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Why I Hate Canadians #2020

Why I Hate Canadians Writing with punch and passion Will Ferguson offers fresh insights into Canadian national delusions For instance he figures out at long last the Canadian dream success without risk And he explains

  • Title: Why I Hate Canadians
  • Author: Will Ferguson
  • ISBN: 9781550546002
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Why I Hate Canadians By Will Ferguson, Writing with punch and passion, Will Ferguson offers fresh insights into Canadian national delusions For instance, he figures out, at long last, the Canadian dream success without risk And he explains three great themes of Canadian history keeping the Americans out, keeping the French in, and trying to get the Natives to somehow disappear.

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      241 Will Ferguson
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    1 thought on “Why I Hate Canadians

    1. I avoided reading this book for the longest time based solely on the title Yes, sometimes I do judge a book by its cover My loving mother eventually thrust it into my skeptical hands over Christmas, along with a few other books she enjoyed And of course I ve loved every single one Let this be a lesson to you ladies and gentlemen always listen to my mother Especially about books I don t want to share any plot details, because that would spoil the surprise and I think this is a book best read when [...]

    2. Have you ever met a friend that you grew up with a couple of decades ago and you happen to run into each other Maybe you decide to go to a bar to catch up Your friend has a couple of good stories in him, but then he starts slurring his words, becomes overly arrogant and makes a giant ass of himself He starts saying things that contradict previous statements he has made, and each story has even less to do with the previous one, and after hours of this, you get fed up and want to leave After that [...]

    3. I loved this book It wasn t quite as funny as I expected, yet there was some great, biting satire in it The book is essentially part memoir and that part is a bit weak , part sociopolitical analysis of culture The latter is very well done That said, I think there are places where a non Canadian might find themselves lost I definitely understand why some American readers might dislike it Ferguson didn t really do enough to let you in on some of the jokes it could well be like coming into a play a [...]

    4. Why I hate Canadians is a funny book It is inspiring and infuriating at the same time One should be warned that this is a cynical look at Canada from a Liberal that thinks his political ideology represents Canada, while really it represents himself Sure, it was terrible, especially the part about the monarchy, but it was also great the part about Quebec was superb Some good content, some bad content Some insight, some arrogance None the less, Ferguson has something to say in Why I Hate Canadians [...]

    5. Told from the perspective of an Anglophone Canadian, Why I Hate Canadians explores Canadian culture and history through satirical, albeit obscure, references and quips The views Ferguson presents are unsurprising considering it s time of publication, consisting mostly of sympathy for Canadian minorities with the exception of Francophones In the 10th Anniversary Edition, Ferguson makes an effort to preface the book by acknowledging its biased and exaggerated aspects, though his youthful pretentio [...]

    6. Picked this up expecting Ferguson s usual funny take on the world, in this case Canadians, but no Yes, his humor peeks through at times, but it is really a socio political critique of Canadian smugness and attitudes, largely in counterpose to their southern neighbors He blends history, culture, and memoir to buttress his criticisms I think he is mightily proud to be Canadian, but at the same time willing to pop illusions I m sure many folks up there were less than pleased Presented in essay form [...]

    7. Was annoyed after the first chapter, couldn t stop laughing afterwards, especially the chapter on Sudbury, but it fizzled out at the end If I had been editor, would have axed the last chapter An honest look at Canada by an Anglo trying very hard to figure the place out He s a bit hard on Quebec, but his tough love seems sincere Pleased to have read it.

    8. I read this book of essays over a few years The essays are in turn funny, poignant and thought provoking Ferguson wrote this book upon returning to Canada after 5 years spent abroad in Japan By the end, he was glad to be back in Canada with all its foibles I would recommend this book to other non Canadians.

    9. So this was recommended by a close friend as being hysterical, along the lines of Bill Bryson However that wasn t my experience Large parts of this book went right over my head I am not only American, but I am from the South, so there s very little I know about Canada I did kind of know that already but this book really pointed out how very little I know about Canada My friend who read it, his wife s family is Canadian and they spend part of each summer there, so I think that s a big reason why [...]

    10. Great idea for a book, but hardly a great book Super title, but his brother came up with it Will Fergusson can t stop imparting how clever he is long enough to tell you anything of substance about Canada, but, hey this is a guy who tells you about himself in a history of Canada that someone asked him to write a guy who wrote an article for the NY Times telling women what they should and shouldn t do in the bedroom I m sure they appreciated the tips It d be one thing if Ferguson s life were inter [...]

    11. I thought the author was very honest about his take on this national identity of niceness , which was the very focus of this book Ferguson wasn t trying to sell readers his perspective, but rather reminding readers that there were than one way to look at things I couldn t agree with everything he said, but I appreciated the fact that for most of the topics he touched on, he laid out arguments from both sides even though his own opinion was clearly stated through his blatant sarcasm.Since I did [...]

    12. This book takes a humourous look at Canada s culture, history and politics This was Will Ferguson s first book, originally published in 1997 The edition I read was reissued in 2007 with a new introduction For whoever wants to read this book now, I think you should try to get the 2007 edition with the intro, as it updates some of the info in the book, as well as explains about Ferguson himself at the time he wrote it.It was funny and I really did like it, but it wasn t as funny as I expected But [...]

    13. I picked up the book thinking it would be mere humour After all, I d seen the cover of his other books and they seemed just as gimmicky but chucklable Anyway, I started it, and it seemed to not just exist for humour This book was intelligent It outlined throughout history everything about Canada that seemed odd to him He s a smart guy with a pretty interesting past, this Will Ferguson.Everything he wrote made perfect sense to me and broadened my knowledge of the true Canada not just the world I [...]

    14. How did making fun of Canucks become so popular Maybe this book It was written back in 1995 and I feel like in the last 5 years making fun of Canada is super cool This book was a little making fun and from an American point of view, a lot of history Actually like a history of why we make fun of Canada, like the stuff they do that makes them just so easy to make fun of And for some reason, being nice seems to be the number one reason And so easy to make fun of them because they are too nice My f [...]

    15. This book starts out strong with a funny and personal opening Then the middle part rambles a bit until the beat picks up towards the end when the author touches on multiculturalism and his time in Charlottetown.The prose is cynical, funny, sometimes true, and a bit shrill when it comes to Quebec separatism.Some quotes Forget the mosaic our national metaphor is the market Multiculturalism is our new ideal, and we chose it because we had no choice What this country needs is Sudburys and fewer sho [...]

    16. After finally finishing this book, I have to say it s interesting to look back on a historical time capsule so to speak, but also to recognize how little has actually changed Will Ferguson ranges from humorous to angry, superficial to insightful, and from looking at Canada with unbridled cynicism to recognizing that it also contains something worthwhile While at times abrasive and annoying, he is also laugh out loud funny and has some very perceptive observations about Canada So much is still re [...]

    17. My neice and I were traveling from Barcelona to Paris and we had some time to kill in the airport She brought out two books she had to read for extra credit in school, I was living Norway and grabbed her book by Will Ferguson, to remind myself why I didnt live in Canada I never laughed so hard in my life, my stomach was sore and I kept having to use the bathroom My neiecs and I decided to take turns reading outloud, so we could both enjoy the book In the end it was bang on Every clich in the boo [...]

    18. This book was interesting to read due to the way the chapters were written organized It starts with impressions of Canada after five years in Japan, then travelling back in time to when the author was involved with youth organizations supported by the Canadian government Just when you think that the book will be made up of stories of the author s life, you progress to the history of Canada, and it s association with the US, Quebec and Natives, before moving back to the present Some of the inform [...]

    19. This book wasn t quite can t put it down binge read in two days good, but it was close I imagine people already familiar with the historical events and regional tensions discussed in the book might find it boring or pretentious But as an American with little previous knowledge of Canada, I felt like I gained a lot of insight from this book albeit from just one man s perspective I also really enjoyed Ferguson s writing style, and I felt like I could clearly picture his personal experiences across [...]

    20. 3.5 stars Not laugh out loud funny like his How to be a Canadian, but really enjoyable nonetheless He brought an interesting perspective to some pretty hefty and some not so hefty happenings of the late 1990 s ok, and plents of events and history leading up to that decade I can t help but feel an affinity on some things Remember the Soviets Plus, I ve actually been to some of the places he was talking about, though I ve never had urban amnesia I think it might be a Gen X thing but maybe I m just [...]

    21. Will Feguson, having spent five years in Japan, returned to Canada with a unique view on Canada and Canadians, warts and all With this book, essentially a collection of essays, he successfully deflates many of the myths that Canadians like to insulate themselves with and shows how this self delusion part of the Canadian character The writing itself is excellent Ferguson is funny without being trite, insightful without being dry, cynical without being negative Highly recommended for all progressi [...]

    22. The only internet source that gets us right most of the time is Polandball igur 5KtaqwZg and even they portray us as pretty cute Yes we are mostly nice and polite and I personally enjoy our reputation but we do a good job of trying not to think about our shameful history.This was written kind of a long time ago when Separatism was still a thing It doesn t seem like such a thing any.

    23. Interesting, often humorous, insights into what makes Canadians Canadian It was first published in 1997, and I read the 10th anniversary edition published in 2017, so some of the information, of course, is dated Most, I think, is still relevant I did want to look up background information on a number of items while I read, and, I suspect, that, had I not lived in Canada for six years, I would have been lost with a lot of the references.

    24. Too much moaning and complaining about a country that is a great place Try living in Indonesia or mainland China both of which I ve done Sometimes we have to get off our high horse and count our blessings and just let things be When journalists have nothing better to do and need to justify their existence and an income for themselves, they invent angst and then get their knickers into such a tight knot all the while thinking that the rest of us really care what they think.

    25. I found myself drawn to this book as I had previously read How to Be Canadian by the same author The books overlapped on quite a few topics I think Why I Hate Canadians was written first , but this book was still enjoyable, with quite a few fresh new topics This book tries to delve into the meaning of being Canadian, along with the idiosyncracies, in a series of short stories It was enjoyable, but dry in some places.

    26. I didn t enjoy this book I know many people did.However, I didn t really find it funny Maybe if I had read it when it first came out I would have enoyed it I found he complained too much, and it was about him finding himself than really talking about anything else.He made some very good points about Canada, I appreciate how he mentioned the Natives were mistreated and still are.That didn t make up for the rest of the book though.

    27. Although I enjoy Will Ferguson s writing, I didn t find anything to relate to in this book I was hoping for a different take on Canada, but despite the book s title, it is still an ode to all the typical Canadian stereotypes including hockey, hockey and effin hockey that widen the divide between misguided nationalists and the rest of us.

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