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Red Hot Reunion #2020

Red Hot Reunion When their entire relationship is a lie how can their love be real Hope Mathison s ten year high school reunion is approaching and she s dying to show everyone she s no longer the poor overweight g

  • Title: Red Hot Reunion
  • Author: Beth Hale
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Red Hot Reunion By Beth Hale, When their entire relationship is a lie, how can their love be real Hope Mathison s ten year high school reunion is approaching, and she s dying to show everyone she s no longer the poor, overweight girl from the trailer park She s not only lost the weight that made her so self conscious for years but even started her own successful business as a software developer HopeWhen their entire relationship is a lie, how can their love be real Hope Mathison s ten year high school reunion is approaching, and she s dying to show everyone she s no longer the poor, overweight girl from the trailer park She s not only lost the weight that made her so self conscious for years but even started her own successful business as a software developer Hope s plan to show her former bullies that she s overcome the adversity of her home life and the hell they caused her for four long years has one little snag she s still single Her best friend, Marion, has a solution though Hope will attend a hot fireman auction and buy herself a date for the reunion But Hope never expected the hottest fireman at the auction to be Flynn Eaves, a former high school classmate Surprisingly, Flynn not only agrees to pretend to be her boyfriend for the reunion, but asks for a favor in return that she pretend to be his girlfriend for his cousin s wedding As they create a fake relationship to fool old classmates and family members, they discover a real attraction brewing, one he wants to pursue, but the insecurities of Hope s past might just cost her the one thing she s always wanted most to be loved for who she is, even if, at heart, she ll always be that overweight girl from the trailer park But can she trust Flynn when their relationship was built on a lie Or will the insecurities of her past tear them apart

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      407 Beth Hale
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    1 thought on “Red Hot Reunion

    1. This is a sweet story that is quite enjoyable The characters are interesting, a little quirky, and believable This is a fast paced story that is worth reading I received a copy of this book from the author, my review has been voluntarily submitted.

    2. Beth Hale has done it again She has created an awesome romantic story with steam, passion, and a story line that I found quite fun Who hasn t been willing to do almost anything to avoid a hurtful past Especially when you are talking a class reunion when high school was emotionally painful Would you go to your 10th reunion Well maybe with a gorgeous fireman who was also a student at the same high school Maaaybbeee Okay that makes it a little plausible That is just what Hope Mathison does with Fl [...]

    3. What a sweet and inspiring story I really can t praise Ms Hale enough for introducing me to such real and relatable characters who don t even come across as characters but rather than real people with their doubts, shortcomings, desires and hopes I ll admit, I don t like reading about perfect, flawless characters I like them true to life, a little broken and incredibly strong, so kudos to the author for both Hope and Flynn Hope was a magnificent heroine She s a self made young woman who came fro [...]

    4. If you re looking for a hot, fun read, look no further than Dallas Fire and Rescue Red Hot Reunion Hope is now beautiful and successful, but has crushingly low self esteem thanks to a group of bullies who made her teen years miserable As her ten year high school reunion approaches, Hope s best friend talks her into going to the reunion just so she can show up the mean girls Hope wins a date with Flynn, a sexy firefighter, in a charity auction, and the rest is history At times sweet and at times [...]

    5. This it the second short in this universe that I have read by Beth Hale I usually don t read erotica BUT When Beth tells me she has a new book out I go and find it I really enjoyed this book It is about Hope, she is successful and gorgeous yet she doesn t see it The fact that bullies targeted her really didn t help I really felt for her as I have been a victim of bullying in the past When her best friend convinces her to attend the high school reunion I was over the moon this book really made me [...]

    6. I was very impressed with this story Hope has to get over her self consciousness to be able to go to her ten year class reunion and decides on a different route of gaining a date Her best friend Marion talks her in to an fireman auction and that is where it all begins with Flynn A recommended read if you love hot, sexy and believable.

    7. I am working on writing my review now It will be posted here after it goes live on my blog Maybe look for it later this week although I make no guarantees.

    8. This was a quick and enjoyable read The characters had depth and were easy to release to and it didn t hurt that the sex was hot

    9. Red Hot Reunion is a quick and easy sweet read Hope and Fynn are the ugly ducklings from high school that have grown up to be red hot Nothing getting some revenge on the mean girls that made high school miserable While I did enjoy the story, I would have liked to have read flash backs from high school, and interaction between Hope and the mean girl Still overall a good story

    10. Read on behalf of BookSmacked.This story is very fast paced and short Having said that, still really enjoyable I could certainly see me being just like Hope, holding a ten year grudge Hope and Flynn certainly balanced each other out.

    11. A sweet novella about life when youve been bullied The insecurities, the dread and the shame But hope is a true fighter and little bit of karma doesnt go amiss A good little read.

    12. Almost anyone who had a miserable time in high school has thought about returning to their high school reunion as a super successful person to show up everyone who was even the tiniest bit mean to them Hope is no different in this sense she is no longer poor and has lost the weight that once defined her When her best friend Marion who was also bullied in high school convinces her to attend their 10 year reunion, they concoct a scheme to get Hope the one thing she s missing a hot date Hope buys h [...]

    13. Every time I read a Kindle World Novella I just get hooked with this type of stories You don t need to read the main story or the rest to get the idea, but just one will get you looking up the rest I m true KW fashion, Red Hot Reunion doesn t disappoint It s sweet, sexy, entertaining and deals with some issues that people con relate Bullying, anxiety, self esteem and self worth are some of the battles Hope has had to deal with most of her life It s very well written, doesn t feel rushed and rea [...]

    14. A short, sweet romance This is the first book I ve read by Beth It was adorable I loved the characters and the story It was quick and to the point at the same time it didn t lack details or feel like you missed out on anything A superbly written book Hope and Flynn s romance starts when she bids on him at a fireman s auction She needs a date for her upcoming reunion and as the highest bidder on Flynn, she asks him to be her date Flynn needs a date for an upcoming wedding so he accepts Hope s pla [...]

    15. I was provided an arc for an honest review.This is an enjoyable and refreshing romantic story with passion and romance.I was able to relate to the characters and the story line If you like romance with a good twist, you do not want to miss out.Hope was teased and bullied in high school because of her weight She now comes back a successful business women and reunites with an old classmate, Flynn Their reunion has a twist to it I loved it

    16. I enjoyed this easy, quick paced, well written story Flynn is a sexy firefighter that he hasn t seen Hope Mathison in 10 years, since high school Hope Mathison is a survivor of nasty bullying that has left, life long issues she has been dealing with The I read about crazy ass hope the I related to this character with the same self worth issues I ve always had Thank you for writing a happy ever after that exists for someone with these type of issues Definitely enjoyed this story and kinda sad I [...]

    17. Perfect solution to the reunion dilemma.How many of us dread the high school reunion So few get the perfect high school experience Even after growing up successful one can have leftover anxiety about facing our own reputation or self image Let alone the bullies who tormented us.

    18. This was my first Beth Hale book and I enjoyed reading it, even though I wish it would have been longer Who can t relate to being apprehensive about attending a ten year high school class reunion Main characters, Hope and Flynn are easy to care about and you can t help but want them to have a happily ever after Hope didn t go to her prom so the high school class reunion dance is her chance to shine She is no longer the overweight, poor girl with second hand clothes She is successful and on the a [...]

    19. Hope and Flynn both have reasons to want to fake a perfect relationship and they do in order to help each other out The problem is they start to fall for each other I really felt for Hope cause I have some of the same insecurities that she has had This is a good book.

    20. Loved this story Very related characters Sweet and inspiring Funny any sexy It has it all I too was picked on in high school so it hit home for me Fantastic job Beth

    21. First time reading Beth Hale and I will definitely read in the future What starts off as a friends auction turns out to be so much for Hope and Flynn Hope battles with her own brain for acceptance and to get over past wounds and is used to pushing everyone in her life away, that is until she reunites with Flynn, who is than determined to show Hope her full worth Cute, short romance with some hot and steamy scenes.

    22. There is so much that any woman can relate to in this heartfelt, well written story by Beth Hale Bullied throughout high school for being fat and poor, Hope is riddled with insecurities even though she has made a choice to reinvent herself as she developed a highly successful business Ten years later she goes to her reunion on the arm of smokin hot Firefighter Flynn to face off against her old nemesis Will she overcome her doubts and realize she is good enough and worthy of love, or will she let [...]

    23. We ve all had that time in our lives that we wish we could show the people who treated us like dirt how awesome our lives were now That is what this story is about It s time for Hope s 10 year high school reunion She excited to go because she is no longer that same girl that everyone picked on The only thing missing in her life is a man So what does she do Hires herself a sexy fireman to go as her date Only problem is he s also a classmate from high school In return for going she has to do hi a [...]

    24. Hope and Flynn s story is amazing I love how Flynn stuck it out with Hope s insecurities The best scene in this book was Hope s confrontation with her bully.

    25. I found this story to be very sweet and inspiring Nothing like going to your 10 year High School reunion when high school was nothing but hell But Hope has changed a lot since then, she is beautiful and successful but still has low self esteemSo as a date to her reunion, she goes to a Firefighter auctionThis is a well written story, my first from this author, and I found it quite enjoyable

    26. A great love story about two people who knew each other when they were in school And how they had changed and how loved blosomed Great characters, with a lot of love and laughs and a few tears.

    27. This was a really short story about 2 people who find each other because of a class reunion Hope was the girl in high school who was picked on and has changed herself in 10 years She is has emotional issues she is working through and Flynn the guy she finds to go to the reunion with her she is getting feeling for but is struggling with that Will they make it through the reunion And became then that after A great fast read

    28. A sweet story about hope, love and self worth I enjoyed the tale and the characters The story was easy to get into and connect with as were the characters It was all around entertaining and sweet.I voluntarily reviewed an arc from the author.

    29. I truly enjoyed this book Flynn reached in and grabbed my heart and squeezed It was so nice to read a story of the heroine overcoming being bullied as a young woman, and taking that experience and turning it around for herself, and dealing with the ups and downs of it everyday I really loved that Flynn the hero was just that Instead of running away or making it worse he worked at making it better and uplifting his partner when needed It is an enjoyable heart squeezing story.

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