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My Absolute Darling #2020

My Absolute Darling The word masterpiece has been cheapened by too many blurbs but My Absolute Darling absolutely is one Stephen King A brilliant and immersive all consuming read about one fourteen year old girl s hear

  • Title: My Absolute Darling
  • Author: Gabriel Tallent
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • My Absolute Darling By Gabriel Tallent, The word masterpiece has been cheapened by too many blurbs, but My Absolute Darling absolutely is one Stephen King A brilliant and immersive, all consuming read about one fourteen year old girl s heart stopping fight for her own soul.Turtle Alveston is a survivor At fourteen, she roams the woods along the northern California coast The creeks, tide pools, and rocky The word masterpiece has been cheapened by too many blurbs, but My Absolute Darling absolutely is one Stephen King A brilliant and immersive, all consuming read about one fourteen year old girl s heart stopping fight for her own soul.Turtle Alveston is a survivor At fourteen, she roams the woods along the northern California coast The creeks, tide pools, and rocky islands are her haunts and her hiding grounds, and she is known to wander for miles But while her physical world is expansive, her personal one is small and treacherous Turtle has grown up isolated since the death of her mother, in the thrall of her tortured and charismatic father, Martin Her social existence is confined to the middle school where she fends off the interest of anyone, student or teacher, who might penetrate her shell and to her life with her father.Then Turtle meets Jacob, a high school boy who tells jokes, lives in a big clean house, and looks at Turtle as if she is the sunrise And for the first time, the larger world begins to come into focus her life with Martin is neither safe nor sustainable Motivated by her first experience with real friendship and a teenage crush, Turtle starts to imagine escape, using the very survival skills her father devoted himself to teaching her The reader tracks Turtle s escalating acts of physical and emotional courage, and watches, heart in throat, as she struggles to become her own hero and in the process, becomes ours as well.Shot through with striking language in a fierce natural setting, My Absolute Darling is an urgently told, profoundly moving read that marks the debut of an extraordinary new writer.

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    1. Given all the glowing reviews and buzz surrounding My Absolute Darling, I really wanted to like this book But from the first chapter, this book did not grab me And I guess I am the anomaly, given how much people are rhapsodizing about this novel, which is fine, not every book is for every reader So, if you think you might like this book, please do check it out For certain, this book is readable in that I read it in a few hours I kept hoping that the amazingness would suddenly appear to me and al [...]

    2. The truth of you, if it is there at all, exists beyond an unbridgeable and irreducible epistemological gap Wow, I 100% know what people mean when they say they felt like they read a completely different book from everyone else The critics have been loving My Absolute Darling All the reviews appearing in my feed have been singing its praises Stephen King gave it the thumbs up And yet, I found this painfully awful On multiple levels.Where do I even begin I could start with what I suppose is the bi [...]

    3. Bam All the freaking stars Why do we read I m serious Why Because books like these exist My Absolute Darling in my humble opinion is a modern masterpiece An absolute, all consuming, beautifully written work of art I loved it so much I m completely exhausted This book was all consuming I wanted to save Turtle from her monster father all throughout this book I wanted her to run and get help when she could have Most of this novel is dark and disturbing but there are glimmers of joy, especially when [...]

    4. Warning extreme and disturbing material This is a psychologically chilling, dark and disturbing novel set in remote Mendocino, California, charting the dysfunctional, an understatement, relationship between 14 year old Turtle Julia and her end of the world believer, armed to the teeth, survivalist father, Martin, who has stockpiled dried food that will last 3 years This book has echoes of Helena and Jacob Holbrook s relationship in The Marsh King s Daughter by Karen Dionne, although in compariso [...]

    5. The setting of this story is what first interested me in this novel.having grown up in the San Francisco bay area.The Northern California coast Mendocino is one of the natural wonders in the world It s surrounded by secluded cliff side beaches, bird rich estuaries, rivers, hiking trails, canyons, waterfalls, giant redwoods, the famous Pygmy Forests of pine and cypress, and it s an unincorporated community In the late 60 s and 70 s, Mendocino became the counter culture Community for intentional l [...]

    6. There are people who are falsely claiming that those of us who are giving this book a high rating are doing so because we love that it is sordid, incestuous, exploitative, etc These false accusations are offensive and say about the individual and their low view of women than it does about anyone else.Here s the truth If anything, the book is getting high ratingsdespite its disturbing content For proof of this, read any number of the excellent reviews for this book.Also, it s been said that real [...]

    7. My Absolute Darling is absolutely disturbing And dark And depressing Turtle is 14 years old and is being abused by her father physically, sexually and emotionally He is an extreme renegade survivalist and has isolated Turtle from friends, from people.They live in a remote part of California along the coast where she often escapes in order to breathe and sort out the emotional mess and confusion she is gripped with During one of these escapes, she makes a friend A boy who is a little older than h [...]

    8. My Absolute Darling by Gabriel Tallent is a 2017 Riverhead Books publication Very dark and disturbing, but one of the most noteworthy novels I have read this year Despite some very stellar reviews, I waffled back and forth, unable to decide if really wanted to tackle this one, but thanks to my GR friend, Jennifer Masterson s review, I took the plunge I knew going in this story was controversial and perhaps not for everyone Yet, I still was not emotionally prepared for the intensity of the novel [...]

    9. Just got back from a Florida vacation 4.5 stars Turtle Alveston is a survivor She has grown up isolated since the death of her mother, and is raised by her charismatic father Martin, who is an awful man who tortures her She is fourteen years old She is raised with lots of guns They are all hooked on wall pegs in her room She has a Lewis Machine Tool AR 10, a Noveske AR 15 and a Remington 870 twelve gauge pump action shotgun Her favorite gun is her AR 10 It is so heavy Every night she dissembles [...]

    10. It can t be anything but the full five stars.It wouldn t be an exaggeration to say that this book might just have ruined the word darling for me Each time I see it written or hear it spoken, I get that kick in the stomach, the tightening at the back of your throat, the slight tensing of the body you get when you remember something awful You want desperately to turn away I have rarely been so overwhelmed with the sheer physicality of my response to a book I am sickened I am living someone else s [...]

    11. 3.5 starsIt s obvious why readers are so polarized on this book This book is about physical, emotional and sexual abuse of a fourteen year old girl by her father It s not an easy read and many will be turned off by it Hell, we all should be turned off by it Turtle Alveston is a fourteen year old girl living with her survivalist father in Northern California her Mother is Dead She knows the land and has no problem going out into the forest exploring on her own and is quite handy with a gun She ca [...]

    12. Turtle is fourteen years old and lives with her father Martin She goes to middle school but is a very reserved child who has difficulties excelling in school One day she meets Jacob, a kid that is charming, funny and completely lovable This encounter ignites a spark in Turtle that propels her to question the relationship she has with her father Turtle is an amazing character The novel is narrated from her point of view and the author did an excellent job developing the story and her journey.The [...]

    13. How did I manage to order a copy of the English edition of this loathsome piece of drivel It s a virtual copy of the American version But it had a different dust jacket That mattered As I bathed in the stream of raw sewage that constitutes dialog I kept thinking back on Claire Fuller s Our Endless Numbered Days, which also features abusive father daughter incest now, that phrase is a pleonasm in the wilds, but is so much subtler and nuanced that for me it epitomized that difference between Engli [...]

    14. What the heck did I just read Why ever would I have decided to pick up this piece of garbage Truth be told, I saw so many four and five star reviews that I think I probably read a different book from the rest of them Yes, I could have cast it aside and believe me I sure wanted to However, with so many glowing reviews, I figured just one chapter, another fifty pages and I would come to a point where this masterpiece would find its way into my brain Well, that never happened and now I get to add [...]

    15. Hard as I tried I just couldn t love this book Heavy on content and heavy on descriptions made this book well.heavy It s dark, gritty, grim and depressingly disturbing Such as most of the content of the book the writing felt murky It was well written it can t be disputed But I felt almost angry at the author for putting me through so much turmoil and trauma with barely any relief I guess this was the power of this book but I struggled to want to read it I can already see that this book is a book [...]

    16. I often think a three star review is the hardest to write For me it s a positive rating and should be viewed as a recommendation to read if the subject matter or author interests you and that s firmly the recommendation that I give to My Absolute Darling Gabriel Tallent is a wonderful writer There is absolutely no denying that However, for me personally this book was too much I don t think I am the right reader The novel follows the story of young Turtle Alveston and her abusive upbringing by he [...]

    17. I didn t quite know what to expect from My Absolute Darling other than that it would be a heart breaking story, and it certainly was This debut novel from Gabriel Tallent is so raw, intense and honest from the very first pages and throughout that you can t help but smile at the appropriateness of the author s last name Turtle, our 14 year old protagonist, lives alone with her father in Northern California Their relationship is bizarre and stinging Martin, the father, teaches Turtle to shoot and [...]

    18. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum I thought at least you could give me this, you could at least do that, but the truth is that you give me nothing Welcome to my favorite week of the year Unfortunately, real life kind of got in the way and I failed to realize Banned Book Week was quickly approaching until I received the pop up reminder on my calendar this morning It just so happens that by some strange coincidence I had finished My Absolute Darling last week and of course had not yet writte [...]

    19. Appalling.After being challenged for being judgmental of people who enjoyed this book or who find it some kind of a masterpiece, after whimping out and not wanting to enter the fray, I feel I must stand by my original response to this book I find it concerning, worrisome, disturbing even, that large numbers of people should rhapsodize about a book so dark, cruel, and violent I see the graphic depictions of child abuse physical and sexual as exploitative, part of a wider trend of the sexualizatio [...]

    20. Gasp Gasp Oh man gasp 4.25 stars UmI don t even know where to start with this one I kept putting this book aside, it was nerve wrecking And it s considered to be a young adult genre type book Yup, this book was a tough read indeed, it was full of angst.

    21. EDIT I keep going back and forth on my star rating for this book For me the tie breaker question is would I recommend this book to others After thinking about it further, and hearing interviews with the author, my answer to that question is no.______Having finished My Absolute Darling feels like being chewed up and spat out, covered in muck Reading this book is a grueling experience, and not one to be undertaken lightly.Equal parts compelling and appalling, I ve seen other reviews describe My Ab [...]

    22. Did not finishuld not finish Disliked this book a lot I normally don t write about books that I don t finish and don t like giving negative reviews, but with all of the hype on this book, I thought there needed to be some balance of opinions I really disliked it.l of the boring descriptions of guns, the long descriptions of everything else Once I started skimming over entire paragraphs, then pages, I knew I was not going to finish this book I am sure I m not the only one I have since discussed t [...]

    23. This debut novel awed me It destroyed me It inspired me Yes, it s the story of a 14 year old girl, her knife, her Sig Sauer, and her sadistic, survivalist father But it is also one of the most beautifully written and spectacularly poignant novels I have ever read I loved every single word Every Single Word.

    24. DNF 6% Another Samuel Hawley this ain t I d heard such amazing things about this debut novel and was indeed impressed by the descriptive language and characterization Fourteen year old Julia Turtle Alveston lives in a creepy derelict house with her father, Martin Their little pocket of California is their whole world, and they have their own rules here Turtle knows a lot about guns but not much that will help her in school That s okay, because her father doesn t value traditional education at a [...]

    25. I may be missing out on a masterpiece but I.justn t I don t want to read another book about a semi feral child with wilderness skills and a depraved father, and I definitely don t want to read another book about view spoiler incest hide spoiler this I struggled with the writing style, from the father s philosophical diatribes to the descriptions of the landscape, but the gratuitous language employed to describewell, let s just say I m not up for continuing this journey I stuck with this one much [...]

    26. And so to the book that has everyone talking A book bestowed with the highest praise of Stephen King, no less Or perhaps lumbered with it It makes me wish I d read this novel without hearing the hype and having impossibly high expectations But I can certainly see why it has generated such heated debate.14 year old Julia Turtle Alveston is the focus of our attention She lives on a sprawling, run down farm with her father Martin, on the North California coast With a survivalist attitude, Martin ha [...]

    27. She is still a prisoner of her childhood attempting to create a new life, she re encounters the trauma Judith Lewis HermanGabriel Tallent, an American author, has penned an extremely heart wrenching and horrifying, debut young adult contemporary fiction called, My Absolute Darling that centers around a young teenage girl, living with her crack head father, who teaches her about guns and shooting targets in the morning after her school and rapes her almost every other night, although the young pr [...]

    28. Yes, I realize I am in the minority opinion regarding this book which is supposed to be the greatest work this year However, my review was not based on receiving an advanced copy and my judgement was colored by having read two very similar books previously that were, by far, much better This is yet another story of a girl in the backwoods of nowhere who has been raised by a father with whom she has a love hate relationship with until she has the aha moment of self discovery Yes, seeyou ve read t [...]

    29. I thought My Absolute Darling was outstandingly good It is beautifully written, remarkably insightful and completely gripping.This is the story of 12 year old Julia Turtle Alveson who lives with her survivalist father on the fringes of society in Mendocino, California She is skilled in guns, survival skills and so on, but at sea with other people and in social situations Told entirely from Turtle s point of view, we see her struggles with understanding her father s obsessive and abusive behaviou [...]

    30. 14 year old Turtle lives alone in the woods with her widower father, and they are very close, having only each other, really They are too close, actually, the details of which I will omit, but you can grasp my meaning Theirs is a volatile relationship, brutally abusive as well, the likes of which we ve certainly witnessed in other books but in this book, I feel it was handled with expertise and exquisite plotting unmatched before It is balanced by some not as dark moments notice I didn t say lig [...]

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