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Unconventional #2020

Unconventional Happily ever after what a joke I tried that once and ended up divorced Now I only want one thing from men Charlie Nelson is good at giving me that one thing Really really good So good in fact I di

  • Title: Unconventional
  • Author: Isabel Love
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 483
  • Format: ebook
  • Unconventional By Isabel Love, Happily ever after what a joke I tried that once and ended up divorced Now, I only want one thing from men Charlie Nelson is good at giving me that one thing Really, really good.So good, in fact, I discovered a new side of myself I never knew I liked to watch until I saw his talented hands touching someone else I never knew I liked to be watched until I felt his sHappily ever after what a joke I tried that once and ended up divorced Now, I only want one thing from men Charlie Nelson is good at giving me that one thing Really, really good.So good, in fact, I discovered a new side of myself I never knew I liked to watch until I saw his talented hands touching someone else I never knew I liked to be watched until I felt his searing gaze on me.Maybe happily ever after isn t always a white picket fence, wedding bells, and 2.5 kids Maybe it s something a bit unconventional Warning this book contains dirty talk and threesomes Intended for readers over 18 years of age.

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      483 Isabel Love
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    1. 5 stars So let me start out by saying that THIS is by far the HOTTEST book I ve read this year I mean, sweet baby Jesus Isabel Love burns up the pages with Unconventional When I first read Untouchable, I was curious about Max and Monica s wild friends, Charlie and Quinn This book is a complete stand alone, but if you ve read Love s first book, you ve already met our leading man and lady Charlie Nelson is a photographer He s perpetually single, preferring just to hook up Charlie s been hurt in th [...]

    2. Unconventional is the first book I have read by Isabel Love If there is one thing this book is, it s that it s hot The two main characters, Charlie Nelson and Quinn Fitzpatrick, have both been hurt in the past They are both friends with the same two couples and met through them eight months ago Neither is interested in the least in a relationship but they both love sex and enjoy a friends with occasional benefits relationship These two have so many similarities They are both artists Charlie is a [...]

    3. LIVE US UK CA O M G This book is so damn hot Me while reading this I was vaguely aware of the shit happening around me but I was too busy conjuring up images in my mind of things that were happening in this book And THINGS WERE HAPPENING, people After I was done reading this book I found beauty in every day things ahem But this is what I m talking about Isabel Love managed to write an erotic romance which has a perfect balance of character development and sex scenes And I m completely blown away [...]

    4. Holy crap Unconventional doesn t cover this bookIt made me laugh, it made me cringe, it made me hot, it made me cry, and dammit it made me love Charlie Nelson is an amazing hero in my eyes He is everything, literally everything you want in a man He wants it simple, he wants fun, he wants happy He loved once and was so burned by the betrayal and hurt that he won t ever do that again, right Quinn Fitzpatrick has had enough hurt in her lifetime to last forever She ain t looking for anything but mea [...]

    5. If You Like Sex, Read This Book Quinn and Charlie are two friends feeding off of bitterness from their past, betrayed by their exes The sizzling attraction between them creates an extremely erotic setting for this love story A man and a woman who don t believe in forever will love be the answer This is an incredibly sexy, sinfully sizzling read I was surprised that I didn t see smoke come off the pages The author has a way of writing that just pulls you in What s not to love Threesomes, voyeuris [...]

    6. I finished Unconventional at 4 in the morning Read it in one sitting cause I couldn t put this bad boy down Nope Not a chance I was so enthralled by Charlie and Quinn Yes, their friendship was unconventional but it worked for them, because they made it clear from the beginning what they wanted and needed from one another Sex Nothing else No strings No expectations I loved that when I first was introduced to Charlie and Quinn they d already had sex a couple of times so they d already established [...]

    7. DNF at 9%100% NOT MY KIND OF A ROMANCE H h still sleeping with OP, while having a non commitment relationship with each other.Well, as long as they are both fine with it, I have no problem with their arrangement.BUT There s a detailed scene H with OW and h was watching, got aroused and later went home with the H to have sex.One of my biggest pet peeves woman sees man being intimate with OW and gets aroused, and has sex with him afterwards Especially when he kisses her after he was all over OW s [...]

    8. That sounds a bit unconventional Yes Be unconventional with me, Quinn Wow Oh wow This was HOT Isabel Love has really amped up the steam with her newest release, Unconventional If you ve read Untouchable then you would have previously met Quinn and Charlie and boy are they worth getting to know While I loved Untouchable, Isabel Love just literally knocked it out of the park with this one the steam almost set my kindle on fire and I found myself constantly needing to take cold showers to cool off [...]

    9. Now live 4.5 starsExcuse me while I dunk my entire body in ice water First things first heed the author s warning Unconventional is beyond steamy it s like the Disneyland of erotica If you re looking for something extremely dirty to read, you will enjoy this kinky thrill ride You impatient bad girls out there and you know who you are don t even have to wait until you re halfway through the book to get to the good parts Things get naughty in chapter one and only heat up from there.Charlie and Qui [...]

    10. Unconventional is now free on KindleUnlimited bit KindleUnconventionalWant to read an excerpt Here is a whole chapter bit UnconventionalChapterRe

    11. 5 Debauched SatisfactionStars To be honest I was scared shitless to start this book This might be dumb, I ve read my fare share of different books and genres and here I was scared to start an eroticbook I knew when I read Untouchable Quinn Charlie s version of love was really different than mine and I wasn t sure I would handle their relationship right So to be clear from the start, that was the dumbest thing I could have thought I m really laughing at myself right now because Quinn Charlie were [...]

    12. 5 Hot StarsThis is the second book from Isabel and omg guys get ready because this one is super hot,erotic and passionate I have read many books but this one was something else Charlie and Quinn were fantastic They have an amazing chemistry and every time they are together it s like an explosion And to add to all this there is also plenty angst between them to keep your interest Quinn is sassy,strong and funny I love her and I couldnt imagine someone else for Charlie Charlie is also fantastic He [...]

    13. 2.5 3 s Sigh this book is a giant sexfest right from the beginning and I had such high hopes for Charlie and Quinn Don t get me wrong, there are some really hot scenesewwww In fact, some of them are a first for me I just wanted story for Charlie and Quinn and when we do get to their story lines, you can tell that it would ve been great to have them expanded on.But this is the author s story so let me get to reviewing itCharlie and Quinn met through their friends, and characters from the first b [...]

    14. Charlie and Quinn agreed to a no strings attached relationship and became friends with benefits Through this kind of set up, they were able to fulfill some of their sexual fantasies As they spent time with each other, they are happy and contented When apart they missed one another than they care to admit Due to constant togetherness, Charlie Quinn decided to take their relationship to the next level and became a couple As the story develops, we ll learn the deeper reason why Charlie Quinn are [...]

    15. Sweet Baby Jesus This is Isabel Love s second book, and it s a bit different from Untouchable, but OMG so hot I don t think I ve ever read a book with so much hot sex Isabel is a unicorn of a writer, and nail all your dirty fantasies perfectly This book actually makes me understand why people like to watch and enjoy threesomes, and Quinn and Charlie s lovestory is epic Keep on writing Bella, and I ll keep on reading 5 bright and shiny stars

    16. This book was not what I expected I started reading, thinking it would be a hot and funny story, full of steamy sex and some witty banter Yes it had all that, but it had so much .I loved Charlie and Quinn s characters from the very first page They gave me great dialogue, well developed histories, real friendship growth and Isabel managed to write a male lead who was seriously alpha and cocky, yet was also caring and considerate of Quinn s feelings Nothing hotter to me than a guy who is man enoug [...]

    17. Holy smokes This book is sooooo insanely hot, I am at a loss for words It s going to take me some time to write down my thoughts I finished reading it yesterday and I still need a bucket of ice poured over me.

    18. 5 SCORCHING HOT STARS CHRIST Hell This story was SCORCHING Seriously I need to check for burns I felt like I was trapped in a powerhouse of pleasure And I enjoyed it Repeatedly.Isabel Love turns up the heat in this hella hot unconventional romance that involve lots of dirty talk, skype sex and threesomes YES PLEASE Seriously, some of these scenes made my jaw drop And let me tell you, if you know me, that s sayin somethin But Quinn and Charlie s love story is so much than sex It gave me the feel [...]

    19. HOLY HOTNESSS This book was something else I always find it hard to review a book that I have really, really liked I m usually a mess of emotions and words So this review will probably be the same I loved this book from start to finish Everything about it checked all my boxes Heat, relatable characters, humor, chemistry I think this is why we read romance because its so full of all these tingly feelings and butterflies I had all of that while reading Quinn and Charlie s story.If you like emotion [...]

    20. HOT, HOT, HOT This book had bold characters that were easy to love and beyond fiery sex scenes Be prepared with something cold to drink and a fan

    21. 4.5 STARS A HUGE thank you to Isabel Love for providing an ARC for an honest review How does one even begin to describe the most filthiest, dirtiest, most erotic book they have ever read Yup, you heard it Hands down, HOTTEST BOOK I VE EVER READ Isabel spoke so much about how this was her hottest book to date and I must admit, I questioned this How hot could a book get But once I turned those pages, lord help me Safe to say, this book made me sweatd then some.Charlie and Quinn are by far the hott [...]

    22. I read the first book of this series and it was safe and awesome for ME but way to go, you ruined the series for me Author Threesomes, sharing or orgies in case they decide to have orgies are NOT my thing So I m passing on this author all together Adios.

    23. 3,5 N o me pegou de jeito esse livro Veja, super hot, tem um enredo muito legal, mas n o me envolvi com os personagens E no final n o deu pra acreditar que ele n o questionou alguma marca do passado dela.

    24. 5 HAF STARS Ladies be ready because you will be hot, bothered and swooning throughout this entire story The name of the book, Unconventional, could not be perfect to describe the relationship between Charlie and Quinn The two have been burned by love in the past, so they re casual friends with benefits relationship suits them just fine This is a fun, hot, kinky read, but trust me when I say it s nothing short of a great love story Quinn is as independent as they come, feisty and always looking [...]

    25. Isabel Love delivers a story that s 50% sex and 50% heart I love Charlie and Quinn I instantly liked them since their introduction in Untouchable, and wanted Both have been hurt in the past, making relationships undesirable They like to have no strings attached sex with each other, as well as with others Charlie has a penis piercing, and it seems like she likes to play with it as much as he does I happen to have my dick pierced and she played with it all night that night, and has several times [...]

    26. I had to hold my jaw frequently while reading this book This has been the naughtiest, most kinky book I ve ever read And yet, it had a feel good love story included Charlie Nelson was the goof ball between his best friends, but he had a secret years ago he suffered a betrayal that affected him so severely that he turned into a player No serious relationships allowed Likewise, Quinn suffered a betrayal by her ex husband, that left scars so deep that she only had one night stands The only exceptio [...]

    27. Wow, what have I just read I just happend to come across Unconventional and it s author Isabel in a Facebook group I belong to One of the ladies in the group mentioned she was reading an ARC of this and mentioned how hot and amazing it was so I requested an ARC myself from the author for the blog I help with and BOOM, I received an ARC I went in without really knowing what the story was about and reading a new author I m so glad I did, as this book is fantastic and I will certianly be reading f [...]

    28. REVIEW TIME Hold on to your hat ladies and gents Isabel Love has done it again I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of this book and I couldn t be grateful I adored her previous novel, Untouchable so when I heard she was writing a sequel, all I could think was SIGN ME UP This go around, we re focused on Charlie and Quinn And let me tell you You ll need some alone time and A LOT of extra batteries for this one As always, let s break it down Male Lead CHARLIE GAH He s foul mouthed, naug [...]

    29. Unconventional is the second book that Bella Love has written and it s the second book of hers that I have found Amazing.From the very first chapter heading you are drawn to the the story of Charlie Nelson Quinn Fitzpatrick and there is no turning back.Charlie Nelson is a single man living a carefree life, a professional photographer a great friend and a man who doesn t do relationships Quinn Fitzpatrick is an independent woman who has a successful career as an artist living a life that will mak [...]

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