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Asher Black #2020

Asher Black He was supposed to kill me I had done the unthinkable I called the cops on him on his family but he let me live We became friends and then we fell in love Lucy Ives is a foster kid running from he

  • Title: Asher Black
  • Author: Parker S. Huntington
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Asher Black By Parker S. Huntington, He was supposed to kill me I had done the unthinkable I called the cops on him, on his family, but he let me live We became friends, and then we fell in love.Lucy Ives is a foster kid, running from her turbulent past On her first night in New York City, she accidentally calls the cops on the mafia When their fixer comes to kill her, he spares her life in exchange fHe was supposed to kill me I had done the unthinkable I called the cops on him, on his family, but he let me live We became friends, and then we fell in love.Lucy Ives is a foster kid, running from her turbulent past On her first night in New York City, she accidentally calls the cops on the mafia When their fixer comes to kill her, he spares her life in exchange for a favor be his fake fiance or die.

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      166 Parker S. Huntington
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    1. Original Ditial Copy ODC received by the Author for an honest review A gritty and brutal concept with a cocktail of love, arranged nuptials, mystery, laughter and being courageous towards life.Lucy, the female lead, is an undergraduate, studying something in biology, a difficult name to recall as I suck in biological terms Sorry to the author pAnyways, she is a woman with a shady past and a heavier baggage but she knows how to stand up for herself because that s all she has learnt while growing [...]

    2. Asher Black is not my typical read listen I actually don t think that I have ever read a mafia book romance I m so happy that I took the chance though to discover this new to me author This was a really entertaining audiobook and the heroine had me laughing throughout most of the book Lucy s inner monologue and her back and forth banter with Asher was fantastic Throw in the whole fake fiance trope and this was an awesome debut novel Even though there are some heavier and serious moments in the [...]

    3. Lucy Why do you want me to stay Asher Because I like you.Lucy Why do you want me to go Asher Because I like you Houston we have a problem here Apparently I am the only 3 stars review here I should be worried, but I m not Different minds, different worlds and all that Anyways let s talk about Asher Black.I love Mafia novels My Favorite author is J.M Darhower and I can t get enough of her books Don t let me start talking about Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola Just Wow That being said let s star [...]

    4. It s the eve of 20 year old Lucy Ives first day of college She decides to go with her roommate to Rogue, the hottest club in New York City When she witnesses something she shouldn t and then calls the cops, Lucy puts her life in dangerous The club is owned by the mafia s fixer, the gorgeous Asher Black After tracking her down, Asher realizes that Lucy is an innocent young woman that made a bad call and proposes a deal he kills her or she agrees to be his fake fianc e For Lucy there s only one ch [...]

    5. I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book All opinions expressed are my own Asher Black has a touch of Tijan s Carter Reed with a freshness and intelligence that comes directly from debut author Parker S Huntington This is a well written, well paced, action filled, character driven book I found it highly entertaining.Lucy is an incredibly intelligent, beautiful, college student She is multi layered a product of the foster care system, she s spent the last 2 years volunteering in Africa [...]

    6. ASHER BLACK IS THE NEW BLACKD LUCY JUST HAPPENS TO LOVE BLACK This is one of those times I wish we could give a book than 5 stars.First of all, I am dumbfounded by the fact that ASHER BLACK is Parker S Huntington s debut novel I have read SOOOO MANY books, and this author is one that I will continue to read anything else she writes fact, I ll be following stalking her and watching for her new releases ASHER BLACKI fall in love with him and the book right from the beginningIs he a mobster Is he [...]

    7. You MUST check out this new author, she is FABULOUS It s hard to believe this is her first book I will be following her work and reading whatever she comes up with next I have a new book boyfriendd his name is Asher Black OMGhe is definitely drool worthy Asher and Lucy are amazing characters, with so many layers layers are peeled back and emotions and fears are dealt with they become stronger Lucy learns she is no longer a runner, who runs from her problems, but she finds strength and courage As [...]

    8. And the search for a good Mafia book continues This was just way to unrealistic The female lead walks into a restaurant that s owned my a mobster and he introduces himself by telling her he was head of enforcement uhm no Wise guys don t hand out that kind of information Oh and let s not forget that she did a google search on Asher that told her he was a fixer for the mob Is there a Mobster that I don t know about Sorry, but that s not how this works DNF at about 30%

    9. My sincere thanks to the author for providing an ARC in exchange for a fair review I read a lot of books and try to review all of them objectively When a new author contacts me asking if I would like an ARC in exchange for a review, I admit I cringe just a little bit I have a huge amount of respect for the work that authors do There is no way I could ever sit down and focus enough to write a book, let alone a great one So when I receive an ARC that is not great I have a really hard time reviewin [...]

    10. I LOVED it First lets talk about Asher swoon be still my heart Asher is wonderful in this book He is tall, stacked, powerful, and an absolute dreamboat Lucy is smart, than she thinks, kind, and absolutely has the best and hilarious inner monologue I loved reading her inner thoughts, as I, myself can relate to some of them Second, Parker this is to you I will steal all your red starbursts now that I know your love for them as you heavily reference them and they are my favs too I also loved all t [...]

    11. What a fun read I giggled through most of it Seriously though, I would consider this book a rom com Example and Cerberus will be, too, when he greets you at the gates of Hell and escorts you to the tenth circle, where all the books you ve pirated will be read to you backwards for all of eternity by a screamo band made up of high school bullies, your least favorite politicians, and bloodsucking mosquitos I ll kill you and hide your body six feet under a construction site, where they ll build a Se [...]

    12. I could not put this book down, I m so busy these days a book has to grab my attention fast or I ll read a few chapters before calling it a night, but this one I carried around with me and read every brief chance I got Asher Black is mysterious and no one really knows him, they all want to be him but are scared of him Lucy grew up being a foster kid with a past that no one knows about and she can t come to terms with After getting caught doing what she thought was right, she has to become Asher [...]

    13. I was asked to read this new book and give my honest opinion here goes For the most part it was really entertainingus banter, witty internal dialogue, and a very interesting mafia college student unconventional romance It had some engaging characters all the bodyguards and some nasty females that were all over the place from college students to wealthy snobs but it was Asher and Lucy who stole the show I have read other books with a similar storyline a deal made to help both parties but with for [...]

    14. This book I was excited to start it and when I did, I couldn t put it down Soon enough it was 4am and I was forcing myself to out the book down.I absolutely love love love this book It was like a movie playing out in my head in the best kind of way and wouldn t stop Asher Oh, Asher I m in love And Lucy She s just Ana amazing woman but don t underestimate her I enjoyed all the people in this book The story has me hooked from chapter one and I m so glad I finished it The ending was perfect and I m [...]

    15. I absolutely freaking LOVED this story Lucy Asher perfection Lucy is a strong, courageous heroine even though she thinks she s not She stands up for herself, and for Asher Asher is sexy, strong, and a really awesome hero There were sooooo many amazing lines and quotes each chapter starts out with a quote about courage, and they are just so well chosen , I don t know how many I highlighted, but it was than I ve ever highlighted in a single book before, I think BTW, I love that feature This gets [...]

    16. I fell in love with this book I am a big lover of mafia romance novels as I love the sucpence and action Lucy and Asher story is so great She is so strong and a courageous and this makes her such a great heroine in this book She stands up for herself and for Asher Asher is sexy, strong and a perfect man to be the hero I love how the author puts quotes at the beginning of each chapter about courage Absolutely love it I can t wait to read by ParkerI received a free copy of this book via Booksprou [...]

    17. Fake FianceeI loved this story The connection between Lucy and Asher was electric In most stories, you see the physical attraction front and center Then you start to see them growing an emotional attachment go one another This isn t the case with Lucy and Asher s relationship Yes, the physical attraction is there but it isn t front and center Their relationship started as an agreement, moved into somewhat of a friendship, and then so much It was lovely to see Once you start reading you won t st [...]

    18. Awesome read Found a new favorite author Incredible writing with strong characters Loved Lucy and Asher s story

    19. Loved It I love the Mafia Romance Genre This story plot is written with a lot of twists and turns I adore the characters Asher Black The book is smartly written and I can t wait for the next installment

    20. I am voluntarily reviewing an advanced copy of this manuscript ALERT to all romance lovers This is A MUST READ Very well written, very interesting, super sexy, witty and very funny this book will entertain you and enthrall you Utterly addictive, i was unable to put it down and read it in one night Asher Black is a delightful read and an ultimate talent testament for its author The writing style is just amazing, you will live everything as if you were there and you will feel the chemistry and the [...]

    21. Asher Black is a mesmerizing, 10 star hit that will blow right out of the water Leaving you needing and yearning for So brilliantly, smart, funny and just over all sexy You can t go wrong

    22. So, I borrowed this off of Kindle Unlimited, read it, loved it, and then bought a paperback and eBook copy Matchbook 0.99 Then, imagine my surprise when I learned that this is the author s first novel I also read on an review that she s 21 That s crazy This is such a good book regardless of her age and experience , but when you combine the quality of this novel to both her age and the fact that this is only her first novel, it s mind blowing Serious Mind Blown.Asher is 100% alpha male But he s a [...]

    23. Asher Black, Parker S HuntingtonReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre Romance,After reading this I was looking for info on author, and astonished to read that its her first book ande s only 21 That came as a real shock as IMO its a very well written, polished novel, and I can only imagine what Parker is going to produce with a bit experience An author to watch SoI rarely read Mafia biker MC type novels I just find usually they re a combination of pet hates, grunting, monosyllabic alpha m [...]

    24. Lucy Ives grew up in the foster system and has now made it to college in New York Taking classes that I cannot pronounce or understand adds to the complex level of this character Along with her roommate and really only person she considers a friend Aimee, they decide to go out to a popular club named the Rogue It just so happens to be owned by a very hot looking man named Asher Black He is a very sharp dresser but is also very lethal During the course of the night Lucy has one encounter with Mr [...]

    25. Oh man, this audio book just oozes with sexual tension How in the world did we make it through over half the book with a few kisses here and there That goes to show you how perfectly of a romance this book truly was You don t need sex to make a romance you need ROMANCE Asher Black was a book that was full of sweet words and longing.I was genuinely surprised, and secretly thrilled, at some of the main character, Lucy s, references to romance books I couldn t help but laugh out loud to hear all ab [...]

    26. Suspension of disbelief is helpful an audio review A hitman has targeted a na ve college student who accidentally called the police Her only way out is to pretend she s his fianc e This is a creative if not slightly implausible plot There are many Alpha billionaire fist fighting mafia romances these days and, at times, it can be a little much The question is how can an author and book differentiate themselves from the pack Parker S Huntington certainly tries Lucy Ives is not a meek heroine She s [...]

    27. 3.5 Stars Lots of Build UpThe cover is great, the blurb is great, heck even the guy s name is great, Asher Black That name just screams hot, sexy guy Parker S Huntington has the makings for a nice first book to a series here.Lucy finds herself in a heap of trouble pretty quickly when she s out on the town one evening Just that fast, she witnessed something, didn t know what to do and called the cops Everybody knows who Asher Black is, including Lucy, however she didn t realize this stunt was goi [...]

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