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DMZ, Vol. 6: Blood in the Game #2020

DMZ Vol Blood in the Game The world and characters of the DMZ a futuristic war torn Manhattan are expanded and enriched in this sixth volume of the acclaimed series as journalist Matty Roth The United States has decided to re

  • Title: DMZ, Vol. 6: Blood in the Game
  • Author: Brian Wood Riccardo Burchielli
  • ISBN: 9781401221300
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
  • DMZ, Vol. 6: Blood in the Game By Brian Wood Riccardo Burchielli, The world and characters of the DMZ a futuristic, war torn Manhattan are expanded and enriched in this sixth volume of the acclaimed series as journalist Matty Roth The United States has decided to resume reconciliation talks with the Free States, but a major new player in the Free States political world could destroy any hope of a unified state Matty s relationshiThe world and characters of the DMZ a futuristic, war torn Manhattan are expanded and enriched in this sixth volume of the acclaimed series as journalist Matty Roth The United States has decided to resume reconciliation talks with the Free States, but a major new player in the Free States political world could destroy any hope of a unified state Matty s relationships are strained to the breaking point when he decides to profile the revolutionary leader Delgado and sets in motion a series of events that will alter the course of the Free States forever.

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      119 Brian Wood Riccardo Burchielli
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    1 thought on “DMZ, Vol. 6: Blood in the Game

    1. Meh DMZ continues its downward spiral into creative irrelevance with this volume, which has so much going on it s hard to keep up with Wood is really begin to show flaws in his storytelling, as the long form narrative of DMZ is taking and turns into haphazard storytelling The most obvious indication of this is all the multiple story elements happening in BLOOD IN THE GAME.There was plenty enough story to fill a six issue collection on the strength of the election story alone But Wood chooses t [...]

    2. Really enjoyed this issue, it came back to Matty s POV and added an interesting twist and forward motion to the DMZ world.

    3. I finally feel like Wood s back in the swing of things with this volume At this point, we ve seen 5 straight volumes about the horrors of war and the duplicitous nature of the armies on each side, so it felt like a shift in tone was needed to keep this series going Luckily, Wood achieved that in just the right way.After years of a lawless, violent, kill or be killed status quo in the DMZ, the Free States and the U.S decide it s time Manhattan has a leader one selected by one of them However, a n [...]

    4. Best book of the series so far The US Army and the Free States Army try to force an election on the war torn DMZ and it all looks a little too much like Karzai in Afghanistan until Parco Delgado announces his candidacy for governor of the DMZ A lifetime resident of New York, Delgado espouses some of the most fiery anti imperialist rhetoric I ve ever heard outside of an Immortal Technique record and he seems dead set on setting up his own government regardless of what the USA and FSA have to say [...]

    5. Pre mna neznama poda Je po druhej americkej obcianskej vojne a hlavny hrdina reporter vklzne do bojovej zony, kde sa ma rozhodnut, kto bude NY vladnut USA a rozne korporaty samozrejme nasadzuju svojich kandidatov a snazia sa ovladnut rebeliu Vo vnutri DMZ ale na svetlo sveta prichadza novy kandidat, gangster priamo z NY Zacinaju krvave machinacie okolo volieb na starostu vladcu mesta.Graficky OK, skor dramaticky thriller, nie moja salka kavy Vlastne kavu nepijem.

    6. This one is a tough one to rate, but it may really be the timing of it I d picked this up a couple months ago, promptly cleaned there after and stupidly left it in a drawer which I managed not open until a recent cleaning redux Of course a couple months ago was going to be a perfect time to read the story since it was just about the time the election cycle was really doubling down, and would have tied in perfectly with my own innate fervor over elections.Reading it AFTER the election, AFTER the [...]

    7. This Volume returns to Matty Roth and the big story after Vol 5 covered other characters.This time, it s about an election to put a provisional government in the DMZ Matty is covering the story for Liberty News even though he hates them , and what follows is a very interesting story about a grassroots candidate who very much forces the issue of having himself included on the ballot.Delgado, the man of the people makes an impression on Matty who ends up discovering that he s not as objective as h [...]

    8. Just when I thought I d caught up with everything DMZ, the comic book gods surprise me While standing in front of and perusing the shelves of my local comic book haunt, there lo and behold was volume six a single, lonely copy at that waiting Oh, lucky me This latest trade paperback collects the recent Blood in the Game storyline that weaves together several new plot threads First there is the imminent election of the first leader of the DMZ shades of the recent Iraqi elections post US invasion a [...]

    9. La sexta entrega de DMZ se centra en el intento por parte de los Estados Unidos y los Estados Libres de celebrar unas elecciones que permitan, supuestamente, equilibrar la zona Sin embargo, al inicio de la campa a electoral, al representante de cada ej rcito se le une un nuevo candidato, Delgado que dice representar los verdaderos intereses de los habitantes de la DMZ.En este volumen volvi a sentir que la historia era un poco confusa y dif cil de seguir, por no decir que la aparici n de la madre [...]

    10. Blood in the Game presents what free elections might look like in a war torn occupied city, if that city was New York I think Wood does an excellent job of depicting the tangled web of media, government, and military and their efforts to control democratic elections The wild card Delgado is an interesting addition to what seems to be business as usual concerning the planned outcome to the elections, although you re never really sure what his true intentions are I d definitely be a cynic like Zee [...]

    11. Journalist Matty Roth has been working and living in the DMZ long enough to have become influential both in the DMZ and in the world outside In this latest issue, a cease fire is issued so that an election can get underway Matty is putting his faith in the Delgado Nation, supported by the vast majority of those living in the DMZ Unfortunately, the powers that be are not too keen on seeing Delgado coming into power and efforts are made to silence both the candidate and elections Enter Matty s mot [...]

    12. DMZ gets political than ever when election time is at hand Our protagonist reporter Matt finds himself at odds with the principle of neutrality as one candidate, despite his outrageous populism and emotional rhetoric, awakens surprising hope in him Could this one man make a difference as a governor of an independent demilitarized zone DMZ is always delightfully analytical, fast paced and plausible Blood in the Game delivers on all those accounts The depiction of the campaign Matt follows is gri [...]

    13. DMZ is back on track with the Vol 6 TPB A war time election storyline dominates, with the USA, Free States, and local leader Parco Delgado all vying for votes Matty Roth s dissatisfaction with his role as an impartial, disinterested journalist also comes to the fore As always, Brian Wood explores some interesting stuff here without being too preachy This volume still lacks a certain something that was present in the earlier volumes, but I can t quite articulate what it is helpful, I know.

    14. Unfortunately I m starting to not exactly lose interest in DMZ, but lose a desire to follow it I want to know where this story goes, but the characters are starting to lose my interest Matty is less of a somewhat naive hero and has made several questionable decisions that I couldn t relate to or empathize with His friend girlfriend is as disgusted with him and his choices as I am.It s not that the book isn t raising interesting comparisons, but by following recent history SO closely it doesn t l [...]

    15. Blood in the Game 29 34 This story feels like a real turning point for DMZ Mattie completes his transformation from observer and chronicler to participant though I miss the journalistic focus of the early series already, it was inevitable Also, the DMZ has a chance to, perhaps, come of its own Although this story isn t as explosive as some of the ones that preceded it, you can feel the tension constantly there 7 10

    16. Easily my favorite volume of the series so far Balanced and fascinating in its political implications and bittersweet, when compared to the real world Iran election , this also gave us the strongest sense of Matty s family, which in turn helps to better define who he is as a character I found Parco Delgado, the DMZ resident campaigning to lead his brethren, endlessly compelling, and the ending was both surprising and perfect Wonderful work I can t wait until the next trade is released.

    17. the plot of DMZ gets back on track with this wicked volume of a war time election all of the various parties are vying for power in ways they know how violence, intrigue, and sheer power a candidate, seemingly of the people, gains public approval and thereby power through it all, Matty navigates being various people s pawn to try to do what s right for the people of the DMZ fast paced and interesting with the promise of a completely different kind of world in the next volume.

    18. This is well done hopefully Wood can carry through with the premise of free elections and the types of leaders they throw up and how they even get a look in in the subsequesnt volumes.Again like Volume 4, Wood is able to bring home the genuine horrors of war and rebuilding society that goes on in countries other than our own This is sharp satire political commentary it would make for some very uncomfortable TV After my holiday I will get on to Volumes 7 8.

    19. politics is war I hate politics An election in a war zone, what kind of hell would that be And what if the absolute underdog appears to be leading the polls This comic is written so well that it is as if Brian Wood has lived it Another great DMZ trade Oh yeah, and the art is superb

    20. This was okay Matty gets involved with a revolutionary running for leader of New York, in opposition to the candidates put up by the Powers That Be Will Matty compromise his journalistic integrity How embarrassing is his visiting mother going to be It s competently done, but not terribly compelling.

    21. This is an excellent series about a second American Civil War taking place in modern times with New York City as the battleground It was a bit disturbing at times because I could envision this happening in the not so distant future Highly recommended, but one should starting reading this series with Volume 1.

    22. I think the quality of the volumes is roughly the same, but I m not gonna lie part of my delight in reading the first three volumes was in getting to know this strange new New York, and when the exploring ends, and nothing is left but heavy handed political tales Frankly, I don t think the story arcs are long enough to allow for a nuanced social commentary.

    23. A great story, brilliant dialogue, badass characters, and the most consistent art I ve seen since issue one There s no guest artists and whether he s showing us a summer block party or a corpse in the morgue the quality of Burchielli s gritty, visceral illustrations doesn t slack once the whole way though.

    24. And here s where it stopped being excellent When Parco Delgado came along, DMZ changed Matty s not about reporting any He s just another player And one who s stupider than everyone else Yawn.

    25. The DMZ series gets even interesting as a local activist named Parco Delgado gets elected as the head of the Manhattan provisional government much to the chagrin of the U.S and the sinister mercenary corporation, Trustwell Disturbing but enthralling one volume to go.

    26. DMZ rolls on, this time with politics and a war time election thrown into the mix Matty Roth finds himself in new territory as he gets involved with one of the campaigns Another excellent entry in this engaging saga.

    27. I d score this higher if I liked the art I find it too ugly I m not saying it s bad, the people are probably supposed to be ugly Anyway, an ok story and progression for the series I m curious to see where it goes from here.

    28. DMZ takes an interesting turn, moving towards politics and finally taking us uptown While not my favorite of the series the peerless Vol 4 Friendly Fire , I found myself once again caught up in the gut renching world of NYC in the second American civil war.

    29. Although very enjoyable, it is not my favorite of the DMZ trades that I have read so far This volume of DMZ centers around the political juxtaposition of Manhattan and the people s rise to power over the governments that fight around them.

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