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Hokkaido Highway Blues. Hitchhiking Japan #2020

Hokkaido Highway Blues Hitchhiking Japan The book follows Will Ferguson as he hitchhikes miles north through Japan following the Cherry Blossom Front Sakura Zensen The arrival of the blossom is a national event in Japan eagerly tracke

  • Title: Hokkaido Highway Blues. Hitchhiking Japan
  • Author: Will Ferguson
  • ISBN: 9781841952888
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hokkaido Highway Blues. Hitchhiking Japan By Will Ferguson, The book follows Will Ferguson as he hitchhikes 1,800 miles north through Japan following the Cherry Blossom Front Sakura Zensen The arrival of the blossom is a national event in Japan, eagerly tracked on television bulletins, and besides marking the end of winter and the start of the business cycle it facilitates a burst of heavy drinking disguised as a communal meditaThe book follows Will Ferguson as he hitchhikes 1,800 miles north through Japan following the Cherry Blossom Front Sakura Zensen The arrival of the blossom is a national event in Japan, eagerly tracked on television bulletins, and besides marking the end of winter and the start of the business cycle it facilitates a burst of heavy drinking disguised as a communal meditation on transience.Surveying the country from the not quite private, not quite public, position of the passenger seat, Ferguson sees the Japan not written about in guide books, but gets to the heart of this intriguing and contradictory country This is a laugh out loud, warm hearted account with a generous helping of satire.

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    1. Not many things that advertise themselves as blues actually deliver the emotion It was somewhat startling, then, to discover that this book is in fact deeply, profoundly melancholic Ferguson started with nothing but a boast, elevated by coworkers enthusiastic than he is into a grand plan To hitchhike the length of Japan isn t a particularly sane or rational plan, but caught up in the enthusiasm of those who hear of it, he eventually goes through with it.In the beginning, all is well This is exc [...]

    2. Se incontri il Buddha lungo la strada, non ucciderlo Tira fuori il pollice Chiss , potrebbe anche offrirti un passaggio.Giappone, Giappone tanto amato quanto malvisto, tanto idealizzato quanto pregiudicato.Il diario di viaggio di un canadese nel Sol Levante un facile specchietto per le allodole i nippofili , decisamente facili all entusiasmo specialmente, si sa, quando ci sono di mezzo i sakura, ormai divenuti simbolo di quanto di poetico il Giappone possiede Il pericolo di una simile lettura qu [...]

    3. This book stopped me falling asleep at my regular hour night after night because it had me laughing so much Will Ferguson s ironic sense of humour is very amusing, and a nice balance to his insightful observations on Japan I m usually suspicious of foreigners who spend a few years in Japan, take themselves too seriously and decide to write a book explaining some aspect of unique, mysterious Japan But this guy is fully qualified, having done enough time in the country in a remote area, learned en [...]

    4. Se non avete taaaanto tempo e disponibilit economica, NON leggete questo libro la voglia di esplorare il Giappone in autostop con Will Ferguson sar quasi dolorosaGiuro, io volevo prendere e partire seduta stante mentre lavoravo con la mente mi ritrovavo a fantasticare delle mete viste, dei prossimi passi, del certo quel posto era proprio figo e soprattutto, ho provato un senso di attesa e di meraviglia come se fossi veramente l Will Ferguson ha fatto una piccola magia con il suo libro ha mostrat [...]

    5. Another wonderful travelogue the traveler this time makes astute observations of the Japanese nationals he encounters as he hitchhikes north from the southernmost tip of Japan.Being an Asian American, I can see both sides of the espy It is easy to relate to the often awkward, big hearted, intensely curious, liberal American being given an opportunity to look through a usually closed window into the private lives of the average Japanese citizen in Japan.I can also see how the Japanese use their s [...]

    6. William Will Ferguson uno scrittore canadese, nato in Fort Vermilion, Alberta in Canada Anche informandomi sul suo conto non sono riuscita a capire bene come sia finito in Giappone ad insegnare inglese, visto che sembra aver fatto studi di cinema all universit e niente che giustifichi un viaggio del genere nel paese del sol levante E vero che lui stesso ammette di essere approdato in Giappone senza sapere assolutamente niente della lingua, ma scoprire che non aveva nemmeno le basi per insegnare [...]

    7. Se incontri il Budda lungo la strada, uccidilo Il libro si legge bene, ed anche divertente in alcuni punti pi che per merito di W.Ferguson mi sa che merito dell assurdit dei giapponesi e della grande differenza tra il mondo asiatico e quello occidentale , ma alcune cose proprio non vanno L autore precisa di avere un giapponese pessimo, ammette di non conoscere per niente i kanji, di essere scarso perfino con hiragana e katakana s , ma allora nemmeno hai provato ad impararlo il giapponese per e t [...]

    8. Greatly enjoyed this found myself giggling a lot and reading bits out loud to my husband Many of the author s experiences mirrored my own, and the whole thing is free of the pompousness and attitude of having attained deep insights into the other that afflicts so much writing about Japan Don t know what those who haven t been to Japan, or who led a different sort of life there, would make of it, but it worked for me.

    9. A near perfect travel memoir, Will Ferguson embarks upon a hitchhiking journey to follow the Cherry Blossom Front 1800 miles from the southernmost part of Japan, to it s northernmost tip at Hokkaido.Filled with interesting characters, witticisms, commentary and fascinating cultural facts, Hokkaido Highway Blues is a true gem Ferguson is a talented writer and his perspective on Japan and it s culture is a must read for arm chair travelers.

    10. Will Ferguson seems to be a very honest writer He not only tells of his journeys, but of this thinking and most importantly the things he does and says even when he s being a jerk Very believable Occasionally laugh out loud funny After teaching English in Japan for a few years, he decides to hitchhike from the southernmost tip of Japan a very lush, almost tropical area to the northernmost tip think Northern sea, icebergs off the coast sort of place He follows the sakura, the cherry blossoms, as [...]

    11. I absolutely adored this book It has hitched its way into my Top 5 Books of the Year and Top 10 Fave books on Japan.The main thing I enjoyed was Wil Ferguson s writing style He has this fantastic ability to be poetic in one paragraph I think I caught Niigata on a bad day Everything looked sullen and solied and worn out Even the cities smokestacks, painted in stripes like candy canes, emerged from the industrial haze like sooty sweets dug out from under a sofa cushion and hilariously profane in t [...]

    12. This one was interesting Ferguson is definitely a westerner in a different culture and sometimes he seems to revel in making encounters awkward, instead of taking the easy route However, he hitchhiked from the bottom of Japan to the top, went to dozens and dozens of places off the main tourist routes, met dozens and dozens of people and the book is filled with interesting moments and observations Observations on places, on people, and on two cultures meeting each other and trying to have a conve [...]

    13. It s an account of a very unique journey hitchhiking through Japan alongside the cherry blossom front The travelogue is both oddly poetic melancholic and ironic somewhat crude it really made me laugh at times It covers meeting lots of Japanese people, contemplating the Japanese culture and typical Japanese mindsets Mindsets that the Author is pretty much accustomed to They are actually one of the reasons why he loveshates Japan he knows with every fiber of his being that the Japanese people wil [...]

    14. This book is the answer I needed all those years in Japanese class when my fellow students seemed to idolize the Japanese as if they were some sort of super race that could do no wrong and had invented everything that was cool This book shows what a gaijin would face during their time in Japan Like Will Ferguson they would have their share of adventures and meetings with really nice, helpful people and then they would have those times when they just wished they weren t treated as entertainment a [...]

    15. Questo diario di viaggio stato una piacevole scoperta non avendo mai letto niente di simile, mi ha appassionato e fatto divertire un mondo Ferguson un grande narratore sempre scorrevole e brillante poi l idea di fare tutto il Giappone in autostop seguendo la fioritura dei ciliegi geniale Quale modo migliore per conoscere approfondire miti, cultura e usanze di un popolo cosi diverso da noi occidentali Consigliato.

    16. I thought Ferguson s memoir was excellent and well written He provides really important insights and muses on what it s like to be a Westerner in Japanese culture He s not a total Japanophile and he isn t particularly jaded, he has an average perspective and I think that s important Too many expats are at one end or the other of the extreme I ve been familiar with Japanese culture for years, but Ferguson had things to teach me as well, including insights into Buddhism and Shintoism, and the real [...]

    17. At the time of writing the book Will Ferguson was a Canadian EFL teacher working in Japan He sets out from Cape Sata the Southern most point of Japan to travel to Hokkaido in the farthest Northern tip The purpose of the trip is ostensibly to chase the progress of the sakura or cherry blossoms traditionally a time of festivities and drinking of copious glasses of sake in the company of said cherry blossom trees He decides to hitch hike for most of the journey as he believes that that is a intima [...]

    18. Un ironico scrittore canadese decide di percorrere tutto il Giappone dal sud verso il nord seguendo lo sbocciare degli alberi di ciliegio, i sakura che i giapponesi festeggiano facendo pic nic sotto le loro fronde Alla domanda del giornalista, alla fine del viaggio che non vi dico come va a finire Perch ha voluto fare questo viaggio Lui risponde Volevo conoscere i giapponesi come individui e non come una massa senza nome e senza volto Eh gi perch , come dice il titolo del libro, Will percorre tu [...]

    19. This man can do me no wrong with this book, I got a few others hooked on it as well, his stories of his journey from south to north Japan by hitchhiking only to chase the sakura front are laced with wit and sarcasm that could easily put some Brits to shame pIronically I read this book when I was travelling across West Japan and Shikoku from Tokyo, which proved to be a hidden bonus as I decided to retrace some of his steps from his book while I was reading and laughing like an idiot on the train [...]

    20. This was such a fun read I picked this up because I had read Happiness and enjoyed it very much Now I think I m fast becoming a Will Ferguson fan Hokkaido Highway Blues is really refreshing in the sense that it doesn t offer a clich d view of Japan at all It s very witty, insightful, thoughtful and highly enjoyable It definitely makes you want to book a ticket to Japan straight away o This is one of the best travelogues I ve read recently and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in fore [...]

    21. An interesting glimpse into Japan However, this book needed editing to whittle it down into the terrific book that could have been Ferguson, who does seem like an ok guy, tends to showcase his personality in a manner that I find obnoxious He shows us something, and then he tells us too with phrases along the lines of I m just that kind of a guy Yes, we have picked up on that Ferguson, don t be so insecure, you ve got a great story here, just tell it Still, recommended if you re interested in wh [...]

    22. I loved this book so much, I deliberately savored it slowly over a month Ferguson shares irreverent, hilarious anecdotes and wickedly incisive observations that many travel writers would fear to pen It s a brutally honest book, and I found his truthfulness as sharp and refreshing as an autumn breeze But it s also evocative and contemplative, waxing Zen when the laughter dies down For anyone with any experience of Japan, I think you ll be nodding along in recognition of yes, my thoughts exactly.

    23. Canadian writer and humourist Will Ferguson offers up one of the strangest and most delightful travel books about Japan Hitching Rides With Buddha takes on the challenge of following the cherry blossoms from south to north in Japan all using the rare transportation mode of hitching a ride.Really this is a collection of great stories about the characters he meets on the journey and the kindness of strangers It s a glimpse into a Japan not often revealed by Western writers.It s a fun read and a gr [...]

    24. Not just one of my favorite travel books or books about Japan,but one of my favorite books period.Nice to read a travel book about Japan that actually gets beneath the surface and strikes a nice balance between fawning or bashing, unlike many others by people who stay for a year and consider themselves experts see Learning to bow for example.He makes fun of Japan alot but also doesnt take himself too seriously which makes for some funny stuff.

    25. I totally enjoyed this memoir of hitch hiking the length of Japan, south to north, intent on following the cherry blossoms There were passages that made me laugh out loud Mr Ferguson is everything I like in a travel writer interesting observations, a sense of humor, a bit of snarkiness, a sense of wonder and most importantly, the knack for making the reader feel like they are on the same journey with the writer This is the first book I ve read of his but it won t be the last

    26. Will Ferguson has written a wonderfully funny travel memoir of his journey to follow the Cherry Blossom Front along the length of Japan For the humor alone I would recommend this book Ferguson has added enough history and human interest stories about the places he visited to give the book substance than just a diary of his journey.

    27. Ferguson snarks his way up Japan following the cherry blossoms in this mostly humorous account of hitchhiking Sacred cows like Japanese exceptionalism, lack of racism, etc are cheerfully roasted Traveling anywhere as an obvious foreigner off the main tourist routes in Japan can lead to bizarre experiences A fun read once sort of thing.

    28. Hated this book As a student learning Japanese and a person who has travelled to Japan multiple times, I found the tone and the narrative voice of this book to be offensive When it wasn t insulting, it was just tedious.

    29. This book was an enjoyable read because it showed me a side of Japan that I did not see during my travels around the country.

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