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Breaking Rank #2020

Breaking Rank Thus does the Clan speakTo Baby the outside world is a cold and lonely place The silent enigmatic group that calls itself the Clan is his home and he has been scorned and feared by classmates and n

  • Title: Breaking Rank
  • Author: Kristen D. Randle
  • ISBN: 9780380732814
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • Breaking Rank By Kristen D. Randle, Thus does the Clan speakTo Baby, the outside world is a cold and lonely place The silent, enigmatic group that calls itself the Clan is his home, and he has been scorned and feared by classmates and neighbors Like the rest of the Clan, he has never before participated in school It s up to Casey to see to it that Baby isn t alone when he s the only Clan member to be placThus does the Clan speakTo Baby, the outside world is a cold and lonely place The silent, enigmatic group that calls itself the Clan is his home, and he has been scorned and feared by classmates and neighbors Like the rest of the Clan, he has never before participated in school It s up to Casey to see to it that Baby isn t alone when he s the only Clan member to be placed in honors classes But what Baby is doing threatens Clan and non Clan alike, and it isn t long before Baby s and Casey s familiar worlds are shattered.

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      359 Kristen D. Randle
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    1. Randle s 1999 YA novel echoes Romeo and Juliet and eternal war between the clans Baby Thomas Fairbairn and Casey Willardson are linked at school, she as his peer tutor Baby belongs to The Clan, a group of young men who shun contact with normal society for reasons social, economic and philosophical The Clan is divided into groups of masters and apprentices All learn by reading and doing they are self taught Dressed in black, with identifying braids and beads and bracelets, they are polite and rem [...]

    2. Breaking RankBreaking Rank is a very exciting and interesting book, it features problems teenagers might struggle everyday such as peer pressure, choices, trust, and many others Peer pressure and choices is strongly emphasized in the book as the main protagonist Thomas Fairbairn, a junior member of the group called the Clan indirectly brainwashes Thomas with philosophies that you don t need school or people s support to become successful As Thomas follows the Clan s beliefs and falls behind the [...]

    3. As seen at bookwormwisdom I started reading this book for English class, but I finished it way before I had to This book is amazing it pulls you right in The main idea behind the story is that Baby Brother Baby is in a group called the Clan The Clan never participates in any school work, and barely attends enough to keep out of truancy court But Baby takes tests that show that he should be in honors classes In order to bring him up to speed, a teacher assigns his tutor to be a girl named Casey, [...]

    4. Thomas Baby Fairbairn is a member of The Clan, a group started by his older brother Lenny and two of his friends The Clan is not violent or thieves or drug addicts, they are simply a subculture that doesn t believe in the school system They know they have to go, but they are silent nonparticipants Until Baby scores high on a test and suddenly Mr Hall, the principal, is convincing Casey to tutor Baby so that they can sign him up for honors classes But trouble ensues The Clan sees Baby as trying t [...]

    5. This is really a West Side Story kind of story, but without the dancing And is a LOT like her book On the Side of the Angels Though I read most of the book with my stomach tied in knots, afraid something awful was going to happen I enjoyed it, but I probably would have enjoyed it 10 years ago Sometimes teenagers are just so annoying, you know And I wish that Casey had told Baby how stupid the Clan was That she had been able to convince him that while the idea was an ok one, the execution was ho [...]

    6. Breaking Rank is a story about a boy who meets a girl Thomas Fairbairne is a member of a pseudo gang called the Clan Clan members dress in all black, they don t speak during school, and don t apply themselves in classes at all The Clan, however, is not involved in any crime Some school teachers were concerned about the Clan, and when Thomas Fairbairn shows some promise, they put him in Honors classes and give him a tutor Thomas s tutor is a girl named Casey I bet you can predict what s going to [...]

    7. Love this book I love a good teen drama I love the way she builds her characters and puts you in their minds and thoughts These are the kind of characters that stay with you long after the book is over I own this book now and just finished reading it again The complexity of the story and the description of the world they live in come alive in her books You feel there pain and their joy in everything they go threw Few authors I have read can hold me like Randle I love everything she writes Randle [...]

    8. Started this this week Seems well written and controversial story about a group of high school students who simply attend and ignore authority, intimidating the rank and file by simply staying silent and close, The Clan The protagonist breaks rank by taking honors classes and applying himself Cool concept, but troubles ahead Finished the read this morning and found it good, til the end Baby, aka Thomas Fairbairn, falls for his assigned tutor and ends up beaten by jealous jocks in January He is n [...]

    9. This novel deals with tough choices a boy brought up by his older brother in a gang like clan of young men who don t do school allows himself to be put in an AP track because of his high test scores His tutor is a nice girl who comes from an upper middle class home and conventional family Little by little she gets through his defenses However, the jocks don t allow him to enjoy life, beating up on him and harassing him The climax comes in a violent confrontation between clan and jocks Language a [...]

    10. This was a pretty good book, but I felt it was very predictable I did not really like either of the main characters, which really hurts liking a story I thought the idea of the separate society was interesting, but not very well explained The problems were resolved way too easily to really be believable And I really, really hated how preachy she seemed to be about sex.I do like how she tries to get into her character s heads, but thought this book felt rushed and unfinished If you want to read a [...]

    11. I am currently on chapter 4 which is page 54 So far the book is ok The main character is Baby He is part of this Clan who everyone hates They do literly nothing don t talk, work, or show any life in school They only talk amongst themselves out of school The principal of the school, assigned Casey, a good student is going to be Baby s mentor to become a good student Baby took a test that no other clan member took and got 100 percent on it The principal was empressed and believes he can make Baby [...]

    12. A teenage girl becomes the student mentor tutor for a boy who is part of a gang, or rather, the Clan She befriends this outcast boy through her associations with him at school and as she helps him with his homework The thing is, he isn t brainless and classless He is just with the wrong crowd.This was one of the weirdest books I have ever read It depicts a regular girl trying to fix a broken teen boy The book covers topics such as standing up for virginity, deceit, and befriending an outcast It [...]

    13. Started out a bit confusing not knowing who was who or what the clan was But once I sorted that out I liked it Some ideals I agree with It started to fall short though A lot of build up to not such an interesting ending Weird thing My kindle had the print really really small I couldn t read it without hurting my eyes I changed my settings so I could read it but now have to change it all back since all the other books now have ginormous print.

    14. I put YA with a disclaimer that it may be better for youth older than 16 That s my opinion, anyhow I really do love Kristen Randle s books She writes about real issues that teens may have to face and conquer I am always pleased that her heroes heroines make the right choices in the end, even if they mess up they resolve the issues They are great books for giving examples of what you can do when you have been, or are going through similar situations.

    15. My roommate s mom wrote this book It was interesting It isn t fantasy or sf my usual genre It is a about a boy everyone calles Baby who runs with a gang, but not a real gang They just have mentors who teach them so they ignore their classes at school Well Baby decides to take a test which catapults him into advance classes He also gets a tutor a little mormon girl It was all very strange.

    16. I was recommended this book by one of my friends, she d been going on and on about it for days And after having read it, I can say that I wasn t impressed It s another run of the mill Romeo and Juliet rip off While some of the situations that happened throughout the book were kind of interesting it just didn t hold anything for me I definitely like Randle s other works much .

    17. I really like her writing She can get me hooked and I seem to read her books fast I may have liked The Only Alien a little better, but this was still great I love the way she handles day to day teenage struggles in this book and makes you think a little bit about the way you perceive judge people This would be a good one for older teenage girls, and adults.

    18. this show how peer pressure affects who we are as a person, some times like the main character we do all that we see other around us do, we dont have to be how everyone wants us to be when i read this book i really connected to it because this piece because i been to much under peer pressure by two sources family and friends.

    19. I would have given this book 4 stars because it is really good, but I have been reading all of Kristen Randle s books and liked others than it Still I like the way all of her books revolve around LDS girls and there is a scene in here that could have been taken from my own life, very interesting.

    20. Probably one of my all time favourite books I ve read it a million times in past 10yrs It s an excellent story of fearing what you don t know and coming to realise what you thought was all wrong.

    21. A young man belongs to a gang cult that controls pretty much everything he does He becomes friends with a girl in his school and finds himself wanting to break away from this group, but he s afraid to.

    22. From this book I have learned three things One, study hard Two, keep your family close Three, follow your dreams and plans and not one of your parents, siblings, cult members, or friends.

    23. Randle s The Only Alien on the Planet was better, but this book still has a lot of merit, and was able to grip and move me to tears despite the flaws.

    24. Kristen Randle knows how to get inside her characters and how to take the reader along Insightful, surprisingly excellent read.

    25. This book reminded me a lot of reading the Outsiders Okay but it s not a book I would recommend to anyone Just a mediocre work nothing to rave over.

    26. I thoroughly enjoyed this book It was a wonderful mixture of family dynamics and growing pains and teen romance Moral dilemmas, personal conflicts, and becoming oneself apart from the crowd.

    27. Good story about conflicting loyalties, conflicting tribes and how we have to choose our identities and how we ll relate to our tribe.

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