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Bath Tangle #2020

Bath Tangle The Earl of Spenborough has always been noted for his eccentricity Leaving a widow younger than his own daughter Serena is one thing but quite another is leaving Serena s fortune to the trusteeship o

  • Title: Bath Tangle
  • Author: Georgette Heyer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bath Tangle By Georgette Heyer, The Earl of Spenborough has always been noted for his eccentricity Leaving a widow younger than his own daughter Serena is one thing, but quite another is leaving Serena s fortune to the trusteeship of the Marquis of Rotherham a man whom Serena once jilted and who now has the power to give or withhold his consent to any marriage she might contemplate When Serena and hThe Earl of Spenborough has always been noted for his eccentricity Leaving a widow younger than his own daughter Serena is one thing, but quite another is leaving Serena s fortune to the trusteeship of the Marquis of Rotherham a man whom Serena once jilted and who now has the power to give or withhold his consent to any marriage she might contemplate When Serena and her lovely young stepmother Fanny decide to move to Bath, Serena makes an odd new friend and discovers an old love, Major Hector Kirkby Before long, Serena, Fanny, Kirkby, and Rotherham are entangled in a welter of marriage and manners the like of which even Regency Bath has rarely seen.Bath Tangle is a peerless historical romance by an author who was one of the most prolific, successful and best loved writers of her age.

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      194 Georgette Heyer
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    1. Update Listened to the audiobook narrated by Sian Phillips in March 2015 and totally loved it She had exactly all the right intonations and I loved how she voiced Serena The last battle was super well done too spoiler alert Oh, I loved this one I really, really, really did It was sheer entertainment from beginning to end, and I embarrassingly laughed out loud several times A great many people had told me prior to starting that they hadn t liked this book as much as other Heyer s, mainly because [...]

    2. Bath Tangle was another Georgette Heyer s delightful story We have here couples that have to overcome romantic entanglements, with every character paired with the wrong person Bath Tangle indeed But what I most enjoyed was Heyer s sense of humor and her vivid portrayal of the genteel everyday life of the time.

    3. I ll open no gates for you, my girl you ll take any fence I take, and we ll clear it, neck and neck Wonderful story with marvelous dialog and Heyer s trademark witticism The book is not as popular or as universally loved as some of her other titles And, actually, if you re never read the author, I wouldn t recommend it as your first encounter but, please come back to it later The plot is a clever mix of romantic entanglements, comedy of manners, and vivid portrayal of everyday life of genteel so [...]

    4. While I like Serena a lot and the chase she leads Ivo is a lot of fun, the book has two weaknesses that put it on my read less often list First, Ivo isn t even present through most of the book He pops up like a jack in the box from time to time, but he doesn t stay long and his actions aren t terribly enlightening Heyer s skill is such that even as little as we see him, we can see where he stands even if Serena doesn t , but that isn t really enough to carry through those long gaps of his absenc [...]

    5. With a large cast of characters, the story is about love tangles with everyone paired up with the wrong person Most of the action takes place in Bath, a place I particularly enjoy reading about in Heyer s books She makes it sound like such fun there, without the tiresome formality of London The story starts off with the Earl of Spenborough s funeral His estates goes to a cousin, since his only daughter, Serena, cannot inherit But she does inherit a fortune, kept in trust for her with the Marquis [...]

    6. Heyer s novels are the only ones I d initially given five stars, but daren t now all re reads Bath Tangle is one of the obvious romances, and it s still not obvious at all, he and she still seem apart than together and there is never a word of love spoken just ingeniusly shown whenever either of them meets others how they fit, and how they care for each other, and what makes them special and likable.But i_f s comments about Charise made me dislike Serena for the first time, where previously I [...]

    7. The audio version of this book, narrated by Sian Phillips, bumps it up to four stars for me I liked all of the characters, but every Heyer fan should read even better, listen to this book just to become acquainted with Mrs Floore, the immensely wealthy, admittedly vulgar grandmother who protects her granddaughter from the girl s social climbing mother Lots of banter and zingers Great fun.

    8. This is why I just love Georgette Heyer She makes you go on even when you have no taste for an incessantly obstinate heroine She has no match for her ingenuity in the breed of HF writers.The plot was interesting, and I was happy that it wasn t one with typical twists and turns, though to give me credit p I had guessed what Rotherham was about right from the beginning, being such an ardent GH fan that I am and being prepared for the unexpected Like all her eccentric heroes, I loved Rotherham 3 an [...]

    9. THE unabridged AUDIOBOOKI wasn t as familiar with this GH Regency romance as others I have read and re read happily Frederica, Arabella, Grand Sophy, Unknown Ajax, Sylvester, Venetia, etc but it s a corker Not one star crossed pair but three sets of lovers disentangle themselves after much brinksmanship and hilarious, distempered arguments The main duo, a fiery, independent, self possessed earl s daughter and her lifelong neighbor, a marquis to whom she was once betrothed but jilted unceremoniou [...]

    10. Like I have hoped after first chapter, this book is one of the best of Heyer s romances.Great characters, well chosen A delightful idea for a plot One big tangle Really, awesome I have had so much fun To the end I was wondering how it will goes There was a big mess and so many people involved And, constantly, I couldn t wait when Rotherham would appear and what would he say.Perhaps some characters are hard to like for some readers but they all are important part of the story And, I love Rotherha [...]

    11. Lady Serena Spenborough wants nothing to do with Ivo Barrasford, Marquis of Rotherham, one of her father s best friends and her former betrothed But her father thinks differently and after his death, Lord Rotherham becomes her Trustee and, if Serena will want to marry, he will have to give his consent This is preposterous to Serena but unfortunately she must accept her father s will After a while she goes to Bath with her stepmother who is younger than her and meets a man whom she has not seen f [...]

    12. And what a complicated tangle it was I was literally grinning when I read the last pages of this book Serena and Rotherham has me laughing from start to finish May contain some spoilers In most of Heyer s books we read the comedy and we laugh and we listen to the banter of two characters that we know will fall in love by the end but until then are simply at odds with each other to keep the reader amused Bath Tangle was the first Heyer I ve read that I could really sense a depth of character behi [...]

    13. 3.5 starsNot the best of Heyer s novels, it s a good story nonetheless The plot is charming, the characters 3 dimentional, and the dialog diverting The problem lies in a different direction the book starts long before the story For about the first third of the book, the author follows our protagonists in their hum drum everyday lives, setting the stage for the true beginning The readers yawn and contemplate abandoning the novel Then the heroine finally moves to Bath, and the real tangle begins u [...]

    14. I m not entirely sure how to rate this, because I did enjoy it a lot, but it s still not on par with The Talisman Ring or The Grand Sophy for me Having finished it, I was just a little relieved that all the tangles of the love interests were sorted out, and that everyone got to where they intended to go though, I would almost have enjoyed it if someone had made an irrevocable mistake, even if it were just Gerald and Emily the way it came out was too good to be true, and Rotherham far too in con [...]

    15. 3.5 Stars, for now rounded up This ended on a 4 star note, but took a while to get there The beginning was slow, and conversations were boring in places It didn t even arrive in Bath until about page 60, which is where things finally started to move forward What kept me reading was the opening scene, which hooked me on one relationship after only one exchange between the two Once I was interested in what would happen between them, the anticipation kept me waiting and hoping for the entire book I [...]

    16. My 23rd Georgette HeyerUpon the death of her father, Lady Serena Carlow finds herself in the custody of her former fiance Ivo Barrasford She decides to go live with her very young step mother Fanny in Bath where she meets her first love Hector and they rekindle their romance One problem Ivo s fiance Emily who was under Selena s guidance to become a Marquise runs of with one of his other wards, Gerard.To be perfectly honest, when I started this book I thought this would be a Regency Taming Of The [...]

    17. This one seemed to wander for a while before the story picked up It concluded nicely, though You can t really go wrong with Georgette Heyer for Historical Romance.

    18. Years and years ago I devoured Georgette Heyer books, bringing them home from the library in stacks of as many as I could find and carry My favorites then were SYLVESTER, VENETIA, and REGENCY BUCK and one of my least favorite was BATH TANGLE In recent years, of course, we are fortunate enough to find her novels in reprint So I ve been taking that trip down memory lane, only to find out that I was giving BATH TANGLE a bad rap The interaction between H and h that I found so unromantic in my youth, [...]

    19. Bath Tangle is a Regency romance At first, I didn t think I d like this novel much because the apparent romantic couple had genuine quarrels that even they decided wouldn t lead to a happily married life together Both had tempers and were used to speaking their minds But as each makes a romantic match with another as in, oh, how romantic sounding Of course you should marry , the story explores how a romantic match doesn t necessarily create a good match There were others so obviously better suit [...]

    20. It was perhaps fortunate that right before I read Bath Tangle for the second time, a dear friend told me that I should write reviews in which I abridge the plot of the novel, and in so doing attempt to be humorous whether or not I succeed is up to others to decide In any case, this seemed like the perfect novel to abridge I suppose I need not say to beware of spoilers I will of course follow my summary with a few rather sensible notes on the plot and characters, but for now Bath Tangle Abridge [...]

    21. As always, I enjoyed Georgette Heyer s overall writing style However, the characters in this book were not my favorite The main male character is selfish and temperamental The heroine also has quite the temper, but is slightly considerate of the feelings of those she cares for None of the characters grow during the story and I would consider this book of a comedy than a true romance So while I did enjoy reading it, but I wouldn t recommend it unless you are a fan of Heyer in general.

    22. This Heyer builds slowly, and since it is not a highly sentimental novel those looking for feel good romance might tire of it early on However, there is plenty of wit and humour, as well as some very wise thoughts about love, and the absence of sentiment leaves the reader free to enjoy these other aspects and perceive the wisdom clearly.The spirited heroine is by no means the angelic creature her childhood sweetheart believes her to be She has a feisty temper and impulsive nature, even though [...]

    23. I m such a huge Georgette Heyer fan I just re read Devil s Cub and These Old Shades this week for a comfort read , that it pains me to give any of her books less than 4 stars, but this book drove me crazy Heyer often has main characters that come across as unpleasant at first, but improve upon better acquaintance However, I only vaguely liked the ridiculously named Ivo by the end and I detested Serena She was such a manly harridan from start to finish ugh I liked the minor characters but couldn [...]

    24. Bath Tangle written by Georgette Heyer and published in 1955 I can see why Heyer is so well regarded for her period regency romance novels She paints a vivid portrait of English upper class life in the early 1800s, although here we only get to know a small company as the story begins with the reading of a Will Abundant conversation is the focal point and I really enjoyed the old fashioned, effusive, and politically correct for the most part way the characters expressed themselves I was also impr [...]

    25. The one where the hot tempered Serena and the hot tempered Rotherham try in vain to believe they re not in love with each other.I didn t care for this one You have two men who enter into disastrously ill advised engagements isn t this what that whole ponderous system of chaperonage is supposed to prevent Hector s strategy planning to meekly sacrifice his whole entire life, as though any intelligent woman would want to be married to a man who loves someone else is bad, and Rotherham s theater, ma [...]

    26. This was quite a fun comedy and I agree they totally fit each other However, it s the sincerity of the feelings that I have trouble to believe to Sorry, but at the end of it I m really not sure why the two of them ever separated Also, I have a feeling that if he hadn t lost it told her how he felt and kissed her, they won t be together simply put the romance for all the couples here falls quite flat It is Serena s character and Ivo s characterization that make this book so much fun.

    27. What can I say I love Georgette Heyer but I hated Bath Tangle Serena was abominable She lost her temper at every little thing and came across as spoilt There is whit, if that is what you are looking for But if you are looking for likable characters pick something else Try Arabella or The Convenient Marriage.

    28. Another one I loved I wouldn t normally be fond of someone as bossy as the real love interest, Ivo But Serena s as cranky and temperamental as he is, so I think they re a good match.Funny that the guys cottoned on so quickly And what a mess Ivo makes for himself.

    29. 2.5 stars I think Heyer s strengths are A zany, almost Wodehouse esque comedy in a high society Regency setting, and B blunt no nonsense characters who specialize in bringing order out of chaos Unfortunately I don t think she s up to the mark with either of those in Bath Tangle Though she sets up some interesting character dynamics, the characters spend far too much time bickering and quarreling with each other, and the rest of the time disguising their real feelings and opinions in the mistaken [...]

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