm and multiple piercings This is not the type of parenting I have been exposed to, so it [...]

    11. Read many of the Babysitters Club series during my childhood early adolescence, and although I have heard a bit of criticism regarding how poorly written and formulaic they are, I have no problem admitting, they brought me many happy hours of light fun reading I got very caught up in the characters and their lives and always awaited the next installment in the series eagerly I will enjoy giving the set which I recently re acquired to my daughter in a few years time She is currently enjoying the [...]

    12. Ok I was a massive BSC fan I think at one stage, I owned every single book The first two chapters of each book was often skipped due to it being the same things rewritten I was way younger than the characters when I began this series and even though I eventually out aged them, I was still a fan Some of the books were actually interesting and dealt with some issues such as the girl with anorexia, the bad girls that stole and drank alcohol and some other things I am sure All I know is that as a ki [...]

    13. I started reading these in about 4th grade and read alot of them in no particular order Any one I could get my hands on I would read I remember my mom complaining because she would buy me one and I would have it read within hours and ready for a new one so I had to start getting them from the library They were so innocent and good I loved how all the girls were so different and I so wanted to be Stacey But by the time I was in 7th 8th grade they were a little young and I couldn t understand how [...]

    14. Fantastic books for young girls getting into reading Great stories about friendship and life lessons The characters deal with all sorts of situations and often find responsible solutions to problems.I loved this series growing up and wanted to start my own babysitting business with friends Great lessons in entrepreneurship for tweens.The books may be dated with out references to modern technology but the story stands and lessons are still relevant.Awesome books that girls will love And the serie [...]

    15. The bsc series obviously had a profound impact on my life, seeing that i m the treasurer of a club loosely modeled after them and i like to think of myself as mostly claudia with a touch of dawn and a little bit of mallory in me just a little i mean, i just don t like horses If you want to read a thorough analysis of this series, though, you should ask ainsley she s got a lot to say on the topic.

    16. A nostalgic rating I m rating this series highly, because without it I don t think I would be the reader I am today I obsessively combed used book stores for issues of the series that I hadn t read I highlighted the ones I d read in the listings in the front of them I read every book at least twice, even the super specials and the little sister series I started reading them in the summer of the third grade, and didn t put them down until I was 12 Great series for young readers Love it

    17. While mostly seen as recreational reading, The Babysitter s Clun series always talks about the everyday life of pre teen and tennagesd girlsmilarly aged boys are also involved in everybook Different topics of school and home sitations can be used from math, science, health and well being, world traditions cultures, and making good decisions.

    18. Okay I feel the need to explain I read these as a pre teen Other than inspiring me to start a short lived babysitters club yes, I admit it we had one lasted for about 3 weeks , it didn t do much for me It offered some entertaining stories By the way, the club lasted about as long as my babysitting career it just wasn t as glamorous as Ann M Martin made it out to be.

    19. I read every single BSC book that Ann M Martin wrote The Club series, the Summer Vacation series, the Mystery seriesevery single one And I still own every single one.I did not, however, want to add them all here individually Needless to say, when I was kid, these books were my world.

    20. I m looking for the complete set I read this when I was in elementary school, and still loving it until now Do you know where could I find the complete set of The Baby sitters Club 1 up 131 I m looking for the cover like this Not the other one.If you have it or know someone who might has it, please email me at ketawa_ketiwi hotmail Thanks.

    21. I was on the tale end of a generation that is going to really remember the popularty of these book I laughed at them first but later started reading them 12 13 year olds Haven t read one since I was about that age but I bet they would be SO DATED today Landlines, no internet, and so forth I should read one just to see how we use to live Haha

    22. This was my absolute favorite series growing up I had over 100 books from the series It s been so long since I read them so I can t remember many of the details but the books were good clean fun with the excitement of adolescent drama.

    23. I read these books at least into the teen issues of the series before they got really old There s something about your first easy serial fiction series No Nancy Drew for me I admit my mediocrity

    24. This was my favorite series when I was little, and you better believe they trained me to be the best baby sitter ever Ah Nostalgia, I recently learned that the author used my unusual last name in one of her recent Teen Lit Books, Ms Sevekow Hmmmm Wonder if she knew my mom, a former Math teacher.

    25. Read all the Baby Sitters Club books growing up Have to give them 4 stars because I have such fond memories of them, plus my friends and I tried to start our own Baby Sitters Club Didn t have much success

    26. The characters in the Baby Sitters Club have such a magical friendship The girls are so easy to relate to andwell I guess I don t have much else to say except for READ THEM They are not very long chapter books that will warm your heart.

    27. These books were really great when I was a child, I would always see my mum reading and I wanted to as well so she bought me a few of these books and I loved them They aren t too long and the stories are quite interesting Great job Ann thanks for inspiring me to keep reading

    28. They started off great but after TBC was written by ghost writters it really went down hill Even at 11 I could tell the writting was bad The ghost writters didnt even read the books that came before the ones they write Often they would get very big plot holes and incorrect information.

    29. I read a number of these books likely close to all of them in Grade 3 4 you can skip the second chapter Easy reads with some different female characters to follow inspired me and a friend to start our own baby sitters service grade 6 or 7.

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