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Ossessione #2020

Ossessione Naomi Bowes ha perso la sua innocenza il giorno in cui ha seguito il padre nel bosco scoprendo la portata degli orribili crimini commessi dall uomo Da allora la felicit per lei un lontano ricordo Col

  • Title: Ossessione
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ossessione By Nora Roberts, Naomi Bowes ha perso la sua innocenza il giorno in cui ha seguito il padre nel bosco, scoprendo la portata degli orribili crimini commessi dall uomo Da allora la felicit per lei un lontano ricordo Col passare degli anni, per , riuscita ad andare avanti e a ricostruirsi una nuova vita a chilometri di distanza da tutto ci che rappresenta il suo passato Oggi una foNaomi Bowes ha perso la sua innocenza il giorno in cui ha seguito il padre nel bosco, scoprendo la portata degli orribili crimini commessi dall uomo Da allora la felicit per lei un lontano ricordo Col passare degli anni, per , riuscita ad andare avanti e a ricostruirsi una nuova vita a chilometri di distanza da tutto ci che rappresenta il suo passato Oggi una fotografa di successo e vive, sotto il nome di Naomi Carson, in una vecchia casa disordinata, il luogo perfetto per un esistenza anonima e silenziosa Grazie all aiuto dei gentili abitanti di Sunrise Cove, in particolare del determinato Xander Keaton, Naomi riuscir a poco a poco ad abbattere ogni muro e liberarsi della solitudine che da sempre la accompagna Uno spiraglio di luce e speranza far capolino nella sua vita, insieme alla voglia di poter vivere come ha sempre desiderato Ma le colpe di suo padre rischiano di diventare un ossessione in citt , qualcuno conosce i suoi segreti e a Naomi non resta che scoprire l identit del proprio persecutore prima che sia troppo tardiUn imponente storia di forza e coraggio per sopravvivere alle ombre del passato.

    • [EPUB] ↠ Ossessione | by ✓ Nora Roberts
      375 Nora Roberts
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    1. Well, I haven t given a book such a low rating in a while I am such a big fan of Nora Roberts I don t know WHAT happened with this one Yet, I seem to be the minority as it gets shining reviews on GoodReads.Naomi was only 12 years old when she saved a young woman from one of the most notorious serial killers the country has ever known He was also her father As an adult now, Naomi moves from place to place and hasn t been able to settle down because people find out her true identity as the daughte [...]

    2. 1,5 starsLet me start by stating that I ve been a HUGE NORA ROBERTS fan for years and years But something seems to be off with her latest books.ybe it s just me, but the spark in the earlier books is missing And The Obsession had a spark missing for me The beginning was pretty good and I began thinkingyayis is going to be a winner But by the middle.hell, forget the winner It was downhill all the way I just wanted to scream.The only characters I kind of liked were the younger version of Naomi and [...]

    3. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Somebody put me out of my misery I almost died of boredom It took me eleven days to reach a 50% mark And I was reading it non stop.I Can t Do It Any.If, by any chance, you are planning to renovate your home, this book is perfect for you Remodeling 101 A Home Remodeling Guide for Beginners.Don t believe me Here s a short summary of the plot Kick ass beginning.Filler.Heroine s new house description.Filler Rooms, plans and furniture descriptions Everybody comes t [...]

    4. Naomi Bowes lost her innocence the night she followed her father into the woods In freeing the girl trapped in the root cellar, Naomi revealed the horrible extent of her father s crimes and made him infamous.With that description, I was pretty sure I was going to be hooked on this one straight away And I was.Now a successful photographer living under the name Naomi Carson, she has found a place that calls to her, thousands of miles away from everything she s ever known Naomi wants to embrace the [...]

    5. 4.5 stars This book reminded me why I love Nora Roberts And although I haven t picked up a Nora Roberts book in a long time, I still count her as one of the greats who really fed on my romance addiction From the engaging plot to the cast of complex and layered characters, The Obsession grabbed my attention from the very first page And when I say first page, I mean that literally Holy freakin prologue is what it was It was creepy and scary and had this sinister feel that really put the readers ri [...]

    6. Poor little Naomi had to find out her father was a rapist and serial killer But she saved one girls life That s what matters EXCERPT I know you had a hard night, and you re having a hard day on top of it Do you know what s going on here Yes, sir My daddy hurt Ashley He tied her up down in that old cellar in the woods by this burned out cabin place He hurt her really bad, and he hurt other people, too There were pictures of them down there I don t know why he did those things I don t know why any [...]

    7. A compelling romantic suspense story.Needless to say, Nora Roberts is a master storyteller, with the plots that grab you from the first to the last page and the characters that you are interested to learn about And The Obsession didn t fail me In this book, I was not only impressed by the suspense aspect which made me unable to put it down, but also by the way the author smoothly blends humor into the dialogue The playful and witty banter between Xander and Naomi totally hit the spot for me I a [...]

    8. I have had the pleasure of reading many books by this author and she always has a wicked way with a story It can be contemporary, futuristic or even occasionally historical but you can always count on being entertained This book threw me straight from the offset It s divided into sections and the first part takes place seventeen years ago Straight away there s something intimate about the writing I felt I was with Naomi every step of the way There s a sense of immediacy that held me riveted wit [...]

    9. Nora Roberts books all have the same kind of feel to them, so if you re an Eve Dallas fan, or liked other books of hers, you will like this one I m a fan But, sometimes, okay always, I armchair quarterback books and think about what I wish had been done differently, and in this one I really wished she had gone a different route Maybe I ll write my own book my way someday Then again, probably not.All the good book ideas are takenIn this book, we have Naomi, a photographer who just bought a giant [...]

    10. I can honestly say that this book will probably conclude my Nora Roberts reading experience After reading several of her books have I come to the conclusion that I m not the right person to read her books I still want to read her J.D Robb books because they have proven to work better for me But, there is something about the way Roberts write her books that just doesn t work for me And, I m pretty sure I know what it is First, the story is way too obvious I figured out the killer s identity quite [...]

    11. Omg This is by far the best book I have read this year I ve always loved Nora s books and this one hooked me from page one Once I started reading I couldn t put THE OBSESSION down It took me almost until the end of the book to figure out who was obsessed with Naomi I found myself cheering for her and hoping she could get past all the tragic things she saw in her life Be prepared to do nothing once you start reading her heartbreaking taleC received from Netgalley for an honest review.

    12. First things first TRIGGER WARNING I wish I d had a bit of one going into this Yes, you can tell from the blurb that something horrible happens, since Naomi is rescuing some woman from a cellar, but this is a central theme throughout the book.Rape and torture happen, not just once or twice, but multiple times, and we experience these things from not just the heroine s speculation and memories, but from the perpetrator s thoughts There have been a couple of times while reading this book that it [...]

    13. I might not 5star every book by Nora Roberts but I ll definitly read every single standalone book that she writes I m not a big fan of her trilogies, those are hits and misses but her hardcovers are something I look forward to every single year.Of course some speak to me than others, but I liked this one a lot, enough to read it a second time this week.If a book has either of these ingredients I m a very happy reader.A puppy or adorable dog.An artist, like a photographer.Flipping or remodeling [...]

    14. The first word that comes to mind now that I ve finished this audio book is chilling It s dark, especially when we are in the mind of the killer It s hard for me to believe there are really people out there who have these thoughts, who can actually justify and condone their behavior I enjoyed getting to know Naomi and Zander, and watching their relationship grow but, to be honest, I was mostly interested in the crime aspects of the story, and in them finding the horrible person committing the mu [...]

    15. Interesting story, first romance I have ever read , I ll say it , I thought this book would be centered on the mystery , but I hadn t taken into account who the writer was turns out Nora Robert is a very known romance writer All taken into account , this book turned out better than expected once I found out it was a romance book There are a lot of mentions of photography and construction, so if you don t like that then you will get bored , followed by a focus on the romantic aspect The mystery [...]

    16. Blog Review sweptawaybyromance the obs4 Suspenseful Stars As I started this book I was instantly drawn to young Naomi Naomi is a couple of days away from her 12th birthday when she discovers what a monster her father is As the story continues we see Naomi, her mother, and young brother Mason learning to live with the fallout of her father s depravity with the help of her beloved Uncle Seth and his partner Harry.Young Naomi is excited about her upcoming birthday and to see if she ll get a new bic [...]

    17. 4.5 serial killer stars D People don t always know people close to them the way they think they do Naomi No, you couldn t know everyone, and even when you did, you didn t Xander I love you, Naomi That s the start, the finish, and everything in between Xander

    18. A minha estreia com a autora n o podia ter sido melhor Adorei cada momento que o livro me proporcionou e cada uma das personagens Desde o in cio que esta hist ria nos agarra e n o queremos que acabe.Opini o completa no blog lostinmyownworldofbooks.wordpress

    19. 4.5 starsA gripping thriller of love, hope and betrayal by Nora Roberts, the world s greatest storyteller That sentence is a direct quote from the back cover of Roberts new bestseller, The Obsession After reading it or less in one sitting all 450 pages of sheer awesomeness , I feel that it pretty much tells you everything you need to know about Nora s latest release Nora Roberts IS the world s greatest storyteller, proven by the fact that over the last 20 years or so, an average of 13 NR books [...]

    20. I was so hoping this would happenor at least this but, unfortunately, Tag was a nice dog I must say that I loved this book because of the way it was written It s divided in several parts where the first is a huge shocker, the next ones a nicely developing romance and the last one a bang While the first put me in killer mode, where I wanted to torture her father to death a very slow one, though , the next parts were beautiful We see Naomi, now grown up, as she finally stops her wandering around a [...]

    21. How do you find peace when you have been running from a monster since childhood Constantly on the move and not willing to take a chance When you grow up with a killer hidden in plain sight it tends to have an effect on you Never trusting and always with one foot out the door.Naomi Bowes, daughter to one of the most notorious serial killers, has changed her name and grown up with an education few can understand With her camera and her online business she has been able to live a sort of vagabond l [...]

    22. I cannot even tell you how many Nora Roberts books I have read in my life I ve been following her for so many years It seems like every single one is engrossing and better than the next.This book was an amazing read I couldn t put it down and I kept sneaking back to it when I was supposed to be cooking dinner and doing other things But it is so well written and as usual, Nora Roberts, kicks it up a notch with a wonderful romance and a twist of dark, suspenseful elements that just encourage you t [...]

    23. A long and boring story about a house renovation look, for that there s House Rules of which I m fan , with a lukewarm romance _ the number of stereotypes in which the guy falls into is ridiculous _ and almost no suspense with the exception of the beginning of the story , in a supposed thriller.The only reason this doesn t get a one star is because the author obviously knows how to write.I ve read so many NR s books and lately it seems as if the author has fallen into this clinical writing style [...]

    24. Whenever I want a page turning, feel good read Nora Roberts is an author I go to with many novels to choose from The Obsession has to be one of my favourites.

    25. I thought the obsession by Nora Roberts was a great book The obsession dealt with subjects like rape and murder which most people don t like those subjects matters in books don t read the book but I would say that the obsession definitely worth a read.

    26. Pet peeves Psycho s POV, sexism disguised as compliments, multiPOVWarning I m not being vulgar or anything bad, but this book made me angry and I may be itsy bitsy sarcastic I tried to leave the emotion out of it, but the longer I wrote, the it showed I may come to this review and make it presentable in later days, months or years, but I wouldn t count on it.The story was OK Nothing new or even resembling originality, but it was a good read.I don t know, why it s tagged as mystery and thriller [...]

    27. For a romantic suspense book The Obsession is curiously lacking in both romance and suspense It is a first time homeowner s renovation diary masquerading as a romantic suspense novel Every single promising element of the story was drowned out by pages and pages of mundane renovation stuff The suspense plotline was an afterthought at best To say it was flimsy is an understatement Let s just say one does not need to be an FBI agent to unravel the suspense plotline And the linear structure of the n [...]

    28. Me encant la historia de Naomi, una fot grafa profesional que se muda a un pueblo enano, en medio de la nada Es antisocial por naturaleza y tambi n porque sus propias vivencias la han obligado a mantener distancia con las personas Sin embargo, todo ello cambia cuando adopta a un perro casi sin darse cuenta y comienza a salir con Xander, un mec nico del lugar Si bien el romance me dej con gusto a poco, me gust mucho la construcci n de la historia y de los personajes Muy recomendable si ya has le [...]

    29. I love Nora Roberts books But not this one.It was like someone else had written it Not up to her high standard that kept me gripped before in her books.The start.The beginning was good, that got my initial interest peaked so I was ready to delve in.But then it took some nose dives for me personal The fact that she was young from the start of the book to a great big giant leap to her being grown was a shock to my brain It was asking what happened in between But of course, there was no satisfying [...]

    30. Nora Roberts es una autora que me gusta mucho, pero esta novela no ha sido de las que haya disfrutado de la lectura La novela est bien escrita Ha empezado muy bien, pero conforme pasaba las p ginas iba perdiendo inter s en picado y no se ha recuperado, y eso que la profesi n de la protagonista me gusta mucho, pero creo que se recrea mucho en cosas sin importancia alargando la novela Por otro lado, con el malo no me ha sorprendido, era el que pensaba Una novela que pasa sin pena ni gloria para m. [...]

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