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Royally Wed #2020

Royally Wed Teri Wilson s Royals series returns with this charming and witty retelling of the timeless classic MGM film Royal Wedding starring Fred Astaire When Asher Reed an American classical musician is hire

  • Title: Royally Wed
  • Author: Teri Wilson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Royally Wed By Teri Wilson, Teri Wilson s Royals series returns with this charming and witty retelling of the timeless classic MGM film Royal Wedding starring Fred Astaire.When Asher Reed, an American classical musician, is hired as a last minute replacement to perform at the royal wedding of Princess Amelia in Great Britain, he s hoping he can shake his recent bout with performance anxiety long enouTeri Wilson s Royals series returns with this charming and witty retelling of the timeless classic MGM film Royal Wedding starring Fred Astaire.When Asher Reed, an American classical musician, is hired as a last minute replacement to perform at the royal wedding of Princess Amelia in Great Britain, he s hoping he can shake his recent bout with performance anxiety long enough to get through the festivities and get his career back on track Little does he know that his life is about to change forever As a guest of Buckingham Palace, he knows he has no business even speaking to the princess, but he s completely awed by her beauty and than a little intrigued by her rebellious spirit Still, he definitely knows he has no business kissing her silly at the fitting of her wedding gown He s there to perform, not cause a royal scandal But when he stumbles upon her groom s appalling secret, the fate of the princess and the British Crown suddenly rest squarely in his cello playing hands With Teri Wilson s signature endearingly charming and delightfully sizzling USA TODAY bestselling author Nina Bocci prose, Royally Wed is a delightful whirlwind romance that will leave you breathless and have you out of your seat for a standing ovation.

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    1. I think I cried through half of this book So emotional And sad and happy with an amazing ending This series has been so good Each book is a take off on a classic romance movie and Royally Wed is a spinoff from the classic film Royal Wedding.I think I spent half of the time reading this story in tears There s so much emotion built into this book, it really got to me for some reason.Maybe it s the princess theme where she is being forced to marry someone she doesn t love Maybe it s the stranger wh [...]

    2. Another amazing Royals book by Teri Wilson I just adored it Asher is a famous cello player He s just been left by his fianc e, because she s suddenly in love with his mentor maestro That was two months ago Now he s been asked to play WITH THEM for the Royal Wedding of Princess Amelia in London.And since it was all very last minute and not a hotel room is to be found, he has to move into the palace into the room next to the bride.Extreme immediate attraction on both sides but of course she s gett [...]

    3. Royally Wed was yet another adorable and charming novel in this series The books in this series always make me feel warm and fuzzy inside I am a SUCKER for any book involving a romance with a royal, so this series is perfect for me This book was one of those books that I read when I was in the book for a cute and fast read, and it really hit that spot In most books involving a royal romance, the male is royalty, which I adore However, this story had the women being royalty, which was a nice chan [...]

    4. Lindas Book Obsession Review of Royally Wed by Teri WilsonGallery, Threshold, Pocket Books, Publication, November 13, 2017 My Review of Royally Wed by Teri Wilson I enjoyed reading Royally Wed by Teri Wilson The genres for this book are Romance and Women s Fiction This is the third book in the series, but easily is a standalone The timeline for this story is the present The story takes place in Great Britain, at Buckingham Palace, where there will be a Royal Wedding From the blurb, Teri Wilson s [...]

    5. ARC provided by the author for an honest review My gift is my song and this one is for you Royally Wed is the third book in The Royals series by Teri Wilson Having two of your novels made into Hallmark Original Movies means you are amazing at what you do, even better than amazing Teri Wilson honestly knows how to play with your heartstrings and unapologetically so But it s always worth it This is not your typical love story It s emotional and raw and makes your head spin when you realize that th [...]

    6. ARC received via Netgalley for an honest reviewI read the second book in The Royals series, Royally Romanov, and really enjoyed it, so it was a no brainer to pick up Royally Wed.It is your classic royal with a sense of duty to the family meets a commoner who steals their heart story, however it didn t feel cliche.Amelia is the Princess marrying not for love but out of family obligation Asher is the cello player for her wedding whose career is in danger of completely collapsing.There is so much e [...]

    7. 4.5 Hearts Royally Wed is the third book in the Royals series It can be read as a complete standalone There are no character connections Royally Wed is a retelling of the MGM film Royal Wedding I haven t seen the movie so I can t say how much likeness there was between the two I did however enjoy the story An American cellist A British princess A Duke The wedding of the century Asher knew this performance could make or break his career as a cellist After what happened a few months ago he needed [...]

    8. I would like to thanks to netgalley and Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books for the opportunity to read this book I obviously read this at the right time Congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle This is a really sweet clever book I love the idea of the plot and really want to go watch the film its based on Willow the corgi stole the show

    9. Asher Reed is a classic cellist His music is his art and his art is his life He is also suffering a recent broken heart and broken engagement His former betrothed Serena was also seeing the director of the New York Philharmonic Not only was he Archer s boss, but his mentor With his spirit in shambles, he puts his cello aside for a while WHen Yo Yo Ma, the cellist meant to be playing the biggest wedding of the year falls ill, Asher is asked to step in Now he finds himself playing again for the ro [...]

    10. advanced copy provided for an honest and unbiased review I don t think I ve ever read a book that had me so up in sorts so quickly There was so much of this book that I felt so sorry for Amelia I just couldn t stop myself Every time I turned around there was a new reason to feel sorry for her Then it went from sorry to enraged any time she had to deal with her mother I don t know what it was about any time she encountered the queen that just had me up in arms I sat and re read many of the scenes [...]

    11. My Review I have to sayis is only the second book that I ve read from this series, but with both of them, I ve been really pleasantly impressed with the creative stories I really, really enjoyed this story, and as someone that s grown up with the Royals and all the controversy of the last 30 40 years, it was a fun excursion into a fictional version of this world.So, this bookAsher is a cellist that s touted to be the next Yo Yo Ma So when Yo Yo Ma has to have emergency surgery, Asher is brought [...]

    12. Royally Wed is the third book in The Royals series by Teri Wilson This is another heartwarming romance and I enjoyed reading this book.This love story is about a royal and a commoner, which is one of my favorite love tropes And Teri Wilson fulfilled my fantasy with two characters I cheered on for a happily ever after ending Princess Amelia is set to marry in front of the world, but the marriage is not for love As a duty to her family and her country, Amelia has agreed to marry an older man the f [...]

    13. Princess Amelia, aka Princess Naughty, is only days away from her wedding, yet she hardly seems like the giddy bride to be For one thing, she s marrying the father of her best friend Yeah, you read that correctly She s marrying a man old enough to be her father.Oh, she cares about him, in a sort of paternal way But the Great Love of Her Life is not exactly the role Holden fits So why is she marrying him That whole Princess Naughty thing, you see Positive PR and whatnot.And then she meets Asher R [...]

    14. I received a copy of this book in a giveaway and have not let it affect my review.This book was utterly charming and a wonderfully escapist read Minus one star because I don t care how messed up the engagement is, the heroine is engaged, it s cheating, and also because with the next royal wedding coming up and the British monarchy being so prominent in pop culture these days, I kept being jarred by this alternate world with a different queen.This is apparently based off an old movie I don t know [...]

    15. I received Royally Wed in a giveaway in return for my honest opinion I have not read any of the other books in The Royals series, but after reading Royally Wed, I would definitely be interested in continuing this series.Royally Wed follows Princess Amelia as she prepares for her arranged marriage and Asher Reed, an American cellist set to play at the royal wedding Their feelings develop for each other almost as soon as they see each other and things rapid take off from there Royally Wed is a swe [...]

    16. Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for this review copy in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed this one It was quirky, different, and a light read I kind of enjoy all the Royal books and have a soft spot for this kind of genre Even though this is a retelling of a classic film I thought this was well done entry into the last of the author s series on royals I liked that the Royal was a woman in this one it s usually a male in most of these types of novels so this was a nice chan [...]

    17. Royally Wed The Royals Book 3 by Teri WilsonThe third book in the royals series, and maybe the most dynamic of the set of books Royally wed has many twists and turns, and remarkable restrained love scene that will tug at the romantic heart of the readers This book shows that sometimes its not always what is best for everyone else that needs to be considered Our story comes from a princess attempting to save her families name, and place on the throne by self sacrifice She is not prepared to give [...]

    18. The Royals series by Teri Wilson is so much fun Each book has been different enough from the last that you don t feel bored reading them.In Royally We d Princess Amelia and Asher meet right as she is about to get married to someone else Asher is actually there to play his cello at her wedding at Westminster Abbey.The instant attraction is mutual, but seeing them spend time together and growing to appreciate the other was sweet You will find yourself rooting for them and hoping they can find a wa [...]

    19. Implausible but nice light entertainment with a big heart I liked that this is the reverse of the usual Cinderella story Asher is.a musician challenged by stage fright BUT he s going to play at the wedding of a princess Princess Amelia is about to get married BUT is it a good match It is a good story well written and a fast read with some chuckles Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC I d not read the earlier books in this series but this was a fine standalone Try it for a happy ending.

    20. A Whirlwind RomanceI don t remember the MGM film on which this film is based but that didn t stop me from enjoying this book as much as the others in the series It s charming and delightful even if thoroughly make believe and, I loved it An arranged marriage due to blackmail, an unorthodox princess and a cellist with stage fright what s not to like I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley I was not compensated for my review, and I was not required to write a positive review Th [...]

    21. This is a great book with a wonderful story and well developed characters The story flowed very well and was very enjoyable This book will keep you reading long into the night and you will not want to put this book down until you finish This was such a great read and full of surprises I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader s copy of this book The free book held no determination on my personal review.

    22. Royally Wed by Teri Wilson is the third book in The Royals series It is a take off on MGM film Royal Wedding It is well written It is story that keeps you involved and wanting to find out what is next It will do well as a stand alone as this is the first book that I have read of the series It does make you want to go back and read the previous books.I received a copy thru a Giveaway.

    23. I don t care what it says about me, I love a royal wedding So a romance novel about a royal wedding with a princess bride who falls for the visiting American cello soloist Yes, please This was a fun read that hit all the right buttons Read it to tide you over until Harry and Meghan tie the knot.

    24. Princess Amelia is struggling with getting married She isn t in love with the groom, but feels bound by duty to her family and country When she meets Asher, she is immediately drawn to him, but tries to fight the attraction This is a charming book that I really enjoyed It s a fun, romantic read.

    25. Well written, cute, apparently a retelling of the Royal Wedding which I will now be watching Male protagonist s hardens at the slightest provocation, which I foundunnecessarily detailed and at odds with the other elements of the story.

    26. I won a free kindle copy of this book.I love it Such a lovely and refreshing story.The dog Willow was hilarious.

    27. Take one heartbroken cello player who has lost his way and his muse Add one princess who would be queen forced to marry to secure the crown Toss in a fair amount of absurd royal gifts a live animal Really , dress fittings from you know where, and secrets hiding quite often in plain sight, yet never acknowledged Ohwell, they WEREN T at least, until now Sometimes fate works in your favord at other times you have to force its hand to attain the future you deserve as well as desire.If you have check [...]

    28. Once I started reading, I could not put this book down it was a chore to have to stop reading to do real life things I laughed out loud than once, but also got teary eyed and even cried while reading it, which is something that makes a book a five star read to in my book As a reader who loathes cheating by main characters, the premise of this book made me nervous, wondering if Asher and Amelia s relationship would be off putting, but as a fan of Teri Wilson, I decided to give it a try and I m g [...]

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