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Sir Princess Petra's Talent #2020

Sir Princess Petra s Talent Book in the international multi award winning children s fantasy adventure series with book club recommendations for children s fantasy Sir Princess Petra has already proven she is a kind and noble

  • Title: Sir Princess Petra's Talent
  • Author: Diane Mae Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780995248250
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sir Princess Petra's Talent By Diane Mae Robinson, Book 2 in the international multi award winning children s fantasy adventure series with book club recommendations for children s fantasy Sir Princess Petra has already proven she is a kind and noble knight This, however, does not please the king and queen they want her to behave like a princess and forget thissilly knight nonsense of hers But when the king writes aBook 2 in the international multi award winning children s fantasy adventure series with book club recommendations for children s fantasy Sir Princess Petra has already proven she is a kind and noble knight This, however, does not please the king and queen they want her to behave like a princess and forget thissilly knight nonsense of hers But when the king writes a new rule in the royal rule book that requires her to attend Talent School and acquire a princess talent certificate or suffer the spell of the royal magician, Petra, reluctantly, agrees to go But who could have guessed what Sir Princess Petra s Talent would be

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    1. We journey back to the land of Pen Pieyu, with the delightful Sir Princess Petra I really like that Ms Robinson took the time to familiarise a new reader with Petra s antics from book 1.There have been many celebrations since Petra s momentous taming the fire breathing dragon Snarls, who subsequently has become the Royal Barbeque expert I love it he he But once again our brave Petra finds herself up against the Royal Rule Book The kind and queen in a desperate attempt to rid their young princess [...]

    2. Sir Princess Petra s Talent is book two in the Pen Pieyu Adventures and is about a nine year old princess who has worked to become a knight of her kingdom despite the fact that her conservative parents would rather her be a proper princess In this story the King has written a rule that in order to keep her knighthood she must journey to Talent School and get a certificate in a proper princess talent.She and her royal steed, the dragon Snarls, set off for Talent School and along the way meet Pri [...]

    3. Sir Princess Petra s Talent is original, kinda quirky and plenty of fun.The first thing I have to say about this book is that it looks awesome I loved the fantastic illustrations scattered throughout, and title chapter fonts and the typeface They all look brilliant and work so well together The book s styling is definitely spot on.The next thing I want to say about this book is that it was awesome I m not normally a Princessy story kinda guy, but I have to say that this one was rather cool.Princ [...]

    4. In book two you soon find Sir Princess Petra facing another dilemma Her father conjures up rules about what she must do in attempts to steer her from being a knight But with all the grace this lady has she owns the charge and discovers so much Robinson has once again beautifully written a story of a bravery, friendship, honor, trust and truth Children will learn many lessons from this story and not just about onions I believe this story would be amazing for ages 5 12 easily, even some older ma [...]

    5. Excellent story full of lifelike characters, fun and adventuresFirst of all, this book comes with a synopsis of the first book of the series, for the lazy ones out there who prefer skimming to reading, that is But why would you want to skim with this series Unless you are idiot, you d be kicking yourself if you don t read them all This particular book reminds me a lot of the childhood stories of kings, queens and princesses I used to read years ago This book is however suitable not just for kids [...]

    6. This time I am very glad to speak about a children s book This work is suitable for children aged 7 12 years That is a fairy tale enriched with magical words Its title is Sir Princess Petra s Talent s and its author is Diane Mae Robinson, an established and rewarded writer of Children s books and a writing instructor at the Creative Writing Institute.The book I am reviewing is the second episode of The Pen Piery Adventures, a series set in the reign inhabited by the little, brave Princess Petra, [...]

    7. Sir Princess Petra s Talent by Diane Robinson is a fun fantasy about girl empowerment The second title in The Pen Pieyu Adventures Series, it features a royal family, a dragon, a bog witch, a reluctant suitor, and some unusual attackers At just under one hundred pages, and with larger print, this chapter book is sure to entice even reluctant readers.Girl empowerment stories have been around for a long time but they never grow old Especially if they have creative twists The concept of a princess [...]

    8. This is the second book in The Pen Pieyu adventure series The author provides a synopsis of Book One to get all readers up to speed though the book can stand on its own Sir Princess Petra is no ordinary princess she is spirited, stubborn, sensitive, and devoted to her friends and subjects In the last book, the reader met a nine year old girl who was determined to become the first knight in her magical kingdom Petra achieved knighthood by slaying the howling dragon named Snarls in a series of adv [...]

    9. This was my second experience of Sir Princess Petra and I had enjoyed reading about this princess who would rather be a knight The class of children I had read this too loved the book too So when I was offered the chance to be part of the blog tour for book 2 I jumped at the chance This begins with a brief explanation of who princess Petra is, I feel this is useful as the children I was reading the book too were able to be reminded of her previous adventure As well as children who had not heard [...]

    10. Sir Princess Petra s Talent The author, Diane Mae Robinson, an award winning writer of children s books, is also a writing instructor for the Creative Writing Institute This book opens with a synopsis of the first Princess Petra book, wherein the nine year old Petra won the title of royal knight after hushing the howling dragon Snarls, who becomes her steed Alas, in this second tale, the King expects Sir Princess Petra to behave like a girl, not a knight, and conspires to marry her off to anothe [...]

    11. Prince Nastybun removed his purple, knitted gloves and looked to be in a huff Are you not the princess royal knight Canadian author Diane Mae Robinson freely states My mission in life is to inspire children to believe in the magic within themselves, to become heroes, and to accomplish great things and to that end she is proceeding with her series of richly detailed imaginative fantasies focusing on a young princess who feels the need to be a knight thus the perhaps confusing title of Sir Princes [...]

    12. I want to first say that I adore the cover of this book And the black and white illustrations inside the book are even better, I think I just love them The illustrations capture so beautifully the indomitable spirit of Sir Princess Petra And the characters she meets throughout the book are hilarious in prose, but the illustrations take them to another level altogether This is the second installment in the Pen Pieyu Adventures Like the first one, it is full of silliness and hilarity and continues [...]

    13. My daughter 10 and I reviewed this book for Mother Daughter Book Reviews Here are some of our thoughts For the full review, please visit our website.DAUGHTER SAYS This story is about a Princess Knight named Petra who goes to a Talent School because her parents are trying to make her like a real girlie princess I like that there are pictures in the book and I think they were good and cool I really like the one of where Bograt is being knighted Petra is an interesting character and she tells good [...]

    14. I was given the opportunity to read this wonderful little book before the actual release date of September 24 It is the second in this particular series The first book was Sir Princess Petra and describes exactly how and why Petra wanted to become a noble knight A great little book to read and probably should be read before Sir Princess Petra s Talent so you can understand some of the characters and who and what and why.Now, back to my review of Sir Princess Petra s Talent This is absolutely one [...]

    15. Who could have guessed indeed But let me tell you readers, it is a talent that blossoms into something beautifully unexpected and impresses even her own skeptical parents, not an easy feat to say the least.Now, you read the title section correctlyis is BOOK TWO in a planned THREE book or series No, I have NOT read book one but I plan on it In fact, I have it on order at my local bookstore right now so soon I shall be enthralled with little Petra s first adventure and see just how she gained the [...]

    16. Reviewed by Julia for Readers Favorite.Sir Princess Petra s Talent is the second instalment in Diane Mae Robinson s illustrated series, The Pen Pieyu Adventures This book includes a synopsis of the first, in which Princess Petra became Pen Pieyu s only knight so far much to the dismay of her mother and father, the King and Queen and obtained a pet dragon with a penchant for barbeque The new tale describes the King s attempt to thwart Petra s knightliness by requiring her to acquire a Princess li [...]

    17. Petra Longstride, princess of Pen Pieyu, the kingdom s only princess knight and the only actual knight , is angry Her father, King Longstride, has made a new rule in the Royal Rulebook, one which states that all princesses in the Kingdom must go to a Talent School and get a certificate Why can t Petra s parents just let her be a knightly princess, instead of a girly princess Instead she has to go to talent school and figure out what talent she has.This is a great sequel to Sir Princess Petra The [...]

    18. This takes off where the first book, SIR PRINCESS PETRA, leaves off Diana starts this book with a quick summary to refresh the reader s memory, which was really helpful thank you Still, I recommend reading SIR PRINCESS PETRA first Although both books can stand alone, I would have felt like I was missing something on some of the characters without already having the chance to have gotten to know them a little.Princess Petra is simply a cute character She s a head strong little girl, who knows wha [...]

    19. King Longstride has decided that Sir Princess Petra must go to Talent School to gain a princess Talent or risk losing her knighthood She chooses to go to Writing School, which is about as un princess as she can get On her way home to Pen Pieyu, She finds out about a new knight and makes a bunch of new friends The title screams Girly , but even though I am a boy, I liked it.2016 RubricReadability 5 The story was easy follow and quite enjoyable I really loved the poem and Nana Longstride s Story.A [...]

    20. Story Within a StoryI have given a well deserved five stars to Diane Mae Robinson s delightful tale Sir Princess Petra s Talent But if I had the good fortune to live in her uniquely nutty fantasy world I would be allowed to give it the praise it truly deserves five onions, fresh from the Royal Onion Room.I ve read all the wonderful reviews previously written for this series, The Pen Pieyu Adventures Clearly, the author has a deft hand when it comes to exploiting the imagination Within only a cou [...]

    21. This is my first experience with Sir Princess Petra, and I only wish my daughter was young enough to enjoy this book I would recommend this book for about second to third grade good for parent to read to younger children I felt like I was reading about a girl so similar to my daughter it was scary My daughter was a tomboy, and that seems to be who Sir Princess Petra is as well much to the chagrin of her parents.Although I had not read the first book in the series, I had no problem jumping right [...]

    22. When Petra, a precocious young princess, earns her knighthood, her father the king is not at all pleased In order to prepare his daughter to one day become a suitable queen, he insists she attend talent school where she will learn to behave like a proper princess.Armed with her quick wit, and a fierce determination, Princess Petra sets off to earn a talent As she journeys to talent school, traveling with her trusty dragon, Snarls, she acquires new friends along the way Together, Princess Petra s [...]

    23. I was given a copy of this book for an honest review.This was the first time I d read about Princess Petra but the beginning of the book has a prologue that gave background information and explained how Princess Petra became a knight so, although I hadn t read the first book, I had no problem getting caught up.What an adventure This would be a fun book to read aloud to children The descriptions of all of the characters are colorful and would be good for helping children to use their imaginations [...]

    24. Sir Princess Petra s Talent is an unusual princess, which doesn t not please her parents, the King and Queen, one bit The King has come up with a plan He is sending Princess Petra to get her Talent Certificate in an activity that is fitting to a princess than the knighthood she has chosen After an exasperating battle of wills, Princess Petra sets out on an adventure to discover her talent, one that will surprise everyone Sir Princess Petra s Talent is a whimsical tale and the lighthearted, but [...]

    25. And, The Pen Pieyu Adventures continue on In book two of this delightful children s series, Sir Princess Petra must find a talent worthy of her princess status Although I did not read book one in this series, I was generally able to easily follow along with where the original story had left off The author does a great job of making each character unique and memorable I enjoyed the spirit of adventure and ingenuity this fantasy tale displayed and the subtle life lessons included of following the [...]

    26. Sir Princess Petra s Talent is the second book in The Pen Pieyu Adventures series Although I had not read the first book in the series, the beginning of the second book has a prologue that gave background information and explained how Princess Petra became a knight so, I had no problem getting caught up and didn t feel lost Petra is a strong role model for young girls In Sir Princess Petra s Talent, Petra is being sent to talent school by her parents, the king and queen She is not happy about th [...]

    27. Another humorous romp through the world of Pen Pieyu has left me laughing and loving these amusing characters and their bold, morally directed adventures I wasn t sure what to expect from this second story, as the first had set a rather high bar, and I didn t know whether the humor and insightful writing could continue as the world continued to expand, but I should have had faith in Robinson Not only does this book take many of the best and most memorable elements from the first book, but also [...]

    28. Princess Petra is a charming and fun adventure with a fascinating princess Having recently taught a course on fairy tales as well as read the popular, Ella Enchanted, I ve been drawn to princesses who find adventure and show their personality Princess Petra certainly gives the reader that spunk and excitement when creating her own path at Talent School Even so, I enjoyed the details like almost Dickensian names, the royal magician, plot twists, along with the adventure.Many young readers, boys [...]

    29. This is the 2nd book in The Pen Pieyu Adventures I loved the first book and the 2nd book exceeded my expectations Sometimes with series, the subsequent books are never quite as good as the first book That s not the case here Sir Princess Petra s Talent has stepped it up a notch by adding details about the main character and returning characters, and introducing new characters that are just as much fun The adventures in this book are just as humorous if not so as the first book The characters r [...]

    30. This book continues Sir Princess Petra s adventure as the first ever knight in the kingdom of Pen Pieyu Petra s parents are now requiring her to go to talent school and get a certification to become a well rounded princess for her country I thoroughly enjoyed this story just as much as the first book in the series We get the opportunity of following the great characters from the first book and a new fun and unique character in this book and Ms Robinson doesn t disappoint The story line if catchi [...]

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