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What He Wants #2020

What He Wants Christo s life fell apart when his partner of eight years walked out on him There wasn t even a reason for it sometimes love just fades as quickly and mysteriously as it appears in the first place En

  • Title: What He Wants
  • Author: Kate Aaron
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 217
  • Format: ebook
  • What He Wants By Kate Aaron, Christo s life fell apart when his partner of eight years walked out on him There wasn t even a reason for it sometimes love just fades, as quickly and mysteriously as it appears in the first place Enter Damien Damien s the guy with a different man on his arm for every event, he s smooth and arrogant and always impeccably turned out Christo hates him But God, he s goChristo s life fell apart when his partner of eight years walked out on him There wasn t even a reason for it sometimes love just fades, as quickly and mysteriously as it appears in the first place Enter Damien Damien s the guy with a different man on his arm for every event, he s smooth and arrogant and always impeccably turned out Christo hates him But God, he s gorgeous Damien could be exactly what Christo needs to get him over John.It s only going to be a fling Nothing serious, nothing that will affect their working relationship or the rest of their lives So why are they fighting through the night rather than letting go and walking away Why does Damien s secretive nature bug Christo so much And why does he even care that the other man might not be as tough as he pretends to be

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      Kate Aaron

    1 thought on “What He Wants

    1. Finished I deserve a medal For the positive aspects of the story they are undeniably there please read MandyM s review here.But just one star from me, I know it s harsh but let me explainStory started out promising with likeable characters or I wouldn t have made it to the point where at first the writing,short time later the story really started to rub me the wrong wayg time At 40% I was debating to DNF the book but I decided to read ond deeply regretted it.Overall good writing but with one maj [...]

    2. This is a lovely very believable and romantic lovestory between two CEOs who only on the surface appear to be similar.There was so much I loved about this book the reality and real maleness of the characters, the British understated and cultured authorial voice, the forthright glimpse into the male mind, for the author, albeit female herself, has got it right so many times Even though I at times wanted to thump Damien and Christo into displaying sense, they behaved like so many real men I knew [...]

    3. I liked this friends to lovers story about two rivals working for a cut throat business company Christo s life fell apart 6 months earlier when his long term partner left and he was forced to sell his house at a loss The demands of his job are enormous as the company he works for puts increasing pressure on their employees to save money His rival at work is the gorgeous and fickle Damien for whom everything seems to come easily Christo and Damien had a falling out over an account they both wante [...]

    4. PHEW This book is heavy going For all the reviewers who have been complaining about a lack of realistic books this one is for you Where to start If I wrote everything I m feeling after reading this book we d be here all week, that is the type of book this is The characters are written beautifully and there is a gradual growth to Christo and Damian s relationship that continues to build through the entire book There were few places where questions remained unanswered and the setting was perfectly [...]

    5. This reminded me of Gold Digger and Rough Canvas I liked that it was about the relationship and not being gay There was very little external conflict, and for men, their work is very important to them Full of beautiful phrases and a very romantic and sexy appreciation of eachother.

    6. Sweet rivals to lovers story Business turns to pleasure as Christo realizes Damien isn t the man he thought he was Decent read, but I felt disconnected from it Might be because the book I read just before had stellar dialogue and this one limped along.

    7. 3.5 Romantic StarsFirst off I have to thank Kate Aaron for mailing me from the UK to the USA a copy of her wonderful book I won this during the Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia hopagainsthomophobiaE STORYWhat a wonderfully rewarding romance This is ALL about the developing relationship and romance of two men who are initially competitive teammates, but are compelled to work together to avoid a difficult workplace scandal Neither of these two are looking for a long term relationship, but wa [...]

    8. DNF at 30%It is appalling really just how terrible this writing is.Here s a woman who just moseyed on over to her laptop one day under the misconception that she s a writer to the detriment of the reading public on whom she seeks to foist this rubbish that evinces an utter lack of any skill.

    9. DNF After reading the chapter with the rape and subsequent excuse for it, I disliked the way it glossed over the issue Not for me.

    10. Not going to make it through this one not getting into it, and inconsistencies have already shown up, just a chapter or so in.

    11. This was an amazing novel that kept me entranced throughout Aaron sets forth some brilliantly crafted descriptions that allow you to visualise everything in detail This novel was very well and naturally written Aaron s fluid writing style allows you to float through life right alongside the characters Everything that this brilliant author presents to you shows just how real the world that she sets forth is You don t read this novel, you live it The main characters in this novel are phenomenal Th [...]

    12. I fell in love with oh so imperfect Christo and Damien This was a gem of a find for me, I loved almost everything about this book, its real ness, its slow build to a relationship, even the characters struggle to re invent themselves professionally in order to stay together This was a very real book, with all the imperfect and flawed behaviour of two young men, one who was just climbing out of the depression of the end of a long term relationship and then other who has jerk syndrome In fact I lik [...]

    13. The storyline was great The plot was well thought of The suits HOT I really wanted to like this one But this was a very difficult read 1 The MC did not have the right chemistry 2 Some of the words used were disconnecting hard to follow the flow I could have been having a off day cuz I really like the startd dang I really like suits In the end it was just ok.

    14. Interesting, sweet, well written It felt a bit slow for me, but I m not sure why it felt that way as the plot advanced normally A pretty realistic at an every day romance with real life pressures job, finances, etc.

    15. Um what the heck was this The story started goodI like the characters a lot and though wow there could be some amazing stuff here comingbut then I came to 20% of the book and was booooooored to death.Christo was so boringwhy the heck did we only get his perspective on things The guy has no idea what he wants and reading his thoughts was just dreadfulhe kept thinking of nothing and everything and was confusing as fuckhe would then make up his mind then change it a chapter lateren change it again [...]

    16. 2.5 0.5 stars from the rating because view spoiler Pets are not gifts This definitely rubbed me wrong way and this is the main reason why 2.5 and not 3 others listed below not so much The random appearances of John and Guy Christo s reaction to learning that Damien is a heir to millions For fox sake, the man told you how he lost his family and you worry that he is sooo much richer than you hide spoiler It was good read but not perfect I couldn t connect with Christo and he is the main character [...]

    17. Sorry, but this was a miss for me I didn t particularly like either MC The book was very poorly edited I encountered some of the longest run on sentences I ve ever seen There s only so many times you can say I looked into his chocolate orange eyes before it makes you scream I almost DNF the book but I persevered to the end, which was not a very satisfying ending for the length of that book.

    18. I enjoyed the previous book I read by this author, but it was, well, light, in the meaning that it was an average read So yes, I didn t expect nothing different from this one, and I was very pleased to discover that instead this was a very good contemporary novel, an old fashioned office romance, and a story that well develops the relationship between Christo and Damien.Just out from a 8 years long committed relationship and a bad break up, Christo doesn t want to be involved again so soon Chris [...]

    19. This book was amazing, apart from two things Christo and the rape scene, and both of these together Either Christo is really fucked up and has no idea what he wants title of the book , at first he is all dominant, 99.99% top, then he gets almost brutally raped by Damian It wasn t a rape as you would think and as it is defined sexual intercourse of any kind without consent , but WHY Simply, WHY Maybe because he wanted to be needed SO BADLY he allowed that While being a top Doesn t make sense to m [...]

    20. 4.5 stars Pushing it up to 5 coz it deserves thisI am sighing oh so pleasantly ever since I started reading this book Christo and Damien have made me fall in love with them Their journey is superb, and it seems so realistic Like, it is always something that I can relate happening in real life The events that happen some good, some unimaginably worst bring these two sweethearts closer and as you read their story, you realize how badly you want them to have their happily ever after by the end.Read [...]

    21. This is a right time frame kinda bookI would have rated this a 3 stars if i had read it at another time Since i read it at a time when i knew exactly the kind of book i wanted, hence the 4 stars.The sex is hot The MC s are arrogant at times They made excuses for each other as a way of forgiveness to explain their behavior and stay together.But i did like the story line Professional work rivals who are attracted to each other and fall in love And also there was no unnecessary conflict and drama.

    22. This was a pretty good story Damien and Christo were hot togetherwhen they finally got together I felt that Damien was very misunderstood by Christo and that Christo s opinion of him was unwarranted The author tried to have us understand why Damien was so awful , but I didn t see that come through I ended up finding Christo to be unfair when it probably wasn t intended that way I liked when they finally got together, however, and the growth of their relationship.

    23. 3.5 to 4It s a fleshed out relationship book, which is a bit of a change in this market, but a great change I ve read later Kate Aaron books and her writing has definitely improved from here, but i did enjoy this.The hysterical review at the top of GR stating there is rape is pretty misguided rough yes, consensual yes and that is the keyWasn t really a keeper or a loved one, but it was good deeper read from some of the light crap I ve skimmed over recently

    24. This is my favorite Kate Aaron book so far That s saying something since I think she s extremely talented in all her writings This book is wonderful Damien and Christo go from boardroom enemies to bedroom lovers Watching the entire thing transform before your very eyes is entertaining and joyful Both men are as stubborn Both want the same thing I want to hide Damien away for my very own and never return him LOL This is a beautiful story and I loved every part of it.

    25. I loved this book The characters are very likable and believable with just the right amount of angst, just the right amount of romance, just the right amount of sexy, steamy love scenes and just the right amount of problems that a relationship can endure without seeming like all the bad things happen to this people It is just the right book I loved loved loved it.

    26. This book was ok but didn t fully live up to its potential for me I liked both the main characters, Christo and Damien and I enjoyed large parts of the story However, at times I found the story, particularly the parts discussing office politics, a trifle boring I think I would have enjoyed this a little if the book was shorter this is the opposite of what I usually wish for.

    27. loved it Feel good factor in spades with enough angst to keep me hooked I think I am in love with Damien xx

    28. Essentially just grown men freaking out over feelings and insecurities in a back and forth manner, with frequent, but mediocre, smut.

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