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J. K. Rowling: The Wizard Behind Harry Potter #2020

J K Rowling The Wizard Behind Harry Potter Harry Potter is loved throughout the world so is his creator Joanne Kathleen J K Rowling is a true wizard a woman who has the ability to recall vividly her days as a child and capture those wild won

  • Title: J. K. Rowling: The Wizard Behind Harry Potter
  • Author: Marc Shapiro
  • ISBN: 9780312272241
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • J. K. Rowling: The Wizard Behind Harry Potter By Marc Shapiro, Harry Potter is loved throughout the world so is his creator Joanne Kathleen J.K Rowling is a true wizard, a woman who has the ability to recall vividly her days as a child and capture those wild, wonderful, difficult times an ability that helps make her creation, Harry Potter, seem so real In this revealing look, fans of the Harry Potter series will get to see theiHarry Potter is loved throughout the world so is his creator Joanne Kathleen J.K Rowling is a true wizard, a woman who has the ability to recall vividly her days as a child and capture those wild, wonderful, difficult times an ability that helps make her creation, Harry Potter, seem so real In this revealing look, fans of the Harry Potter series will get to see their favorite author as they never have before From a child with a wonderful imagination who didn t quite fit in, to a single mother with almost overwhelming responsibilities, the J.K Rowling story is a wonderful chance for adults and children to enjoy a heartwarming, magical storygether Inside are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions Where did the idea of Harry Potter come from What was J.K Rowling like when she was younger What kind of student was she Which of the characters does J.K Rowling most identify with Where does the name Harry Potter come from What is J.K Rowling s simple rule about writing

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      494 Marc Shapiro
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    1 thought on “J. K. Rowling: The Wizard Behind Harry Potter

    1. So, I am a big fan of the Harry Potter books and everything surrounding them and their author, and have stuck with the fanbase to this day I found J.K Rowling The Wizard Behind Harry Potter at Half Price Books and said hey, why not learn about the author I mean, I knew her basic life story and whatnot, but not specifically Then I saw that this was a biography, not an autobiography, by Marc Shapiro I figured at the time that this did not matter Apparently, it matters Not only does this man, whoe [...]

    2. Wenn man an Harry Potter denkt, dann sieht man meist nicht nur den Blitznarbigen Jungen vor sich sondern auch seine geistige Mutter J K Rowling Sie ist eine Frau, die von den Medien geliebt wurde und noch immer wird Ein wenig scheu, doch durchaus unbeugsam Eine Frau die einem Leben in Armut entkommen ist, durch ihre Fantasie und einer gewaltigen Menge an Disziplin Diese Biografie kommt in meinen Augen, ein wenig flach daher Es scheint mir als sei auf dem Harry Potter Hype aufgesprungen worden, s [...]

    3. Yesterday when I was leaving the library with my son the youth room to be exact I saw this book on display and immediately picked it up I am a big HP fan and I love Jo Rowling so I was excited to read it The book is not by her though, it s by a guy named Marc Shapiro, and I really don t think he had any right to write this book Most of his sources were big magazines or newspaper articles with interviews with Jo in thembut he never talked interviewed her himself What got me the most angry in just [...]

    4. Ein ganz interessantes und kurzweiliges Buch ber die Autorin der weltber hmten Harry Potter B cher Am besten haben mir die Einblicke zur Entstehung von Harry Potter gefallen Wie J.K die Idee gekommen ist und wie sie sie verfolgt hat Die Anf nge von Harry Potter eben Denn leider ist man nicht allzu tief in J.K.s Pers nlichkeit eingedrungen Dies ist eine nat rliche Sache bei Biografien, die keine Autobiografien sind, aber dadurch hatte ich oft das Gef hl, dass der Autor J.K nicht wirklich nahe sta [...]

    5. This book has conjuring in it than all of J.K Rowling s seven Harry Potter novels put together One has to question the credibility of an author, and the publishing house, that would publish a book chock full of inaccuracies I got so tired of listing everything that was wrong with this book because A there was so much of it and B it was hindering my reading because I constantly had to stop and make a note for my review The only good part of this book was the last Chapter where the author states [...]

    6. This book has just one thing going for it it s the first biography for youngsters about the popular author The only other sources of information are articles in newspapers, magazines, and on the Internet Unfortunately, the text reads like a rough draft of a junior high research paper Incomplete and fragmented sentences abound as Shapiro rambles on in a confusing manner Quotations are loosely traced to articles and interviews in their sentences, but are not properly documented Shapiro writes in a [...]

    7. I m glad that I read this book There were lots of interesting facts I didn t know about Rowling, which was very surprising Poverty,failed marriage, it also tells about her rise to fame when she created the Harry Potter books I recommend this book to anyone who loves Harry Potter or the Author herself

    8. It looked self published to me, which is rarely a good sign It wasn t, but it might as well have been as I m sure no self respecting JKR fan would deign to submit it for publishing First of all was the fact that the blurb included dot points stating what FAQs would be answered within Incidentally, few were The about the author section spelt his daughter s name Rachael though in the dedications her name was Rachel I strongly suspected that an author who couldn t decide on the spelling of his daug [...]

    9. J.K Rowling The Wizard Behind Harry Potter was ok As the book progressed it got a little boring as the book only had evidence from magazines and news articles I would have thought this book would give information on Joanne and less of her books but that was not the case Half of the book was mainly Joanne working and publishing the Harry Potter books I would have thought this book would give information on Joanne and less of her books but that was not the case I would recommend this book to peo [...]

    10. I love it because it has something to do with Harry Potter I m fascinated with the life of JK Rowling BUT I don t trust that the information is 100 percent correct How can I when on page 7 it claims that owls run the bank in the Harry Potter world Obviously, this author hasn t paid close attention to the Harry Potter books GOBLINS RUN THE BANK Who can read the books and not know that

    11. The book J.K Rowling The Wizard Behind Harry Potter By Marc Shapiro is an amazing book I love getting to read about one of my favorite authors who got me to start actually liking books but mainly fantasy J.K Joanne Kathleen Rowling was born on July 31, 1966 At 6 years old, she wrote her first story about a rabbit named Rabbit and a giant bee named Miss Bee After that, she apparently already knew she wanted to be a writer When she grew older, she came up with Harry Potter while on a train when th [...]

    12. B.R.7 J.K Rowling The wizard behind Harry Potter is by Marc Shapiro and is a heartwarming biography about J.K Rowling This book is perfect for Harry Potter fans because you get to see what the creator of that series life was and is like For a large portion of this book it has a very sad and solemn tone, here is an example of that tone, There were nights when there was barely enough food for mother and child, so Joanne would go to bed hungry This book also has very good characterization, here is [...]

    13. Any book about the lovely J.K Rowling is an automatic 5 star book 3I got this for practically nothing at my local thrift shop a little bit ago It s a tiny, fun and easy read It s also old The 1st movie had yet to be made and book 4 was just rollin out Wowzers A very nostalgic read for me I grew up with Harry Potter Everyone says that but I mean it The first book came out when I was 8 If Harry and gang were in my school, we would ve been in the same grade I was around for all the mania and insani [...]

    14. This is a biography about the author of the Harry Potter series and how the books became so successful It starts from Rowling s childhood, when she was clearly imaginative than the rest of her friends and classmates It then goes through her yound adulthood when she experienced a family death and had her first child She then became very poor and wrote the Harry Potter series on whatever scraps of paper she could find I m not one that usually reads biographies, but this was very well written and [...]

    15. I would have to say that this book was pretty good but not amazing Some parts were pretty crazy and then at one point I kind of started getting bored In some parts, I liked the way Marc Shapiro made things get dramatic when they need to, but I think that the book could be a little bit interesting I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy reading biographies such as this one The good thing about this book is that it answered some of the questions I had about Harry Potter.

    16. This biography of J K Rowling was pretty short, but still managed to include numerous inaccuracies about the Harry Potter books It was clear that the author s only research was online articles and interviews that Rowling had previously done It was unclear whether or not Shapiro actually read the books himself the Harry Potter series was about half finished when this book was written The only interesting part of the book was some backstory on Rowling s life Unfortunately, the writing itself read [...]

    17. Not a lot of content here like a quickie money grab by the author aimed large print at about an age ten reader Skimmed my way through it while listening to the Steelers Browns game on the radio at work I think I got all the high points Nice cover photo mentions the Dementor instead of a Dementor Anyone proof read this book Says he wrote this book to answer some fan ish questions Seems to me that the primary purpose was to make a few cheap bucks.1.75 rounds up to 2.

    18. I don t remember the exact date for when I read this, but I do remember it was in Elementary School I also remember having to pick a person to do a biography on, and what better choice than to choose J.K Rowling I remember this being such a fun assignment and it was fun to learn about the life of the queen before the Harry Potter books and how they came to be.

    19. I have read this book years back, it was in the Junior Readers Bio section at my library, the book would be good for readers 12 and up I loved reading about how things from her life inspired the Potter series and her hardships as a young mother I can relate to I haven t read the other bios done of her but I still do love this one.

    20. Shapiro made many errors throughout the book, including calling Harry Potter fans, Potterites, when we have always been Potterheads, calling the non magical world the muggle when it is the non magical people who are muggles, and many other mistakes If you would like true informative information on J.K Rowling and her books, I don t recommend this one.

    21. Not a bad summary of her life, but the author did miss the fact that Joanne Rowling was not born at Chipping Sodbury after all She apparently just liked the sound of that name and so said that s where she was born.

    22. I don t entirely trust this author He had some things about the Harry Potter universe a little mixed up and miss spelled I enjoyed reading Rowlings back story but if the info on Harry wasn t totally true then how do I know hers was.

    23. Re reading this after not having read it in years and finding inaccuracies already She s amazing, and I really look up to her I m happy she s still here to tell her story herself.

    24. This is hard because I really enjoyed this book, but it felt way too repetitive Almost like it was copy and pasted.

    25. Marc Shapiro, the author of J.K Rowling The Wizard Behind Harry Potter, wrote this book to give fans of J.K Rowling and her most famous book series Harry Potter, a better understanding of how they came to be He informed readers on Joanne Kathleen s family and her life when she was just a child We get to see how she came up with the idea for Harry Potter and how she overcame many obstacles in her life to finally get her books published This book is mostly informative and is for book lovers of all [...]

    26. Letto nell attesa dell uscita del quinto capitolo della saga, un libriccino per i fan del mondo potteriano che desiderano conoscere l autrice.

    27. I really loved all of the information this book had about J.K Rowling It was so informative and actually quite enthralling This book was awesome and I d definitely recommend to anyone who loves J.K Rowling.

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