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Clickbait I run a popular dating and relationship blog in San Diego People think I ll spill their secrets all over social media and that s probably true One mention from me can make you the hottest commodity in

  • Title: Clickbait
  • Author: Lisa Suzanne
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Clickbait By Lisa Suzanne, I run a popular dating and relationship blog in San Diego People think I ll spill their secrets all over social media and that s probably true One mention from me can make you the hottest commodity in town or sink your social life I protect my friends, but others sometimes end up as clickbait My newest column is all about the most undateable men in San Diego Between mI run a popular dating and relationship blog in San Diego People think I ll spill their secrets all over social media and that s probably true One mention from me can make you the hottest commodity in town or sink your social life I protect my friends, but others sometimes end up as clickbait My newest column is all about the most undateable men in San Diego Between my own experiences and those of my friends, I have plenty to choose from Want to know if Carter King, the heir to King Communications with gorgeous abs and a persistent personality, makes the list or ends up in my bed Read on to find out COURTING SANDY EGGO posted by Courtney Sanders FAST FIVE WHY MY STORY IS WORTH READING 5 You could use a laugh 4 There s a guy named Axel 3 Abs and beaches 2 Sex Lots of sex 1 Carter King Period.

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      322 Lisa Suzanne
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    1. 4 Living in Person Stars Spoiler FreeAre you looking for a fast paced and smart read If so, then Clickbait is right in your wheelhouse This is a story which is extremely current in its use of blogging, social media and the transition from person to person interaction to texting and electronic communicating We get a savvy woman who has made a name for herself through blogging She is quick with a quip she takes her life and lays it all out there for her readers and they eat it up with a spoon She [...]

    2. 2.5 3 starsI almost DNF ed this book but I finished it I really had a hard time liking the heroine, she was childish, impulsive and judgy And I really didn t buy the insta luv I think I am clearly not this author s audience Plus there is the fact that I am super private person, so you will never find me on snapchat and putting everything about my life on social media for the world to read hey I am proud of the people who have the courage to put their life out there.but so not me The heroine blog [...]

    3. This was a fun, light read that teaches you to never judge a book by its cover Courtney and Connor are a couple that you can fall in love with This is a book that will leave you with that feel good feeling I received this book as an ARC for a freely given honest review.

    4. Although this was a quick and easy read with a decent premise, I m just not too jazzed up about the book as a whole I liked the hero I liked the side characters, but I really didn t like the heroine I m thinking that after this, the third book by this author that I ve read, I can safely say that I m not a fan of any of her female main characters They re all strong characters, usually self sufficient and driven, which normally I like, but emotionally, they re so immature, insecure and needy It s [...]

    5. Courtney is a successful blogger chronicling her love life in San Diego She has a huge following nationwide and uses the blog to vent her frustrations and answer questions from her fans Along with in depth posts, she includes quick five lists that are absolutely hilarious, usually stemming from real life lessons She hasn t had the best of luck relationship wise, having broken up with her boyfriend six months prior So when Carter comes along, she s not really into getting into a relationship, esp [...]

    6. Clickbait may be one of my favorites Its light and fun and just a great read I don t know that I d call it a comedy but I would call it addicting I could not put this book down I was enthralled I love the characters and I feel like a side story for her best friend may be entirely necessary xP Lisa Suzanne has such a way about writing that her characters come to life I am not ashamed to admit that I cried I feel like everyone has felt the way Courtney feels at some point in their life I m not giv [...]

    7. I found the main character Courtney Sanders to be selfish, vain and immature I did not care for her at all I thought she was going to change and mature, but sadly never did Too bad too.

    8. Great readLoved this book Courtney and Carter brought the best and the worst out in each other Their secrets and old feelings kind of got in the way But can they move on together or are they best assist from one another Only time will tell

    9. rpmbt blog rpmbt review clClickbait by Lisa Suzanne is hilarious, sexy, and swoonworthy I couldn t put this book down Courtney is a dating blogger in San Diego who puts her life out there for everyone to read She gives dating advice and sometimes it gets pretty personal When she meets Carter King, she doesn t want to give him a shot, but decides it could be beneficial to her and her blog, but when feelings get involved and things go south, she puts him on blast and things get interesting Carter [...]

    10. Wait a minute What I am saying here is purely my thinking and I by doing so am not upsetting anyone unlike our main heroine, Courtney here.Yes, Courtney here writes daily blog about love and relationship Her whole like is written off on her blog COURTNEY SANDY EGGO So, everybody who reads that knows what she is up to and who she was last in relationship Courtney had get into a relationship in the start of the book with an ex boyfriend of hers but that didn t go out as planned and all the mishaps [...]

    11. I loved the Fast Five and blog posts at the start of the chapters They added that little extra to the book that made it unique Courtney was quite clever when she wasn t ranting about the douche bags she d encountered or oversharing about her sex life I get living your life through your blog to help others, but she was just a bit over the top for my liking I can see why the guys in her life didn t like it and why everyone had to ask her to keep things off the record so to speak She was an open bo [...]

    12. I got this book for an honest review by the author and it s a must read for sure thesecretworldofbooklovers.bloCourtney was perfect from the start, her blog was a genius idea and she was super successful because she was honest Her experiences really seemed to help people and she appeared to have this amazing life on the outside but she was lonely, she only experienced superficial relationships and shared them with her audience, but she never really gave herself over to anyone.Then she met Carter [...]

    13. This story was really funny It s about a blogger who blogs about her sex love life It has a little bit of a Sex in the City vibe The characters are fun Courtney bumps into a guy whom she strongly dislikes at first but starts to find herself interested in It doesn t hurt that his family is in a business that could help her professionally She has a hard time finding a guy that is okay with his life being documented on a popular blog and she also has to cconsider what she will do with her blog if s [...]

    14. A Really Enjoyable Novel I really liked this book, the characters, although the female lead was a bit of a brat at times, but the story, writing and flow for this book was very good and made it a good read Glad I purchased it

    15. If I had liked the heroine, even a little bit, I would have given this fun, sexy read 5 stars But, alas, I couldn t stand her I do like their banter, and the fact that she s smart and funny and loves her best friend Beyond that, though, there isn t anything I like about her She s judgmental, impulsive, malicious when she feels hurt and beyond self absorbed Frankly, Carter is way too good for her But, let me start at the beginning Courtney writes a successful blog about relationships sex and men [...]

    16. Calling all Bloggers and Followers Clickbait is here and ready to help give you the scoop in SD on relationships and let s not forget the cooking for those who can t cook either haha Get ready for some laughs, dirty deeds, oh the places we will go and some DB s that we see to steer clear of in SD Courtney is real, funny, sassy and does not hold back much when it comes to her personal life Well OK maybe from her parents for the time being We all need to stay a Daddy s girl somehow right Being in [...]

    17. Clickbait by Lisa Suzanne was an enjoyable read for me I appreciate a female character that was strong, self sufficient, and unapologetic As a blogger, Courtney is constantly putting her personally life on public display, but she has the upper hand because she can write everything from her point of view, her side of the story This has made Courtney completely blind to anyone else s point of view and she comes off as arrogant, judgmental, and immature throughout a lot of the book Honestly though, [...]

    18. This was a really great and different story Courtney Sanders has a popular dating and relationship blog setup in San Diego, CA She shares lots of information about her life and relationships in the blog She has a true passion for her blog and she actually makes enough money with it to not have to do anything else for money One day she takes her ex s dog Sandy to Dog Park and she meets Carter King He s gorgeous and has a great body but he acts a little bit like a db Courtney has dated here and th [...]

    19. ARC received in exchange for an honest review First Review of 2017 Because I will read anything Lisa Suzanne writes, and because I absolutely love her books and promised her a review And when do I not review her books In the middle of reading the ARC of her newest novel Clickbait I had to pause, get on Facebook and message her I said something along the lines of, I know you hear this a lot, but I fecking love your books And I m sure it s a great feeling for an author to hear but praise needs to [...]

    20. thank you to the author for providing an arc Clickbait is a fun, flirty book about a sassy blogger and a hot business man.Courtney Sanders is a professional blogger who writes about her love life and does not leave anything out She talks about everything, from the best sex she had the night before to getting her heart broken And when she meets Carter King, she doesn t hold back.Carter wants Courtney and after a horrible first impression, he will do want he can to get her to change her mind From [...]

    21. Courtney is a tech savvy blogger who airs her dirty laundry so her readers can learn a thing or two about dating and sex Carter is an avid reader, secret man of mystery and hot eye candy A chance meeting or two gets them in the right place but when they re paths cross it s not with the best of intentions Number one rule don t say something on social media you may regret.Watching these two fumble was sweet Glad they worked out their shit.Steamy, cute, and informative With a hint of sass.I really [...]

    22. She hooked me An awesome romantic comedy Courtney hasn t had a whole lot of luck in her dating life That might possibly have something to do with her blog and how brutally honest she is with her readers about the guys she dates and who the db s of the area are She ran straight into one at the beach, yet he s growing on her Just when things are looking up, it all comes crashing down What better way to get revenge than online right Those few keyboard clicks may come around to bite her in the rear. [...]

    23. BaitedI love this authors books, this one I couldn t wait to read.It was fun and flirty, sort of made me want to watch All of the Gossip girl seasons again I love how this book flowed, I really looked forward to the blog posts,,, The characters were relatable and I was excited to see what was going to come next.Courtney is such a fun character, she s feisty and holds nothing back And I mean NOTHING Carter is actually a very well Sweet, there s no dirty talking over the top sex here ladies If you [...]

    24. So cuteI just downloaded this book cause I needed a quick read while working a Saturday it was cute but the main character was missing me off she came off as immature and annoying but by the end of the story I fell in love with all the characters and wait wait to read the next book about Emme and Axel

    25. I really liked this series I thought this storyline was interesting and original, and the characters were real I liked the vulnerability in the characters, and I strongly recommend this series for readers that love romance, a solid relationship that succeeds in jumping hurdles, and want a HEA I recommend this series be read in order.

    26. I really enjoyed Clickbait by Lisa Suzanne Carter and Courtney meet and he recognizes her as the writer of a blog that his ex loved to read He asks her out and she turns him down Finally, she agrees to go out with him and she realizes that she actually likes him If you re looking for a good, cute love story then I recommend this book I loved reading it.

    27. I loved Clickbait I love Courtney s wit and honesty to blog about her dating life, because I could NEVER do that Its such a fun read as you follow along in her San Diego dating life and how Carter King keeps popping up wherever she goes This book is a must read, especially paired with hot abs and the beach

    28. I m struggling with what to write for a review for this book It had so many components that I don t usually like in a book, it had insta love, it has a self centered main female character, and the book was told it only from her POV Yet for some reason, it worked for me in Clickbait and I really enjoyed the book.

    29. This is a fast read that everyone should read The fast five s were a great add in the beginning.The main female character was a very strong, no holds barred female which is so refreshing to see or read nowadays.

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