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Mr. Dickens and His Carol #2020

Mr Dickens and His Carol Shakespeare in Love meets A Christmas Carol in this transporting debut novel set during the whirlwind period in which Dickens wrote his beloved classic as he embarks on a Scrooge like journey of his

  • Title: Mr. Dickens and His Carol
  • Author: Samantha Silva
  • ISBN: 9781250154040
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mr. Dickens and His Carol By Samantha Silva, Shakespeare in Love meets A Christmas Carol in this transporting debut novel set during the whirlwind period in which Dickens wrote his beloved classic, as he embarks on a Scrooge like journey of his own.For Charles Dickens, each Christmas has been better than the last His novels are literary blockbusters, and he is famous on the streets of London, where avid fans sneak uShakespeare in Love meets A Christmas Carol in this transporting debut novel set during the whirlwind period in which Dickens wrote his beloved classic, as he embarks on a Scrooge like journey of his own.For Charles Dickens, each Christmas has been better than the last His novels are literary blockbusters, and he is famous on the streets of London, where avid fans sneak up on him to snip off pieces of his hair He and his wife have five happy children, a sixth on the way, and a home filled with every comfort they could imagine But when Dickens newest book is a flop, the glorious life he has built for himself threatens to collapse around him His publishers offer an ultimatum either he writes a Christmas book in a month, or they will call in his debts, and he could lose everything Grudgingly, he accepts, but with relatives hounding him for loans, his wife and children planning an excessively lavish holiday party, and jealous critics going in for the kill, he is hardly feeling the Christmas spirit Increasingly frazzled and filled with self doubt, Dickens seeks solace and inspiration in London itself, his great palace of thinking And on one of his long walks, in a once beloved square, he meets a young woman in a purple cloak, who might be just the muse he needs Eleanor Lovejoy and her young son, Timothy, propel Dickens on a Scrooge like journey through his Christmases past and present but with time running out, will he find the perfect new story to save him In prose laced with humor, sumptuous Victorian detail, and charming winks to A Christmas Carol, Samantha Silva breathes new life into an adored classic Perfect for fans of Dickens, for readers of immersive historical fiction, and for anyone looking for a dose of Christmas cheer, Mr Dickens and His Carol is destined to become a perennial holiday favorite.

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    1 thought on “Mr. Dickens and His Carol

    1. A sentimental and oh so charming read, but if one cannot be sentimental during this holiday season, when can one Also another book coincidence since I saw this book after reading my friend Laura s review, and grabbed it Last year I listened to the original Christmas Carol, while wrapping gifts Seemed only fitting to read this one during this holiday, Christmas, which has come once again.I enjoyed this book very much The writing, the descriptions, the character of Dickens himself, all very well d [...]

    2. 4.5 Stars.Did you know.A CHRISTMAS CAROL was born out of financial necessity at Charles Dicken s was only 31 when he wrote the novel I thought him to be an old man As for Bah Humbugt this delightful work of fiction A Scrooge type is here though complete with a humbug attitude and many other familiar plot connections and characters from A CHRISTMAS CAROL DICKENS AND HIS CAROL is an imaginative and historically atmospheric debut that gives the reader a fictional glance of the past with some truism [...]

    3. 5 glowing, Christmasy Stars I read this book as a buddy read with Katie from texasreadergirl texasreadergirlMy reviews and other random thoughts can also be seen at readingbetweenwinessite.wordp____________________________________________________________Apparently this is the debut novel for Samantha Silva, but I couldn t tell The prose is beautiful, and this was such a great, magical Christmas book I pretty much read it in one sitting because I couldn t put it down The story was incredibly vivi [...]

    4. A Christmas Carol by Dickens has been my favorite book ever since the first time I read the story as a child I re read it every year and watch every movie version from Alastair Sim to the Muppets When I heard about this book, I knew I had to read it I m glad I did First of all, don t confuse this book with the book or movie The Man Who Invented Christmas at is another story by another author Les Standiford Standiford s book is non fiction, telling the tale of how A Christmas Carol reignited Dick [...]

    5. Loved Loved so much It made me feel ALL the nostalgic, sentimental Christmas feels in all the best ways in the same ways that A Christmas Carol itself is sentimental, this book is sentimental It plays with all the same themes, even similar elements As if while Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol his life paralleled the story itself But it never felt derivative, just inspired I loved it And also, just as a side note, I really loved the afterward which I thought added to the richness of the bo [...]

    6. I received this ARC in return for an honest review A perfect Christmas read This re imaging of Dickens struggles and triumph during a time when his renown was at an ebb read almost like a biography It introduces his family, publishers, agent, literary contemporaries, and many influential figures in his life Having recently read a biography of Dickens, I recognized most of the people represented here, and I will say that Samantha Silva did a great job of bringing the dead to life The story follow [...]

    7. To sum it up in one word Magical A magical first novel by Samantha Silva I feel like I ve stepped out of a Christmas snow globe where Bumble s Toy Shop and Furnival s Inn are real and snowflakes are softly swirling around me I didn t want the story to end At times, the writing was quite lovely Christmas had been hiding in the streets all along The Dickens children marched behind their father in obedient single file, but their eyes were bright and round as new pennies The air smelled like it had [...]

    8. This was a really cute book and is great for Christmas The story itself I would rate 3 stars, but the twist in the story near the end and the vivid descriptions of Dickens London definitely pushed it up a star Forced to write a new story, this one with a Christmas theme, Dickens becomes a Scrooge, as the story progresses you notice and interweaving of what is happening to Dickens in this novel and the events and characters you find within The Christmas Carol A feel good read just in time for t [...]

    9. MR DICKENS AND HIS CAROL by Samantha Silva Thank you so much to Flatiron for providing my free copy all opinions are my own I m not one to read Christmas books but I love historical fiction so I desperately wanted to read this It s a charming debut novel with beautiful prose and vivid descriptions I could see the town and picture the people in it The author did a fantastic job showing the complex and wonderful character of Charles Dickens he s flawed but very endearing I love how the author seam [...]

    10. 3.5 stars For those of us who have enjoyed Dickens A Christmas Carol many times throughout the years, this is meant as a playful reimagining of how the second most beloved Christmas story in the world came to be Beautiful descriptions bring the reader into the midst of that era, a society with both poverty, hunger and want and lavish, extravagant lifestyles Sounds similar to the modern era, doesn t it Charles Dickens has been the darling boy of the reading public and his publishers until his lat [...]

    11. It s hard to believe this is a debut novel Masterfully pieced together, creative, a great read for December I really struggled with the writing style but felt I overcame that after some time Having not read any of Dickens work I know, cringe I felt like I could still follow this well and understand the allusions and connections that were made, though it does make me wish I knew about him and his life and of his works as well This was an exciting book to read and I look forward to Silva s books [...]

    12. IN WHICH CHARLES DICKENS FALLS IN LOVE WITH A GHOST, WHILE HAPPILY MARRIED Oh, dear I don t even know what to think I came in wanting the true story behind a Christmas Carol and, perhaps enchanted by the stunning dust jacket, spent a great deal of money on it.I m suffering from a bit of buyer s regret.The writing style wit everything was brilliant Scintillating I am dumbfounded At first I found a few plot elements arc things unexplained a bit odd, and they heightened my distaste, but then the PL [...]

    13. Lovely A charming rendition of the events leading to Charles Dickens writing of his memorable Christmas Carol I was captivated by his personality and transported back to my favorite Christmas story Hurrah

    14. been looking forward to reading this, a lot of description on some pages but nice short chapters although not based on true life there are some true events I like the twist and the story of how the Christmas Carol was written I can only thank Mr Dickens publishers for putting him under a large amount of pressure as we probably wouldn t have the story now or at least not the version we know and love today.

    15. I think I may make reading this one a new Christmas tradition as it was so beautifully written and a very quick read I would most certainly read this inventive, imaginative novel again and again I already yearn to be transported back there again I m sad it s over Trust me you won t be sorry to pick up this heartwarming read

    16. I had high hopes for this one I didn t expect profound or literary excellence, but I hoped it would be a delicious, Christmasy peek at the actual creation of one of my beloved favorite stories by one of my favorite authors Nope Way fantasy and with a few very few historical details sprinkled in There were some good inclusions of the local color and details of mid 19th century Victorian London, but not enough to save this The story did start accurately with Dickens under real pressure to write a [...]

    17. Note Top Shelf Text was provided with a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own I picked up this origin tale of Charles Dickens The Christmas Carol as part of my 2017 holiday reading list This book moved a little too slowly for me, and for the majority of it I felt Dickens to be unlikable and shallow unable to stand up to the people in his life and immediately chasing after a new muse when his wife leaves him In the end, the character of Tim re [...]

    18. No Bah Humbug from me I LOVED this Dickens of a tale Such cleverness Such Imagination A wonderful cornucopia of fact and fiction, quaint and quirky, humor and humbuggery, truth and tomfoolery And of course, one can t do Dickens without a ghost or two and spirited reverie Oh but I must warn Dickens purists and literary elitists who do not enjoy romping outside the box of hardline facts Silva who adores Dickens did indeed capture the essence of Dickens and His Carol , respectfully However, she als [...]

    19. I m always looking for a good Christmas story to read this time of year and happilyI found it here Going back to Victorian London, this book is the imagined story, based on some actual facts, of how a disheartened Charles Dickens, drowning both in discouragement and debt while his family is spending his money on festivities ends up writing his masterpiece The Christmas Carol I m not sure I knew the original holiday favorite was written in duress, but we re assured that part of the storyline is t [...]

    20. On that unseasonably warm November day at One Devonshire Terrace, Christmas was not in his head at all Charles Dickens is not feeling the Christmas spirit His newest book is a flop, the critics have turned against him, and relatives near and far hound him for money But when publishers try to blackmail him into writing a Christmas book to save them all from financial ruin, he refuses leading to a serious bout of writers block As Dickens deadline closes in, a woman of mysterious being propels him [...]

    21. An enjoyable read, especially for the holiday season I thought the writing was strong and I feel the author captured the time period well.

    22. Find all my book reviews, plus fascinating author interviews, exclusive guest posts and book extracts, on my blog whatcathyreadnext.wordpress For you, does Christmas not really start until you ve read the words, Marley was dead, to begin with Is for you the perfect wet, overcast Christmas afternoon spent watching your favourite adaptation of the ultimate feel good Christmas story whether that s starring Alastair Sim, Albert Finney, my own personal favourite Patrick Stewartor even The Muppets Hav [...]

    23. Mr Dickens and His Carol was a charming, fictional story about the few weeks Charles Dickens had to write a Christmas book It ends up being like another version of A Christmas Carol, with some similar plot elements and characters view spoiler even a ghost hide spoiler , along with the frustration of trying to write said book.The author transported me to Victorian London and its Christmas excitement with her exquisite writing It was an enjoyable and easy read, and is the perfect addition to your [...]

    24. DNF 31% I really really wanted to love this book, but I was forcing myself to read it.

    25. 5 StarsChallenges RRRC December 2017 Monthly Challenge 4 December 2nd Small Business Saturday AMMP Rocking Around The Christmas Tree Challenge 10 White Christmas Read a book with a white cover 50% OR a book with a 1, 9, 5 or 4 in the publication date By the Numbers Quarterly Challenge 5 Words

    26. This was a sentimental and charming read about the incomparable Boz, Charles Dickens, a celebrated writer of his time His carol was created out of financial necessity and amazingly he was only 31 years old when he wrote his most famous story never out of print to this day Mr Dickens and His Carol is an imaginative historical story based on a period of his life with a realistic atmosphere of England It quoted and stated truisms that actually occurred so I felt very attune to this story and the se [...]

    27. 4 starsThis is a completely delightful novel It is an imaginary journey into the life and times of Charles Dickens The author imagines a what if scenario where Dickens is in trouble financially and personally when his latest book doesn t at all sell well It is just before Christmas and with a wife with expensive taste, six children, numerous charities and other hangers on all with their hands out, Charles bad sales figures put him in a tight place with money Mr Dickens is portrayed as a likeable [...]

    28. What a delightful light reading, especially after reading Dickens A Christmas Carol For a debut novel, this book captures Dickens person, his motives, and his language We see his wild imaginations and grappling with hangers on, including his own relatives We recoil with frustration as he reads his first, supposed Christmas book Poetic prose and well developed characters such as Forster and Eleanor, along with unexpected plot twists, compel engaged reading.

    29. I m a rabid fan of Charles Dickens as well as the Victorian era, so this book choice was easy for me Still, there are many remakes or renditions that fall flat Mr Dickens and His Carol did not I absolutely adored this delightful novel for so many reasons the clever references to Dickens other works, the tongue in cheek humor, and the absolutely exquisite writing I could see Victorian London so clearly the the brooding sky, the juxtaposition of gleaming wealth and tragic poor, the smell of Christ [...]

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