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The Maker #2020

The Maker When a mysterious drawing binder appears on thirteen year old Nate Smith s windowsill he starts having visions and drawing them Strange creatures come for his work launching him on a space adventure

  • Title: The Maker
  • Author: D.F. Anderson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Maker By D.F. Anderson, When a mysterious drawing binder appears on thirteen year old Nate Smith s windowsill, he starts having visions and drawing them Strange creatures come for his work, launching him on a space adventure to learn the alien art of making Armed with an otherworldly pen that brings his drawings to life, Nate must save planets, and his parents, from the dark creations of an aliWhen a mysterious drawing binder appears on thirteen year old Nate Smith s windowsill, he starts having visions and drawing them Strange creatures come for his work, launching him on a space adventure to learn the alien art of making Armed with an otherworldly pen that brings his drawings to life, Nate must save planets, and his parents, from the dark creations of an alien mastermind If only he believed he had talent.

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      244 D.F. Anderson
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    1. This is described as a middle grade book, and follows the story of Nate, a young teenager who is having difficulties because his parents have separated, and he is addicted to making rather weird drawings Suddenly, he is abducted by aliens, who have a transporter shaped like a tree, and which is piloted by an entity called Stik It turns out he has the potential to be a maker What these aliens do is make whatever they need through drawing what they want on a special paper with a special pen, and s [...]

    2. The Maker ISBN 9780991800346, Underdog Books, written and copyright by D F Anderson Nate Smith is a young teen whose mother and father recently separated ostensibly because of his dad s frequent absences from home Ted, a man who is not particularly enad of Nate s artistic ability which consists of drawing rather weird figures, has replaced him in the mother s affections Unfortunately, Ted does not share the father s appreciation for Nate s drawing and says he can no longer do so until certain go [...]

    3. THE WISHING SHELF BOOK AWARDS 2nd Dec, 2017TITLE The MakerAUTHOR D F AndersonStar Rating 5 An enthralling, page turning sci fi adventure The makings of an epic The Wishing ShelfREVIEWFirstly, I must comment on the cover It looks fab But not just any old fab but super fab The cool font also works well and I think any fan of fantasy of sci fi will be grappling to get hold of it.Now to the story I enjoyed this sci fi story for 9 12 year olds very much The characters, many of them very, VERY odd, sp [...]

    4. The Maker is a book about thirteen year old Nate Smith Nate s parents are divorced, and the last time he saw his dad was six months ago He knows he hasn t been forgotten, though, because about two months after his dad left, he was sent a binder to put his drawings in Attached to it was a note, Your father would want you to have this Put the good ones in here That was the day the visions started.These visions consist of the strangest things, such as a one eyed jellyfish and some odd looking trees [...]

    5. A separation and then divorce is difficult enough for any child, but for a new man to be abruptly inserted to Nate s life as his new dad was too much Then came the mysterious parcel, the visions, the graphic drawings transferred from mind to page in terrifying reality Not to mention the strange behaviour of his mother Nate loved his dad, but it had been months since anyone had heard from him He was a neuroscientist, but like his son he had a passion for art But there s something about Nate s dra [...]

    6. The Maker, a work of fantastical science fiction by D.F Anderson, is a book that is difficult to summarize in just one paragraph The main character, Nate, is going through a tough time in his life He hasn t seen his father in six months ever since his parents got divorced Ted, his new Dad, discourages Nate s love of drawing The only reminder Nate has of his old life is a special binder that his Dad sent to him where Nate puts all of his artwork.One night, furry mice like creatures steal Nate s b [...]

    7. First paragraph It starts as a half moon with a braided cord hanging from the bottom Wavy strings grow from the cord Tentacles Kind of looks like a jellyfish I add curvy lines until they re a thick maze slithering down the page I close my eyes, focusing on the image in my mind A lidless eye glares at me from the jellyfish s back With a sinking heart, I trace out every creepy detail.About the story Nate loves to draw He gets the passion from his dad, who disappeared without a word six months ago [...]

    8. The Maker by D.F.Anderson is written for 9 12 year olds but it s just as interesting for the older generation too.The reader s attention is captured from the beginning making it hard to put down Nate Smith is a talented 13 year old who s drawings are always very detailed A mysterious drawing binder appears out of nowhere one night on Nate s windowsill After the binders arrival he starts to have visions and begins drawing them At times he isn t sure whether he s losing grip with reality Once his [...]

    9. Fantastic young adult teen novel D.F Anderson does a wonderful job bringing to life the world of fantasy science fiction His characters are interesting and personable as personable as aliens can be and are designed to keep the likes of teenage boys enraptured with the story unfolding before their eyes Though it may be appealing to the younger generation I have to admit that I fully enjoyed reading this exceptional piece of fantasy science fiction fun I d be willing to read a lot from Anderson [...]

    10. The Maker by D.F.AndersonYou are in for a treat with this terrific story It began with a boy finding a drawing binder on his windowsill and from that small beginning, a world of drawing, magic in his own self and colourful descriptions of Petal City where all the rooms, apartments, houses and buildings are created from beautifully coloured flowers I am telling you, readers that I was able to see the colourful places with the clear, wonderful descriptions of David Anderson I truly enjoyed this bo [...]

    11. The Maker is written for fourth to seventh grade, with Nate being of this age himself Nate is misunderstood by his mother and her boyfriend While his father has lost all contact with him in the last six months, except a mysterious notebook left on his windowsill with a short note from TGSOM.Nate is deeply distressed when his mother and Ted take all his drawing utensils and paper away because he was doing poorly in school They did not know about the one he received from his father that he has to [...]

    12. This book was a pleasant surprise, I have the fortune to read this almost at the end of the year and it s amazing.At first, you won t notice where this book goes to, but I don t mean the story itself but the audience, is it for kids Maybe, the protagonist is a teenager, the events, settings, pace, sequences and the plot itself is something kids can understand and assimilate quickly, but that s not to say it isn t logical, which come to my second point, the writing, which is exquisite and makes e [...]

    13. The idea of drawing things that become real as a part of one s quest is one that crops up from time to time, and this was perhaps one of the best renderings of that idea that I ve come across.Technically, the writing is great dialogue a weak spot for many authors flows well, and the plot is, as others have said, well constructed.If I must find anything to criticise and I do generally try to include some positive and negative in reviews, though some books make it harder to do one or the other it [...]

    14. This novel by D.F Anderson tells the tale of Nate Smith, a teenage boy who suddenly finds a binder on his windowsill one day Soon after, he starts to have strange visions of creatures which he draws out in the binder One day though, a group of aliens come to take the binder so they can bring the creatures inside it to life to help cause mayhem on Earth It s then up to Nate to help protect the planet from his creations.The Maker is a great book for young readers to dive into It s adventurous, hum [...]

    15. Fantasy book that pulls you in right from the very beginning I loved the imagery that the author uses in this book The details were fantastic and you could really see the locations and creatures that the author described This was a fantastic read that was just difficult to put down for any length of time While this is geared to children, I found that I really enjoyed the book and will be putting it away for my own children to read in the future I found that the main character was very easy to l [...]

    16. A fun fantasy adventure If your genre is fantasy adventure, space adventure, or sci fi this is the story for you I have always enjoyed a good sci fi and this one is in that category Our young friend Nate is the main charachter in this space adventure With divorced parents and an absent father, Nate loses himself in drawing but soon realizes that his drawings of space and other worlds are becoming real This is a fun read and well written for a young adult genre I enjoyed this read and found the s [...]

    17. This was pitched to me as Star Wars meets Harold and the Purple Crayon, and I have to say, the comparison is apt I totally fell in love with Nate, my new favorite middle grade fantasy hero He is super passionate about drawing but often feels like the images just flow through him unbidden compulsively, even until one day, when Nate is greeted by a tree A moving tree One that also might double as a space vehicle responsible for traveling to another planet Then his secret talent starts to all make [...]

    18. In The Maker we meet 13 year old Nate who loves to draw and is going through a rough time as his parents are getting divorced He gets really absorbed in his drawings and starts having visions that scares the hell out of him But they become real as he is abducted by aliens to help their fight to protect their planet and ultimately Earth s future Nate s gift is their best weapon and this also strengthens Nate s self confidence The story is full of adventure and imagination and the writing has very [...]

    19. I got this book for free, but this does not affect my review I started off this book not expecting much I m not a big YA reader, and recent independent reads have left me wanting I was pleasantly surprised right out of the gate I was captured immediately in this world which I at first thought was going to be fantasy, but as Wishnal says in the book, it s always the assumption of magic that humans make when they don t understand science This story was such a cool twist on the traditional science [...]

    20. I loved this book It s a great blend of fantasy, creativity, fun and science fiction Though it s meant for middle schoolers, but who cares, I found it a light read and honestly enjoyed it At times, it s good to go back to those good old school years and enjoy the ride The book is about a 13 year old boy Nate, who has been struggling with his parents recently divorced and his failing grades in school Not to blame him, he is sad and upset, lacks confidence, but then things change and suddenly he h [...]

    21. I won this book in members giveaway I started reading this book expecting nothing I was pleasantly surprused to be honest The ideas are very new to me that tbe author introduced The characters are just introduced, I am guessing is to come, so I will not complain about character development I am going to gladly wait to see what happens next I liked the story but I have to be honest about the writing, it is better than a lot of other writing but still is not the best I think if turned into a scre [...]

    22. Nate is only a young boy from earth who has a lot of potental After loosing his father and his mother is drifting away he finds escape and importantly hope 4.5 lightyears from earth.You are transplanted into a vast and hopfuly long running universe of the makers Worlds of green where there is no diffrence between man and machine in this fast pased adventure War and conflict are, common on earth and over thought in si fi D.F Anderson gives a new perspective on intergalatic action with a battle o [...]

    23. I loved the idea of this book, art, aliens, outer space, new planets but some how it fell short I would have loved to have know about the family dynamics, the divorce the missing parent, oh and about this art journal Instead most of the book is a thorough description of the plant like quality of this planet and less about the Maker art journal I felt that this part was rushed and glossed over but it was the most important part of the story.

    24. This is one book I would really like to see as a movie or regular show The descriptions of everthing from making to the creatures is fantastic Loved the book, could not put it down until I finished.

    25. This was an excellent book I would recommend this book to anyone who wants an excellent read I look forward to reading of this author s work.

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