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Hold Me at Twilight #2020

Hold Me at Twilight This is an alternate cover edition for B Y V Q C Love might have a chance if her family stays out of it When Knox Campbell goes to Portugal for a short business trip he never planned on losing his d

  • Title: Hold Me at Twilight
  • Author: Lucinda Whitney
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Hold Me at Twilight By Lucinda Whitney, This is an alternate cover edition for B06Y4V5Q8C Love might have a chance if her family stays out of it When Knox Campbell goes to Portugal for a short business trip, he never planned on losing his documents Now he s stranded in Porto, his passport lost, and his credit cards canceled Knox turns to the travel agent who suggested the local day attractions for assistanceThis is an alternate cover edition for B06Y4V5Q8C Love might have a chance if her family stays out of it When Knox Campbell goes to Portugal for a short business trip, he never planned on losing his documents Now he s stranded in Porto, his passport lost, and his credit cards canceled Knox turns to the travel agent who suggested the local day attractions for assistance.Jacinta Romano loves helping her clients set up their dream trips, although she doesn t usually meet the ones visiting from abroad But all that changes when a client shows up at the agency while her meddling family are still there They latch on to him immediately, insisting Jacinta bring him home while he s stranded Thankfully, he s only staying until his new passport arrives and after two weeks of playing hostess, she ll be glad to send him on his way Or will she The Romano Family series follows the stories of the Romano cousins of northern Portugal as they find love and their Happily Ever Afters Current books in the Romano Family series Hold Me At Twilight Meet Me At Sunrise also part of the Destined for Love Europe series Love Me At Sunset coming soon Marry Me At Dawn coming soon

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      428 Lucinda Whitney
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    1 thought on “Hold Me at Twilight

    1. Cute and definitely a fun glimpse into the character of Matias for this author s upcoming book Meet Me At Sunrise If you only have time for a short, sweet and fulfilling read, this one definitely fits the bill I read it in about an hour probably less as I paused a few times during that hour and was wishing for It s fairly short and even though I was wishing for , it still wrapped up nicely and I felt that the characters were as developed as possible for the length.Knox is stuck in Portugal as h [...]

    2. This is a short little novella and I was pleasantly surprised at how well the characters and plot were developed in such a tiny blip of time I would be Knox in a foreign country with no idea how to speak the language Luckily for him, he has a travel agent that he s been emailing for things to do who comes to the rescue in translating for him when an unfortunate event occurs He s such a normal character, which makes him very likable and easy to relate to Jacinta, the travel agent, is likable as w [...]

    3. Another instalment in the romantic lives of the Romano family, Hold me a Twilight is a sweet love story that touches the heart Knox finds himself stranded after having his documents and wallet stolen, and Jacinta steps up to assist him in reporting the matter to the police Her family immediately latch onto Knox recognising in him something special and they persuade Jacinta to bring him home for dinner A sweet love affair develops between the two as they spend days together waiting for Knox s doc [...]

    4. It was a fun novella, which I like for a quick afternoon or evening read Knox Campbell goes to Portugal for business and his wallet is stolen so he has no money, no I.D and no passport He goes to the travel agency to see if someone there can help and he meets Jacinta Romano, the person he s been in contact with via email Knox is stuck in Portugal for 2 weeks until he gets a new passport Her mother and her aunt happen to be at the travel agency when Knox comes in and when they hear about his prob [...]

    5. I was a voluntary ARC reader of this book I enjoyed reading this short sweet read The Romano family is very funny and close knit This is a cute fast paced read.

    6. Sometimes you plan stories for years and sometimes a story springs on you in a few short weeks.Knox and Jacinta turned out to be such a fun surprise Things I love about this story Knox is open to new things and is not afraid to ask for help Jacinta is willing to help Knox even when she didn t have to Matias is a good judge of character unless it s directly related to him don t miss his story the large Romano family and how obnoxious and nosy they are, and still how loyal they are to each other t [...]

    7. This is a sweet novella that reads very quickly I assume its main purpose is to introduce Matias and the Romanos for Matias full length novel I enjoyed Jacinta and Knox s story, but it was over way too fast I also enjoyed the descriptions of all the Romanos, and look forward to reading about them My favorite part was that they called him Noques As an American who had her maiden name of Parker spelled Parquer in a South American country, I could relate to this.

    8. This is a great story I loved Jacinta and Knox The Romano family is awesome I loved the prank her cousins did on Knox teaching him Portuguese for her Grandparents anniversary It was great meeting Matias again I read his story first.Her family was so cute how they always showed up to look after Jacnita It was a sweet short story of love and family closeness.I received ARC of this book.

    9. What a wonderfully sweet, swoony story Knox and Jacinta s story was just right The blossoming of the romance from her helpfulness and her mother and aunt s meddling was fun to follow And I knew right away when Matias came into the picture that he was worthy of his own book so glad I am right and that Meet Me at Sunrise will tell his story This was my first book by this author, but it won t be the last.

    10. A fun short read It was quite cute and I enjoyed how the author described each character and the roles they played.

    11. Loved it Short but such a sweet story of love Finding love in a foreign country after his passport is stolen Loved it

    12. It was the best of times It was the worst of times But can these strangers make it last forever For Knox being stranded in a foreign country is his worst nightmare He knows no one, has lost any means of looking after himself financially and is on the verge of giving away his heart Jacinda is the best thing about his rapidly disintegrating vacation She s helpful, fun and part of a gregarious family that has set their sights on him Will this matchmaking family, give him the ultimate dream Hold Me [...]

    13. Straight from the beginning I felt I was part of the Romano family and not a reader I enjoy Lucinda Whitney s books Easy reading A sweet romance that has the reader believe, that maybe you too, can have that special somebody.

    14. It s always fun to travel to Portugal in Lucinda Whitney s stories I love the sense of culture and the little tidbits I learn The Romano family is loud, boisterous and lovable It was heart warming to see the sibling like relationship between Jacinta and her cousin Matias, who will lead in the next book A sweet romance

    15. Hold Me At Twilight was an adorable romance that holds your attention and introduces you to the very large Romano family This book focuses on Jacinta Ramano She is a travel agent and has been answering question about Portugal via email with a travel customer, Knox Campbell When Knox s wallet is stolen he needs to make a police report and calls on Jacinta to help him with the language barrier What he does not expect is to be welcomed by Jacinta s family and treated like one of them Knox did not g [...]

    16. Lucinda sucks you in with this cute, sweet and very quick read It is a well written but too short novella that leaves you wanting to know details but excited to read the other books coming out in the Romano Family series Jacinta is a travel agent and Knox is visiting Portugal on a short business trip when his important information is stolen leaving him stranded He decided to stop by the travel agency that had helped him with some touring info and there he sees Jacinta When they meet her family [...]

    17. Hold Me at Twilight by Lucinda Whitney prequel to Meet me at Sunrise to release May23,2017 I enjoyed the story in this prequel novella I guess I now I need to take a course to begin learning at least a little bit of Portuguese so I might get the pronunciations correct and know what characters are saying without having to keep my on line translation dictionary up and at the ready just in case the author forgets to translate for me Maybe I should just look for audio versions of the book and hope t [...]

    18. This is a sweet novella prequel that can be read on a lunch hour Jacinta was so sweet and willing to help Knox who was stranded in Portugal when she really didn t have to Knox gets drawn into the Romano family and what an obnoxious but loving bunch they are It was fun to see Portugal through Knox s eyes as Jacinta toured hi around I look forward to the next book and learn about the Romano s I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it.

    19. This is a sweet and fun novella The romance between Jacinta and Knox is very sweet I enjoyed seeing Portugal through Knox s eyes Jacinta s family made the story fun I loved reading about the crazy cousins and interfering adults Matias was one of my favorites and I can t wait to read his story.

    20. This is a cute, short romance I really liked Knox and Jacinta I admired Knox s ability to ask for help, and Jacinta s giving nature The Romano family is great They are so close and truly care about each other I loved Jacinta s mom and aunt They are a riot The fact that they could say things to Jacinta without Knox understanding made for some great interactions.Time passes very quickly in the book I wanted to know of what happened during the weeks Knox and Jacinta were together, but that wasn t [...]

    21. I really loved this fast read about Knox and Jacinta This may be a fast read, but it has love, laughter you have to watch those teenage cousins, lol , tears, and most of all a big caring family I recommend everyone

    22. This is a sweet romance Knox and Jacinta get to know each other and fall in love when he is stranded in her country and she and her family take him in and provide hospitality It is a quick read but very enjoyable and well written I recommend it.I am voluntarily reviewing a copy I received.

    23. This might be a short read but still a full story Loved Jacinta s family A sweet romance that grabbed my attention and kept me smiling long after I finished it It intrigued me enough that I then read Matias story really good too.

    24. Humble, charming, Knox Campbell was raised by a single mom with no siblings He is fascinated by the large, boisterous Romano family After finding himself stranded in Portugal, he seeks out the lovely angel at the travel agency Jacinta Romano with her kind heart, meddling tias and effusive mother is often overwhelmed by her crazy, chaotic family Taking pity on the American traveler with his handsome smile and easy going manners, she finds herself caught up in an impossible dream of love without a [...]

    25. When Knox has his passport and credit cards stolen he could not have expected to find love out of chaos.

    26. Sweet novella to capture your heart A great beginning to the Romano series, most especially a chance to once again visit Portugal.

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