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Dunk To the Bozo the clown who sits inside the cage above the dunk tank everyone is a mark Once he has zeroed in on his victim the Bozo comes up with the perfect wisecrack something funny enough to make

  • Title: Dunk
  • Author: David Lubar
  • ISBN: 9780618439096
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dunk By David Lubar, To the Bozo, the clown who sits inside the cage above the dunk tank, everyone is a mark Once he has zeroed in on his victim, the Bozo comes up with the perfect wisecrack something funny enough to make people stop and listen, and cruel enough to hook the mark Now the mark is bent on revenge, and he ll buy however many balls he needs to hit the target and see the Bozo plTo the Bozo, the clown who sits inside the cage above the dunk tank, everyone is a mark Once he has zeroed in on his victim, the Bozo comes up with the perfect wisecrack something funny enough to make people stop and listen, and cruel enough to hook the mark Now the mark is bent on revenge, and he ll buy however many balls he needs to hit the target and see the Bozo plunge into the water It s a game that fascinates Chad, who lives on the Jersey shore, where the boardwalk turns into an amusement park every summer He wishes he could shout at the world from the safety of a cage his dad ran out on him and his mom, and now everyone seems convinced that Chad will wind up a loser, too He s determined to get a job playing the Bozo, something he knows he d be good at Suddenly, Chad finds himself thrown into a strange and twisted world, where humor has far power than he ever imagined With a crackling plot and smart, funny dialogue, Dunk pulls readers along on a journey that exposes a universal truth We all need to laugh.

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    1 thought on “Dunk

    1. This was a sweet little YA book that was on the books that won t make you blush list While I found the writing a bit telling at times, a bit uneven, I loved the subject matter and the setting the Jersey Shore and a boy who wants to be a Bozo in a dunk tank This book explores the nature of why we need to laugh and had a real sweetness to it, a hopefulness something else I think we need as a readers.

    2. So Dunk is not another book about basketball, nor is it about donuts What it is is a terrific book about a young man who aspires to be a clown in a dunking booth And some other stuff I very much enjoyed the book.

    3. 13 August 2002 DUNK by David Lubar, Clarion, September 2002 It s got to be the worst job in the world Uh uh, Corey said There are lots worse I had an uncle who was a tester for insect repellent They d spray his arms with different formulas and then he d stick them in a tank full of mosquitoes That s nothing, Jason said Back in New York, a couple of the older kids I knew made money selling their blood You re only supposed to sell some every two weeks, and you re not supposed to sell it at all if [...]

    4. Picked this book up after glancing through a few pages It is the end of summer and the beginning of fair season so was interested in the setting of this book The setting is an eastern boardwalk The main character is a teenage boy living through one of his last summer s as a kid A typical ya booky, his friends, teenage drama, and of course a girl However this was a well written book so the typical story didn t really bother me It was written in a simpler time Before cell phones and computers A pl [...]

    5. I read this with my son for a 7th grade literature assignment, they were allowed to pick their own book to read This title was on a list I found of good books for a 12 year old boy We both read it so that I could keep him motivated to finish the assignment by talking about the book as we went through it together This is a decent YA read and a good one for a 12 14 yr old boy who might not love to read There are some good life lessons about honesty, empathy and courage Plus the major parts of a st [...]

    6. Quirky and unexpectedly full of heart, Dunk turns a series of objectively mundane events into a realistic and interesting read 4 stars.

    7. 3.5 stars Fun and satisfying realistic fiction for early teens Also, I enjoyed the setting of the Jersey Shore and boardwalk, and I definitely gained a new appreciation for dunk tank clowns

    8. This book wasn t really my normal preferred genre I m of a fantasy reader , but I have to say that I really loved it It s about a boy named Chad who lives with his mom and doesn t really know what he wants to do with his life He sees a Bozo, the man in a dunk tank, on the boardwalk and wants to be the one in the tank, shouting insults at everyone else Soon he meets Malcolm, an acting teacher who also works as Bozo, and they get off to a rocky start Chad also deals with a sick friend and a mom w [...]

    9. OK, this is one of those books that grabbed me right from the start, but I know it s going to be a tough review to write For some reason, the books I really like are the toughest to review Does anyone else feel that way Summer on the New Jersey shore is all about the boardwalk entertainment Chad and his friends walk from one end to the other every day With little money to spend, they carefully pick and choose which games, rides, or food vendors will get their meager funds This summer Chad s best [...]

    10. Dunk by David Lubar is a fiction story David Lubar yet again wrote an amazing book,with the characters having different types of personalities Dunk follows three very different types of characters Chad, Jason and Malcolm Each of them having an important role in the book Chad lives with his mom, who works and goes to school so they barley ever see each other by the time she gets out of work and school which is only about an hour or less a day One day chad was on the boardwalk when he seen Anthony [...]

    11. I read dunk by David Lubar Dunk was a fantastic book I would give 5 stars it was so great My favorite character was the bozo that took the good bozo s place because the things he said made no sense it made it funny My least favorite character was probably jason he didn t really stand out in the book even though he was one of main character and was mentioned in the book plenty of times My favorite part was when they went to check out the bozo and that s where my favorite character came in because [...]

    12. Since we recently had a dunk tank at our school carnival, I picked up this book, which had piqued my interest a couple of times before In this coming of age story, set in Atlantic City along the boardwalk, our hero, Chad is attempting to deal with or not several issues his long gone deadbeat father, his hardworking single mother, a best friend who comes down with an unusual and serious sickness, and a crotchety upstairs boarder Said boarder who has his own issues turns out to be the talented dun [...]

    13. I loved David Lubar s Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie , and so I picked up this one from the Maxson library Chad is a high school student with the whole summer before him, and, he lives at the Jersey shore His dad is gone, and so it s just him and his mom, who is always taking courses at night to better herself Chad is not an angel, but he s not a bad kid, either This summer, he really wants a job at the dunk tank on the boardwalk Chad feels that he would be great at insulting people, yelling at peo [...]

    14. I m not excited about the sarcastic humor because it can be very damaging to the target so I had a bit of trouble with the major vehicle in the book The relationships were real and interesting, but the humor wasn t my speed.Dunk the Bozo 3 balls for 2 You know the routine 3 chances to hit the target and dump the clown in the water tank But bet you haven t met this clown He s full of insults to goad on the crowd And once he has them hooked he pours it on If that s your best throw, you d better ju [...]

    15. DunkBy David LubarThis book is about a teenage boy who like any other teenager is going through a hard time in life It gets especially hard when his best friend Jason gets very sick and get s put in the hospital.His enemy starts dating the girl he likes The tenate underneath Chad s house is a jerk Chad thinks he just can t do it any Then Chad finds somehitng he loves on teh boardwalk The BOZO TANK Hence forth the book is named dunk I like this book because teh writer did a good job of putting me [...]

    16. The novel is a well written story about a young man finding his place in the world Chad, the main character, is a latch key kid without a father figure He is about to enter his junior year in HS, he is a misfit Chad fights against the current of society s opinions of him as a loser.The story is filled with humor There are plenty of good one liners The text also deals with depression and fighting through unrealized expectations The story is interwined with lessons of making good choices Another i [...]

    17. Chad wants to be the Bozo He wants to shout at the world behind the protection of metal bars, daring people to dunk him He wants to make people laugh, all the while letting a steady stream of insults pass.A tale of summer on the Jersey shore, Dunk weaves the story of a teenager in a bad situation With a deadbeat Dad, a dying friend, and a girl he wants than anything else, Chad s life is far from simple Everything seems simpler while watching the Bozo scream at the crowd But when the Bozo turns [...]

    18. A throaty, HA HA HA is what draws Chad to the dunk tank on the boardwalk, but its the clowns cleverness that keeps him there The one liners that the bozo is tossing out the the crowd are funny and mean and Chad knows this is what he should be doing At that moment Chad decides being a bozo is what he is meant to be but its not that easy, Chad s mother doesn t want him working, Chad keeps having run ins with the police, and Chad s best friend suddenly gets very ill Will he be able to maneuver all [...]

    19. At first, it was really slow, and the gang drug references was a little condoning, but at the 1 2 in really picked up and was quite interesting It got deeper and meaningful, and I really liked how the author talked illness and hurt in this book But, the whole premise of the Bozo hurling insults at people isn t funny or amusing, but just malicious talk about strangers as they pass by Everything else was pretty good, excepting some language 3 and 1 2 stars Plus Malcolm and his crazy acting was hi [...]

    20. I Think this book is a really good book because it was funny and full of adventures This book is about this Clown called a Bozo and this kid that wanted to be a Bozo But on his way to be a Bozo He has lots of adventures He Has a run in with the cops and he also has his dramatic moments There is also parts i don t like I don t like some of the parts in this book because it has some wired parts that i didn t even get but at the end it was a really funny and cool book.I recommend this book to peopl [...]

    21. Dunk by David Lubar is a book about Chad, a high school boy from Jersey Shore One day while walking down the boardwalk, he sees a Bozo, a clown in a dunk tank He is amazed at how good the Bozo is at getting people to waste their money, and Chad wants the job for himself He is also jealous of his friends because they all have jobs, but his mom won t let him get one.This book is a very exciting read because you have no idea what is going to happen next I could tell you all the plot twists, but it [...]

    22. I listened to this book as a Playaway Audiobook, done by Full Cast Audio I didn t like the protagonist, a self absorbed teenage boy, but I did come to understand his feelings of frustration, irritation and the fear that he was becoming a loser like his absent father By the end, I had sympathy for him he almost redeemed himself and figured out what is is to become an adult I think the character and the story would appeal to many boys, but probably not so much to girls.

    23. This book is simply lovely It probably does not deserve four stars but earns it because the story a young kid who lives with his hardworking single mother juggles his sick best friend, a new upstairs neighbor and a crush on a girl all during a summer at the Jersey shore is just so sweet and simple I was engaged by the prose right away and the use of humor and the clown character working a dunk booth on the boardwork hence the title is original.

    24. Summer on the Jersey shore boardwalk Chad learns to deal with the garbage life throws his way This was slow to get started for me The 1st 2 3rds of the book had a feeling of impending doom for Chad, with several potentially miserable or unhappy situations waiting to go bad The last 1 3rd picked up the pace as he takes action and each situation comes to a resolution Not particularly funny, but still a decent story.

    25. I can not believe what I just went through That is my feeling at the end of this book Very well told and highly captivating story development Again, David has found a way to personally impact you as the reader and one point I was actually pretty upset about what may or may not happen to the people in this story I was very grateful to get the chance to have a book affect me in this capacity Another success from David and another book that I believe you should have on your shelf.

    26. Honestly, I am not David Lubar s target audience I m a decade and a half past it, but this is listed as a book choice for my students, so I picked it up The story was decent boy doesn t fit in, boy likes girl, boy has dreams of being a clown in a dunk tank He meets an man he hates but who teaches him things so he learns to respect him all the basics of a young adult novel A little predicatable, but not altogeher unpleasant.

    27. After reading this book, I think it wasn t that bad When I was reading the book, I didn t really feel like I was really into it In the book, this boy named Chad thinks his summer is going to be horrible, but at the same time, he also wants to see this girl that he likes that he met a summer ago I would recommend this book to anyone that likes books that talk about summer time and time at fair.

    28. Ah Great book.I would give Dunk 4.5 stars out of 5 The plot was compelling and original, and so were the characters David Lubar writes some books for younger children that are ok, but Dunk really stood out.Theo only reason why I didnt give it a 5 star rating was because the ending left me uncertain about some things The conclusion could have been a good 20 pages longer But other than that, I loved it and am going to reccomend it to some close friends.

    29. Who d want to be a Dunk Tank Bozo on a carnival midway What kind of a career choice is that Chad s dream is to be able to shout the truth from the safety of a cage, just like Malcolm, only he finds out that things aren t always as easy as they seem Go along for the ride as Chad faces a summer filled with the trials of friendship, first love, trouble with the law, and almost every other problem life can throw his way.

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