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Drop Dead Gorgeous #2020

Drop Dead Gorgeous As tattoo artist Star begins to ink her first client on a spring Sunday morning something goes horribly wrong with the world Belfast s hungover lapse into a deeper sleep than normal their sudden dea

  • Title: Drop Dead Gorgeous
  • Author: Wayne Simmons
  • ISBN: 9781934861059
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • Drop Dead Gorgeous By Wayne Simmons, As tattoo artist Star begins to ink her first client on a spring Sunday morning, something goes horribly wrong with the world Belfast s hungover lapse into a deeper sleep than normal, their sudden deaths causing an unholy mess of crashing cars, smoldering televisions and falling aircraft In the chaotic aftermath a group of post apocalyptic survivors search for purposeAs tattoo artist Star begins to ink her first client on a spring Sunday morning, something goes horribly wrong with the world Belfast s hungover lapse into a deeper sleep than normal, their sudden deaths causing an unholy mess of crashing cars, smoldering televisions and falling aircraft In the chaotic aftermath a group of post apocalyptic survivors search for purpose in a devastated city Ageing DJ Sean Magee and shifty eyed Barry Rogan find drunken solace in a hotel bar Ex IRA operative Mairead Burns and RIR soldier Roy Beggs form an uneasy alliance to rebuild community life Elsewhere, a mysterious Preacher Man lures shivering survivors out of the shadows with a promise of redemption Choked by the smell of death, Irelands remaining few begin the journey toward a new life, fear and desperation giving rise to new tensions and dark old habits But a new threat as gorgeous as it is deadly creeps slowly out of lifes wreckage Fueled by feral hunger and a thirst for chaos, the corpses of the beautiful are rising

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    1 thought on “Drop Dead Gorgeous

    1. Mere moments after ninety nine percent of Belfast s population stopped dead, like wound down clocks, THE SILENCE descended Nothing moved Small, isolated pockets of carnage gave a sombre accompaniment to an otherwise dead city Flames flickered here a soft almost mourning wind whistled thereBut nothing moved.Nothing.Was.The.New.Something Occasionally I just have to throw an apocalyptic novel into the reading mixer I can only assume that it stems from a period in my life when I was routinely bullie [...]

    2. I really liked Part 1 of Drop Dead Gorgeous and it s worth 4 stars as the reader is introduced to several random people on any ole Sunday morning in Belfast Something goes wrong with the world though and a lot of the hungover masses don t wake up We follow several others as they witness crashing cars, falling planes and survive train derailments It seems that 99% of Belfast s population has just dropped dead The set up was really good as we introduced to a bunch of intriguing characters Star the [...]

    3. From the moment I started listening to Drop Dead Gorgeous, I was hooked Apart from the fact that the story moves along at a good pace, the narration was so good AND with an Irish accent despite intensive Googling and stalking I cannot find out if the narrator actually is Irish the scene was perfectly set for an intense post apocalyptic zombie story.There is a large cast of characters, some of which don t make it to the end of the book, plus flashes of characters that don t play a pivotal part of [...]

    4. I found it very hard to like this book I didn t like any of the characters, finding them petty, small minded and mean spirited for the most part, and there were major gaps in what should have been important characterisations which had an impact on the plot I found it hard to keep going and had to keep putting the book down, not because it was unpleasant, but because it was boring me even though at 288 pages it was a short book The ending was a major turn off for me too I mean, all the wronged wo [...]

    5. Coming across something new or even refreshing is difficult within a genre such as horror Many filmmakers and even novelists plump for tried and tested ideas and the major archetypes within the genre cover a multitude of storylines and subsequently, at least to my mind, very little material seems original which is why I am so taken with Drop Dead Gorgeous by Wayne Simmons.After a fairly pedestrian introduction and judging by the size of the paperback, I wasn t expecting great things from Drop De [...]

    6. Wayne Simmons has created a story filled with characters By characters I mean quite a few folks residing in Northern Ireland when the end of the world comes that are quite a diverse lot They definitely give us a flavor of that little piece of the world as the world comes to an end This story reminded me of David Moody s Autumn as far as how it begins In an instant, than 99% of the population of Belfast and Northern Ireland and we are left to guess through most of the book whether the rest of th [...]

    7. I don t often read books from smaller publishers This isn t because I think that they re somehow lesser than others it s because I don t think my bookstore carries them So I got this as a present I now am going to look for novels printed by Permuted Press Drop Dead Gorgeous is a story about a group of people and how they survive the apocalypse Now, don t think that apocalypse is a zombie one I wouldn t call these creatures zombies, really They thirst for human flesh, they kill plenty, but they [...]

    8. This started off quite nicely with people dropping dead all over Ireland The first 2 3 is all about survival in the unknown world Nothing is provided onto the why with regards to everyone well nearly everyone, gotta have a some characters to tell a story dying I did like the character development as everyone started joining up and coming together However once the zombies were animated I couldn t see where it fitted into the story I was already reading I don t want to catagorize this as a zombie [...]

    9. Fast moving with crisp characters that jump out of the page I presume this book is the calm before the storm of its sequel but despite this, the sheer style and readability of Wayne s smooth writing make this an extremely enjoyable read This is good work and a realistic and lucid voice that deserves to be read by horror fans I ll definitely be back for .

    10. This book is so bad, I don t know where to start First off, it s so boring and nothing much happens the first 2 3 of the book There are many main characters, none of them are interesting or likable, with very little character development I started disliking them so much I was almost glad when they all got eaten Nothing gets explained in this book, there doesn t seem any reason whywell, apart from all the women who were wronged by the evil men coming back as zombies to eat their predators WTF I d [...]

    11. After reading and reviewing Flu, I wasn t sure if Wayne Simmons could top that delightfully horrible book horrible in all the good ways of zombie horror Well, he has with Drop Dead Gorgeous I didn t understand the title really until near the end, and then you think What a master he is Once again, Mr Simmons has penned an un put downable book, where several characters are introduced and we get to follow their lives when disaster hits the world People are dropping dead all over the place, and only [...]

    12. Wayne Simmons, Drop Dead Gorgeous Permuted Press, 2008 My experience with Permuted Press up till now has been David Moody s Autumn Quartet and a slew of press releases about books that have made me say, every time, man, I have got to read this Oddly, I never saw a single press release for Drop Dead Gorgeous, the first novel from Irish novelist Wayne Simmons I stumbled across it in my local Half Price Books There is a small press horror fan in my area who routinely sells stuff there Whoever you a [...]

    13. DDG starts in much the same manner as Simmons other book, FLU, being set in modern day Northern Ireland with a group of disparate characters who stories build and then, later, collide in various ways I d started the book assuming it was a straightforward zombie horror but after 150 odd pages and still no dead rising from the graves I realised this wasn t the case.It s a testament to Simmons skills with the storylines and characters that I didn t find myself becoming bored or itchy for the zombie [...]

    14. One Sunday morning, nearly everybody drops dead Suddenly In Northern Ireland, the few people that survived try to make sense of what s going on, and gradually join together into small groups, finding shelter in a school, or solace in the now free bar of a hotel, or Until one day, dead women start coming back and taking revenge on people that wronged them while they were alive.The good things It s fast paced There s a good range of characters that are real characters Star, the tattooist has a mur [...]

    15. When I read the first page I got a little worried Oh NO It s in Irish Slang But it turns out that it wasn t that bad nothing like Irving Welsh or James Joyce Though there were a few sayings that I wasn t exactly sure what they were saying I knew that they were profanities of some sort and that s enough Short Summary One day most of the world drops dead kaput A small number of people are left standing among the corpses, absolutely befuddled and terrified Several try to band together, some for sup [...]

    16. Dieses Buch ist eher eine Endzeitgeschichte mit einem Hauch Zombie Horror Mysteri ser Weise sterben pl tzlich, bis auf ein paar Ausnahmen, alle Menschen Die berlebenden versuchen auf verschiedene Art ihre Welt wieder aufzubauen Da gibt es eine Hierarchie, die vor Intrigen nur so wimmelt, oder auch ein religi ser Kult, in dem ein ziemlich irre gewordener Pfarrer das Zepter in der Hand h lt Doch bis fast zum Schluss hat das alles nichts mit Zombies zu tun.Als diese dann auftauchen wird es erst ric [...]

    17. I couldn t get into this at all and I barely got a quarter of the way in Even though I am now able to quit a book I still don t like doing it and I do try not to when I can I couldn t continue with this I d be interested to know whether Simmons is Irish, has ever been to Ireland, if he knows anything about the dialect, slang, etc Because it was far too over the top IMO It was like someone like myself not from Ireland and not a person who uses Irish slang wrote a book and stuck in every single da [...]

    18. Technically a 2.5 star rating.I m not a huge lover of zombie media, and that which I do like is usually film because I feel that usually does it better justice Simmons has a very cinematic way of writing as well as great use of language, which means it s very easy to read, but the book is a tad slow The dead don t even reanimate until over 200 pages in It s good news for people who like their books character focused, but although I am usually one of those people most of the characters are pretty [...]

    19. Just finished the audio version It was kind of boring I bought it because I actually liked the idea of the focus being on the survivors, but their story was uninteresting And at the end, when the zombies arrived they stretched my credulity way beyond breaking point.This feels like the author just strained to find a new angle on zombies he did, but it s an uninteresting angle and nothing else about the book stands out And the occasional attempts to write lyrically fall very, very flat.I bought th [...]

    20. Drop Dead Gorgeous was drop dead glorious.Built up with a steady and very deliberate pace, the climax is even than what you waited for the whole book The ending was harsh, cruel, and bloody Just what any book of the dead rising from the grave should be And what a variation on a theme this story was.Loved the regional national aspects of the story, the use of music to accentuate the mood, and the finish was outstanding.Grab it

    21. Shades of Shymalan s the happening but it does goes left somewhere near the end turns out a good and thoughtful book a very weird ending and set of developments which i am not sure really works i am not sure what was being said but its a good readfunny though if i was writing this and the conclusion i would have thought no one would publish it, but someone told a story worth reading in the end.

    22. I m not sure what I think about this book Some of the characters were interesting but there was too much jumping around to get a feel for them It was an interesting premise but it seemed rushed I think part of it might have been too many characters for such a short book I liked Flu much better.

    23. I like James Joyce He s chaotic This book is chaotic in a different way It was highly enjoyable, and the writing was, oddly enough, lyrical It wasn t choppy and clumsy, the way many zombie novels are written The gruesome details seemed almost musical, and while certain deaths were surprising, it didn t leave me feeling sick inside All in all, definitely a good read.

    24. One Sunday morning in Northern Ireland, almost everyone drops dead The survivors gather in groups to pool resources The trials and tribulations of this life start to take their toll, especially after several weeks when the beautiful woman start to come back to life to reek revenge on men who had done them wrong A really interesting concept and fast moving story.

    25. I love zombies sorry Mr Revert and found the book very entertaining This was read at a time when I had to stop and start too many times for my liking and the countless characters became a bit of a blur I thoroughly loved the writing and always get a kick out of reading derivatives of English vulgarities This is one I need to give a second chance , and I promise I will.

    26. Simmons does a beautiful job developing his characters and constructing a scenario that are refreshingly original in the somewhat over saturated zombie sub genre The only minor disappointment is that the zombies don t really get going until the last third of the novel.

    27. I ve said it before, I ll say it again I recommend this book to horror and non horror fans alike The writing is that good It will keep you enthralled no matter if you re a fan of the genre or not I ve read it than once and will probably read it again before the sequel comes out.

    28. Um, I was intrigued by the opening chapter which drew me in but for me I don t really think this early promise translated to the rest of the book Characters were under developed and I found the author s writing style far from engaging Not for me.

    29. Completely different approach on an undead novel Immense character development Found myself enthralled with the vast array of characterizations Side note the narrattor of the audiobook has an incredible Irish accent

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