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Stacey and the Mystery Money #2020

Stacey and the Mystery Money Stacey gets caught with a counterfeit bill and the Babysitters search for the crook spreading funny money in Stoneybrook

  • Title: Stacey and the Mystery Money
  • Author: Ann M. Martin
  • ISBN: 9780590456968
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • Stacey and the Mystery Money By Ann M. Martin, Stacey gets caught with a counterfeit bill and the Babysitters search for the crook spreading funny money in Stoneybrook.

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      470 Ann M. Martin
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    1 thought on “Stacey and the Mystery Money

    1. Who s infusing Stoneybrook with counterfeit money Stacey is humiliated when the police question her for using counterfeit money on a mall shopping trip The BSC vows to uncover the counterfeiters and clear Stacey s name the stakes are ridiculously low, though, since the cops believe Stacey from the beginning that she got the cash as change at another store, noticed nothing wrong with it before she tried to spend it, and has nothing to do with the crime Suspiciously, a mysterious new family has ju [...]

    2. Stacey inadvertently pays for a pair of earrings with a counterfeit ten dollar bill Her humiliation is so great that she and the BSC become determined to clear her name Such is privilege of rich, white girls In an inane subplot Charlotte is traumatized by Stacey s questioning by the police In another, slightly interesting, but definitely ludicrous subplot, Stacey dates a boy whose father is in undercover federal agent.Things I remember from reading this as a kid I remember buying this book at a [...]

    3. Oh man Gimme a break, ya ll I never read this one as a kid, but now I see where David spawned from We don t see him again, I don t think, until the Friends Forever Series book Kristy and the Kidnapper So random So strange So BSC it hurts.I could write a long review about everything in this that was insane We don t have that kind of time though So let me just say that, even for a BSC Mystery This was pretty silly.

    4. Don t judge others One of my favorite characters was chrallot when she dosen t want to let stacey go from her.

    5. the babysitters read in the paper that some counterfeiters may be in the area they make a note of it move on stacey has a crush on a new boy in school named terry hoyt he has beautiful hazel eyes stacey thinks he might have a crush on her too he also has a twin sister named tasha a little brother named georgie the babysitters are discussing the hoyt family when mrs hoyt happens to call, looking for a sitter for georgie stacey wants the job so she can check out the hoyts crib, but kristy gets ita [...]

    6. this is my first time reading this book while on a sitting job for charlotte at the mall, stacey unknowingly receives counterfeit money as change and tries to use it to buy some earrings she is mortified when the sales clerk tells her the money is counterfeit, so she decides to try to find the counterfeiters meanwhile a weird new family featuring a pair of 8th grade twins, plus a sitting charge age kid moves to town, and it seems like they re in the witness protection program or something, becau [...]

    7. Stacey And The Mystery MoneyPLOT Basically Stacey gets taken to the police station when a bill she tries to pay for some earrings with is counterfeit money It s been news in Stoney Brooke recently that there has been a string of these cases but the thief isn t caught The BSC start to worry that if news gets out about Stacey clients will stop coming to them So instead of leaving it to the police to solve the case, they take it upon themselves to play detective Stacey also meets a new guy Terry th [...]

    8. It s good to know that the BSC archives are around to satisfy my needs for truly ridiculous plots and motivations I remember that this one about tweens and eight year olds helping to catch counterfeiters sort of really, they happened to be around for a variety of coincidences due to a terrible plan they d enacted was purchased in conjunction with the one where Claudia slightly legitimately, IIRC helps solve a mystery about a museum being robbed I wonder what my parents thought when I proudly pl [...]

    9. I like this cover Charlotte looks cute Not exactly as I d pictured her, but cute But what a story shakes head BSC meets Famous Five or Nancy Drew I guess it should be, considering Claudia, but the ages fit better for Famous Five

    10. Counterfeit money Quite exciting possibly the first I d ever actually heard of about counterfeiting at all, so there was that added thrill.

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