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Hidden Talents #2020

Hidden Talents Martin Anderson and his friends don t like being called losers But they ve been called that for so long even they start to believe it Until Martin makes an incredible discovery each of his friends has

  • Title: Hidden Talents
  • Author: David Lubar
  • ISBN: 9780765357663
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hidden Talents By David Lubar, Martin Anderson and his friends don t like being called losers But they ve been called that for so long even they start to believe it Until Martin makes an incredible discovery each of his friends has a special hidden talent.Edgeview Alternative School was supposed to be end of the road But for Martin and his friends, it just might be a new beginning.

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    1 thought on “Hidden Talents

    1. This is actually my second read when I found out there was a sequel I decided to reread this first and am glad I did It s a bit earnest, and the hook has been done elsewhere, but I do appreciate Lubar s voice and am not surprised he s popular among his target audience I think this deserves the awards it s gotten.

    2. The book Hidden Talents, by David Lubar was a very, very good book It is about a young boy, about our age, who has gotten kicked out of all of the schools back in his hometown for lipping off to the teachers and somehow always knowing just the right thing to make them feel bad Now Martin is onto his last resort, Edgeview Alternative School At this school he pretty much starts to do the same thing He begins meeting a lot of new friends in the process and eventually finds out that they all have sp [...]

    3. In this book Martin is sent to the districts special school for kids who have behavioral problems When Martin first gets there he makes friends with his roommate, Torchie, a kid who is constantly accused of setting fires Torchie introduces him to Lucky always accused of stealing , Cheater always accused of cheating , and Flinch talks out of turn in class Eventually Martin realizes that his friends have special powers Torchie can set fires with his mind, Lucky hears the items talk to him, Flinch [...]

    4. Gah Just lost the review I wrote for thisYWAYS, my only complaints about this book was that it was too short but it s written for a younger audience and for the length of the book, it took too long to get to the actual meat of the thing But, I still enjoyed everything along the way.This book is ridiculously easy to relate to, even if I m not a pre teen boy who has hidden talents This book struck of a chord with me than most of the adult books I read, emotionally and otherwise Simple books just [...]

    5. This book is very relatable for everyone who has ever felt like they did not fit in somewhere It is light and easy to read, and Lubar s trademark sarcasm and sense of humor is in every character The storyline didn t really peak my interest but it was still a fun read nonetheless Definitely pick up any of Lubar s books if you need a light read.

    6. True talents lie in acceptance of personal imperfections Hey, if I could read minds, I d be thinking about how I could use my power to rule the world, I said You sounds like a cartoon character, Lucky told me.Flinch nodded Martin Mindmaster, Conqueror of the Universe Lucky started laughing, With his faithful sidekick, Zucchini, who can read the minds of vegetables and fruits page 184 of Hidden TalentsLeafing through my worn out pages of a book I read so many times before, I feel the same joy I f [...]

    7. I read the book Hidden Talents by David Lubar I liked this book because it has to do with telekinesis, and it is about kids our age What I disliked about the book was that it was too short and everything happened too quick I learned from reading this books that Martin Anderson, a boy with a big mouth, is sent from his school to an alternative school called Edgeview Alternative School Edgeview is where pretty much the whole setting was Martin has been expelled from a lot of other schools for goin [...]

    8. Martin has just been sent to the Edgeview Alternative School for kids who have gotten expelled from everywhere else Martin s major problem is that he just can t stop himself from saying really insulting and hurtful things to people He seems to fit right in with most of the other kids at the school his roommate Torchie, who burns things but says he didn t and Cheater, Flinch, Lucky, and Trash The school bully Bloodbath just sees Martin as a new punching bag As the weeks go by, Martin starts to no [...]

    9. This is a story about Martin Anderson who goes to edgeview alternative school.Martin had to go to a special school because he was a very bad kid.One thing that I liked about the main character was that he had a special talent.His talent is really cool.Something that bothered me was that there were a lot of bad kids that do bad stuff.People who like to read mystery will like this book because,all of Martins friends have talents.

    10. When no other school will take you you end up at Edgeview Alternative Martin Anderson is one of those boys All the kids there have been treated like freaks and rejects for so long that they have all started to believe it But when Martin gets to the school he notices something that no one else seems to see Some of his new classmates have special abilities Martin helps them figure out their hidden talents, but how they use them he never could have expected.The kids in this book have really hard li [...]

    11. I have my local children s librarian to thank for steering me to Hidden Talents a story of life at an alternative boarding school for boys of junior high age who have been kicked out of traditional schools for their unacceptable behavior, which includes stealing, bullying, setting fires, cheating, and general destructiveness Martin, the main character, has a habit of verbally insulting teachers in ways they can t forgive The story is told in much detail, as Martin meets and scornfully judges ea [...]

    12. The book itself is written in a very interesting way the snippets of conversations, memos between teachers and admins, and excerpts of letters from other characters give another dimesion to the ones we follow throughout the story They also do a good job of adding tension, even though some of that tension seems like it won t pay off until the next book though you wouldn t really know there are books just based on the ending of this one I also enjoyed the variety of the characters, not just in et [...]

    13. This book contained a very good story in it.It mainly contained friendship in it.But there were also conflicts that happened between the friends in this book.Later on in the book one of them is going to find out that his friends have hidden powers,he is going to try to convince them but they won t listen to him.Find out what happens next in the book by reading the book Hidden Talents , by David Lubar I recommend this book to people that like stories that talk about the characters finding out the [...]

    14. I am over 50 and I still enjoyed this book It is like a Hunger Games for the younger set It looks like there is a second book in the series which I have to go to the library to check out About a bunch of delinquents who are sent to a boarding school for troubled kids One of the boys figures out that his friends have hidden talents and has to convince them first that they have the talent and then how to use the talent for good.

    15. This is proof positive that the publishing companies that give books to classroom teachers at NCTE are not wasting their money I had never heard of this book before I received this copy and I read A LOT It s a great book for any middle school classroom High interest concept, fast moving chapters, intriguing characters, with a hint of super powers I raced through this and can t wait to share it with my students

    16. Wow That was such an amazing read I recently watched a mini movie and the main character had telekinesis, so the charter Trash had to be my favorite When you first meet Martian, you know so little, but throughout the book you learn who he is and so much about the characters you only can wish that there was a sequel My favorite thing is to watch the six friends realize that they can do stuff with there minds I wish that I had a science teacher like Mr.Briggs.

    17. I rated this book 4.99999999999999999999999999999999999 stars not 5 stars This book was very strange because each main character had a super un natural talent like someone who can fly none of them can Martin can hurt people with words, Flinch can sense what his opponent is going o do next, Trash can make stuff float, Lucky can find anything and Cheater can read minds.

    18. Although entertaining, I didn t like this first book of the series nearly as well as the second book s probable that one of the things I enjoyed so much about the second book which I read first was the air of mystery, of finding things out gradually about the characters from their stories i thought this was intentional but now I suspect Lubar just excepts everyone to read the books in order.Ah, well, following the rules has never been my strong suit.My opinion An enjoyable read, but not brillian [...]

    19. This is a delightful story about a group of misfits labeled as troublemakers and rejected from multiple schools who have ended up at the prison like Edgeview Alternative School, because no one else has been able to figure out how to handle them Within the school, the students have a fair amount of freedom, which allows bullying to occur or less as it does in regular schools What is different is that the students aren t allowed to leave the fenced school grounds, except for visits with family no [...]

    20. This book was probably the most enjoyable book I have ever read all my life It was very funny and had a wide imagination I chose to read this book because it looked funny and I have never read a funny book before This book is about a teenage boy named Martin who has trouble making friends and getting along with teachers He has been kicked out of all the schools back in his hometown for mouthing off to teachers and making fun of other students With no other choice, Martin s parents send him to Ed [...]

    21. Martin s got a mouth on him and it s always getting him into trouble Latest in the institutions that have tried to wrangle him into Respectable Kid shows is Edgeview, a boarding school for behavioral case kids at the end of the line But just like Martin, several of the kids feel like they re really not responsible for the behavior they re blamed for, or don t understand how they re acting out in these peculiar ways we have the boy who s always around the mysterious fire, the kid who cheats on te [...]

    22. I really didn t expect this book to be that awesome, but it sure was I found this book in our school library and decided to check it out because I didn t have time to choose another interesting looking book This book is about trouble makers who got kicked out of their school and got sent to an alternative school Martin, the main character, makes friends who seem weird at first, but realizes that they all have a special, hidden talent My favorite quote was at the way beginning of the story when M [...]

    23. Martin Anderson, the protagonist is in junior in high school He has a loud mouth and responds with constantsmart aleck answers and insults Inevitably he gets expelled from six schools, the boy scouts, and little league He finally must enter the prison like setting of Edgeview Alternative School which locks up violent students and other kids who are losers Most people just think that this school has troubled children but little do they know that everyone has some type of special powers Martin mus [...]

    24. I was rushing to find something to read for English class when I came across this book Ignoring to the cliche don t judge a book by its cover, I thought the book would be lame because the front was uninteresting I was proven wrong This book is about a boy named Martin who has a big mouth that seems to always know peoples inner feelings, using them to hurt people unintentionally This lands him in a last resort, prison type, reformatory school with the state s most convicted students Martin gets o [...]

    25. A small teenage boy with huge talents to be discovered This was the story of Martin, 13 years old and neglected His parents never understood him and his big mouth didn t help in the matter either He couldn t control himself and would always hurt people in their soft spots with his piercing words It seemed he always knew the secrets of others and knew how to use it against them to hurt them the most Of course this bothered his school too, as he hurt teachers and numerous kids He was kicked out of [...]

    26. Martin has been kicked out of so many schools he s finally hit the dead end Edgeworth Alternative School is a place where problem students go to be rehabilitated But in Edgeworth Martin finds something he never expected friends For a kid whose greatest talent seems to be making other people hate him, Edgeworth offers unexpected hope I was a little put off by Martin s brashness at first, but he doesn t spend the whole book being a jerk to everyone The story is told partially from his point of vie [...]

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