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Gwen's Christmas Ghost #2020

Gwen s Christmas Ghost The plain sister of society s most sought after lord Gwen is used to being ignored until she is rescued by the dashing enigmatic and ghostly Valerian Caine a Georgian rake killed in a duel who ha

  • Title: Gwen's Christmas Ghost
  • Author: Lynn Kerstan Alicia Rasley
  • ISBN: 9780821751459
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gwen's Christmas Ghost By Lynn Kerstan Alicia Rasley, The plain sister of society s most sought after lord, Gwen is used to being ignored, until she is rescued by the dashing, enigmatic, and ghostly Valerian Caine, a Georgian rake killed in a duel who has been granted a second chance if he can right the sins of his past Original.Title was changed in later editions to Gwen s Ghost.

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      431 Lynn Kerstan Alicia Rasley
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    1. Valerian Caine is bored with eternity His guardian offers him the deal of a lifetime literally He must return to earth a century after his own time and heal the wounds in the lives of the people he damaged by his actions while alive He will only have one chance to claim his former existence He must change his ways and try to help others do the same And if he can bring this about within the allotted month, the deadly bullet will miss him when he finds himself back in the garden moments before his [...]

    2. Something like a cross between It s a Wonderful Life and your standard Regency Rake redemption story Valerian Caine was killed in a duel with a wronged husband in 1716 and a hundred years later the lives of both families have been afflicted by vendetta ever since.Valerian s guardian angels give him the chance to regain his former life if he can end the curse and make everybody happy by Christmas Of course it s not so simple.In general, I don t care for Rake redemption books, because the plots co [...]

    3. Very good Regency with a paranormal twist There are friendly angels spirits and devilish influences that try to knock Valerian Caine from his ascribed course of action to fix the lives of his later descendants and those affected by his thoughtless actions.You see, back in the 1700s, Valerian was killed in a duel over certain scandalous behavior that has had a lasting impact on the families involved What developed from the events of that night is a bitter feud between the two families Now, after [...]

    4. I truly loved every minute I spent reading this delightful book As the book said in the opening prologue, eternity was a bloody bore for Valerian Caine Until his untimely death at the age of 27, he d had just about everything an earthly existence could offer He was wealthy, exceedingly good looking, athletic, and popular Unfortunately, one of his many penchants was bedding the unfulfilled wives of his fellow gentry Ultimately, his last conquest was the wife of Richard Sevarin, who, when he disco [...]

    5. This was fairly entertaining While the beginning and end dragged too much for me to give it a higher rating, the middle was a great read and I enjoyed it.There are a lot of main characters to the story and because of that, there were aspects of them that weren t fleshed out enough The main hero ghost resurrected time traveler is a pretty standard rake At the very end, it suddenly shown that he had a hard childhood, but it s mentioned in passing and never even hinted at before that moment It made [...]

    6. This is a reissue of a book that is on the very short list of my all time favorite romances If you ve tired of romance recently and thought you might have outgrown the genre, reading this book will remind you of why you fell in love with this kind of book years ago.After posting the above paragraph I went back and reread this book on my Kindle It continues to delight The writing is accomplished and the characters believable The mood is enchanting light without being silly Both Lynn Kerstan and A [...]

    7. A Georgian rake gets a second chance in the Regency period It was just too long It was all I could do to plow through to the end and I fully cop to skimming the last 30 40 pages everything post Christmas I actually liked the secondary romance between Max and Dorrie better than Valerian Gwen to prove this, I had to go back and look up Gwen s name That s how forgettable she was Thing is, I like a good trad Regency I like the occasional ghost story and I m a sucker for the reformed rake however, th [...]

    8. Definitely one of the best lines to open with, eternity is a bloody bore LOLI think this is my third romance novel My mother recommended it to me as her favorite Christmas romance, and I would like it She was right, as per usual I had a feeling the reason Gwen hated Robin had to do with something like that I was correct in my assumption I m glad there was a happy ending for everyone.

    9. Georgette Heyer with a paranormal twist.How is reprobate Valerian Caine supposed to reconcile a feud begun with his death a century ago By Christmas A dilemma that soon turns to a frustrating delight for a former rake and fop Compounding his troubles is a sweet natured heavenly guardian and a stern monitor not to mention a devilish tempter of a valet You ll enjoy this twisted tale of misunderstandings.

    10. This is a charming story about a man killed in a duel but, given a second chance to redeem himself, is fast forwarded 100 years his job is to make three people happy in a month s time with Christmas as a deadline Sounds easy Not really, since the three actually four come from two families involved in a terrible fuel that dates back to the 100 year old duel.

    11. I got this as a free download but I would have gladly paid for it A delight I love Valerian who is caught out of his time and his element Normally I don t read paranormal but this is a fun fast read.

    12. I thought that this was a really cute story I liked Gwen and her personality, also the relationship between her and her brother Mr Vayle was funny and I started to like him also throughout the book.

    13. My sister s favorite Christmas book I liked it very much A wastrel who died in a duel 100 years ago is sent back to Earth to make the lives of his relatives and the fellow who he killed s relatives happy Needless to say, he succeeds Made me cry a little.

    14. 3.5 Nice story, though it seemed like Gwen was the character we saw the least and the romance was kind of non existent until the end But the side characters were interesting, the rake is redeemed, and there is a happy ending.

    15. Great story of a man who has to redeem his sins by helping his descendents find happiness.Good secondary romance between Max and Dorothea.

    16. My absolute favorite Regency Christmas story, actually, probably my favorite Christmas story Period I reread it every Christmas.

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