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Pilot X #2020

Pilot X What would happen if a time traveler lived in a world where time could not easily be changed and if it was changed it might destroy everything but himself Pilot X just wants to fly a time ship Specif

  • Title: Pilot X
  • Author: Tom Merritt Kevin T. Collins
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • Pilot X By Tom Merritt Kevin T. Collins, What would happen if a time traveler lived in a world where time could not easily be changed and if it was changed, it might destroy everything but himself Pilot X just wants to fly a time ship Specifically the Verity But the Guardians of Alenda, rulers of his people, throw him in the middle of a time war When he makes peace they don t seem pleased In fact, his own peoWhat would happen if a time traveler lived in a world where time could not easily be changed and if it was changed, it might destroy everything but himself Pilot X just wants to fly a time ship Specifically the Verity But the Guardians of Alenda, rulers of his people, throw him in the middle of a time war When he makes peace they don t seem pleased In fact, his own people treat him like the enemy.See the book trailer at youtube watch v gHmPsPilot X was Tom Merritt s National Novel Writing Month project in November 2014 Tom Merritt is the host of several podcasts about tech and geeky things.

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      241 Tom Merritt Kevin T. Collins
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    1. Executive Summary A fun, quick read that fans of Doctor Who or classic Science Fiction will probably enjoy.Audiobook I was unfamiliar with Kevin T Collins prior to listening to this book, but I ll be keeping an eye out for him in the future He reads clearly at good volume and does a few voices as well Tom lucked out with a good narrator who added a little something extra to the book Full ReviewFor what it s worth, I ve been a member of Tom s online book club Sword Laser for nearly 5 years, and h [...]

    2. My initial reaction to Pilot X was that I loved it However, something didn t sit well with me I kept wanting to give it three or four stars instead of five.The story lacks a lot of the modern mainstays of science fiction There s no bickering crew on the Verity No love triangle Pilot X is a little sarcastic and a hint acerbic but he s not the worn out, wisecracking badass of every book He s not a weathered idealist who s lost his way in a cold and uncaring universe.The world of Pilot X isn t what [...]

    3. If you liked Dr Who, then you ll like Pilot X X is a time traveler with a fairly unique ship He just wants to fly his ship and explore things Suddenly, in a sort of thrust to greatness move, he finds himself in a time war X is an affable fellow with great empathy who really only wants to do the right thing He adores his ship, likes helping fix people s problems, and is very intelligent with a bit of a mouth on him As I said, if you like Dr Who, you ll like X too.An engaging read, Pilot X pulls y [...]

    4. First I am a fan of Sword and Laser so seeing Tom Merritt had written a book I was then curious Pilot X is like classic Sci Fi, I see a lot of people mentioning Dr Who, and I can see that comparing at least two races to other races we have come to know through Dr Who Where it diverts is with Verity the Ship that Pilot X is assigned to But lets go back to the book X is a member to the Alenda a race that has reached its pinnacle and seems to be coasting now in the Universe They are capable of Ti [...]

    5. Pilot X is a time traveler This is the story about his journey that ends up with him as the last surviving Alendan in the universe.Pilot X reminds me of classic sci fi stories A lot of great ideas and an interesting plot but rather thin characters rather reminiscent of Philip K Dick It also thankfully lacks the sexism and racism Tom Merritt was inspired to write this book because of Doctor Who and the influence is clearly felt throughout I generally enjoyed Pilot X as a character, even though he [...]

    6. A time hopping adventure that is an obvious homage to Dr Who Surprisingly the story manages to skirt all the usual tropes associated with time paradoxes but manages include quite a bit of humor that only works with time travel novels The go and complete this one year mission and meet me back here in 20 minutes type.There is an underlying story that is foreshadowed right at the beginning so you know where it s going right from the start I was half expecting that to turn into a red herring Decent [...]

    7. Stop me if you ve heard this one before Sarcastic main character tools around the cosmos in his time machine that s bigger on the inside and is, thanks to a universe spanning war, the last of an alien race of time travelers A charitable view would be that Tom Merritt takes inspiration from Doctor Who A less charitable view would be that Tom Merritt should probably be expecting a cease and desist letter from the BBC any day now.Ultimately, this is a okay book that s short enough not to overstay i [...]

    8. The Alendans are the only race that has truly mastered time travel Pilot X is happy that he gets to pilot one of the Alendan time traveling ships, and is particularly happy with the artificial intelligence assigned on that ship However, one of the most senior ambassadors has asked Pilot X to become Ambassador X Alendans use a title and single name, those with no position are simply called Citizen given name and to try to negotiate a peace between two other races These are the Progons, a race of [...]

    9. Thoroughly enjoyable read Time travel yarn that felt like Golden Age SF Plus the light sense of humor added to it.

    10. Fun romp through time and space I am not a Dr Who aficionado, but I guess that is not required to thoroughly enjoy Pilot X Imaginative, thoughtful, and fast moving.

    11. Pilot X is a new science fiction novel by Tom Merritt being released today, March 14, 2017 This is a fun, fast read, perfect for a lazy weekend Which, incidentally, is exactly when I read this book.So what did I think of it Well, first, it s fun.In this book we follow our main character, Pilot X, as he flies through space and time in his ship Verity while rising through the ranks of his home planet Pilot X is an Alendan, a race of humanoid beings who have mastered the art of time travel who have [...]

    12. Eh, I m not going to finish this one I got the audiobook for like 3.00 awhile back and figured, why not but I m probably going ask for my 3.00 back because the narrator is completely killing it for me with his inexplicable use of a cheesy Transylvanian accent for one of the alien races, not to mention the fact that at the beginning he was spelling out everyone s names who cares , but then just completely stopped doing that after the first chapter or so I would switch to the print version, but ho [...]

    13. This is a hard book to review, and not only because I have a lot of respect for Tom Merritt from years listening to Sword and Laser.First off, I love the premise of the story A Time Lord type race struggling in a shadowy, dimensional war with two other races whose influence spans the length and breadth of time and space We experience this war through the eyes of Pilot Ambassador instructor X, who we are told throughout the novel is an important figure in the war Merritt somehow manages to write [...]

    14. Consider someone relating a long story to you, perhaps one being fabricated on the spot At various points, they spend an inordinate amount of time embellishing minutiae that has little relevance Then they rush ahead, leaving wide gaps in the story Dialog is colloquial, bordering on droll, yet weak and stilted Character names change minute to minute And finally, it s a story about time travel, where past, present and future swap places constantly, never once settling It s a disorienting and frust [...]

    15. Lord Where do I even start I mean, there s the obvious Bizarro wise cracking man travels through space and time in a female spaceship that he loves and which is bigger on the inside, fighting robots and malevolent organic flesh blobs in metal wastebaskets, ultimately must destroy both his own people and their enemies And he talks like the worst of the Eleventh Doctor, and I HATE the Eleventh Doctor I m honestly confused as to how this got past legal That s not even a damn spoiler because it s ri [...]

    16. Time travel is a tricky genre It s an equally tricky concept in general While we re all familiar with the idea of time travel, it can be difficult to wrap your head around it sometimes especially when it s integral to a particular story Sometimes time travel is merely a frame through which to tell a story and the creator is perfectly happy just letting it happen without much explanation Others develop convoluted rules to keep themselves and the story in check Pilot X is something of the latter.I [...]

    17. Time travel is something that mankind only dreams of The book Pilot X, by Tom Merrit, looks at three races that can achieve this The book perfectly combines sci fi and mystery, creating a great and entertaining story.All that Pilot X wants to do, is fly his ship, the Verity, through time Pilot X is a member of the Alendan race, a civilization that has mastered the technology to travel through time As a Pilot, it is his job to take orders from officials and complete them without messing with the [...]

    18. This is a strange one I did really enjoy the book, and I picked it up on Audible because the premise sounded good on its own, but this story is so strongly tied to Doctor Who, I don t know how to talk about it The author explicitly has said he set out to write this book after wanting to know about the Time War and the Doctor having to choose to destroy both Gallifrey and its enemies to save the rest of the universe He says also that there aren t Daleks or a Tardis etc in his novel, but there al [...]

    19. Pilot X is an engaging read I enjoyed the story The book has a lot of big ideas about time travel, alien races, and morality The book starts off at the end of the story before taking the reader through the circumstances that led Pilot X to that moment Although it is a story about time travel, the rest of the book follows Pilot X through his own subjective timeline Through Pilot X s eyes, we see a vast and interesting universe While I loved the big picture in this book, stronger world building wo [...]

    20. I had been meaning to pick this up for a long time, but as I do most my reading through Audible, my credits kept going in other directions usually for expensive books Not long ago, however, this was on a ridiculous sale, and I was able to pick it up for just a couple bucks.I had a very hard time getting into this book I found out the problem was not necessarily with the content or the narrator who eventually I was ok with I didn t appreciate his performance very much The problem I had starting [...]

    21. Pilot X is of the time traveling species of Alendans, but all he wants to do is fly his ship, the Verify But his people throw him in the middle of a time war anyway, so he makes peace When he realizes too late that peace is not what the Alendans want, Pilot X must make a choice, and both outcomes have universe wide implications.First, let s get this out of the way A lone man, the last of his own race of time travelers, traverses time and space in his spaceship that s bigger on the inside with wi [...]

    22. Pilot X is a fun, humorous, quick adventure across time and space that I would think began its life as Doctor Who fan fiction if I thought Tom Merritt were the type of author to write fan fiction which I don t Merritt definitely deviated from the source of his inspiration to create a universe with plenty of interesting aliens and worlds I just wish he had given the readers time with them many were there for a handful of pages, and then Pilot X was off to his next stop I suppose that s the natur [...]

    23. First, do yourself a favor and skip the audible version I had to listen at 1.2x speed just to get a normal cadence Every sentence is read like it is VERY IMPORTANT, and it s just exhausting to listen to Second, while the story arc had some interest, the execution was amateur There was so much exposition There was a lot of this person thing is Unique and Special because we say so There was a lot of detail in the unimportant parts, and a lot of handwaving in the important parts The time travel was [...]

    24. Pilot X by Tom Merritt is a stand alone science fiction Novel that can best be described as part Doctor Who part Flash Gordon The hardest concept about this book is keeping the ever changing time streams Merritt does something that is quite hilarious he includes a pronunciation guide in is fictional language This is both funny and useful to the reader Once you connect with the story provided you can follow it, it is a superbly gripping story First person narrative is essential to this story lite [...]

    25. Another delightful dispatch from the golden age of time travel fiction Pilot X is part Stanislaw Lem, part space opera, part post apocalyptic story, and enjoyable from beginning to end The book begins with Pilot X showing up at a stange civiliation, proving to them he can time travel, and promising to tell them the story about how he destroyed three warring civilizations to save the universe The rest of the book is that story.Pilot X is a driven by a combination of his own innocence but also his [...]

    26. A fairly short novel that would be good for those who really enjoy time travel stories The plot is pretty solid but this book leaves a lot to be desired The main character s abilities make them out to be a renaissance person, they are good at everything and it gets tiresome They also aren t that fleshed out, they have a few personality traits but they don t change and we know almost nothing about them.While time travel is the main mover of the plot, the book is barely science fiction Nothing is [...]

    27. If you like Doctor Who you ll probably enjoy this This is an easy quick read and over all it was well put together It was creative and I liked the way it came up with a reason for why Dark matter exist everything wove together nicely.The characters were all very interesting and seemed normal but I felt a bit of a detachment to them I felt as if I didn t really get to know Pilot X There was also a fleeting romance at the end It didn t make much sense to me but I guess when you don t live linearly [...]

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