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We Never Talk about My Brother #2020

We Never Talk about My Brother Modern parables of love death and transformation are peppered with melancholy in this extraordinary collection of contemporary fantasy Each short story cultivates a whimsical sense of imagination an

  • Title: We Never Talk about My Brother
  • Author: Peter S. Beagle
  • ISBN: 9781892391834
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
  • We Never Talk about My Brother By Peter S. Beagle, Modern parables of love, death, and transformation are peppered with melancholy in this extraordinary collection of contemporary fantasy Each short story cultivates a whimsical sense of imagination and reveals a mature, darker voice than previously experienced from this legendary author In one tale the Angel of Death enjoys newfound celebrity while moonlighting as an ancModern parables of love, death, and transformation are peppered with melancholy in this extraordinary collection of contemporary fantasy Each short story cultivates a whimsical sense of imagination and reveals a mature, darker voice than previously experienced from this legendary author In one tale the Angel of Death enjoys newfound celebrity while moonlighting as an anchorman on the network news, while in another the shortsighted ruler of a gentle realm betrays himself in dreaming of a manageable war Further storylines include an American librarian who discovers that, much to his surprise and sadness, he is the last living Frenchman, and rivals in a supernatural battle who decide to forgo pistols at dawn, choosing instead to duel with dramatic recitations of terrible poetry Featuring several previously unpublished stories alongside a bevy of recently released works, this haunting compilation is appealing to both genre readers and mainstream literature lovers.Includes By Moonlight, Locus Award winner for Best Novelette.

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    1. I have never read anything else by Peter S Beagle.Just want to make that clear, since I know that in some corners of the fantasyscape, he is a Big Deal He s Known Renowned, even So this little collection of short stories of his was probably met with squeals of glee from fans the world over when it was published back in 2009, because I am 6 years behind on my to read list these days I was not one of those people.But I might be, some day.We Never Talk About My Brother starts off on a very good not [...]

    2. Inside the cover of Peter S Beagle s short story collection We Never Talk About My Brother, there are various quotes praising his other works and his writing in general The review by Booklist caught my eye Perhaps Beagle is incapable of genuinely dark fantasy, but Although Booklist goes on to give the book The Line Between a good review, this sentence nagged at me while I was reading We Never Talk The impression it left was that Booklist believes that dark fantasy good fantasy and the darker it [...]

    3. As a fan of Mr Beagle s work since childhood, I am most definitely a biased reader of his words However, I think of all the works of his I ve read, THIS is the one that holds its own the strongest and passes Mr Beagle into the realm of not just a good author or an exceptional fantasy writer, but as a truly talented, SUPERB author I once wrote a paper about him as being one of the truly good American authors we had to survive in the literary world, a paper which I am certain my teachers scoffed a [...]

    4. This one just left me breathless A collection of perfect little stories, all in different realities and all in different voices from a nasty tv news anchor who may be the angel of death to a shapeshifting wife in Samurai Japan to a glorious retelling of Titania and the mortal man she falls in love with, there is simply nothing in here that doesn t just floor me.As usual, Peter is amazing Highly, highly recced.

    5. A wonderful, wonderful collection of stories Beagle s best.Uncle Chaim and Aunt Rifke and the Angel is a lovely, sad, happy story told through the eyes of a ten year old boy One day, as he s sitting in the studio watching his Uncle Chaim paint, an angel arrives and informs Chaim that she s to be his muse and he will from that day on paint only her.What follows is a harrowing tale as Chaim becomes obsessed, drawing further and further away from the world until only the angel matters.If blackness [...]

    6. Another terrific collection of short stories from Peter Beagle Uncle Chaim and Aunt Rifke and the Angel art and the philosophy of art, a discussion that takes a turn when an angel arrives and insists that its portrait be painted We Never Talk About My Brother the true relationship between the anchorman and the news The Tale of Junko and Sayuri the commoner who serves in his lord s castle marries a shape changer who sees his ambition King Pelles the Sure Once there was a king who dreamed of war K [...]

    7. This book, which includes eight short stories and a poem, is really one of the best story collections that I ve ever read There is really not a dull or drab story in the bunch Every story in this collection is fantastical, beautiful and marvelous The writing is supurb, the settings are colorful and varied, and the characters come alive Before now, the only other book that I had read by this author was The Last Unicorn, which I loved Now, having read this, I declare myself a fan of Peter S Beagle [...]

    8. The stories in this collection are inventive, engaging, and always striving to tell us something about our own hearts The Unicorn Tapestry poem wasn t very good, and the story Spook was meh maybe I think Beagle should steer clear of poetry regardless of whether it s meant to be good or bad The others I sped through rather quickly and enjoyed.

    9. I m not much of a short story fan usually, but Peter Beagle is an exception to that tendency I look forward to a new short story collection of his just as much as I would to a new novel, and I wasn t disappointed in this one It s perhaps not quite as strong as The Line Between which has the wonderful followup to The Last Unicorn, Two Hearts , but it s excellent all the same One of the things I love about Beagle is his ability to write fluently in vastly different narrative voices, which is espec [...]

    10. Oh, this is such a literary oasis, precious beyond description I have never heard nor read Beagle s works before, I must confess, but I absolutely adored his intricacies, his witticisms, his wisdom It is entirely appropriate that one of the stories contained in this book was titled The Unicorn Tapestries based on actual tapestries by the same name because that perfectly describes the entire feel of the book and it really should have been the title, although maybe it s just too similar to The Las [...]

    11. I LOVE Peter S Beagle s work The only thing that keeps this book from a five star rating is a combination of the fact that I m not a huge short story fan, and two, there are a few stories in here that I didn t like as well, so the book seems a little uneven That being said, the first two stories are marvelous So marvelous that I read the first story to my husband, whether he liked it or not he liked it A definite good read.

    12. A superb collection of Beagle stories, showcasing his imagination and his immense versatility While few of these stories are absolute must reads, each one of them is excellent, fresh, and intriguing each in its own way There s an urban Jewish fantasy, a metaphysical duel in sibling rivaly, an Eastern flavored legend, and a surrealistic tale of an average librarian mysteriously becoming French Each is excellent Highly recommended.

    13. Had to mark this anthology, though I ve only so far read the stories that previously debuted in Strange Roads, a chapbook collaboration published with artist Lisa Snellings The two stories Uncle Chaim and Aunt Rifke and the Angel is an amazing story of compulsion and compassion The story Spook, about a very unusual duel, fought for the prize of a home, made me giggle with glee HIGHLY recommended just for those two stories.

    14. I may get slapped for this openerI read this short story collection before I read The Last Unicorn I think I should let you all know that The Last Unicorn did not blow me away at all.I know, I know I m a terrible human being I did, however, adore We Never Talk about My Brother.It has managed to sneak its way into my top five favorite short story collections of all time admittedly that is not actually a real thing my top five lists usually have about thirty.What I love most about a well written s [...]

    15. Very well written Interesting, wise, poetic personal original surprising Uncle Chaim and Aunt Rifke and the Angel can angels be possessed apparently they canWe Never Talk About My Brother what is the most extreme kind of change When things have always been that way A twist on the Antichrist idea.The Tale of Junko and Sayuri love story, sad, Asian flavorKing Pelles the Sure allegory, fairy tale, sad again The Last and Only, or, Mr Moscowitz Becomes French humorousSpook genius Duel with bad poetry [...]

    16. But it is a curious thing, how certain horrors are so vastly horrible to think about that they simply do not take hold on your imagination at the time, but go almost unnoticed sooner or later to wake you screaming, surely, but not now Given my previous reads by Peter S Beagle most notably The Last Unicorn , I was expecting this to be a fantasy heavy compilation, but the stories included here are quite mixed and show a wide range of types and genres I liked all of the stories and really enjoyed [...]

    17. I loved this Its been sitting around for years, library booksale purchase I d been avoiding it because it had a Science Fiction sticker on the spine from the library It was not what I term science fiction It was like fantasy, or twilight zon ish stories Normal life, with one weird thing going on It was a short story collection, set in various times and places I think only one was actually set in a totally fantasy world But angels, ghosts and fairys exist in this author s world They were all tho [...]

    18. It s cheating, a bit, for me to count this towards my pages read in 2017, since many of these stories were reprinted in Mirror Kingdoms The Best of Peter S Beagle, and I didn t reread them when I picked up this book.Look, Beagle is probably the master of this form I don t think that s up for debate But Mirror Kingdoms is the better collection of stories, and the overlap is so great that my only recommendation is to pick that one up and leave this one alone.

    19. I don t even like short stories Peter Beagle has captured the magic that makes stories worth reading and, in spite of how some want to call his writing fantasy he touched way too close to home on how it feels to be me Thanks, Peter, for writing from your heart.

    20. Uncle Chaim and Aunt Rifke and the Angel read many years previous to the rest of this wonderful collection might be my favorite short story of all time.

    21. Collection of short stories by the man who wrote The Last Unicorn I must admit to being disappointed The primary reason I rated it w 3 stars is because of the short story for which the book is titled The best of the collection by far Uncle Chaim and Aunt Rifke and the Angel An angel comes to the narrator s artist uncle saying God sent her to be his muse She s about as good at being a muse as he is at having one She can t even make good coffee Turns out she is possessed by the soul of a man who b [...]

    22. Before this time the only book I had read by Peter S Beagle was The Last Unicorn , a childhood favourite of mine and many I was pushed to read of Beagle s work when I found out he would be coming to my city for a screening tour of The Last Unicorn which I m very excited to say I will be volunteering at and thought it would be good to read of his work before I met him Unfortunately, my library only has three of his many works The Last Unicorn which I have , We Never Talk About My Brother , and [...]

    23. We Never Talk About My Brother is an interesting but uneven short story collection It contains some excellent stories but is held back by some occasionally detached writing and a general lack of flow and thematic link between the stories, making it an exhaustive read I definitely had a few favorites The third story The Tale of Junko and Sayuri is basically an extended folk tale It goes far beyond the ordinary conclusion of the simplistic Eastern folk stories, eventually incorporating a variety [...]

    24. This is a fantasy collection of nine stories, written by this wondrous author who never ceases to amaze me All the stories are good like The Stickball Witch , and some I liked than others But, for me, there were two that stood out in this book The Unicorn Tapestries, and By Moonlight.The Unicorn Tapestries is a poem cycle based on, you probably guessed, the Unicorn Tapestries, seven hangings made around the end of the 15th century, that tell the tale of, as Beagle himself puts it, a brutal unic [...]

    25. I really liked some of these stories, but not five stars worth I loved The Tale of Junko and Sayuri which kind of reminded me of The Mysterious Beasts of Eld and Chandail And there were parts of the other stories which I loved, too.but there were also large parts which annoyed bored me Like Spook, which Beagle s little intro said he was really proud of I didn t particularly like it Especially because block quotes always strike me as self indulgent and kind of annoying so I don t really read them [...]

    26. This is my second Peter S Beagle short story collection and I found it to be a bit uneven than Sleight of Hand I also discovered that I like my short fiction to have some kind of thread throughout the stories linking them together Nine Stories , Adverbs , and Slight of Hand all follow this maxim I couldn t quite tell what the intention of PSB was in putting these particular stories together In some respect, several stories deal with something unspoken an all consuming angel, a brother that is t [...]

    27. I admit, I knew before I read it that I was going to love this book I ve adored everything Peter Beagle has ever written That said, even trying to keep my mind as open as I could no author is perfect, and even my favorites have written some things I just couldn t enjoy , I couldn t help but fall in love with each and every story.Some authors have a unique and engrossing voice Some create plots that just catch your heart Some are wordsmiths that just make you want to wrap their prose around you l [...]

    28. SLJ review Hugo and Nebula award winning Beagle, best known for his beloved fantasy The Last Unicorn, offers this collection of new and previously released stories with an introduction by Charles de Lint Although different fantastical elements are explored angels, dybbuks, ghosts, fairies the stories remain rooted in rich, thoughtful prose set in real world thinking Characters are drawn with an economy of words into believable, multilayered, and compelling people While each tale is a beautifully [...]

    29. The first book I ve read by Peter S Beagle I ve been meaning to read something of his for a while, but all I knew was The Last Unicorn, and honestly I don t like unicorns very much I was never that into horse books either.I didn t enjoy the first two stories in this collection particularly They were good, but the first one seemed to ramble a bit, and first person narrative is not the way to win my heart, even though I admit it has its place in the world of writing, in short fiction especially.Fr [...]

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