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Experiencing God: How to Live the Full Adventure of Knowing and Doing the Will of God #2020

Experiencing God How to Live the Full Adventure of Knowing and Doing the Will of God Knowing and Doing the Will of GodA study of the Bible encouraging us to see God at work and join Him as He reveals

  • Title: Experiencing God: How to Live the Full Adventure of Knowing and Doing the Will of God
  • Author: Henry T. Blackaby Claude V. King
  • ISBN: 9780805432008
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Experiencing God: How to Live the Full Adventure of Knowing and Doing the Will of God By Henry T. Blackaby Claude V. King, Knowing and Doing the Will of GodA study of the Bible encouraging us to see God at work and join Him as He reveals

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      118 Henry T. Blackaby Claude V. King
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    1 thought on “Experiencing God: How to Live the Full Adventure of Knowing and Doing the Will of God

    1. This book is cute and quirky, just like Zooey Deschanel There are a few differences though 1 This book is written in third person, Zooey speaks in first person 2 I can pronounce the name of this book How the heck do you say Zooey Is it Zoe y or Zoo y I m stumped 3 I can t hold Zooey Deschanel up at eye level with one hand 4 I m not secretly in love with this book.5 This book does not have a restraining order against me in West Virginia.6 This book will not see the error of her ways someday and r [...]

    2. Cool study on making the daily adjustments and commitment to live each day for God and his glory It got a little redundant toward the end, but overall a cool way to reconnect with God s purposes Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to be serious about making a difference for God right where you are.

    3. Reading spiritual study books can be somewhat bland Usually, there are a few tidbits of information that are applicable to your situation you make leave with a little handful of thoughts to concepts or metaphors to guide you, but application is often difficult to understand since most books speak to certain circumstances or concepts.Experiencing God works to improve the foundations of every Christian s relationship with God There are a few short chapters toward the end that give specifics to dif [...]

    4. My constantly shifting schedule shifted, enabling me to get to church a few weeks in a row, and my regular class was studying this book nearly finished, but they did not begrudge me the last copy, and I attempted to catch up Thus although it took several weeks to complete less than three hundred fifty pages, to some degree I felt I rushed through it and that is unfortunate, because I think it is a book from which the benefits best come by a slow process of absorption.Those benefits arise because [...]

    5. I normally do better with reading books than completing workbooks, so I read the book form of Experiencing God Blackaby is very thorough with his points, an important characteristic of a good communicator when utilized correctly I love his emphasis on a personal love relationship with God If you don t have that, you re not going to hear anything from Him We hear from God when we get to know Him and how He speaks, and the only way we can do that is by spending time with Him Read the Word Pray See [...]

    6. This is one of my all time favorite Christian books ever written This book was recommended by my pastor as a book to help me better understand and distinguish my own will from that of God s will Blackaby succinctly and methodically introduces a Biblical way in how to better understand and hear God speak to us God speaks to us through His Word, through prayer, through circumstances, and through other people And it is through all of these avenues that inevitably led me into full time ministry serv [...]

    7. I ve been reading this book daily for the last 6 months It is phenomenal Every page is rich with quotations and ideas about how to experience God in your daily life Where is He and what does He want you to do How do you follow Him How about in a family or church This is a book I will turn to again and again and continue to re read often to deepen that experience Highly recommended.

    8. This was a re read of the original book I read it in 1996 with a women s inter denominational book club group Our church s pastor plans to have a study of the current edition, so I thought I would get a refresher on the revised and expanded content of this version, published in 2009 From the Publisher The Experiencing God ministry is even vibrant today than when it began As it continues to rise, and the world continues to change, the Experiencing God book has been revised and expanded with tha [...]

    9. My pastor was using parts of this book for our Sunday evening services and recommended that I read the whole book I really liked how this book defines what it means to have a relationship with God and to follow His will in your life rather than doing your own thing I liked how the authors gave ways on how you can grow in your relationship with God by taking small steps each day It s worth taking the time to read and study.

    10. A great read on how to better your relationship with God and see Him work in your life A good reminder that our relationship with God, is that, a relationship What I got most out of this book is that we, as Christians, are called to a love relationship with God and, if we really want to experience God in our lives and ministry, we need to ask Him where He is working and be part of that Its not about us, it s about Him A bit repetitive at times, but very clear in his message.

    11. Necessary and excellent This was my 2nd round of this book, though the 1st was just going through the workbook years ago.

    12. Great book for practical application of biblical principles Provides real exercises for connecting with God Exercises that become daily habits.

    13. I read this so long ago that I don t remember much about it I just remember that I thought it was good I almost hesitate to rate it it, but I think I remember thinking it about a 4.

    14. I read this for a Bible Study group meeting at our church I feel closer to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit as a result I am aware of looking for places God is working around me.

    15. I found this book to be slightly annoying Blackaby is extremely repetitive throughout many of the chapters he often restates the same idea three or four times in a paragraph he ll lead off the paragraph with it, state it another way in the next sentence, ask it in a question, then restate it in a conclusiony sounding way as if he s demonstrated his point His use of biblical texts and personal stories is also a bit suspect He tells us to not rely on experience then heavily relies on it throughout [...]

    16. Experiencing God by Henry T Blackaby and Claude V King, is another in a series of Study Guides I have been thoroghly happy to have read This guide takes the reader through a series of expectations that anyone who reads and studies the Bible through easy to understand stories and Scripture.This book allows the reader to first read the text, followed by going to their Bible and looking at the full Scripture being discussed It also allows the reader to gain that fleeting knowledge and apply it to t [...]

    17. Experiencing God is for those who wish to obey the Bible and Holy Spirits leading We sometimes misunderstand what it means to be productive in our calling, especially when our efforts are not showing fruit Have you ever found yourself in a church or parachurch org where God is blessing others, but not your sacrifices Yet you know you are in the right place doing what you are called to do Blackaby helps us see how God s timing and our willingness to follow Jesus is always a blessing Our search to [...]

    18. Though there are many things I like about this book, I also found it confusing and frustrating I find it unfair to use many unique experiences the patriarchs and prophets had in the OT as paradigms for our own experiences today I also felt like sometimes the authors relied upon circumstances to hear God s voice, and other times they shared that we should not rely upon circumstances I truly believe God leads us today, and can work uniquely with His people, but have personally found it difficult t [...]

    19. This book was just OK I had the congregation read it, a chapter a week We ve been working on it since January, and finally finished it this week Part of the plan was that I d write sermons each week that went along with each chapter That went well, and I think people got out of the sermons than the book The chapters were repetitive, and could have been compressed better into fewer chapters I didn t agree with some of the theology, and let my people know where I didn t agree and why For the most [...]

    20. This has been one of my least favorite religious studies I did not get a lot out of it that already wasn t covered in other studies A lot of examples and information about planting churches, becoming a missionary, or being called to the ministry However, there were practically no examples of how to apply these principles to those of us who are Christians and not in religious vocations Also, the author talks a lot about people getting called by God and how God s messages to us are obvious and oft [...]

    21. This is an easy read, and its message is one most of us have probably heard But it seems to be a message we easily forget, and for that reason, I would recommend the book It also has some helpful things to think about when trying to figure out what God s will is in specific situations Blackaby constantly points out that God s will is not given to us as a to do list and that His will is always to reveal Himself to us and work His purposes through us The book is very repetitive, but rather humblin [...]

    22. Oh my gosh I just started this book the other day and it s incredible 6 11 2012Can t speak highly enough about this book.Each chapter ends with a Summary and section called Experiencing God Today Both of these sections were extremely helpful because they call you into action and encourage you to practice the principle that is in that chapter Relevant, challenging, faith strengthening, calls you into a deeper understanding of God, His character who He is , who we are to Him, etc.Awesome book that [...]

    23. A fantastic book to read This book really makes you think not only about you faith and beliefs but focuses on your personal relationship with God This book hits so many areas It makes you question ow strong your faith is and how to strengthen it How to draw closer to God and to see how He is working in your life This book made me think it ways few other books ever have Blackaby s approach is very easgoin and not critical I started this with a small group of others Each of us gained so much insig [...]

    24. This is one of those books where there is just not much you can say It is a must read I read it about 4 years ago and it was recently given to me again by some very close friends I re read it thinking that I wasn t looking for any big decisions but it reminded me that we need to be listening for God and seeing where he is working at all times Not just big decisions but in our every day life The truths contained in this book are very biblical and extremely pratical It is a great way to see if you [...]

    25. An intense, dangerous, potentially life changing book A recurring theme is that God will have assignments for us to do but that the key to everything is our love relationship with Him The author repeats himself frequently He doesn t want you to miss his major points A couple of guys in our men s group found the book to be frustrating and confusing, because the author keeps talking about Moses scaled assignments Most of us probably are going to get smaller tasks I think the author is just using b [...]

    26. If you re serious about seeing God s work carried out in your life, and if you want to trust God than you have in the past, I can t recommend this book enough God doesn t call us to stay inside our protective bubbles where we continue to think small He calls us to God sized tasks that only He can accomplish through us A seriously wonderful read

    27. actually, although I ve read the book version, it is the devotional study guide that gets my 5 star rating I ve done my fair share of fill in the blank bible studies and this one is life changing a must for Christians, in my opinion In this instance, I would suggest the study over the book for one and all.

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