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შერლოკ ჰოლმსის თავგადასავალი #2020


  • Title: შერლოკ ჰოლმსის თავგადასავალი
  • Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
  • ISBN: 9789941232787
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Paperback
  • შერლოკ ჰოლმსის თავგადასავალი By Arthur Conan Doyle, None

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      462 Arthur Conan Doyle
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      Published :2020-03-04T13:14:23+00:00

    1 thought on “შერლოკ ჰოლმსის თავგადასავალი

    1. The book A Study in Scarlet The Hounds of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle is a wonderful read and I enjoyed every second that I spent reading it Although there are many great qualities about this book, there are two qualities that stand out as the best to me The first one is the mystery that the author so effectively weaves into the story Even though you see all the clues and hear all the important details, you still feel like you are blind when Sherlock Holmes revels the whole sequence o [...]

    2. The game s afoot Whether it s chasing down criminals in the gritty streets of London or searching for a ghostly hound on the foggy moors Sherlock is the classic detective that few can compare I went back to the original Sherlock after years of reading other modern writers versions of the great detective I like this particular volume that I got cheap at my library s book store It s a keeper and I would definitely want to re read again later.

    3. There are two parts to the Study in Scarlet the really interesting part with Holmes and Watson meeting for the first time and their adventure together , and the weird part done as a separate narrative in the American west where mormons kidnap women for their harems because they are running out of women of their own, wowza When I was a kid, I really thought Sherlock Holmes had been a real person So when I came across Study in Scarlet, I hit a huge wall of confusion Having been brought up LDS, or [...]

    4. One of the most enjoyable readings of all time You are never bored because there is always a surprise coming your way that will definitely amuse you The one thing I found very enjoyable to do is when you get the clues try and solve the case for yourself before reading on Doing that made me realize how gigantic and elegant Arthur Conan Doyle s art is I enjoyed reading these two of Sherlock Holmes adventures and it s very recommended.

    5. Sometimes you just have to dive into a piece of classic literature so you can read passages like this Sherlock Holmes sprang to his feet the moment that she was gone and rushed to his room He returned in a few seconds enveloped in an ulster and a cravatenveloped in an ulster and a cravat Isn t that great

    6. A fun read Holmes is painted as a gifted, neurotic and eccentric genius so than a suited and proper English gentleman The story is a lot complex and nuanced than I had expected while still keeping the pace of a somewhat lighthearted whodunnit I might be hooked on Holmes.

    7. Finding this book at the library was a gem because I had read The Hound of the Baskervilles in a condensed form Reading the full story was far fulfilling Condensed versions don t offer a window into the character or even the depth of circumstances delved into in a full story A Study in Scarlet I have so wanted to read Truly a master piece.The story touches on the beginnings of the Mormon religion in Utah.The beginning of the book opened with the first meeting between Watson Holmes These are two [...]

    8. After an eye operation where I had to lie flat on my back for three days, what could be comforting than a read aloud version of these two old favorites

    9. This copy contains two Sherlock Holmes stories The cover is striking and a big reason I bought the book Years later, I have finally started reading it.A STUDY IN SCARLETWritten in the 1880s, I wondered if it would be a slow read Not slow at all It was fascinating, fun and quick.One need wait only five pages before Watson is introduced to Sherlock, and the build up and actual meeting are highly amusing My wife rightly pointed out that it was reminiscent of Leonard first meeting Sheldon in a flash [...]

    10. I finally read the first Sherlock Holmes mystery I enjoyed A Study in Scarlet, but not as much as I did the Hound of the Baskervilles, the other tale included in this volume The first part of A Study in Scarlet was fun, with the introduction of Dr Watson and Holmes, how they met, their backgrounds and quirks It was nice to be able to have some backstory instead of just seeing the convivial relationship that I jumped into with later stories and the various film interpretations The second part of [...]

    11. In A Study in Scarlet a man is found dead in an empty house under rather mysterious circumstances that leave the authorities stumped His traveling companion is found dead the next night adding to the mystery It is the first Holmes mystery published and in addition to the actual mystery it recounts how Holmes and Watson met I really enjoyed reading it mostly because it is one of the few Holmes mysteries I haven t seen a accurate film adaptation of so I didn t already know how it ended I also thou [...]

    12. Saw this in a store and had to buy it Contains two stories the first Sherlock Holmes story, and perhaps the most famous but third full novel Finally gave me a chance to read Hound of the Baskervilles.So, A Study in Scarlet is the story of Sherlock s first case after meeting Watson The introduction was interesting, and then the case was pretty cool too My only gripe was that the center, where we switch to the backstory of one of the characters, seemed a little long and out of place for the rest o [...]

    13. Scritto da Sir Arthur Conan Doyle e pubblicato tra il 1901 e il 1902, questo romanzo ha come unica peculiarit quella di aver riportato in vita Sherlock Holmes, morto nell episodio precedente, L ultima avventura.Ha cercato di accontentare i lettori, con questa storia a met tra il paranormale e il giallo, ma Conan Doyle non ha decisamente dato il meglio di se.Sherlock Holmes e il Dottor Watson vengono ingaggiati dal dottor Mortimer per indagare sulla strana morte del barone Sir Charles Baskerville [...]

    14. Questo libro contiene due delle pi famose indagini di Sherlock Holmes, il geniale detective creato dalla penna di Doyle In una cupa Londra di fine Ottocento Holmes risolve brillantemente il misterioso delitto dello Studio in rosso Il mastino dei Baskerville invece il terribile demone che da secoli perseguita un antica famiglia inglese, un mistero che in apparenza rientra nel soprannaturale la nebbiosa e tetra brughiera fa da sfondo a questa nuova indagine di Sherlock Holmes Inoltre, in questa ed [...]

    15. Actually, I read these two in separate volumes about 30 years apart I particularly enjoyed A Study in Scarlet I had trouble putting it down to go to sleep at night Well written Interesting because it introduces Watson to Holmes and Watson introduces us to Holmes It s also got a fascinating glimpse at the history of the American West I think maybe this book should be read as a companion volume to Zane Grey s Riders of the Purple Sage.By the time I had the pleasure of reading Hound of the Baskervi [...]

    16. I borrowed this rich old tome from a high bookshelf in the back room of my friends house Baskervilles and Scarlet are two great stories, and I believe two of the first ones Doyle put out there.I always forget how these mysteries are put together In Baskervilles, maybe there s a murder and a rumor, a rumor of a ghost dog And Holmes goes from there With Scarlet, we hop time and continents from England to Salt Lake City The author really does a number on the Mormons.Sherlock Holmes stories are bril [...]

    17. A Study in Scarlet The Hound of the Baskervilles I chose to read this for the summary reading list And in my opinion one of the greatest detective books made The book opened me to detective based books and interested into the subject since after finishing the book Holmes with his fellow comrad Dr.Watson are on a story about one of Baskervilles family got killed Therefore the with baskervilles regard they head for help One of the servant s prepares a trip to see the detective to start there case [...]

    18. I finished reading A Study in Scarlet It was a really surprising mystery, as it included a story within a story, all quite fascinating I certainly would not have been able to guess who done it And I ve finished reading the whole thing I enjoyed The Hound of the Baskervilles than the first story It had a lot of neat creepy factor and vivid descriptions Never knew Watson was such a good observer and writer There were a few exclamations using the Lord s name in vain, however.

    19. Read this one in Slovak, to challenge myself a bit I was curious to finally read some Sherlock Holmes stories after watching films and tv series Divided into two parts, book is not as hard to read as other older literature, but still, I guess I m stuck with very recent literature, because reading books like these requires bit of patience.For fans of SH or other detective stuff recommended For mainstream lovers get something easier or challenge yourself.

    20. Actually, I only read The Hound of the Baskervilles in this volume Having pledged to read all the Holmes in order of publication, I started with A Study in Scarlet in September.Perhaps I have been influenced by the many film versions of the story, but the actual tale is nor as spooky not as mystery laden as I remembered it However, a trip to the moors is always welcome, especially in the innocent company of Dr Watson and the intricate denouement by Holmes.

    21. Reading Sherlock Holmes is like reading the bible I find myself constantly saying, oh, that s where that came from I believe that these stories hold up quite well and find myself really enjoying them Mystery detective fiction is definitely NOT my genre, but a little dip into a different pool does one good now and then I ll be moving on to some shorter Holmes stories now, whic I ll intersperse with other reading.

    22. I was very confused by A Study in Scarlet because it was the second classical book I had read About halfway through it switched to talking about what had happened,but I did not understand until the very end Conversely, The Hound of the Baskervilles was much easier for me to understand I was rather disappointed by who a certain person was.

    23. 3.5 stars, over all.3 stars for Study in Scarlet The case itself was fascinating, but the rather extensive back story over took the main story took me out of the novel.4 for The Hound of the Baskervilles It was just as much a thriller as it was a mystery I was left wondering who did it, along with Watson.

    24. Absolutely wonderful in every way I have read this novel over and over again and this is the kind of writing that could have only come out of the mind of a literary genius If you want to get into the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, this MUST be the first book that you read because Holmes and Watson meet each other for the first time in Study in Scarlet.

    25. A Study in Scarlet was my first Arthur Conan Doyle book The flow of the story was a challenge at first Events seemed to happen out of order, but in the end it all made sense I liked that it held me in suspense and I really didn t have any idea of who dunit until much further into the story I also read this graphic novel format.

    26. A Study in Scarlet an interesting and tangled tale that was really interesting I enjoyed journing through the mystery and getting to know Mr Sherlock Holmes as well as Watson.The Hound of the Baskervilles I especially enjoyed this story It did scare me at one point and for that I say good job I really liked it and look forward to other works by Arthur Conan Doyle.

    27. I liked it The first story was interesting in my opinion who doesn t love a bit of Mormon bashing Unfortunately the second story with the hound as the main mystery just isn t very scary for modern audiences any But the descriptions of the moor and countryside were nice I would definitely like to read Holmes stories.

    28. Wow Doyle pretty much got it right from the start The section of the book in Mormon Utah impressed me It is just as vividly described and seemingly true to life as Doyle s Victorian London This is as good as most of the stories and I prefer the short novel format Doyle seems to be a better writer when he has a little space.

    29. Excellent to read the classic and compare it with my perceptions of the characters both the old school PBS version my father was obsessed with and the newer modern BBC spectacular series Loved the effect of the time period on sleuthing previous mystery reads were primarily modern day settings The Name of the Rose nonwithstanding Lovely to see writing stand the test of time.

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