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Dark Cities Underground #2020

Dark Cities Underground Lisa Goldstein has published eight novels including the recent Walking the Labyrinth Her novel The Red Magician won the American Book Award for Best Paperback She has also published a short story col

  • Title: Dark Cities Underground
  • Author: Lisa Goldstein
  • ISBN: 9780312868277
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dark Cities Underground By Lisa Goldstein, Lisa Goldstein has published eight novels, including the recent Walking the Labyrinth Her novel The Red Magician won the American Book Award for Best Paperback She has also published a short story collection, Travellers in Magic, and numerous short stories Her novels and short stories have been finalists for the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy awards She has given usLisa Goldstein has published eight novels, including the recent Walking the Labyrinth Her novel The Red Magician won the American Book Award for Best Paperback She has also published a short story collection, Travellers in Magic, and numerous short stories Her novels and short stories have been finalists for the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy awards She has given us the kind of magic and adventure that once upon a time made us look for secret panels in the walls of wardrobes, or brush our teeth with a book held in front of our eyes, because we couldn t bear to put it down, said The New Yorker.In her most ambitious novel yet, Lisa Goldstein tells the story of Ruthie, a young journalist sent to interview Jerry, an older man who as a child was the central character of a series of classic childrens books written by his mother, the Adventures of Jeremy in Neverwas But Jerry s scary fantastic world is real and sucks them in to strange adventures underground, where love and death threaten.

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    1 thought on “Dark Cities Underground

    1. Sombres cit s souterraines est un roman qui m a laiss perplexe Il y a plein de bonnes id es dedans, un univers assez riche qui m a un peu rappel American gods, toute proportions gard es et de quoi faire une histoire palpitante.Or, ce n a t qu en partie le cas pour moi Le livre n est certes pas rat , mais m a laiss un sentiment de trop peu et d une fin un peu trop brusque, surtout compar e la lente mise en place pr alable.Et donc, apr s ce long pr ambule, de quoi est ce qu on cause Le roman repos [...]

    2. As a conspiracy theory, Lisa Goldstein s attempt to link Egyptian mythology to world subway systems, Victorian archaeology, children s fantasy literature, and thought control is a goldmine of weird tin foil hat spooky good stuff As a literary fantasy, however, Dark Cities Underground is a bit of a mess Despite an engaging premise, her characters never really connect with each other or their audience they seemingly are stuck in the very archetypal ruts they fear from their repeated visits to the [...]

    3. I don t think I was in the right mood to read this book Objectively, I think it s very good, but it felt like Tim Powers lite which is probably unfair to it The blend of mythologies, the child stumbling on an archetypal space and witnessing the events of the Osiris myth playing out, give it a mystical feel that s well balanced by the semi mundane war between the builders of the London Underground It made me want to go there just to see how the reality matches up with the fiction.

    4. Goldstein s books seem to be kind of hit or miss This one s a little of both It s an urban fantasy novel about Ruthie, a journalist, and Jerry, the son of a famous children s author, who discover that Neverwas, the world of the books, is actually real It s the Nether Lands, an underground place of myth and archetypes which in the modern era has become connected to the world s subway systems It s actually a pretty neat idea, and I particularly liked the way that Goldstein focuses on Egyptian myth [...]

    5. This was a great book imaginative, well written, and well plotted My only complaint is that the dialogue between characters doesn t ring quite true.

    6. Update lecture youtube watch v ieUMQUn voyage envo tant m lant monde moderne, mythologie gyptienne et contes pour enfants Une histoire qui casse les barri res entre les mythes, les civilisations et le cadre spatio temporel pour vous transporter au gr s des p r grinations des personnages.Je suis une grande amatrice de mythologies antiques donc ce c t l m a norm ment parl mais il y avait aussi l intelligence avec laquelle l auteure a pu lier tous ces contes pour enfants avec la mythologie pour en [...]

    7. J ai beaucoup aim toutes les allusions la litt rature jeunesse classique, ainsi que la mythologie cr e et emprunt pour l histoire.Par contre, les personnages taient un peu plats mon go t.

    8. The one where young Jeremy Jones used to tell his mother stories of the world he found when he went through the door in the tree, and she wrote them up into bestselling books Now he s grown up, and the world on the other side of the door is real and out to get him.The first half of the book spends time in the real world than in the fantastic one, and it s tell y, boring, and deeply improbable The fantastic creature comes to the lawyer and says, Do this for us and we ll bring your dead husband b [...]

    9. Lisa Goldstein has long been on the list of writers I thought I should read something by sometime, and now she s on the list of writers I want to read everything by.The set up for Dark Cities Underground reads like something from the manual of how to write a novel that appeals to me Ruthie Berry is writing a book about the author of a beloved series of children s stories a la Barrie, Milne, Lewis, Grahame, et al She manages to get an interview with the reclusive author s son, Jerry, the template [...]

    10. Really, really great ideas in this book not great execution I love the idea that many of the great children s stories, like Alice s Adventures in Wonderland and Peter Pan , were told to adults by children that had experienced these magical tales first hand This basically is able to link several childhood and adulthood favorites to experiences had in the Dark Cities Underground or Neverwas.I didn t like the adult protaganists at all, and unfortunately, most of the book is spent with them in the r [...]

    11. Amazing Combines Egyptian myth of the Underworld with a secret underground subway system around the world Children over time have slipped into this world and brought back their own stories, which then became The Hobbit, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan, just to name a few classics But the stories are all true A wonderful concept I have never read another book like it, but if I had to describe her story it would be like Neil Gaiman meets Tolkien meets Kelly Link I think the Endictott Studio and [...]

    12. If you ever read the Chronicles of Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, or Peter Pan and searched for magical lands in wardrobes as a child, you will probably enjoy this book In Dark Cities Underground, E A Jones wrote a series of books about a boy who travels into the realm of Neverwas However, when Ruth Berry begins her research for a book about this famous author, she discovers that the adventures were based off stories her son, Jeremy, told her as a child Stories that were than the imagination of a [...]

    13. Really of a 3.5 star I loved the idea of mythic characters and themes replaying themselves in the underworld of the subway system, and Egyptian myths were fun to read about, especially since they are often a tad neglected in pop literature for their popular Greek and Norse cousins yes, I m complicit in this phenomenon The story worked best when it was focused on Jerry and his realizations of his past Ruthie was an okay character, but I didn t feel she was as fleshed out as she could ve been I [...]

    14. A good read, not a barn burner, but enjoyable A teeny bit Narnia ish but not quite More like Neverwhen in that regard Modern fantasy, a bit like American Gods.Okay, wait, Lisa Goldstein is not as far as I can tell a Gaiman ripoff Don t think that.It s a POV jumper, but there are two major protagonists One is the son of a writer who uses his nightmares of adventures in an underhill type parallel realm to write books and get rich He s angsty The other is a single mother writer trying to get him to [...]

    15. Jerry Jones, hero of his mother s fantasy novels about a young lad s adventures in the mythical land of Neverwas, only wants to forget his unhappy past and live in anonymity But when two other lost souls with unexpected ties to Neverwas invade his lonely existence, all three of them must confront their inner demons as well as the dangerous denizens of the world below.This was a re read I remembered loving it years ago, and it did not disappoint Its unexpected mixture of myth and modernity, and i [...]

    16. When Jerry was a child, his mother wrote a bestselling series of books based on stories he told her Now, as an adult, he is estranged from her, feeling she stole his childhood Yet when strange people start popping up in his life, he begins to realize that the stories he told his mother may have been trueThis is an appealing, entertaining novel that, like Neil Gaiman s Neverwhere, makes use of the London Underground as a setting Goldstein does some really unique things with folklore and mythology [...]

    17. I really wanted to like this book Urban fantasy featuring subterranean exploration of abandoned subway stations is my favorite subsubsubgenre ever Sadly, something about it just felt very flat to me The main characters seemed lacking in dimensionality in a way that would be fine if they were kids, but seems inexplicable in adults The villains were almost comic in a kind of Dahl esque way, but it felt like they were supposed to be taken seriously The whole thing actually felt like YA that had bee [...]

    18. This is a fun story that links together all the fairy tale ideas of a wonderland What if the reason there are all these stories of Never Never Land, Wonderland, Underhill, and Egyptian afterlife were based on truth that there really is a magical world that children can visit, usually on accident.The idea is neat, but the story takes a turn for the weird The writing is a little dull and repetitive.

    19. this would be about ten times better as a kids or YA novel the adventure mystery storyline was sort of cool but the adult stuff like parenthood and romance rang false and so did all the adult characters Gilly the little girl should have been the protagonist, basically also the stuff about people becoming archetypes is really embarrassing, like an internet personality quiz, which archetype are you , oh geez.

    20. Lots of interesting ideas and very well written I was quite drawn into the story, which melds various works from British kid literature, elements of Egyptian mythology and steampunk Where it fell flat for me was, like The Alchemist s Door, the characters and the sheer number of ideas, which needed a much larger playing field than the length of this novel Definitely worth reading if you re looking for a truly unusual fantasy.

    21. Reads like a series of notes for what could have been a much interesting magical realism urban fantasy tale Characters are pretty forgettable and few speak with any sense of authenticity It reads quickly but I don t think I ll be keeping this one on my shelf.

    22. I don t like her short work, and The Tourists was only okay, but this book is basically a clasic of the contemporary urban under world genre It pops up in connection with Mieville and Gaiman constantly, so I need to track it down.

    23. A fun fantasy read about the underworld of subway systems Nice tie in with Egyptian mythology I realized on about chapter 2 that I had read this one before Probably when it first came out Still as good as the first time around.

    24. This was an interesting read thought it dragged a little in places for me Nice twist on the Egyptian mythology.

    25. This was a lot of fun I like the recent Lisa Goldstein books a bit better, but that s a good thing Things should improve with age Or something.

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