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A Pocketful of Crows #2020

A Pocketful of Crows I am as brown as brown can be And my eyes as black as sloe I am as brisk as brisk can be And wild as forest doe The Child Ballads So begins a beautiful tale of love loss and revenge Following th

  • Title: A Pocketful of Crows
  • Author: Joanne Harris Bonnie Helen Hawkins
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Pocketful of Crows By Joanne Harris Bonnie Helen Hawkins, I am as brown as brown can be,And my eyes as black as sloe I am as brisk as brisk can be,And wild as forest doe The Child Ballads, 295 So begins a beautiful tale of love, loss and revenge Following the seasons, A Pocketful of Crows balances youth and age, wisdom and passion and draws on nature and folklore to weave a stunning modern mythology around a nameless wild girl.I am as brown as brown can be,And my eyes as black as sloe I am as brisk as brisk can be,And wild as forest doe The Child Ballads, 295 So begins a beautiful tale of love, loss and revenge Following the seasons, A Pocketful of Crows balances youth and age, wisdom and passion and draws on nature and folklore to weave a stunning modern mythology around a nameless wild girl.Only love could draw her into the world of named, tamed things And it seems only revenge will be powerful enough to let her escape.Beautifully illustrated by TBC , this is a stunning and original modern fairytale.
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    • [EPUB] ↠ Unlimited ✓ A Pocketful of Crows : by Joanne Harris Bonnie Helen Hawkins Ë
      304 Joanne Harris Bonnie Helen Hawkins
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    1. Joanne Harris has written a powerfully magical and fantastical tale brimful of folklore that draws on the The Child Ballads It is beautifully written, poetic and lyrical, and a short read It reads like a dark fairytale An unnamed wild brown girl roams the forests, free to transport herself into birds and other wildlife She savours her freedom and is loyal to her people, who are treated with contempt and sneered by others in society We follow the seasons, echoing the aging process The wild girl t [...]

    2. What a lovely little book I actually read it in a couple of hours one lazy Sunday morning The synopsis says it all really Based on the poem The Child Ballads this is a lovely poetic piece of writing weaving folklore and nature into one beautiful piece of prose The young girl not named as naming means taming is a wild child living in the forest who finds a love token for the local lords son Taking it, she then stops the boy from being trampled by his horse, falling in love with him and he with he [...]

    3. I am glad I listened to this one as the author reads it herself and if she ever wants to stop writing books she will definitely get work as an audio narrator On the other hand, I think I missed out on the illustrations that accompany the printed version.The chapters follow the months of the year with a short rhyme from the Child Ballads or some old folk saying as an introduction The brown girl with no name is one of the traveling folk She can take the form of a fox, a crow, a hare, any animal sh [...]

    4. This book is absolutely stunning A beautifully crafted fairy tale for a new age full of whimsy, charm and the most fantastical illustrations it all makes for one of the loveliest books I have ever read.Amazing just amazing

    5. My people are the wolves, the hare, the wild bees in the forest My people are the birch trees, the roe deer, and the otter My people are the travelling folk that travel on the campfire smoke, and go into the fox, the wolf, the badger and the weasel And I am not afraid A wonderful magical story told within the cycle of a year A tale of love, betrayal, revenge and rebirth Entrancing and timeless.Recommended.

    6. You know sometimes you read a book and you love it so much that you want to eat it, so you can carry it around inside you That s how I felt about this book I just chaired Joanne Harris s event at the book festival in Edinburgh, and she mentioned that she s working on another book in this series and it s about selkies Honestly, it s like she s writing specifically for me I can t wait.

    7. In brief A wonderful read and I loved it Real 5 star stuff for me.I confess I wasn t really sure what sort of a book this was nor whether it was my sort of book I very quickly discovered it was my sort of book even if I don t recall reading anything quite like it before It s inspired by, and takes its story from, The Brown Girl which is one of the Child Ballads While these were collected together in the 19th century they are far older than that This and the other ballads are essentially old folk [...]

    8. 4,5 I am as brown as brown can be A Pocketful of Crows is a beautiful fairy tale about life, love and revenge I m a huge fan of Joanne Harris, partly because her writing is always special, but here it is even better Both her writing and this novella are a delightful piece of magic.A nameless girl from the travelling folk falls in love with William, the son of a lord, defying her own kind and becoming what they re not, a named and tamed thing, until the day William betrays her, and the only feeli [...]

    9. Hmmmmis was a different Joanne Harris read I ve read and loved quite a few of her books Chocolat, The Lollipop Shoes, Five Quarters of the Orange, Jigs and Reels, A Cat, A Hat and A Piece of String but I didn t love this APOC is beautifully written, incredibly descriptive and poetic but the lack of dialogue made it a bit flat The characters weren t that fleshed out either and I found myself indifferent to them APOC isn t a bad read, it just wasn t really for me and I probably wouldn t read it ag [...]

    10. I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Based on the poem The Child Ballads, 295, this short story tells the tale of an unnamed wilding girl who lives alone in a forest until she meets a local lords son and falls in love Bound by a name, but then betrayed, she seeks revenge on all who scorn her in her attempt to reclaim her powers This was a beautiful, almost lyrical book The prose describing the woods throughout the seasons were delightful, and really transport [...]

    11. 5 Words Nature, community, folklore, love, betrayal.Beautifully lyrical I absolutely loved it.Review to come.

    12. Wow They say the best things come in small packages, and this little book demonstrates this perfectly Such a stunning cover too This is a wonderfully staged fairytale with a twist It s a very simple story girl meets boy, girl falls in love, boy betrays girl, girl gets revenge but the writing style is so beautiful that it creeps under your skin and holds you spellbound throughout It is based on the poem The Child Ballads, 925 The wilding girl is one of the travelling folk They don t mix with the [...]

    13. Received to review via Netgalley publication date 19th October 2017A Pocketful of Crows is based on one of the Child ballads specifically, The Brown Girl I have to say, I was pleased to see a retelling that isn t based on one of the most well known stories or songs The Child ballads are a huge resource of stories, some of which totally need retelling to make proper sense of them, but people often go for retelling the same stories over and over again I haven t seen anyone play with The Brown Girl [...]

    14. I m a moderate fan of Joanne Harris, loving her series with Vianne Rocher, but ambivalent about her Rune series This book falls somewhere in between and I m not sure how I feel about it.Harris s prose is, as always, beautiful and evocative of whatever she s trying to tell you Here it s descriptions of the seasons, the earth, and a great deal of vengeful feeling.Based on an old ballad, the novella tells a love story turned sour and just how far the girl is willing to go to destroy her ex lover.Th [...]

    15. A twisted little fairy tale that gets deeper as it moves A simple story on the surface but on with layers, the main story mearly feeding into a larger story.Strong well worked hints of celtic mythology and interesting twist really make this stand out.

    16. This review doesn t really contain big spoilers but I loved going into this blindly the book does not have a blurb and if you want that experience too, maybe skip this.What a way to start this year, this tiny little book was amazing A commentary on the fear of the Other, the fear of women, the fear of what people do not understand, and a subversion of the tales the western world grew up with and is comfortable with It posed questions not often asked why is the evil witch evil Why do we fear her [...]

    17. A Pocketful of Crows is a haunting, majestic tale that was an absolute delight to read I couldn t peel my eyes away from it The writing, the story, the magnificent illustrations transpired to create a work of extreme power and joy I m not sure it s possible to have enjoyed this book than I did It is such a wonderful, magical tale The heroine of A Pocketful of Crows is a young girl who is one of the Traveling Folk, a mix of people as old as time itself and all possessing an extraordinary ability [...]

    18. Actual rating 4.5 stars, I think Ok, so I knew next to nothing about this for a while beyond the pretty cover don t judge me , it was by the author of The Gospel of Loki and that it was short After waiting for a while for the price to come down, as of a week or so ago, it was also half price in my local bookshop so it came home with me a few days ago I also read this in two whole sittings in two days, but life kept me from keeping those days consecutive From the first page, the imagery in the de [...]

    19. With A Pocketful of Crows Joanne Harris delivers a poetic story about a tragic love, but also about the circle of life and nature Weaving together a magic fairy tale and folklore we follow a nameless wild girl living in the woods, far away from the village of the Folk , where she lives in the disguise of animals Until one day, she meets a handsome young man and they fall in love However, it is not meant to be, and too late realizes the girl that her place is not among the village Folk, but in na [...]

    20. A Pocketful of Crows by Joanne M Harris was mesmerising.Synopsis A modern fairytale inspired by the Child Ballad 295 The Brown Girl It tells a tale of love, betrayal and finding your place in the grand scheme of life and death.I love books with witches And I love witch y books that don t stray from the folklore surrounding them I have read very few books that involve witches where I have been satisfied with their portrayal but this is one book that will always stay with me for its wonderful repr [...]

    21. I happened to see this book in a bookshop and couldn t pass it by I often love this author, and the content within this book promised to be special And, oh, how it was For people who love pagan history style stories such asThe Bear and the Nightingale, this book is a must read It s incredibly quick reading, from the first person narrative of one of the travelling people I m not even going to use my own words to describe what that means as it s so thoroughly weaved through this book and I don t t [...]

    22. Joanne has done it again A very good book Written for a younger reader but I really enjoyed it The story line is good and the illustrations are beautiful A magical fairy tale of love and betrayal, ending in revenge and freedom The unnamed brown girls, as this is the folk way lives in the forest and is deeply connected to nature She falls in love with a young man who lives in the village and will inherit his father s castle and estate He betrays her and she must use spells and charms to gain her [...]

    23. I had mix feelings reading this book, at times her lack of judgement and how blind she was annoyed me so much Then at other times I loved her I on the other hand hated William with a passion from the start.

    24. Francis James Child collected 305 traditional ballads from England and Scotland during the second half of the 19th century and published an anthology, The English and Scottish Popular Ballads One of those ballads was The Brown Girl , here in Steeleye Span s version youtube watch v YfmTx Joanne Harris has taken the ballad and woven a story from it, starting with the couple meeting and falling in love, rather than going straight to the betrayal and revenge.The book is a beautiful object the cover, [...]

    25. A cracking story full of heart and intrigue, magic and wonder Didn t stop reading until the last page was done.

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