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Each Little Lie #2020

Each Little Lie One split second can destroy your life forever Single mother Jen Cornish is just trying to hold things together for the sake of her seven year old son Charlie Until the day when she does an impulsive

  • Title: Each Little Lie
  • Author: Tom Bale
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Each Little Lie By Tom Bale, One split second can destroy your life forever Single mother Jen Cornish is just trying to hold things together for the sake of her seven year old son Charlie Until the day when she does an impulsive good deed to help a neighbour, setting off a terrifying chain of events that quickly spirals out of control When she is arrested for a crime she didn t commit, Jen quickly sOne split second can destroy your life forever Single mother Jen Cornish is just trying to hold things together for the sake of her seven year old son Charlie Until the day when she does an impulsive good deed to help a neighbour, setting off a terrifying chain of events that quickly spirals out of control When she is arrested for a crime she didn t commit, Jen quickly starts to wonder if someone is playing a cruel game with her or is she losing her mind Desperate to clear her name with the police, she must first untangle a chilling web of lies But someone is watching her every move and it isn t just Jen who is in danger They re watching her child as well.

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    1. It s safe to say I was hooked on this story from beginning to end I have seen lots of reviewers who were wary of the premise how could anyone in their right mind enter someone else s house to return their lost keys and think that was the best idea I m going to touch on that below, but needless to say since this is fiction, if you can suspend your need for a realistic catalyst, I think you ll enjoy this story as well One of my favorite attributes to Bale as an author is how, as a man, he can writ [...]

    2. This psychological thriller is rather different from Tom Bale s other books that I have read, the story is much less fast paced for starters The central character is Jen Cornish, a woman who has left her husband, and is struggling to cope as a single mother taking care of her young son, Charlie One day she spies a neighbour that she does not know, drop his keys Jen picks them up but fails to attract his attention She makes the momentous decision to use the keys to enter his house in search of pe [...]

    3. What might seem as a risky behaviour for some, could appear to be the right thing to do for others I did not support Jen s decision to enter that house because that was, in my opinion, completely and utterly inappropriate, in every sense of the word You do not just walk into a stranger s house looking for a pen and paper, Jen This is a story about lies, deceit, power, and manipulation.I quite enjoyed the story which was tinted with a rather realistic tone to it Some of the characters traits coul [...]

    4. Another excellent psychological thriller from the most underrated author Tom Bale Jen Cornish is a single mother struggling to make it on her own and care for her child after leaving her husband When rushing to get to work she sees a man that she has seen many times before as he leaves his home but today Jen notices that the stranger has dropped his keys She tries to run after him but fails to get his attention and is left wondering what to do with his keys.She decides to leave a note to let the [...]

    5. Genre Mystery ThrillerPOVs view spoiler Multiple, 3rd person hide spoiler Triggers view spoiler There s a quick, passing mention of animal cruelty, but nothing gory or too detailed hide spoiler I sort of liked this book, but it took waaay longer to finish this story because it seemed to go on forever This book dragged from the 45% mark and on, and I couldn t rationalize Jen s actions for trespassing on her neighbor s property She was a thirty four year old single parent to a seven year old boy a [...]

    6. Jen Cornish is a single mother struggling to make it on her own and care for her child after leaving her husband In a rush on her way to work she crosses paths with a man that she has seen many times before as he leaves his home but today Jen notices that the stranger has dropped his keys Trying to chase after him doesn t work so Jen is left wondering what she should do to safely return the keys Jen decides her best bet would be to simply leave a note telling the man what she had found not knowi [...]

    7. This novel goes in a different direction from the last two, further along the psychological spectrum, and for my part, suffers for it Tom Bale is a talented writer, both All Fall Down and Skin and Bones were excellent exciting, engrossing, darker This one was good enough and still well put together, but the main character is just so dull that I couldn t care less about her story I was bored and I have never felt that reading his books before I think this will perhaps work better for readers who [...]

    8. Why don t I see Tom Bale books being read by my friends He s totally underrated He has a talent for writing extremely gripping, intricate stories This one features short chapters, which I love It makes it easier to find a stopping point if you can put it down Some readers may be bothered by certain decisions that the main character makes, but in reality we all act differently in different scenarios and we ve all made a seemingly small decision before that came back to bite us Single mom Jen use [...]

    9. 3.5 A Good Deed that went horribly wrong Each Little Lie is a Physiological Thriller based on lies, secrets, deception and manipulation It s a slower paced read that builds up anticipation.Who would of thought that doing someone a good deed could change your life forever Well Jen never believed it would or she would never of done what she did Single Parent Jen leaves her house as she always does but this one particular day she sees a stranger drop he s keys She knows where he lives but they have [...]

    10. 3.5 stars Jen Cornish sees her neighbour has dropped their keys but by the time she has picked them up he has disappeared in a car After knocking on a few of her neighbours doors and getting no response, she decides to leave a note on his door telling him where he can get the keys But Jen has no pen and foolishly decides to enter the house to find one A mistake she will quickly regret.Jen is separated from her husband, Freddie and they have a son called Charlie While Jen struggles to make ends m [...]

    11. Another great story by Tom Bale Each Little Lie is a plot driven novel with likeable characters It is very hard not to cheer for Jen, whose life turns into a living nightmare after trying to help an acquaintance There are plenty of twists and turns, and it kept my interest throughout Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the review copy

    12. Oh my days Tom Bale just keeps bringing out the most amazing high tension, adrenaline fuelled thrillers that insist on knocking the socks off the one before Each Little Lie has done EXACTLY that and what a breathtakingly, exhilarating experience it was too This authors strength is that he plays on our fears, not only for ourselves but also our families He takes everyday situations and creates the most terrifying what if storylines around them They are emotionally charged, fast paced plots that b [...]

    13. On her way to work Jen sees her neighbor drop his keys outside of his house She picks them up, and attempts to flag him down, but he drives away before she s able to get to him In an attempt to be helpful, she uses the keys to enter his house, find some paper, and leave a note that says to call her to pick them up.When she s later called into the police station and is accused of entering the house and completely trashing some valuable artwork, she is shocked In an attempt to clear her name befor [...]

    14. All my reviews can be found at thebookreviewcafeOMG Tom Bale never ceases to surprise me, this author has an incredible knack for creating a thriller with a difference, he creates characters that are pretty average, and then places them in the most extraordinary circumstances It s then the authors characters come into their own, making for a gripping thriller Each Little Lie is the latest standalone from the author, and it doesn t disappoint, it s going to sound cliched but in my opinion it s on [...]

    15. I am a big fan of Tom Bale s books so I was thrilled to be able to read and review Each Little Lie as part of the blog tour.Each Little Lie focuses on Jen, and her son Charlie One day, Jen finds a set of keys on her neighbours lawn, and ends up setting herself on a very treacherous course When Jjen is arrested for a crime she did not commit, it becomes a race against time to get those she loves to believe her, and to clear her name.Tom Bale has a gift for turning the innocuous, normal and ordina [...]

    16. Thank you to Netgalley and the Publishers for this review copy.One day, Jen Cornish does a good deed She sees a neighbour has dropped his keys in his garden She tries to catch up with him to let him know, but he has gone She decides to leave him a note on his door to say she has them, but she s late for work and she doesn t have a pen She makes a hasty decision to go into his house and look for a pen and paper While in there, she notices a collection of expensive artwork which she admires before [...]

    17. Jennifer Cornish is a normal single mother working a job and looking after her boy Charlie, until one day she makes a really stupid decision What Jen thinks is a sensible a neighbourly thing to do, ends up being the thing that sets off a chain of events that puts her and her sons life in danger The start of the book lets the reader dive straight in and almost instantly I realised that one small mistake would not lead to anything good.I liked Jen, even though I thought her decision was stupid Tha [...]

    18. All of my reviews can be found on novelgossipI absolutely love the premise for this book, the idea that one small act can have life alternating consequences is both fascinating and terrifying Jen is an average woman trying to do her best by her son Charlie and when she tries to do something kind for a stranger one day, she sets of a devastating chain of events I warmed to her straightaway, she was very relatable even if sometimes the choices she made made me want to scream at her But that s the [...]

    19. Finished reading June 25th 2017 How do I prove my innocence, when all this evidence says I m guilty A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and Bookouture in exchange for an honest review Thank you view spoiler Happy publication day I ve been looking forward to read another Tom Bale thriller ever since I finished reading All Fall Down last year, so I was stoked when I heard a new thriller was going to be published What stands out as soon as you start reading the first page is [...]

    20. OMG it s Tom Bale with his latest unputdownable psychological thriller Each Little Lie This is a story you don t want to miss The author pulls you in from the start and weaves an incredible story that will keep you guessing until the very end Yes very time I read one of Tom s book I always say this is his best one yet But this one really is and it is totally different to other books that I have read by the author It is one of those books that really gets inside your head and plays mind games wit [...]

    21. Tom Bale does it again Another unrelentingly suspenseful, fast paced, scary, roller coaster of a tale I couldn t put it down From the first page to the last, packed with twists and revelations, this was an enjoyable adrenaline rush of a novel that I absolutely loved Cannot wait for the next book

    22. One momentary lapse of intelligent decision leads to uncovering of deception and lies This 69 chapter book starts with Jennifer Cornish, a single mother, doing an utterly stupid thing She picks up her neighbour, Alex Wilson s keys, as he rushes out in a hurry, and instead of giving it to the police, decides to write a note for him and stick it, onto the door Unfortunately, with no pen in hand and in a hurry to do a good deed, she uses the keys and trespasses into his home to find paper and pen T [...]

    23. What on earth possesses her to do THAT I mean, seriously, in this day and age why would anyone think that would be a good idea From this point I was then just purely frustrated like when you re watching a really bad horror film and the dumb, gorgeous blonde does EXACTLY what she SHOULDN T damn well do Unfortunately for me, this happens at the beginning of the story and my frustration only grew.My frustration prevented me from engaging with the main characters and the plot Overall, it was okay I [...]

    24. I had really mixed feelings about this book, hence the middle of the road three stars It started out really well, with a fast paced plot that planted lots of seeds of doubt in my mind and left me with a lot of questions I was a little dubious of the plot to begin with, given that the main protagonist, Jen, finds some lost keys and decides to let herself into the owner s house to leave a note now in reality, who would really do that I was able to look past that however as the plot was keeping me [...]

    25. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review I really enjoyed See How They Run and loved All Fall Down and I was a bit disappointed that this book didn t have the same fast paced, catch your breath intensity of those two This book felt very slow and it did not help that I really could have cared less about any of the characters I had a tough time getting through this one.

    26. Once again Tom Bale has gifted his readers with his unique and addictive talent of messing with your head This was a fantastic book I m a long time fan of Tom Bale and as with all his other books this was a compete and utter life pause of a book Once you start to read you re not coming up for air until you have turned the very last page Jen is a single mother, ordinary and real She could be me or you and that s what makes this book so good Jen is so completely believable and likeable as a charac [...]

    27. When Jen Cornish takes action to help out a neighbour who has lost her keys, little does she know that this split second decision will change her life beyond recognition Bale has the ability to make an everyday, mundane event into a terrifying experience, twisting the ordinary into the extraordinary in a way that makes you look again at those little decisions you make in your life In Each Little Lie Bale uses this to its full advantage.Bale s protagonist in Each Little Lie is Jen recently separa [...]

    28. This was just absolutely brilliant Tom keeps up his usual high standard.I found it quite unsettling how easy it was for an innocent woman to end up in so much trouble, with a couple of small manipulations of the truth.I am looking forward to your next book Tom, starring a red haired, slightly nutty lady, being eaten by a sofa

    29. Each Little Lie by Tom Bale.Each Little Lie by Tom Bale is a twisty story of lies and deception Jen is just an ordinary single mom, when suddenly extraordinary things begin happening to her.One day, Jen sees a man drop his keys in the grass just before his ride picks him up Jen grabs the keys and flags the car down, but no avail it was gone And now she is left with the conundrum of what to do with the keys and how to safely get them back to the owner The innocent, though not the brightest, decis [...]

    30. This was my first novel by Tom Bale, but it won t be my last Jen tries to do a good deed, and ends up being charged with a crime that could send her to prison and her young son to her ex and her former father in law An elaborate scheme has Jen unsure whom to trust There is enough doubt and wonder to keep the reader s interest I was given an eARC of this novel from Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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