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Reaper's Rival #2020

Reaper s Rival The steamy and dramatic sequel to the Best Selling Reaper s Claim by Simone Elise After the events of the first book Abby has joined her half sister s gang Hellbound Can Reaper claim her back Reaper T

  • Title: Reaper's Rival
  • Author: Simone Elise
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Reaper's Rival By Simone Elise, The steamy and dramatic sequel to the Best Selling Reaper s Claim by Simone Elise.After the events of the first book Abby has joined her half sister s gang Hellbound Can Reaper claim her back Reaper This life gives you regrets on a silver platter This life makes you colder, and there is a coldness in you now Abby, and I don t like seeing it It is what I was trying to prThe steamy and dramatic sequel to the Best Selling Reaper s Claim by Simone Elise.After the events of the first book Abby has joined her half sister s gang Hellbound Can Reaper claim her back Reaper This life gives you regrets on a silver platter This life makes you colder, and there is a coldness in you now Abby, and I don t like seeing it It is what I was trying to protect you from You always had an innocent heart, but something got inside and messed around with it, and I don t like it You can come back from this Let me take all the bad from you, so you can go back to being you Ain t ever gonna stop trying to make you mine.Abby You have to lose yourself to really find yourself You have to crawl through the dark times to understand and crave the light And sometimes you need to lose the man you love to realize that what you had in the first place was in fact love We had a history between us But importantly, we had love between us and time doesn t affect love, or at least I hope it won t affect our love Right now I don t belong anywhere, but I know that no matter what happens or where I am, my heart will always belong to him.Being together might be dangerous, but outlaws are meant to break the rules.

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      331 Simone Elise
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    1. DNFIt seems I am the dissenting voice here I am clearly a minority It looks like everyone loves this book but me Maybe I m weird, but I m not finishing it.The characters are so volatile, so flighty, so bipolar they drove me crazy The are constantly changing their minds and behaving like teenagers.It s a bit weird how the childish and sometimes annoying Harrison s twins become crime s masterminds between book one and book two How is it even possible Abby suddenly is a hit woman In three months Co [...]

    2. A view weeks ago I read Reapers Claim by Simone Elise, the first book in the Satan Son s series Although I enjoyed most of the book I had a view issues with it, for one it was a very very long book I soon found out that reviewers had the same problem with the book and the author and publisher decided to split the book in two, and some content which makes Reaper s Rival Since I read Reaper s Claim I already knew in big lines what was going to happen, but since there was so much new stuff added I [...]

    3. I was fortunate enough to advance read Reaper s Claim, and as soon as I finished I was than ready to jump into the second book Back when I read Reaper s Claim, though, it was a much longer book After I finished reading, before publication, it was split into two books The result of this split meant was added to the second part of the story before it was published as Reaper s Rival Therefore, I went into this story with some idea of what kind of events would play out Nevertheless, with all the a [...]

    4. This is the second in the Reaper series Definitely read the first one, Reapers Claim After Abby and Kade s disastrous attempt at a relationship, they ve gone their separate ways.The problem is neither is over the other, and Abby and her twin sister, Kim, are now neck deep in a gang Being daughters of the leader of a motorcycle gang, they aren t exactly sweet or innocent Kim finds a way out, but Abby is blackmailed in to staying The book picks up with the ending of the previous book The book was [...]

    5. I had read this novel before it was separated into 2 parts the story line relatively stayed the same apart from the large chunk of plot that was added I enjoyed how Elise developed Abby s character further along with some of the others and I thought it flowed well with what had previously happened as opposed to throwing her into something out of left field I also enjoyed the new character, Daniels, and his and Abby s relationship it definitely proved for some suspenseful moments The new plot add [...]

    6. I really enjoyed the first book in this series so I wanted to give the next book a try I was not disappointed I felt the book was telling a little too much like reviewing the second book but I think maybe that was the way the author wanted us to follow along and keep up with all that happens Maybe like they do on TV shows sometimes when they tell you what happened last week The book left me wanting and wondering what would happen next I think the series is a big hit I enjoyed it I received this [...]

    7. I read Reaper s Claim and adored it and when I started this book, I was a little confused as to what was going on because I had a rather strong d j vu feeling going but I did a bit digging online to see if I could understand what was going on before I dug any further into a book that I thought was going to get the better of me and believe me, this is not the sort of story that you want to give the upper hand too.Anyway, leaving all of the confusion aside, I got stuck in and for this review, I am [...]

    8. Reaper s Rival bk 2 Satan s Sons Series by Simone Elise ReviewHow can one little girl get into so much trouble, stay tuned for Abby The steamy and dramatic sequel to the Best Selling Reaper s Claim by Simone Elise.After the events of the first book, Abby has joined her half sister s gang Hellbound Can Reaper claim her back Being together might be dangerous, but outlaws are meant to break the rules.Reaper This life gives you regrets on a silver platter This life makes you colder, and there is a c [...]

    9. voluntarily and honestly reviewed the ARC I received from Inkitt I really enjoyed the first one, but this installment was a little taxing It was exciting with the club, but when it came to Kade and Abby s romance, it was exhausting than anything At least in the first book, you know they re messed up, and they fight and make up I could roll with that What I couldn t stomach was seeing them act like it was the final straw and then come back expecting the total opposite, and then getting mad when [...]

    10. This is a voluntary and honest review for an advanced copy.This is the second book in the series and yes I loved it from start to finish Not sure if my tired head would agree, but this is as addictive as the first book.The story is still ultimately about Abby and Reaper, but the relationship between her and her sister Kim and her father are detailed Also the MC life style is detailed a lot , which, for me makes for unpleasant, harsh reading at times That is the point of the story though, so it [...]

    11. Overall 3 5Story 4 5Amount of sex 2.5 5How explicit 1 5Reaper s Rival is the second book in the Satan s Sons MC series by Simone Elise and a continuation from the first book Therefore, it is necessary to read Reaper s Claim, before beginning this one.Reaper s Rival is grittier, darker and a little emotional than the first book The story begins three months after Abby and Kim left their father and the MC that they grew up in The constant cycle of arguments and drama continues in this story as we [...]

    12. Spoilers Everyone in this book was annoying Abby with her lying and self loathing Kim with her brooding and whining Roach with his stubbornness Reaper with his pouting and self destruction Trigger with his ego.But Reaper was also loving and attentive and caring, when Abby would let him I was so upset and crying when Abby lost the first baby And so happy when she had a healthy baby at the end And wasn t it so kind of Jacobs to wait until she gave birth the take her What a gentleman I was happy to [...]

    13. I received an arc for an honest review from the publisher.This is book two from the series and I highly suggest you read book one before you read Reapers Rival as this writing at its best This was the second book I have read from Simone Elise and I can honestly say it will not be my last I cried I laughed and I screamed all the way through the book This story kept me so intrigued that I could not put this book down even if I wanted to There is part of the story where your heartstrings will be pu [...]

    14. This time she s a bad ass Loved how Simone Elise made Abby all grown up with what she needed to do to block out Reaper leaving her Again it s a major on again, off again story about how they both felt it is for the best to be out of each other lives, except there s really no need to fight it I felt there was a little dragged on in that case, but again, I was following all their adventures and was so into it I even cried at one point Not going to give spoilers out, but there is some parts where i [...]

    15. Reaper is back and Abby is not the innocent girl he left behind The saga continues with them trying to make their relationship work Abby s twin sister, Kim is still with Trigger I t seems like everybody is facing threats from rival gangs Reaper and the twin s father are willing to go to war over but Abby and Kim have different priorities Arguments, inequalities, and violence dominate the action This is book two of the Satan s Sons Romance Series It ends in a cliffhanger Book on is Reaper s Claim [...]

    16. Reaper s Rival is book 2 in the Satan s Sons MC series Book 1 was called Reaper s Claim and introduced us to the main character s Abby and Reaper I quickly read Reaper s Claim and I was hooked after the first chapter It was a fantastic book which quickly led me on to Reaper s Rival.Here in book 2 we see Abby mixed up in a gang after the events from book 1 Reaper is desperate to get her back as she is mixed up in all kinds of trouble Full of bad boys, deceit, lies and lots of drama, Reaper s Riva [...]

    17. Reaper s Rival by Simone EliseGenre RomanceAbout the book Reaper and Abby were together and suddenly it is all gone Abby is now in a rival gang, will she and Reaper come back together Review The multiple POV ladies of the book helped the story flow and come together from different sides You should read the book to understand some things but it could be read as a stand alone I m looking forward to the next book.Author Page Website facebook explodewattpad Link where you can purchase Reapers Rival [...]

    18. Outlaw bikers, bad ass MCs, serious rivalry Abby and Reaper are back This time around there are still things that she should not be a part of and a world she should not join But life happens, eyes open, heart close and then bad things happen This read did not take me as long as the first one to get through I love MC stories and there is something exciting and sexy about outlaw MCs There was to this one and then less at the same time I was feeling a bit conflicted about what I was reading I hop [...]

    19. Reaper s Rival is the sequel to Reaper s Claim This series MUST be read in order as they begin where the one before it left off This book was much action packed and emotional than the first I m ticked off about the ending Why do you have to end it like that Ugh I m stressed out, blood pumping, chest hurting, mind SCREAMING after that roller coaster ride What could these poor people go through Needless to say, there is coming A third book should be here by summer I m going to die of a heart at [...]

    20. This sequel really fleshes out the story So much detail is added to everything I like Abby and Kim s relationship this go round There is so much stress between Kade and Abby However, each time they make it through a struggle, their love seems to grow I still really like Brad Roach had improved as a father,too Really looking forward to the next book I hate cliffhangers, but this one was well done but I still hate cliffhangers, lol.Voluntary review of ARC copy.

    21. Excellent read I absolutely freaking loved this book This book will has you experiencing every emotion you read You will be taking on one hell of a ride with Abby and Reaper s story I cannot wait to read the next installment to this story I highly recommend this as a one click.

    22. Pins and NeedlesThis book is killing me The back and forth The fight to get together and then break apart I m sure there will be those that will not like the cheating and if you don t that s fine However I think it just proves the love that Abby has for Reaper.

    23. Another well written book by Simone Elise I had a hard time putting this book down once I started reading it I look forward to reading from this author I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

    24. The second story for Abby and Reaper had my attention from the start Grips hard and doesn t let go, riding their crazy rollercoaster Anxiously awaiting book three.

    25. WowWhat a second book Words just cant do it justice Sooooo good, action packed ups and downs but dam its so good.

    26. Love it This book was amazing just as I thought the story was done it would throw in a twist I could not put it down I had to finish this book In fact it is 3 am and I do not regret the sleep I am missing cause of how good this book was.

    27. Love Me Some ReaperI absolutely love this series I couldn t put this book down, as I need to know what was happening next The love between Kade Reaper and Abby is endless They have see each other s lows, but stand by them unconditionally You can t help but root for them

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