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The last laugh #2020

The last laugh But let s tell you I ve googled it how to die Jenny says to Maureen It was full of climbing this mountain swimming that sea becoming a marathon runner and raising millions for charity Sounds like

  • Title: The last laugh
  • Author: Tracy Bloom
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
  • The last laugh By Tracy Bloom, But let s tell you I ve googled it, how to die, Jenny says to Maureen It was full of climbing this mountain, swimming that sea, becoming a marathon runner and raising millions for charity Sounds like bloody hard work You can make it fun than that surely Jenny discovers her days are numbered at the same time she discovers her husband is having an affair But let s tell you I ve googled it, how to die, Jenny says to Maureen It was full of climbing this mountain, swimming that sea, becoming a marathon runner and raising millions for charity Sounds like bloody hard work You can make it fun than that surely Jenny discovers her days are numbered at the same time she discovers her husband is having an affair Frankly, her life was tough enough already Two tricky teenagers, her mother s constant complaints, friends who aren t up to the job and a career which has been spiralling downwards since she won Sunseeker Tour Rep of the Season twenty years ago And now this a cheating husband and a death sentence.Enough is enough Jenny vows to keep both catastrophes a secret She takes her life and death into her own hands and decides to live as she did when she was happiest in 1996 She plans a spectacular 1990 s themed party in place of a wake that she herself will attend But will she be able to keep her secrets for long enough to have the party of a lifetime From No 1 bestseller Tracy Bloom, The Last Laugh is both hilarious and heartbreaking, a book about how to find happiness and live your life as though every day is your last Perfect for fans of Marian Keyes and The Kicking the Bucket List.

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    1. 4 Poignant, Heartbreaking yet humorous.First of all I want to start by saying as a rule I don t read books that have any reference to the Big C Word for personal reasons.So when I see the blurb for The Last Laugh I was drawn to it I think it s due to the witty blurb I was hoping this would be a light hearted read.I m glad to say although it was emotional there was enough humour to balance it Yes this is a subject that is so current and very very real but Tracy added her special spark and she ma [...]

    2. EXCERPT I look back at Mark My chosen path I ve purposely not told him what s going on so far, which might appear strange but I cannot seem to say the words out loud I cannot even bear to hear them I ve tried I ve stood in front of the mirror and formed the words in my head and tried to force them out of my mouth but nothing comes out I just stare and stare and stare at myself and think, is this really happening If I don t actually say the words then maybe it isn t, maybe everything will be all [...]

    3. The Last Laugh by Tracy Bloom is the second book I ve picked up by this author and she s quickly becoming known to me as one to expect the laughs to come quickly This book however has a rather sad side to the plot but the main character does her best to not become sad and still throws those one liners and off the wall actions at the user to keep us smiling.The story introduces us to Jenny who is a mom to a couple of teenagers and a wife of about twenty years now It was time for Jenny to head to [...]

    4. Book Reviewed by Stacey on whisperingstoriesJenny had just been given the devastating news that she had terminal cancer, and most likely looking at 18 months to 2 years left to live Having been to the hospital appointment on her own, she decided she needed to talk to her husband and went to visit him at work, where he was working late Unfortunately, it wasn t paperwork he was dealing with, although there was a filing cabinet involved, but some leggy blonde woman.After leaving the office building [...]

    5. 4.25 StarsBittersweet That s the main word that pops into my mind when I think about this book So sad yet so joyful and lovely Devastating, yet uplifting I haven t read many non psychological thrillers from bookouture, but they have hit the mark on the head with every genre it seems On the day Jenny finds out she has terminal cancer, she finds out her husband is screwing a leggy blonde Talk about a bad day So in order to make herself feel alive again, she organises a huge party Just like the one [...]

    6. well, you re starting to look a bit too thin, that s all I nod How many times have I dreamed of someone saying that to me Being accused of being too thin is like being told you ve won too many Oscars in my book Magical, magical words if ever they come your way If only I didn t have to get cancer to hear them Jenny has plenty to cope with as it is Ellie, her difficult 17 year daughter George, her anxious 15 year old son, her demanding mother her father suffering from altzheimers her caretaker job [...]

    7. This was a fantastic book filled with laughter and even moments that wrenched your heart This book was one of a kind and I LOVED the whole experience

    8. I don t know if The Last Laugh is a new direction for the author, or she has just wanted to try something new for a moment whatever it is, it has worked and Tracy Bloom has delivered a wonderful, poignant story It is being advertised as a romantic comedy , however I wouldn t agree with this, for me it was poignant than laugh out loud, although the book had its funny moments as well of course, it is Tracy Bloom s book On the day Jenny mum of two finds out she s terminally ill, she also finds out [...]

    9. Actual rating 3.5 5.Originally posted on This Chick ReadsWell, this book was certainly not what I expected I haven t read any of Tracy s books yet however I do have a couple at home as they were recommended by friends who know I like rom coms So, naturally I expected a comedy of some sort, maybe with a bit of romance and loads of laughs too The chick lit ish cover fooled me too But nopeis is definitely not a comedy, fluffy, or LOL read Which doesn t mean it s bad, it s just really caught me off [...]

    10. I Googled how to die and the first on the list is befrienders, a support group for people with suicidal tendency The next on the list is ways to die either fast or painless Nothing on the list that suggested climbing this mountain, swimming that sea, becoming a marathon runner and raising millions for charity That s the reason I got my hand on this book.We were introduced to Julie and the first half of the book was either her reminiscing her old self or telling me what s happening Jenny discover [...]

    11. This was heart breaking The C word I believe is the most dreaded word in the world right now Sometimes, it makes life feel so unfair Books like these teach us to live our lives to the fullest each day, to show our love to our family each day, to not take family for granted each day Each day matters you never know when you ll lose someone dear to you And while the thought can be disheartening and gloomy, there are so many people who regret to not have done , to not to have said , to not to have s [...]

    12. This was a really lovely book, covering a difficult couple of subjects Jenny s story was sensitively told indeed and I found myself getting quite emotionally involved For me, this wasn t one of those books that make you really bawl all the way through I found myself saying things like you go girl and wow, you are really brave , quite a bit of the time And I really loved Jenny s friends, even her husband started to grow on me a bit by the end of the book I mean, HOW exactly do you tackle the fact [...]

    13. Jenny s husband Mark is busy with the deal of his life and when Jenny needs him to go to the hospital with her, he doesn t even make the time for her to be able to ask She hears the devastating news that she hasn t got long to live on her own When she drives to her husband s office for support she finds him with another woman Jenny is heartbroken and decides to take a good look at her life The adults around her don t show enough of an interest in her, so Jenny doesn t feel inclined to share her [...]

    14. This review was originally posted on Star Crossed Reviews I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Thank you to Bookouture for letting me take part in this tour I loved Tracy s No one ever has sex series so when I heard that Tracy had a brand new book I had to read it Jenny finds out that she is terminally ill the day after her 40th birthday She decides that instead of telling everyone th [...]

    15. On its surface, this is a chick lit book woman goes to tell her husband some heartbreaking news, catches him having an affair, and hijinks ensue.But it is so much than that.For one thing, Tracy Bloom makes you care so deeply about Jenny that you will catch yourself holding your breath, praying that Jenny finds peace and contentment I cried Oh, how I cried I worried for Jenny, and I kept hoping that Tracy Bloom would find a way to give her heroine some happiness.Despite everything happening to h [...]

    16. I ve never picked up a Tracy Bloom book before, simply because I don t really read this genre much any And that s cool, we all have our different tastes but whilst I tend to opt for a disturbing Thriller or a gory Horror, I do like to dip my toes in something different every once in a while Then when I saw Bookouture announce that The Last Laugh was on NetGalley, it struck me as something I had to read I loved the cover I mean, who wouldn t love that cover and it sounded like something I d hopef [...]

    17. ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Tracy Bloom s The Last Laugh was such an eminently inspirational novel that superimposes two devastatingly life changing scenarios as they redirect the course of Jenny s life forever.Jenny, a mid forties mom of two, has been told she only has a short time to live, and then discovers her husband is cheating on her, all on the same day And you thought you were having a rough one Think again If I had to imagine two of the worst bits of new [...]

    18. Tracy Bloom s The Last Laugh is a moving, funny and absolutely memorable novel which will stay with you long after you finish reading.Jenny finds out that she has terminal cancer on the same day that she discovers her inattentive husband, Mark, is cheating on her She s also got a lot on her plate an overbearing mother, superficial friendships, and a bratty daughter and an anxiety riddled son She keeps her diagnosis and her knowledge of her husband s infidelity a secret Jenny decides to relive 19 [...]

    19. Thank you Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of The last laugh in exchange for honest review.I believe that the book is still being edited, so I am only going to talk about its content and not the writing I wouldn t call it a romantic comedy or comedy, it s rather a family drama, although I did smile at few jokes.The main character Jenny is not having a great day First, she is diagnosed with terminal cancer Then she finds out her husband is having an affair And the last twenty years of [...]

    20. After a couple of emotionally heavy books I ll admit I was a bit hesitant at picking up The Last Laugh, knowing from the blurb it was about finding out you are dying the same day you discover your husband s infidelity It was another blogger that prompted me to start it after a glowingly positive review so thank you Jenny In Neverland I am so glad I did This book is uplifting, life affirming, and most of all funny Poignant Yes Miserable Not a chance I felt I could relate to Jenny in many ways tha [...]

    21. Thanks to Netgalley for my copy 4.5 Jenny receives devastating health news after celebrating her birthday with her family Husband Mark is preoccupied with a huge takeover in work, daughter Ellie 17 cares about what the coolest girl Phoebe thinks and finally 15 year old son George is a bundle of anxiety.Jenny works in a care home where her elderly friend Maureen lives I loved Maureen, the kind of feisty sweary old women that is so engaging and endearing Jenny reminisces back to 1996 when she fel [...]

    22. 4.5 stars.4.5 stars.Although a new author to me, if Tracy Bloom s other books are like The Last Laugh she definitely has a new fan.Yes, on the surface it doesn t seem like a novel about dying and infidelity would be especially enjoyable but it really is plus it s about so much than that.Tracy writes with a sort of gallows humour that I really like but also with so much emotion, I felt instantly connected to the main character, Jenny, like I was part of her life.It helped also that there is a ma [...]

    23. I wasn t sure from the blurb that I would like this book, it seemed like it could be a bit morbid However, it was a very funny and uplifting read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it Jenny is diagnosed with terminal cancer, and her marriage is falling apart Rather than wallow, she decides reinvent herself as her favourite version of herself, the 1996 version What follows is a very entertaining read as she throws herself a wake and lives life to the full while she can I really liked Jenny, she was a grea [...]

    24. Thank you netgalley and Bookouture for this arc in exchange for an honest review Jenny and Mark met in 1996, followed by marriage, 2 kids and a dog Mark is working towards his life goals, their daughter Ellie, is a nightmare and their son George is a quiet nervous boy Jenny s world is rocked when she is diagnosed with cancer and when she goes to tell Mark, well it doesn t go as planned With the help of her friend Maureen, jenny embarks on a party to celebrate her life while rectifying some mista [...]

    25. Jenny is in her mid forties She is married to Mark, who she met twenty years ago when she was a tour rep in Greece and he was on vacation Mark is now successful and working long hours and is rarely around Jenny works in a retirement home as an entertainment coordinator for the residents Jenny and Mark have two teenage children a daughter who only cares about her best friend and a son who has anxiety issues Jenny s mother is judgmental towards her Jenny s father has dementia and she takes care of [...]

    26. I feel as if I ve been on a roller coaster whilst reading The Last Laugh by Tracy Bloom highs and lows, happy and sad, and all at breakneck speed Never a dull moment A none too welcome health diagnosis sets Jenny on the path to recapture the best years of her lift and, with the help of her friend Maureen who does frank and candid like no one else she goes about recreating her 25th birthday party and getting back in touch with all the friends she hasn t seen in two decades, whilst also deciding t [...]

    27. Another wonderful read from Tracy Bloom This book has laughs and a great plot but most of all, this is what they mean when they say a book gives you all the feels This book made me feel everything and yet those feelings are tied up with Jenny and her family and that is why I love a Tracy Bloom novel Jenny is a great main character, she is recognisable as one of us or as one of our friends and so you invest in her and just want the best for her no matter what She can be an incredibly frustrating [...]

    28. Tracy Bloom is one author I have a bit of a hit or miss relationship with I have read two of her books before, one of which I really enjoyed, the other I didn t like so much However, as her writing is usually pretty hilarious, I wanted to give her another chance, which is why I picked up her new release Like I said, her writing is usually hilarious so I was interested to see how she would take such a serious topic and make it laugh out loud funny.Now, don t get me wrong, this book was funny, but [...]

    29. donnasbookblog.wordpress I love and adore Tracy s books so this one was always going to be a hit with me I was genuinely excited to get started and I have to say now I ve finished it I blooming loved it The story is great, I loved every page and flew through the book So funny in places and touching where it needs to be it really is an excellent piece of work and has been one of my top reads of the year so far Tracy is one of my favourite authors another brilliant 5 star read for me

    30. Thank You to NetGalley and the publishers for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review.Now this is a story that right of the bat tells you it s probably not gonna have a super happy ending, our main character is diagnosed with terminal cancer right at the start, and this is her story on how she is able to take a good hard look at her life and make the changes she wants to make while she still can This is of course exacerbated by the fact that she finds our her husband is ha [...]

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