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ჩემი ოჯახი და სხვა ცხოველები #2020

  • Title: ჩემი ოჯახი და სხვა ცხოველები
  • Author: Gerald Durrell
  • ISBN: 9789941159756
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
  • ჩემი ოჯახი და სხვა ცხოველები By Gerald Durrell, , 10 , 10 .

    • UNLIMITED BOOK ê ჩემი ოჯახი და სხვა ცხოველები - by Gerald Durrell
      145 Gerald Durrell
    • thumbnail Title: UNLIMITED BOOK ê ჩემი ოჯახი და სხვა ცხოველები - by Gerald Durrell
      Posted by:Gerald Durrell
      Published :2020-03-10T22:32:26+00:00

    1 thought on “ჩემი ოჯახი და სხვა ცხოველები

    1. The first from the trilogy and the first of Durrel s I ve ever read No words can express my love for this author and his immense sense of humor, pure and light, nothing topical or scathing beneath I remember vividly laughing out loud on the streets and on buses while reading it, so wisely consider your reading spot Howling with laughter in public places might cause you troubles, but the best part you won t care a bit and will always consider it worthy

    2. I loved My family and Other Animals 1956 by Gerald Durrell from start to finish, thoroughly and in detail That s why I will tell you about it from A to Z.A is for animalsThe way Gerald Durrell describes them is unbeatable He casts a spell on you not only when he portrays quite spectacular species but also quite prosaic ones Gerry Durrell Image source B is for bathing costumeThe chapter in which mother purchases an extravagant garment, covered from top to bottom with hundreds of frills and pleats [...]

    3. A delightful, lyrical and altogether MAGICAL read WARNING Review includes mention of tortoise sex It s usually a huge mistake to return to a childhood favourite, hoping it would be just as good the second time around So, when I found this book in the attic, with its dog eared cover held together with Sellotape and its pages jaundiced with age, I had mixed feelings about reading it again A side note to any fellow Brits who once strode majestically in platform shoes the price on the book was a nos [...]

    4. I would like to make a point of stressing that all the anecdotes about the island and the islanders are absolutely true Living in Corfu was rather like living in one of the flamboyant and slapstick comic operas thus claims Gerald Durrell in his Speech of Defense or as other authors would prefer to call it The Foreword or Introduction.Gerard Durrell My grateful thanks then to My wife, who pleased me by laughing uproariously when reading the manuscript, only to inform me that it was my spelling t [...]

    5. This is a perfectly charming memoir written by Gerald Durrell, a well known British naturalist and zookeeper It s charming because it chronicles his experiences with his family on Corfu, as a 10 year old animal enthusiast It s charming because it is beautifully written It s charming because it is humorous It s charming because his family is so colonial and ooze Englishness but at the same time are quite unconventional For all those reasons, I would recommend this book and indeed, I had a few chu [...]

    6. I went back and decided to write a review on this non fictional novel memoir not all events are fully true I believe which is considered by some to be a modern classic I remember finding a box of Gerald Durrell stories on the shelf as a twelve year old and reading them in luxury They captivated me as Durrell told the story of his childhood in Corfu hunting animals Not only was it full of interesting facts about the animals he caught but also about the people in his life Told with wit, humour and [...]

    7. I just finished My Family and Other Animals It s VERY, very good It s light, it s fun and in fact what it teaches about animals, human beings included, is absolutely spot on It teaches about animals which a lay person doesn t usually get all that inspired about snakes and lizards and turtles and bugs Some special birds too I was running to Wiki time and time again to see these creatures One can t help but be drawn in because the stories about the strange bugs and beasts are so bizarre Fun storie [...]

    8. Me ha encantado Es entra able, evocador y MUY divertido, hac a tiempo que no me re a a carcajada limpia con un libro pero Durrell lo consigue con una facilidad envidiable.Esta familia y su peculiar zoo ambulante se ha quedado conmigo, por supusto leer las secuelas

    9. 1 2010 Review I inhabit this book I walk through the olive groves and swim in the crystal seas of pre war Corfu I think I can never go to Greece because of this book I would want the taxis to be horse drawn, and the small boys to be ranging freely about the island.I love so much about this book it s hard to pick and choose I love that Gerry was so devoted to animals from the very beginning I love the self centered, irascible Larry who grew into the genius Lawrence Durrell I love Mother, in all h [...]

    10. It gets better every time I read it Thank Heavens Durrell didn t get much formal schooling, or they might have educated his writing ability right out of him The chapter about the moonless midnight swim, with the fire flies flickering, and the porpoises making trails in the phosphorescence, and the millions of stars shining overhead was so incredibly beautiful that it brought real tears to my eyes.

    11. I got hooked on the show which was amazing, and was recommended to read the book, which I m glad I did because it s equally amazing yet different The Durrell s story is an escape from ordinary life in a way that I can t articulate but I kind of love It s also hilarious what a family I really feel like I got to know Larry, Leslie, Margo, Mother, Spiro, even Lugaretzia One of my favorite quotes Gradually the magic of the island settled over us as gently and clingingly as pollen Each day had a tran [...]

    12. Imagine that you receive a phone call that your eccentric uncle has passed away and you, his niece or nephew who barely knew him, have been tasked with the dreaded job of wading through some eighty years of his belongings.Days later, you find yourself in his dusty home, making piles of old pants for Goodwill, and in doing so, you discover a tall column of meticulously organized journals What s this Next thing you know, you re down on the floor, reading through page after page of fascinating note [...]

    13. Che libro meraviglioso La mia famiglia e altri animali, primo romanzo della Trilogia di Corf , che ho intenzione di continuare al pi presto, il racconto spassosissimo dei primi cinque anni di vita del famoso zoologo inglese nell isola greca, in compagnia della sua bizzarra famiglia Durrell racconta l isola e le sue meraviglie naturali, mescolando, alla sua crescente passione per la Natura, aneddoti della propria vita familiare La madre con la passione per cucina e giardinaggio, una sorella adole [...]

    14. Gerald Durrell, irm o do escritor Lawrence Durrell, escreve um relato biogr fico e muito divertido sobre os cinco anos que ele e a sua fam lia viveram na Gr cia.As personagens A fam lia Durrell Alguns habitantes de Corfu Amigos de Larry Lawrence , um grupo de exc ntricos quase tanto como os Durrell , que os visitam na ilha e que protagonizam cenas hilariantes Muitos animais c es, tartarugas, guias, pegas, lagartos, escaravelhos, cobras, e um mundo sem fim de bicharada que foram a paix o de Geral [...]

    15. Ho u ja tvoje detinjstvo, D eralde Durele To bi bio moj utisak Pola romana sam proveo u ljubomori, pola u apsolutnom u ivanju Tipi no engleski humor, zanimljivi likovi posebno kada se malo a ne Vikipedija i istorija porodice u pitanju , tek ponekad suvi e meandriraju a narativa Medjutim, toplina kojom zra i, krajolik kojim odi e lek za du u i mozak Ali postoji i momenat gor ine, jer zaista, zaista nije lako itati ovako ne to u sred u eglog pazuha od grada Beograda i jo u eglijeg ispitnog roka le [...]

    16. Se n o fosse pelos rasgados elogios dos amigos do nunca teria dado por esta preciosidade E o que eu teria perdidoA Minha Fam lia e Outros Animais foi dos livros mais divertidos que li, que me levou a ataques de riso incontrol veis e a a figurinhas de que melhor nem falar.E nem foi preciso o autor puxar muito pela imagina o, s teve que desfolhar as mem rias da meninice passada na ilha de Corfu, na Gr cia.Completamente solta numa ilha cheia de bicharada, o mi do deu r deas sua paix o pela zoologia [...]

    17. If you need to laugh at something genuinely funny with not an ounce of mean spiritedness in it, or if you need to think of sunshine sparkling on the water John Denver did that best or maybe you would feel better to learn of the antics of a couple of naughty puppies named Widdle and Puke,an owl named Ulysses, various pet scorpions and snakes who chill out in the bath, then get yourself a medicinal dose of Gerald Durrell I think I ll make a new shelf called Medicinal Literature I myself began with [...]

    18. Five stars all the way for this one Yes, it was copyrighted in 1956, but this oldie is a goodie Its hilarious It captures the culture of the period on the Greek island of Corfu It contains animals with unique personalities Colorful characters abound in the form of the family s driver, Spiro, the tutor, Kralefsky, and numerous friends This family has to be one of the first dysfunctional families to be chronicled From the Yes, dear Mother to the eldest obnoxious son, Larry, to military Leslie, onl [...]

    19. Hilarious, vibrant story It sort of reminded me of two of my favorite authors, Jonathan Dunne and Farley Mowat The story of a wacky family moving from England to Greece, it s a completely unforgettable memoir with a lot of originality.

    20. This is a hilarious book It can be aptly summed up something like this In a restaurant, laughing for the past two pages A woman asks me, What are you reading My Family and Other Animals I said, They just got attacked by scorpions And you re cracking up about that she asks, curiously Yup And it s totally true Everything is funny about this book even the acknowledgements

    21. Re read via the BBCNaturalist Gerald Durrell s magical 1930s childhood with his eccentric family on the Greek island of Corfu Stars Celia Imrie.1956 such a good year

    22. Birds, Beasts, and Relatives The Garden of the Gods 1935 8 14 , , , , , , , , , , bimbo, , , , , , , 15 , , .

    23. This is a wonderful account of a 10 year old boy s childhood years on the greek island of Corfu after his family moves there from England in the 1930s The boy is a rabid naturalist, and is always collecting poisonous, slithering, leggy, and or hostile creatures home much to his family s dismay to study and keep as pets Parts of the book are laugh out loud funny, especially descriptions of the antics of his bizarre family members One thing did keep nagging me throughout the book I kept thinking, [...]

    24. What a delightful book and what a quirky family Durrell is a natural born storyteller, he does such a great job with the visuals I could really experience Corfu through his writing and some of the visulas were darn near hysterical A turtle for a pet, a turtle who will come when called and loves strawberries A baby pigeon who they hand feed and who than doesn t learn how to fly but follows them everywhere, running behind them and cooing A traveler trader who has beetles tied around their waist an [...]

    25. Where do I even begin Above all things, what I can say about Durrell is that he is a fantastic observer of animal behavior, and his observations don t stop with the human animal Durrell, as he looks back on his childhood, gives the impression of being wildly at home in the world and full of awe, reverence, mischief, curiosity I am reminded of reading The Wind in the Willows because I have a similar feeling that I am reading a deeply spiritual text Durrell basks in the quirks of his fellow creatu [...]

    26. What can I say about this book It is an exquisite description of adventurous life, as a British family decides to leave for Corfu Not just any family a widowed Mother with her three boys and one girl, one dog called Roger and many other smaller creatures Gerry, the youngest, is keenly interested in nature, botanic and zoology and his passion for animals and habitats will turn him, in future, into one major protector of the wild and of nature and its inhabitants Gerald Durrell, the adult, founded [...]

    27. This was such a delightful book I can only recommend it It s not terribly long, but written in such an elegant but humorous way I cannot believe it took me this long to read it I m not a big nature person, and while this book is written by a future zoologist it doesn t seem to matter The story is much than a catalog of a boys adventures on Corfu, but rather a story of a very real family I have been to Corfu and can attest to the fact that it is striking, so reading of this family who fell in lo [...]

    28. I am so glad that I finally read this book who stood neglected on my TBR shelf for too long Durell s remarkable ability of observation enables him to vividly portray on paper the behaviour of the creatures and the people around him in their minuscule details The descriptions of the landscapes of Corfu Island in their changing seasons are equally beautifully poetic and glossy Part nature guide and part autobiography, with plenty of humorous anecdotes, this memoir is a pleasure to read.

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