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Lunar Shadows (The Guardians Series Book 2) #2020

Lunar Shadows The Guardians Series Book A powerful seer A fight to stay alive A soulmate to protect Zana believes she can stop death After all why else would she receive prophetic dreams Now she just has to actually save someone But nothin

  • Title: Lunar Shadows (The Guardians Series Book 2)
  • Author: T.F. Walsh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lunar Shadows (The Guardians Series Book 2) By T.F. Walsh, A powerful seer A fight to stay alive A soulmate to protect.Zana believes she can stop death After all, why else would she receive prophetic dreams Now she just has to actually save someone But nothing prepares her for the Lunar Festival s events a tragic death, her vile ex acting all cave man on her, and the sudden appearance of Shadow, a hunky and arrogant Guardia A powerful seer A fight to stay alive A soulmate to protect Zana believes she can stop death After all, why else would she receive prophetic dreams Now she just has to actually save someone But nothing prepares her for the Lunar Festival s events a tragic death, her vile ex acting all cave man on her, and the sudden appearance of Shadow, a hunky and arrogant Guardian from the kingdom Except, she s done with men after what her last one did to her But when her latest vision shows Shadow s demise, she is determined to prove her gift is a blessing not curse.Shadow is visiting his uncle for a small vacation When he stumbles across a murdered family member, eliminating the threat is a must Bumping into Zana at the crime scene, a beautiful vixen, smart and stubborn, has him questioning her involvement But when she declares he s in danger and will protect him, he s not sure if he should be flattered or insulted.As they close in on the killer, Shadow starts to believe the real danger might be losing Zana and the grip she has on his heart Will Zana and Shadow survive a danger beyond their imagination

    • BEST AZW "↠ Lunar Shadows (The Guardians Series Book 2)" || UNLIMITED (AZW) ☆
      337 T.F. Walsh
    • thumbnail Title: BEST AZW "↠ Lunar Shadows (The Guardians Series Book 2)" || UNLIMITED (AZW) ☆
      Posted by:T.F. Walsh
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    1. My Rating 4.5 Starse I wasn t quite ready to leave this world Pass the fan, I think T.F Walsh has me ready to swoon There is just something about a dark and arrogant hero who has to fight to see what is right in front of him, the strength he needs to face anything and it all comes from a strong womanNAR SHADOWS is another gem in the goldmine that is T.F Walsh s writing magic This time out, she turns goblins into incredible characters in a world that has two realms, Earth and Tapestry Zana, altho [...]

    2. I voluntarily received an ARC in exchange for an honest review This is a quick story and a bit on the quirky side The main issue I had was it was hard to wrap my mind around a Hunky goblin, as depicted on the front cover When I think of a goblin I think of green monster, just Google images of goblin and you will see what I mean However, if you were a goblin I guess you would find other goblins attractive IDK.Both Zana and Shadow were very likable and relatable and this is one of the quick storie [...]

    3. Lunar Shadows by T.F Walsh is the 2nd book in her The Guardians series Zana is a half human, half goblin who doesn t fit in anywhere, no matter how hard she tries She had finally settled in Pryvale and made a life for herself She worked for Klurt, the Wart Market organizer and he had became like a father figure to her Zana had visions when someone would die but the only thing she couldn t figure out was how to prevent the deaths from actually happening Zana s life is turned upside down when a ho [...]

    4. Who doesn t love intrigue, suspense and chivalry Lunar Shadows is packed full of action, murder, and bound to a pole I love how TF Walsh takes her heroine thru trial and tribulation, she s not a timid wall flower but one who s faithful to the very end and very determined TF Walsh visualized the hero to be strong, loyal to family and he s exactly that and Sexy as hell I love how the characters interact with each other and with their community I like I m left with the feeling of who to trust or w [...]

    5. This is the second book in this series and the first time I ve read this author I found this book to easily be read as a standalone but had to get the first in the series and read it too Lunar Shadows continues on with the new world, well like a parallel world to earth called Tapestry Both Earth and Tapestry are connected with magic but only the Drae have the magic ability to cross the veil into the human world and back Zana is our heroine in this story she is a half blood psychic, unfortunatel [...]

    6. no matter what it took, she would change fate 5 LUNAR FLOWERSWho the hell was this guy Why were you following me Nothing you do or say will push me away Do you have any idea how crazy you make me You smell delicious I m going to devour every inch of you Well, Mr Guardian, how about showing me some of your abilities Sweet mother What a FANTABULOUS book Have you ever heard the saying never judge a book by its cover Yes Shadow, we have heard that, but with you on the cover, it is VERY hard to NOT j [...]

    7. voluntarily and honestly reviewed the ARC I received from the author 3.5 for me because story wise it s a pretty good 4 stars but personally it s docked down half a star.Z and Shadow come together under unfortunate circumstances, but between a half blood psychic and a tagged deserter of his race, there s really not much to work on alone, you know Lunar Shadows zooms into the life of goblins and trolls at the Market, and it s Z who starts us off on a murder investigation, quickly followed by Shad [...]

    8. Zana is half human and half goblin so does not fit into either world She lives in the world of Tapestry and makes an income trading as a fortune teller in the market run by Klurt Behind some of her fortunes are the prophetic dreams she has and their usefulness comes to a head during the Lunar Festival when there is tragic death in the community She also has to deal with an ex still not taking no for an answer, and the appearance of a hunky Guardian from the kingdom called Shadow who has come to [...]

    9. I am a fan of Ms Walsh s and was glad to be given access to this latest book Zana has dreams about people when they are about to die, but when she tries to save the life of one of her friends, he doesn t believe her and is murdered His nephew Shadow is coming to town to visit, and arrives right after his uncle is murdered Will they find the killer and maybe find love, or will Zana s dream of Shadow s death come true As is all of this author s books, her latest release is well written and a great [...]

    10. Zana has prophetic dreams, and she knows she can stop the horrible futures she sees She just has to figure out how Her latest vision show s the death of a gorgeous Guardian named Shadow, but when one of his family members is murdered, he s determined to find the culprit He doesn t like the idea of the beautiful Zana acting as his protector but she isn t going to give him a choice It isn t the best time for an investigation with the Lunar Festival going on, but will they discover something that c [...]

    11. This was a great, quick, cute read I love the world that the author put together This was my first read from T.F Walsh but won t be my last There are two worlds, Earth and Tapestry Tapestry has a lot of fantastical beings from goblins to trolls to Dragon shifters This one happens to be about goblins Zana is a half goblin who doesn t feel welcome in either world She looks too human for the goblins and too different for the humans She makes her home at Warts Market where Klurt, a father figure, ac [...]

    12. Lunar Shadows The Guardians Series Book 2 By T.F Walsh Disclaimer I received this book as an ARC from Enticing Journey Book Promotions The following review is my own with no input, promises, nor compensation from Enticing Journey or the author.This was a fairly fast read, that is entertaining and not exactly predictable I really liked the interactions between Zana and Shadow I also genuinely liked how the author brought about Zana s realizations bout herself and how her community, especially the [...]

    13. Zana wants to believe the premonitions she has of people s death are an opportunity to save them but her warnings go unheeded and when someone she s close to dies she starts to believe it s a curse not a gift.Shadow has returned to visit his adopted uncle to find he s been murdered, determined to find the killer before he returns to the Kingdom he finds himself thrown together with Zana when she refuses to leave his side after a premonition that foretells his death.This author has done it again, [...]

    14. Received a copy through instafreebie Writing a voluntary review I didn t read the first in the series but it didn t stop me from enjoying the relationship between Zane and Shadow These two characters will pull you in and have you rooting for their happiness There is suspense and secrets What else would you expect with a relationship between the outcast and an orphan Look forward to reading of the guardians series.

    15. Lunar Shadows was a great, well written, fast paced read It had action, suspense and romance Zana and Shadow were great together Really enjoyed the story Received an ARC and I m leaving a voluntary review.

    16. Another wonderful read by this author I love this new series involving earth and Tapestry With Zana feeling out of place around humans and goblins alike she has become a very independent woman and she tries to use her gift to save those she loves I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

    17. Lunar ShadowsBy T.F Walsh .5 Review by Kristie KA tantalizing paranormal tale of murder, mayhem, deceit, and the true power of love Lunar Shadows is the second installment in the Guardians series by T.F Walsh, and my first experience reading this authors work I am a huge fan of paranormal romance, and was enticed and intrigued by the blurb for this book The story of a young woman that has the power of sight , her premonitions showing her the inevitable demise of those around her Unsure if this i [...]

    18. This is the first book I ve read by this author and it absolutely won t be the last Ms Walsh transports you into the world of goblins, trolls and anything in between where anything and everything can happen This book goes on a journey with Zana and Shadow and how they find love.Zana has premonitions of people s deaths and she wants to figure out how to stop them When her father figure doesn t believe in her vision and winds up dead, Zana is crushed She starts to believe it s a curse rather than [...]

    19. A very enjoyable short romantic read Some magic and a lot of fate I love that the romance isn t about humans Instead we have a handsome goblin with a chivalrous side and a half goblin and half human with the ability to read fortunes They are brought together when the one person they both care about is killed and they must protect each other to find the killer I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of the book.

    20. Flowers foundNice read good storyline.Fate has a way of stepping up and taking you by surprise when you least expect it Zana has a premonition about her friend and mentor she tries to warn him but he won t listen.Shadow has come home to visit his adopted Uncle only to find him gone.Follow Zana and Shadow on their quest to find truths.

    21. Second book in this series and I can not get enough of it, looking forward to the next book in this series This is a story of deception, murder, danger and love, this book kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next I was gifted a copy and because I liked the book so much I also bought.

    22. yum yum.m im not entirely sure i have words lol this is sexy this is hott this is wonderful and so much fun it is a wonderfully written story with a lot of fast paced things going on it keeps you curious as to what is next i loved it and im glad i got to review it

    23. Once I started this book it grabbed me and I could not put it down till the end.I am voluntarily leaving my honest review of this book.

    24. WowThis was such a great read which shows how being different is not such a bad thing Each differences can make things better

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