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Unqualified #2020

Unqualified Anna Faris has advice for you And it s great advice because she s been through it all and she wants to tell you what she s learned Her comic memoir and first book Unqualified will share Anna s can

  • Title: Unqualified
  • Author: Anna Faris Chris Pratt
  • ISBN: 9781101986424
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Unqualified By Anna Faris Chris Pratt, Anna Faris has advice for you And it s great advice, because she s been through it all, and she wants to tell you what she s learned Her comic memoir and first book, Unqualified, will share Anna s candid, sympathetic, and entertaining stories of love lost and won Part memoir, part humorous, unflinching advice from her hit podcast Anna Faris Is Unqualified, the book willAnna Faris has advice for you And it s great advice, because she s been through it all, and she wants to tell you what she s learned Her comic memoir and first book, Unqualified, will share Anna s candid, sympathetic, and entertaining stories of love lost and won Part memoir, part humorous, unflinching advice from her hit podcast Anna Faris Is Unqualified, the book will reveal Anna s unique take on how to navigate the bizarre, chaotic, and worthwhile adventure of finding love.Hilarious, authentic, and actually useful, Unqualified is the book Anna s fans have been waiting for.

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      446 Anna Faris Chris Pratt
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    1. I didn t love this book as much as I thought I would, but its not the books fault I started reading Unqualified on Sunday, the same day I finished a book that I absolutely loved I should have waited a day I ruined this book for myself so take this review with a grain of salt.I m not a fan of Anna Faris the actress I ve only seen 3 of her movies 2 of the Scary Movie films and Lost In Translation Apparently she s on a tv show I ve never even heard of and I watch A LOT of tv So you may be asking wh [...]

    2. The road that led me down to pick this book up is a funny one and can be mainly credited to one character Andy Dwyer So basically, I was in a funk of watching a bunch of Parks and Recreation videos that started off with this hilarious compilation of Chris Pratt bloopers that had me nearly choking with laughter, while simultaneously wiping away laugh crying tears.I inevitably went down a rabbit hole of binge watching clip after clip of Parks and Rec, and all this to say, I knew something producti [...]

    3. 4.5 starsI thought this was almost the perfect memoir type book It was almost everything I thought I would get Anna was really honest and straightforward I thought that her personality shone through and she came out looking like a really likeable, hilarious and humble person A lot of times, when I read other autobiographical books, I tend to actually like the person less at the end of the book This wasn t the case with Anna and I actually found her to be very similar to me in some ways, while of [...]

    4. I received a digital Advance Reader Copy of this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Reading this the week that Anna Faris and Chris Pratt announced their legal separation was a huge mistake on my part But how was I to know It is basically a huge love letter to Chris Pratt I have so many questions now WHY are they separating Is it still going to be published Will she edit any of it Will she write a new chapter The title is an echo of her podcast which is the story of her life She [...]

    5. Let me start off by saying I love Anna Faris and I love her podcast Okay so here is why I only gave this two stars This is a review of the Audio CD.1 She doesn t dig too deep into anything I would ve loved to hear behind the scenes stories of her movie shoots I feel like this book could ve gone into detail about everything she discussed It felt like it was written by someone who had to write a school paper, had a deadline, but has no interest in their topic so they BSed most of it and hoped fo [...]

    6. Anna Faris memoir is based mainly on the premise of her podcast, also entitled Unqualified, in which she doles out advice to strangers whom she calls on her show The idea is that Anna is, in fact, unqualified to give advice, but she ll do so anyway based on her life experiences If you actually listen to her podcast, though, you quickly learn that she s pretty good at giving advice, and that she s also a funny and enjoyable person The book expands on this, allowing Anna to answer some of the ques [...]

    7. I always rate memoirs and autobiographies 3 stars, even if they weren t my cup of tea It s this weird rule I have To me, 3 stars is a pretty neutral standpoint Anything lower and I feel like I m judging a person s life and memories, which just doesn t feel right I mean, who am I to judge Sure, if I was really captivated by someone s story, I might give it a higher rating, but, that doesn t happen too often So, while Anna Faris s Unqualified was a meh type of a book for me, I didn t have the hear [...]

    8. At the end of a memoir, it s easy to feel like that person is extremely relatable and down to earth But Anna which I now know is actually pronounced Ah na Faris truly is This was like hanging out with a friend and I really enjoyed it As I m getting older, I ve taken so much comfort in hearing how women tend to become much comfortable with themselves in their thirties and forties Anna is a huge believer in this and there is such an ease in how she discusses her progression to this point in her l [...]

    9. I like Anna Faris and her podcast, but I really think this book needed re editing before it was released as it is a giant love letter to Chris Pratt and their marriage and seeing as how they had said they tried really hard to make it work which implied problems had been going on for a while, this book just comes across like a big Facebook post in which you try to make your life seem better than it actually is Kind of the antithesis of what her podcast is about But I truly do love you, Anna

    10. First thing I learnt from this her name is pronounced Awna like Donna without the D.Second thing I learnt from this she was married to Chris Pratt when writing this, but something obviously went sour because he didn t narrate the forward that he wrote Awkward Third thing I learnt from this Anna has been in a lot of movies and shows that I ve never seen, as well as a podcast I ve never listened to sorrynotsorryThe final and most important thing I learnt from this I don t care about Hollywood goss [...]

    11. Book UnqualifiedWritten By Anna FarisGenre Autobiography Rating 5 5 starsRecommendation Since it s a biography I would say borrow it Or buy it and then share it Would you read another book by this author Definitely Who might enjoy this book The girl that never felt like she quite fit in Someone who enjoys talking with people about things they have in common and being so excited that the other person shares the same interests Fans of Anna Faris duh Overview My oldest pals constantly give me a har [...]

    12. I freaking LOVED this book I listened to the audio which was read by Anna herself If you can do audio, I would definitely recommend this She has a very pleasant lower tone voice to listen to and it was so soothing haha When I first saw this book I was skeptical I was like Oh boy another young actress writing a memoir, blah blah blah Then I felt like an old lady bc I didn t realize that Anna Faris was in her 40s For me, she will always be Cindy Campbell in the awesomeScreamparody movie, Scary Mov [...]

    13. I want to preface this by saying that I am a fan of Anna Faris I happen to think she is hilarious as a person and an actress, so I was expecting to be entertained all throughout the book However besides the Forward that was written about her, this one was a major disappointment I did not laugh once, in fact I skimmed the majority of the pages, wanting to get it over with It just was not all that amusing to me, but then again I am not too fond of comedic books.Oh well, it was a good effort but no [...]

    14. I read a lot of memoirs of celebrities I don t know from Adam But I know Anna Faris I actually also know that she s Ah Na, because she s in Key Peele s Keanu and they pronounce her name in it But I didn t read her book because of that The only reason I picked this up is because I wanted to know if she would talk about her cat and her dog Lots of essays, no mention of the cat at all One mention of her pugs, but none of the chihuahua So, I already didn t like either her or Chris Pratt And she does [...]

    15. Anna is very real, very real and very raw She is not one to sugarcoat and she truly says the things that are on her mind or based on her mood For a non confrontational person, she is very outgoing and curious Some of her experiences were hilarious and the outcomes of her experiences prove to be even entertaining.I found her curiosity intriguing and also really enjoyed how her journey into writing a memoir pushed her farther and opened up her eyes to things she never realized were even there Her [...]

    16. It was slightly funny retelling if random life stories Some of it was unqualified life advice as the title suggests None of it is needed by the reader It is very telling of where her life was at marriage wise while she wrote this book I started skimming parts towards the end.

    17. Look, I m sure Anna Faris is a delightful person, and there s some of her work I ve really enjoyed But, book writing is not her thing While books by celebrities like Tina Fey and Trevor Noah really elevated the genre of celebrity memoirs, Faris memoir self help guide is very meh Overall, the book lacked focus and was pretty boring It was supposedly meant to impart some relationship and life advice on the reader however, advice was few and far between, and what little she did offer was kinda shit [...]

    18. I am as unqualified to critique someone else s writing as Anna Faris is to give relationship advice, so here s my own unqualified assessment Anna Faris comes across as likeable, conversational, and easy to root for at most times , but the book is not very funny I laughed at a couple parts, and the foreword by Chris Pratt made me laugh out loud, but it seemed like any anecdote that was supposed to be a joke ended early before the punchline or wasn t milked for all its funniness And I don t unders [...]

    19. This is a difficult book to review Anna Faris is well known for her movies, her podcast, and her marriage to Chris Pratt This book was written prior to the announcement that Faris Pratt are separating Since there are many references to Chris and their marriage, much of the narrative is suspect at best and heartbreaking at worst Having said that, Faris fills her memoir with amusing personal anecdotes She doesn t dance around her sexual history or her drug alcohol use, but rather translates her ex [...]

    20. I love listening to celebrity memoirs narrated by the celebrities themselves Feels like I get to hang out with them for a few hours Maybe after listening to this book, I ll be able to finally pronounce her name correctly it s NOT Ann uh, it s Ahn ah, rhymes with Donna This book was so funny and so honest Ms Faris gives her whole life history and talks about all of her relationships Sometimes TMI where Anna would give her whole sexual history and discussed her first time She has a podcast, also c [...]

    21. I love Anna Faris s podcast so I can say if you like that podcast, you will like this book I don t know if anyone coming into this blind will enjoy it since I am thoroughly in the weeds of love for her It was engaging and she is a great audiobook narrator I would love to hear her narrate a Sophie Kinsella type book since it would be awesome I finished it quickly and thoroughly enjoyed it The book is especially haunting in a way since she talks a lot about her relationship with Chris Pratt She do [...]

    22. I should have known by the cover yes, you can judge a book by its cover of a lovely, dazed and confused Anna Faris rubbing her head like an accident victim that this memoir would not be for me.Faris truly seems like a modest, kind person who is genuinely interested in others and well grounded despite her life as an actress That said, niceness does not make for an interesting read A huge pet peeve of mine is when a writer feels the need to fill their book with lists and Faris does not disappoint [...]

    23. I thought that I could finish Unqualified but I was wrong At around 180 or so, I checked out of the book, mostly for content I didn t have a good feeling from when I first started reading it because the introduction started with I m not qualified to write a book I think that s a disservice to your readers and to people who purchased it Another chapter started with I m halfway through and I still have about one hundred pages left to fill with what That much was clear, I d really hoped that she wo [...]

    24. This was kind of a bittersweet read because Anna and Chris recently split up and much of the book is about Anna gushing about how wonderful he is They were one of my favorite celebrity couples so I was really sad to hear about their separation That being said, Anna s memoir feels honest than some other celebrity memoirs I have read I really enjoyed the chapter about the birth of her preterm son and the chapters where she talked about Chris It was so cute that he braided her hair for her and the [...]

    25. All I really knew about Anna was 1 that she was Chris Pratt s wife, 2 that she was supposed to be good comedian, and 3 that her and her now soon to be ex husband posted adorable pictures on Instagram That s it I gave this book a chance because both Anna and Chris have been in the media so much lately due to their divorce, and I was curious Turns out I really, REALLY, enjoyed getting to know her better and discovering that I could relate on many levels Anna is approachable, yes funny, positive, a [...]

    26. I loved listening to the audio book, Anna did a great job of keeping it interesting However I didn t like the filler chapters of random people from fb giving their advice I would have much rather preferred hearing about her experiences dealing with Hollywood or even about growing up I bought the book because I wanted to know about her life not because I wanted some random persons view on relationships.

    27. This book was extremely funny and heartfelt with down to earth advice and openness I enjoyed it very much and has given me greater insight into myself and relationships.

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