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The Stowaway: A Young Man’s Extraordinary Adventure to Antarctica #2020

The Stowaway A Young Man s Extraordinary Adventure to Antarctica The spectacular true story of a scrappy teenager from New York s Lower East Side who stowed away on the Roaring Twenties most remarkable feat of science and daring an expedition to Antarctica It was

  • Title: The Stowaway: A Young Man’s Extraordinary Adventure to Antarctica
  • Author: Laurie Gwen Shapiro
  • ISBN: 9781476753867
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Stowaway: A Young Man’s Extraordinary Adventure to Antarctica By Laurie Gwen Shapiro, The spectacular, true story of a scrappy teenager from New York s Lower East Side who stowed away on the Roaring Twenties most remarkable feat of science and daring an expedition to Antarctica.It was 1928 a time of illicit booze, of Gatsby and Babe Ruth, of freewheeling fun The Great War was over and American optimism was higher than the stock market What better momenThe spectacular, true story of a scrappy teenager from New York s Lower East Side who stowed away on the Roaring Twenties most remarkable feat of science and daring an expedition to Antarctica.It was 1928 a time of illicit booze, of Gatsby and Babe Ruth, of freewheeling fun The Great War was over and American optimism was higher than the stock market What better moment to launch an expedition to Antarctica, the planet s final frontier There wouldn t be another encounter with an unknown this magnificent until Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon.Everyone wanted in on the adventure Rockefellers and Vanderbilts begged to be taken along as mess boys, and newspapers across the globe covered the planning s every stage And then, the night before the expedition s flagship set off, Billy Gawronski a mischievous, first generation New York City high schooler desperate to escape a dreary future in the family upholstery business jumped into the Hudson River and snuck aboard.Could he get away with it From the soda shops of New York s Lower East Side to the dance halls of sultry Francophone Tahiti, all the way to Antarctica s blinding white and deadly freeze, Laurie Gwen Shapiro s The Stowaway takes you on the unforgettable voyage of a plucky young stowaway who became a Jazz Age celebrity, a mascot for an up by your bootstraps era.

    • [E-Book] ✓ The Stowaway: A Young Man’s Extraordinary Adventure to Antarctica | by ☆ Laurie Gwen Shapiro
      297 Laurie Gwen Shapiro
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    1. 4 adventurous, Antarctic stars to The Stowaway I enjoy reading nonfiction, and it s a delight when I read nonfiction that feels like fiction I would say this particular book feels mostly like fiction, but it is a bit on the detailed side This worked perfectly for me, but I wanted to mention it for fiction fans who might be considering this book What fascinated me from the start is I was yet again reading about the 1920s in the United States I ve read several books lately set during that interest [...]

    2. In 1928, Billy Gawronski was the 17 year old son of a Polish immigrant family that once lived in the lower east side of Manhattan He was looking for adventure than he would find by joining his father s interior decorating business and he became obsessed with Antarctica After repeated attempts, he managed to successfully stow away on one of the ships headed to Antartica as part of Richard Byrd s first expedition I was expecting an adventure story but what I got was the biography of man who playe [...]

    3. As a reader of almost anything that is polar discovery based, especially historical, I was really disappointed by this It is the story of a young man, Billy Gawronski, Who stows away on Commander Byrd s voyage of 1928 and mission to fly the first plane over Antarctica Though Shapiro has done the necessary research, she fails in the ability to tell a story It reads like a page Inevitably I make comparisons to other recent polar discovery non fiction, the tremendousIn The Kingdom Of Ice by Hampton [...]

    4. Ahoy there me mateys Though this log s focus is on sci fi, fantasy, and young adult, this Captain does have broader reading tastes So occasionally I will share some novels that I enjoyed that are off the charts a non sci fi, fantasy, or young adult novel , as it were I received this non fiction eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review So here be me honest musings .This novel was recommended by stephanie adventuresofabibliophile The title and cover immediately captured me fancy Stowaw [...]

    5. The Stowaway starts with a great opening and continues as a tightly written narrative It s an entertaining non fiction that reads like fiction Plucky Billy Gawronski is a highly likable, smart aleck, teenager who stows away on Admiral Byrd s ship to Antartica What s special about this book is that I wanted to know about Billy as he aged he became a friend Laurie Shapiro describes the many real individuals with a light, caring and amusing touch so that Billy s parents, teachers, and his pals in [...]

    6. What an amazing story about a young man who is a stowaway on then Commander Byrd s Antarctic expedition in 1928 I normally gravitate toward fiction, but this book gripped me, and I read it in a single day The balance between background history and adventure story was perfect, and a clear picture, through Shapiro s use of great details, emerged of both the times and the exploits of the crew I developed a real connection to Billy Gawronski and also his poor, frightened mother and was happy we foll [...]

    7. In 1928, Admiral Richard Byrd decided to explore the unknown.e Antarctica At that time going to Antarctica was the last frontier to conquer on earth and just the idea of his attempting this voyage was the stuff of legends Thousands of men and women wanted to be a part of Byrd s adventure, and even members of the Rockefeller and Vanderbilt family begged to be allowed to come along Then you meet Billy Gawronski, a 17 year old from New York who was so desperate to be a part of that he jumped into t [...]

    8. Wherever you re from, there s always somewhere exciting Excellent a rollicking, fun ride to the edge of the earth and back The story of Billy Gawronski is one that I had never heard before but I feel like now, it will be one that I never forget A true tale of perseverance and adventure Young Billy dreamed of traveling to far off places and saw his dreams become a reality when the infamous Admiral Byrd planned an excursion from NYC, where Billy lived with his immigrant parents, to the last unkno [...]

    9. Extraordinary Exquisite A spectacular true account of a young NY boy Billy Gawronski and his determination to make a name for himself on an expedition that would go down in history as one of the greats.I m in awe of this story as I ve never heard about the Stowaway and was mesmerized by this story A remarkable feat considering the roaring 20 s and early 30 s during The Great Depression , Prohibition and the ending of the Great War.Everyone wanted to have their hand in this media frenzy from the [...]

    10. An enjoyable, well written and researched true story about a recent high school graduate Billy Gawronski, who fears being resigned to a life in his father s upholstery business, while he dreams of a life of adventure He wants permission to go off and join his hero Admiral Richard Byrd who is about to embark on an expedition to Antarctica, but his father has refused, and now it s far too late to apply He is determined to stow away if necessary, to get his place on this tripd it leads to a lifetim [...]

    11. GNab Laurie Gwen Shapiro has done an exquisite job of bringing to life the times and trials of that Polish stowaway Billy Gawronski Her author s note following this work, telling of the steps and luck involved in uncovering the story of the life of this stowaway is as extraordinary as the tale itself This is a book I was not able to put down.Every decision Billy makes, from the approach most hidden while swimming through the dark port waters in the small hours to stow away on the City of New Yor [...]

    12. Adventures change you Let s say, I have never been one to have looked out new adventures I am that girl who prefers not to have surprises, and to have complete control over my life I have definitely never been an adventure junkie.I am still not, but I have learned to appreciate change and recognize that, without it, your life will be dull, you will never learn to take what life throws at you, and you never grow A few years ago, I went to Costa Rica My husband is completely the opposite from me, [...]

    13. I am not a winter person at all But a recent cold, blustery week seemed like the perfect setting to listen to Laurie Gwen Shapiro s latest book The Stowaway A Young Man s Extraordinary Adventure to Antarctica.While adventures and tales can by imagined by authors, sometimes the most intriguing and captivating stories are those plucked from real life Such is the case of Billy Gawronski In 1928, Billy was a seventeen year old high school student Explorer Richard Byrd was putting together an expedit [...]

    14. Looking at the other reviews, I am definitely in the minority with regards to this book I am a big fan of historical books I find learning about other time periods and how life was then fascinating I am also a big fan of biographies because I love the feeling of getting to know a person, seeing what shaped their life Putting the two together, I thought The Stowaway would carry me away with young Billy on his adventure to travel with Admiral Byrd to the South Pole A sure fit, I thought I can t te [...]

    15. Billy Gawronski wanted something than just working in the family business in late 1920 s New York City He had a dream of adventure and exploration Richard Byrd s planned trip to Antarctica was just the ticket and nothing was going to stop Billy from joining the crew Even if he had to stowaway More than once A fascinating tale I knew nothing about brought to life And what a life Billy led History buffs, adventure fans, and those just looking for a real life story of someone achieving their dream [...]

    16. themaineedge adventureWhat would you be willing to do to gain the opportunity to experience an adventure of a lifetime What risks would you take to take part in something historic How far would you go Would you travel to the ends of the earth For Billy Gawronski, the answer to that last question was Yes Young Billy is the star of Laurie Gwen Shapiro s new book The Stowaway A Young Man s Extraordinary Adventure to Antarctica It s the true story of a teenager who wanted nothing than to take part [...]

    17. Born into one of the most exciting and dramatic era s in history, the sense of ambition and innovation of the 1920s is not lost on 17 year old Billy Gawronski The author depicts the era well and brings to life the history of Billy s family and the events leading up to his standing on the Hoboken dockside, gazing upon the soon to set sail City of New York , and hatching an outlandish plan to stow away to the South Pole Suitable for readers young and old alike, this young man s extraordinary adven [...]

    18. Rather disappointing book stretched too thin to provide any real story of the one in a lifetime time adventure of young man It is just not that interesting, at least not enough for a whole book It would probably work better as a collection of stories on various stowaways and other unlikely participants of the Arctic exploration Billy was the young boy, dreaming of adventure, as many other people were at that time Arctic exploration was all the rage at that time around the world Why author chose [...]

    19. I received a free copy of this book through The Giveaway program.The Stowaway A Young Man s Extraordinary Adventure to Antarctica delivers on its title It is an account of the frequently misspelled adventures of Billy Gawronski determination to be part of Richard Byrd s 1928 Antarctic exploration expedition Gawronski manages to be part of this adventure by stowing away, not once but three times He succeeds and gets to be part of the experience, but does not winter over with the select crew, ins [...]

    20. The Stowaway A Young Man s Extraordinary Adventure to Antarctica by Laurie Gwen Shapiro is the story of an American boy, of Polish origins, who stowed away on a ship planning to join Admiral Robert Byrd s Antarctica expedition in the late 1920s Ms Shapiro is a talented writer and filmmaker.This book right up my alley A story of adventure, guts, gumption set in an era where these things actually mattered.An era where exploration of the Earth was still as exciting as exploration of space, when the [...]

    21. Fiction author and nonfiction article writer, Laurie Gwen Shapiro, has written her first nonfiction book, The Stowaway A Young Man s Extraordinary Adventure to Antarctica, published by Simon Schuster 239 pages with index, notes, and bibliography The slice of life book tells the story of a 17 year old boy, born in 1910 to immigrants in a Polish neighborhood in New York City s Lower East Side, who stowed away on a ship of Commander later Admiral Byrd s first antarctic expedition.Full disclosure I [...]

    22. Ms Shapiro brought this amazing story to life It reads like fiction, but it s not No stuffy professor, boring, dust ridden, dry reading here Billy is someone I admire The guy had chutzpah I ll confess to being a bit envious There are oftentimes that I wish I had discovered my love of the Northern Arctic much earlier in life Would it have made a difference Ach, probably not Thankfully I have fantastic books like this If you like tale of the north or south regions, and adventure then this is a rec [...]

    23. Billy stayed awake hours into the night, guessing the right moment to jump off the pierIn THE STOWAWAY, author Laurie Gwen Shapiro tells the incredible story of determined stowaway Billy Gawronski, who actually made it all the way to Antarctica Billy didn t really have much of a plan he would just appeal to the mercy of Commander Byrd, who reportedly, liked stowaways For his first attempt, Billy swam to the ship covered in river scum, hair hanging down his forehead like oily kelp To his astonish [...]

    24. An adventurous spirit coupled with unwavering persistence helped Billy Gawronski, the 17 year old son of Polish immigrants, realize his dream In 1928, he stowed away on one of two ships in the Byrd Expedition led by Richard E Byrd Byrd s mission was to establish a base in Antarctica and be the first person to fly over the South Pole The Stowaway, a Young Man s Extraordinary Adventure to Antarctica, by Laurie Gwen Shapiro, tells Gawronski s exhilarating and can do story, one rife with twists and [...]

    25. This is the story of seventeen year old Billy Gawronksi, a stowaway after a few attempts on the ship Eleanor Bolling that followed Admiral Richard Byrd s flagship to Antarctica In the late 1920s, Byrd mania had swept through America, igniting the imaginations of youth in New York City where his ships were docked before his grand polar adventure Young Billy was not going to fall victim to a sad existence of life working in his father s upholstery business He was going to have a life of adventure, [...]

    26. The year was 1928 The Great War was over America was optimistic What better time to launch an expedition to Antarctica Not a whole lot was known about the planet s final frontier Almost everybody wanted to join Admiral Byrd on his journey, even the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts begged to be taken on as mess boys Young Billy Gawronski was no different The skinny New York City high schooler begged his father to sign the paper to let him go, but it wasn t happening Billy didn t want to go into the u [...]

    27. This work of nonfiction covers the story of William Billy Gawronski, the son of Polish immigrants who is living in New York City during the 1920s a time of great American pride and an insatiable thirst for adventure When pilot and explorer Richard Byrd announced elaborate plans for an expedition to the South Pole and a winter stay in Antarctica, 18 year old Billy knows exactly where he wants to be on that ship, at all costs So in the wee hours of an August morning, he jumps into the Hudson River [...]

    28. I received a free Kindle copy of The Stowaway by Laurie Gwen Shaprio courtesy of Net Galley and Simon and Shuster, the publisher It was with the understanding that I would post a review to Net Galley , Barnes and Noble and my nonfiction book review blog I also posted it to my Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus pages.I requested this book as I the subject of the book sounded interesting This is the first book by Laurie Gwen Shapiro that I have read.While the subtitle of the book, A Young [...]

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