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Operation Badger #2020

Operation Badger Detective Senior Constable Ben Jackson is handsome kind diligent dedicated and a total mensch He s also as thick as two planks His girlfriend Tammy is clever as anything but sillier than a wet h

  • Title: Operation Badger
  • Author: Tabitha Ormiston-Smith
  • ISBN: 9781370373529
  • Page: 364
  • Format: ebook
  • Operation Badger By Tabitha Ormiston-Smith, Detective Senior Constable Ben Jackson is handsome, kind, diligent, dedicated and a total mensch He s also as thick as two planks.His girlfriend, Tammy, is clever as anything, but sillier than a wet hen.And then there is Tom Tom is a cat.Follow this unlikely crime busting trio as they bucket from one disaster to another.

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      Tabitha Ormiston-Smith

    1 thought on “Operation Badger

    1. It didn t take long before Ormiston Smith became one of my favourite authors She is witty, and her ability to turn the ordinary into something outstanding is becoming legendary I love the way you creates heroes from ordinary, dumb and boring people The way she creates her non human characters tells of her innate knowledge that animals are far superior than us a fact, I believe, many of us are just coming around to.If you want to read a really well written book, then you can t go past Operation [...]

    2. I am in love with Tabitha Ormiston s Smith s books, particularity the Operation Tomcat series They are just too good The relationship between Tammy and Ben is frickin adorable It will make you believe in love again Tom is a sweetheart, but this time, he s in trouble Tammy and Ben lose custody of Tom and Ben gets demoted In order to get custody of Tom back, and to get the promotion Ben needs to be comfortable at his job, Tammy and Ben will need to go on a wild adventure in the Bush This is a fast [...]

    3. I loved how quintessentially Australian this book was The latest in the Operation Tomcat novels was as quirky and off the wall as I was hoping for It wasn t quite as funny or utterly over the top outrageous as the previous one, but it was still highly entertaining Short, sweet, and a humorous read overall just what I was expecting from the book.I received it in exchange for an honest review, and I always smile when reading Tabitha s books.

    4. This is a beautifully written, warm and wonderful story in which Tabitha Ormiston Smith has put the absurdness of life, the need for love and the wonder of the human soul all next to each other on a single slide under the microscope.There are three main characters, Ben the policeman , Tammy hard working writer and Tom the cat The plot is bonkers it has to be the most madly conceived police operation of all time You simply can t take your girlfriend on a police undercover operation, riding throug [...]

    5. An unlikely but amusing little tale of a hapless cop, his feisty girlfriend, a much loved cat, and a drug bust.I hovered between three and four stars for this book In the end I went for four stars, despite the fact that it waffled a bit in places, and contained rather too much domestic detail for my liking Four stars for the flashes of humour, for the cops and the poo, for the bit where Tammy gets lost naked in the bush, for the drugs, for the idyllic caravan scenes and the odd poetic phrase, bu [...]

    6. Ben, Tammy, and your favorite detective cat, Tom, are back in Operation Badger Although we first met them in Operation Tomcat, it is not necessary to have read the earlier books to understand this one.Ben gets in trouble for losing his keys and failing to stop a robbery in a hilarious opening scene As punishment, he is literally sent to work on analyzing poop from sewers for traces of illegal narcotics His annoying bosses at the police station also insist on bringing Tom the cat out of retiremen [...]

    7. This was my favourite of the series so far The innate humour shines through again with its regular laugh out loud moments This time round we see Ben in a proactive role, charged with another original crime to solve Tom is also put back to work by Ben s superior and while he guides Ben to the criminals in his own inimitable style, his dilemma is key to strengthening Tammy Ben s relationship Innovative plots, great humour and believable characters make this series quite addictive I hope there are [...]

    8. Operation Badger is a well written, simple tale of an ordinary couple dealing with the frustrations of life under extraordinary circumstances I particularly liked the idea of Ben proposing a romantic holiday in an old gypsy caravan, while trying to please his over bearing boss in an under cover operation A light hearted, enjoyable week end read.

    9. I am a fan of this entire series It was so great to reacquaint myself with Tammy, Ben, Tom and the T.W.A.T haha best name ever team.Great story, funny and heartwarming Excellent stuff.

    10. I love this series Tabitha Ormiston Smith really seems to enjoy writing it too which really shows in her work The characters are and storyline was enjoyably amusing and we ll written.

    11. I thought it would be of a mystery, it was of a relationship study with a couple and a cat Funny and interesting but could have been better developed.

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