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The Princess of Cleves #2020

The Princess of Cleves Poised between the fading world of chivalric romance and a new psychological realism Madame de Lafayette s novel of passion and self deception marks a turning point in the history of the novel When i

  • Title: The Princess of Cleves
  • Author: Madame de La Fayette
  • ISBN: 9781425052294
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Princess of Cleves By Madame de La Fayette, Poised between the fading world of chivalric romance and a new psychological realism, Madame de Lafayette s novel of passion and self deception marks a turning point in the history of the novel When it first appeared anonymously in 1678 in the heyday of French classicism, it aroused fierce controversy among critics and readers, in particular for the extraordinary confessiPoised between the fading world of chivalric romance and a new psychological realism, Madame de Lafayette s novel of passion and self deception marks a turning point in the history of the novel When it first appeared anonymously in 1678 in the heyday of French classicism, it aroused fierce controversy among critics and readers, in particular for the extraordinary confession which forms the climax of the story.

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      370 Madame de La Fayette
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    1. Il fal della passione La principessa di Cleves viene giustamente considerato uno dei romanzi pi belli da quando esiste la letteratura.L autrice, Madame de Lafayette, era una dama della corte di Luigi XIV, il Re Sole Siamo quindi in pieno Seicento L opera, che riflette la vita cortigiana di quel tempo, per ambientata un secolo prima, presumo per ovvi motivi di opportunit.Il libro frutto di approfondite ricerche storiche collocato all epoca di Enrico II, entrano in scena personaggi storici di prim [...]

    2. This classic of early French literature was published in 1678 anonymously, but was later attributed to Madame de LaFayette It is set in 1558 59 France in the court of King Henry II It s historical fiction and by most accounts it s fairly accurate in it s portrayal of the people and events of the era It s the story of a young girl sent to court to find a husband, marries a prince then falls in love with a duke The intrigues and little dramas that surround these events play out through the novel I [...]

    3. The idea here was to read this and another short book by the same author for a Literary Birthday Challenge This book sounded so interesting the court of Henry The Second of France, with all the intrigue and goings on that nobility do so well Enter our young heroine, Mademoiselle de Chartres, whose mother wants to arrange a proper match for her.Okay so far, but it took paragraphs and paragraphs of names and titles to get to this point I thought about quitting after needing to go over this sentenc [...]

    4. The first half is rough going every sentence seems to namedrop at least two members of the French aristocracy, and it is impossible to keep track of who is being mentioned for the first time, and who has already been referred to six lines back But there comes a point where the narrative suddenly clears and it becomes obvious how this rather tortured excursion through the labyrinthine French royal court not only serves to set the stage, but emphasizes the countless dangers and social traps the ti [...]

    5. I read this book in French, and as a result of this missed a lot of the smaller details of this book because despite taking French for seven years now I still can t really read it But I got the main idea, and what I understood I really liked The book s actually pretty exciting there s lots of court intrigue, tournaments, plot digressions involving the misplacement of a Very Important Letter on that note, isn t it amazing how many older books like this have plot points that revolve around Very Im [...]

    6. No one is surprised than me at how much I liked this book because this is not my kind of book at all But the writing was so addicting and the storyline was so interesting.Around The Year in 52 Books Challenge 8 A classic with less than 200 pages

    7. God, what a heartbreaking novel Even while I suspected where it would go, I held on to the hope that maybe it wouldn t go there Ultimately it did and my poor heart could not take it Move over Romeo and Juliet, the Duke of Nemours and the Princess of Cl ves are the patron saints of star crossed lovers.The beginning is a chore to get through The name dropping of the everyone in the French Court is supposed to give you a sense of place along with a cast of characters but it just ended up confusing [...]

    8. Un v ritable coup de coeur La description du sentiment amoureux, les descriptions des personnes, les intrigues de la cour de France, j ai ador L abn gation de la la princesse, la constance de son mari, et l amour du duc forcent le respect

    9. Madame de la Fayette perfida, perfida Vi siete letti volevo dire lette , ma poi ho pensato all eventualit di maschietti appassionati ai romanzi rosa, non si sa mai tutti i romanzi della Austen e delle Bronte, e non sapete pi dove andare a pescare cibo per la vostra fame di classici rosa Non cercate tanto una lettura sensazionale, ma pi una lettura degna dei nomi qua sopra Optate per Madame de la Fayette, considerate anche lei, che poverina, ai giorni nostri non se la caga pi nessuno O almeno, il [...]

    10. Il y a quelque chose de touchant, presque romantique et non, ce n est pas une contradiction en termes dans cet id al humain qui songeaient les classiques avec leur honn te homme qui parvenait toujours ma triser ses passions l aide de sa raison Il d rive, ce quelque chose, de l opposition entre l apparente s r nit qu ils convoitaient en proclamant la supr matie de la raison, et la violence des passions qu ils s effor aient d apprivoiser et de cacher, opposition qui a donn naissance la trag die mo [...]

    11. A la cour d Henri II, une jeune noble est rong e par des scrupules que lui inspirent l empire d une passion pour le beau Nemours, dont elle sait quelle est aim e, alors qu elle est mari e M de Cleves qui l aime tout autant, tandis qu elle n prouve pour lui que du respect L honneur guide toutes les conduites en ces temps, et pr venue des suites ennuyantes qui pourraient s abattre sur elle si elle c dait aux appels de son c ur, elle combat cet amour en dissimulant ses sentiments et en fuyant l aut [...]

    12. Mme de Lafayette wrote this during the reign of Louis XIV but the novel is set in the court of Henri II when his queen is Catherine de Medici, the young Mary Queen of Scots is his daughter in law and Diana de Poitiers was his mistress As a courtier herself, Mme de Lafayette knew intimately the intrigues and gossip that went on at court and she conveys that magnificently.The young and very beautiful Madame de Cleves comes to court, is married rapidly to a man whom she admires and respects but can [...]

    13. A little too far back into French literary history for me This is one of the earliest French novels, inasmuch as it tells historical events with inaccuracies These inaccuracies form the fiction part of what is ostensibly an historical account of events at court over a century earlier Madame de LaFayette might not even be the author chronicler of this tale What intrigue What potential for interpretation The prose is what one might call prehensile and the story what one might call shit Kidding I h [...]

    14. Superbe roman d amour un d bat int rieur sur la conduite morale de la princesse de Cl ves proc de un v ritable examen de conscience Madame de La Fayette garde des l ments de la tradition romanesque courtoise et pr cieuse Mais c est la conclusion du roman que je pr f re la princesse de Cl ves aspire une id alisation de l amour qui ne peut s arr ter d exister qu son paroxysme.

    15. N.B I have never studied French literature and in fact was completely unaware of this work s existence until a week and a half ago So, although I am going to praise the work of Terence Cave in translating, introducing, and annotating La princesse de Cl ves, please don t believe a word I say I m going to come back and put in a paragraph here about how there was one sentence in Daniel Pennac s The Rights of the Reader that made me want to read this book right away But I want to quote that sentence [...]

    16. La Princesse de Cl vesMadame de La Fayette 1634 1693 This is considered the first modern love story in the setting of the royal court of Henry II, 16th century.Madame de La Fayette born in 1634, knows the history and the rules at the royal court of Louis XIV by personal experience and composes her novel in a style that is considered classic , simple, credible, conservative and what is called precious A noble language.For me, the first thirty pages, were quite difficult to absorb, as the introduc [...]

    17. ta je ast u pore enju s ljubavlju ene ta je du nost u pore enju sa dr anjem novoro enog sina u naru ju ili uspomenom na bratovljev smeh Vetar i re i Vetar i re i Mi smo samo ljudi, i bogovi su nas stvorili za ljubav To je na a velika slava, i na a velika nesre a Igra prestola, D ord R R MartinBudu i da je moj stav takav, mo ete samo zamisliti kako mi je bilo frustriraju e da itam kraj ove knjige Gospo a de Klev je izuzetno inteligentan i pronicljiv lik, naro ito ako uzmete u obzir injenicu da im [...]

    18. Bedazzled by all the functional name dropping and court gossip, I can see through all the intrigues a very good psychological portrait of the main character JM

    19. Aside from its significance in literary history the first example of the modern psychological novel , this book provides some useful background reading for Proust The constellation of royal and noble families in which the Baron de Charlus, in particular, is always elucidating his position, is shown here at its apex of dominance.The plot itself includes a few devices that were probably already hackneyed in 1678 overhearing a crucial conversation while hiding in some bower , but includes quite a c [...]

    20. This was written in the mid seventeenth century, so I shouldn t have expected much from it Nevertheless, the stilted, utterly artificial dialog, the smothering moral tone, and the rampant historical inaccuracies were even worse than I d thought By the end of the first chapter, I gave in and looked up the plot SPOILERS Yes, it is true having lived completely blamelessly in an arranged marriage, the main character for whom I never felt anything but amused contempt does indeed DIE in a CONVENT beca [...]

    21. I can easily see why someone would enjoy this court politics beautiful clothes rakish love interest verbal fencing but I found it hard reading Everyone seems to have a nickname, a full name, several titles, etc, and they re referred to each indiscriminately Plus, I have a hard time with any novel that assumes that just thinking about another person is The Worst Adultery Ever, so the ending view spoiler where the Princess s husband finally dies, but the Princess feels so guilty that she retires t [...]

    22. Un peu d ue par cet oeuvre dont j avais entendu beaucoup de bien J ai aim l criture de La Fayette mais c est tout J ai trouv l histoire du triangle amoureux, de la complexit des sentiments et des enjeux socio politique de l poque absolument pas passionnants dans ce roman Je me suis un peu ennuy e et pas du tout attach e au personnage.

    23. I ve had this book sitting on my shelf since a college Humanities course, and it tickled my fancy for a heavier holiday read Once I began reading the introduction and some of the analytic essays, I discovered that this book is an acclaimed French classic, considered one of the forerunners of the novel genre I really need to brush up on my French literature.The story is about Mademoiselle de Chartres, a newcomer to the French court She quickly becomes the Princess de Cleves when she marries Monsi [...]

    24. Una novela hist rica escrita el siglo XVII ambientada en la corte francesa del siglo XVI Cr edme, ante esta premisa yo era m s esc ptica que nadie El elogio de la primera novela moderna es un elogio que pesa como una losa La empec m s por curiosidad intelectual que por un verdadero inter s personal Y me ha sorprendido Me ha sorprendido gratamente Me ha sorprendido lo mucho que me ha llegado a gustar Lo bien que me lo he pasado Se puede leer como una novela hist rica que retrata el ambiente de la [...]

    25. Paris, France sometime in the 17th century There s the king, the queen and the rest of the nobility, one of whom is the very young, stunningly beautiful Mme de Cleves who is married to M de Cleves who loves her but whom she has no passion for Then there s the playboy Duc de Nemours, described as nature s masterpiece and the most handsome and the most nobly built man in the world Infidelity could qualify as a modern title for this book Or maybe Gossips The main plot and the sub plots practically [...]

    26. I think I said in another thread that I was not a particular fan of romance novels but that there must be one or two worth reading The Princesse de Cl ves I found to be one of them.This is a true historical novel in that, though first published in 1678, describes the French court of about 100 years earlier It starts out in a rather confusing way to describe many of the people kings, queens, etc and their relationships and alliances Frankly, I couldn t quite keep it straight, but fortunately I wa [...]

    27. In style and subject matter, this book reminded me of a Jane Austen novel, with all the social scandal, hidden feelings, arranged marriages, and Only instead of the wacky hijinks and misunderstandings surrounding poor English girls with little dowry, it s the wacky hijinks and misunderstandings surrounding the French court during Henri II s reign.I did rather enjoy the book, despite its sad ending, lengthy bits of dialogue between lengthy bits of description and back stories, and the first twen [...]

    28. Madame de Lafayette s classic tale of intrigue and love translated and freely dramatised by Jo Clifford.Set in the 16th Century, the play follows the life of a beautiful young lady newly presented to Court It s the reign of Henri II and Mary Queen of Scots is safely ensconced in France It s a time of dangerous liaisons when one step out of line could ruin a woman and her family.Quickly married off, the na ve Princess finds herself admired and taunted by those around her And, whilst they gossip c [...]

    29. The book is definitely worth reading, however one will find the descriptions of the characters repetitive Three characteristics are always mentioned merit, wit and the character will always be the most handsome or exceptionally handsome beautiful And the cover shows by how much the author have been exagerating about the beauty.Nonetheless, it was rather pleasant that the book was not absurdly melodramatic.

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