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Mozart's Sister #2020

Mozart s Sister The year is Eleven year old Nannerl Mozart is performing before the crowned heads of Europe with her younger brother Wolfgang But behind the glamour lurk dark difficulties the hardship of travel

  • Title: Mozart's Sister
  • Author: Nancy Moser
  • ISBN: 9780764201233
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mozart's Sister By Nancy Moser, The year is 1763 Eleven year old Nannerl Mozart is performing before the crowned heads of Europe with her younger brother, Wolfgang But behind the glamour lurk dark difficulties the hardship of travel, agonizing bouts of illness, and the constant concern over money Their father, Leopold, is driven by a desire to bring his son s genius to the attention of the world BuThe year is 1763 Eleven year old Nannerl Mozart is performing before the crowned heads of Europe with her younger brother, Wolfgang But behind the glamour lurk dark difficulties the hardship of travel, agonizing bouts of illness, and the constant concern over money Their father, Leopold, is driven by a desire to bring his son s genius to the attention of the world But what about Nannerl Is she not just as talented In a time where women s choices are limited, what hope does she have of ever realizing her own dreams

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    1 thought on “Mozart's Sister

    1. Interesting subject but I did not care for the writing or execution The first half of the book about Nannerl and Wolfie as children and all the traveling and performances was interesting The last half of the book could have been summed up in about 30 pages What really turned me off was the contemporary writing style and words supposedly spoken by a girl in the 1700 s and the liberal use of one and two word sentences Whatever happened to a well constructed sentence that conveys the time period an [...]

    2. First the good This book inspired me to 1 Learn about Mozart and listen to the operas mentioned2 Travel3 Be a big butch feminist and wear army boots every f ing dayNow for the badNothing happened in this book Nannerl Mozart s sister is portrayed as a sweet little big nosed wallflower with a lot of musical talent, who basically does whatever she is told and whines and pouts internally, because she is female and cannot get the attention her brother gets for his talent Yet, does she do anything ab [...]

    3. I wanted to give this book a good rating but I just couldn t I have played the piano since I was little and love it I have always loved learning about composers and their lives So when I saw this at the library, I gave it a try.The pacing was weird I honestly felt like half of the book was this We went to this city Wolfgang played and I was only allowed to accompany Wolfgang and I got sick.We recovered and moved on to another city.Repeat.Then, when we finally moved on from that, which I was quit [...]

    4. Absolutely HATE the way the author uses contemporary phrases as if they came from Nannerl s mouth For instance I can t get my mind around d secondly, I wish someone had warned me that a secondary character in this book is GOD God wants me to do this God wants to me do that If I pray my brother will recover from disease And then God thinks I am important Also, I read a bunch of these reviews and they say Nannerl was just as talented as Wolfgang but the author actually takes pains to show that Moz [...]

    5. This is a bio novel about the not so famous sister of Mozart A bio novel is where the author takes their true life stories and writes a novel, but sometimes has to come up with parts of it, like dialogue As a musician, avid reader, and a person intersted in history I loved this book I am not a big fan on biographies, so to read one that is like a novel is enjoyable for me I found it educational, captivating, and a real page turner I checked a lot of parts in the book to see if they were really [...]

    6. This is an interesting portrayal of what it must have been like living life in the shadow of W A Mozart A talented musician in her own right, Nannerl struggles with her self worth and frustrated ambitions as her father promotes Wolfgang as the future of the family s success While the author focused most of the attention on Nannerl, I did like that she also considered how much pressure Wolfgang himself was under to be successful and support the family, so much so that he likely envied his sister [...]

    7. Being a musician myself, I of course was extremely interested in this book I love historical fiction and I find it interesting to read the possibilities of history I loved that this book s focus was on Mozart s sister and not directly about Mozart especially in that she was a musician as well and a very talented one at that It made me grateful that life is fair and equal for women in this day and age Had his sister been a boy, we could have possibly had two Mozart s in the history books I also [...]

    8. I actually only got a chapter or two into this book and couldn t handle it any Maybe it s because I was at the beach distracted by children But, most likely it was because I thought the writing style was crappy It was written in the first person, but so awkwardly Like, I grew up with Mozart I am his sister Today I am visiting his grave Oh no He doesn t have one Let s go back so I can tell you how it happened That was just the first chapter, but I couldn t take it so I laid it aside Maybe someday [...]

    9. I wish the book rating were on a 1 2 star scale or out of 10 stars The book was well written and I would like to give it a 3.5 I may change my mind and bump it up to a 4 later because I did enjoy the book I just felt it was slow paced.

    10. This is another new favorite on my list It is a well researched and well written historical novel about the life of the Mozart family, mainly focusing on Nannerl Mozart I really enjoyed the characters and the journey through Europe.

    11. I loved this whole series, but this was my least favorite It was still historically strong and I got to know the Mozart family, but the story was very sad Of course, not all real stories are happy, and this one was one of them While a great book and very positive, it still made me feel sad.

    12. Mozart s Sister by Nancy MoserI received this book as a Kindle freebie a few months back, and it has been on my list of to read books for quite a while.Mozart s Sister is about exactly what it sounds like it is about, Mozart s older sister, Marie Anna Nannerl Mozart.The story is told from her point of view, in the first person The story begins when the Mozart children are both fairly young, and their father Mozart has prepared to begin taking them, the Wunderkins Wonder Children on tour around E [...]

    13. This is a copy of a review I submitted to on 3 29 07 As noted by Mrs Moser and other reviewers, books on Mozart s sister have been sorely lacking However, details of her life are brought to light in Mozart s Sister I am an avid reader of anything Mozart and, as a Christian, even excited to see something related to him published by Bethany House.I didn t have much trouble getting into the book What I gradually found grating, though, was her writing style and the phrases she used Maybe it s just [...]

    14. Free Kindle download Before I read this, I expected I would be comparing this book to Mozart s Blood by Louise Marley or Booth s Sister by Jane Singer Having read this now, the comparison to Booth s Sister isn t so farfetched, but I would also add The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory and Secrets of the Tudor Court by D L Bogdan for the sake of comparison.Mozart s sister Nannerl is a largely unknown person, and according to the author s note, at the time Nancy Moser wrote this book there wer [...]

    15. I thought this was an interesting point of view to see Mozart from a different angle In fact, I didn t even know he had a sister This book was really good when it came to historical accuracy and it was well written I really did like Nannerl, and really did sympathize with her once her father started pushing her aside and focus on Wolfgang You could really see the extreme differences on how each gender was treated in this book It s so blatantly different and the gap is so wide especially when Wo [...]

    16. I have mixed feelings about this book Nannerl mozart s sister is hard to really like for a great deal of the book The author wrote in first person from Nannerl s point of view While I found her to be self absorbed and petulant I gritted my teeth and overlooked it in the beginning because she was a child but 7 years later as a young woman she s still whining about the same things There were redeeming moments of clarity and even a special moment with God s message to her But then she falls back on [...]

    17. Maria Anna Walburga Ignatia Mozart 30 July 1751 29 October 1829 , nicknamed Nannerl , was a musician, the older sister of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and daughter of Leopold and Anna Maria Mozart Five other children died.Leopold took her and Wolfgang on tours of many cities, such as Vienna and Paris, to showcase their talents In the early days she sometimes received top billing and she was noted as an excellent harpsichord player and fortepianist Equally as talented as her brother she was downplayed [...]

    18. This historical fiction is the untold story of Mozart s talented older sister, published by Bethany House At the end of the book, the author admits that she is new to historical fiction, and it shows Her research is thorough, but her heroine embodies the attitude of a modern whiny teenaged girl than one of the era When will historical fiction authors desist from the I hate my corset stays and if only I were a boy plots Girls of the time knew how valuable their roles were even if we refuse to se [...]

    19. Finis Finally.Well, let me start this review by saying that this book was like a biography written in a fictionally styled first person perspective The dialogue was limited, most of the book made of long, seemingly never ending narratives from Nannerl s point of view.And all the misery Nannerl went through nearly drove me out of my mind Over and over, she hoped that her father would realize that she was just as much a musician as her brother And her father did realize that But he wanted his son [...]

    20. Thank goodness I stuck with this book to see it through to the end.This book by Nancy Moser is, obviously, about Mozart s Sister Anna Maria, who usually went by Nannerl It is clearly a fictionalized account, but is thoroughly researched so it makes for a lazy way to learn some interesting history.Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, known to his older sister as Wolfie, begins to display his musical genius as a young boy For an older sister who is nearly as gifted at playing the piano, this makes for a strai [...]

    21. Thanks to several books about Nannerl Mozart, she is no longer the talented, forlorn, and forgotten sister of Wolfgang Mozart Equal in talent to her brother, once she reached marriageable age, she no longer toured with him according to climate of that time period Leopold, their father, denies her the marriage to the love of her life, Franz d Ippold, because he is a teacher in the archbishop s school She would marry down in status Long past marriageable age at thirty three, he convinces her to ma [...]

    22. I picked this book up from the library the other day I walked in and it was sitting on the shelf so I grabbed it thinking I wanted to learn a little bit about Nannerl I have seen some movies, tv series and other books on her but haven t picked any up Well I finally did.I debated about whether I was really going to read it or not because I have a busy schedule right now and other books I m working on reviewing, so I looked at the reviews They were pretty mixed on people loving it or it just bein [...]

    23. MOZART S SISTER is a beautifully told story from Nannerl Mozart s viewpoint, the long forgotten older sister of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart The story propels the reader back in time and gives us a sneak peak of what life was like for a female during the 18th century Unfortunately, it s not an easy or charmed life and Nannerl learns early on that being a girl is a severe strike against her, no matter what her musical talent Her father, Leopold, constantly promotes her brother, Wolfgang, a brilliant c [...]

    24. I kind of hope this story was fiction than fact An odd thing to say, butif true, Wolfgang Mozart was a pretty awful man I m thinking some of this is likely true , and Nannerl s life was very self centered She did things for others, yet her heart was not in them She longed for recognition, travel, a career, love.The love part, and indeed all of it, are quite understandable, yet what of God s glory What of the true godly virtue of joyful obedience Hard to be happy in such situations, perhaps, but [...]

    25. The question is askedIs the recognition she Nannerl Mozart so longs for the truest measure of her gifts This is a question that I believe we all need to ask of ourselves is fleeting fame or our name in the footnotes of history the truest measure of what God has given us Extremely well written, Mozart s Sister is than a story of a sibling living in the shadow of her very talented brother it is a sharp glimpse into a world where a woman s choices regardless of her talents and abilities are extrem [...]

    26. I absolutely loved this book While I m not much of a classical music afficionado, I ve always held a curiosity about Mozart s life.Nancy Moser provided a very unique view into his world via the eyes of his sister, Nannerl Their world comes alive as Nancy describes in vivid detail how they traveled all over Europe with their parents in hopes of making some kind of life for themselves We can feel every triumph, every disappoint, as they grow up and grow apart as the years go by.Nannerl s happiness [...]

    27. I thoroughly enjoyed this book I ve always been fascinated by Mozart It was interesting to learn about the rest of his family and also to learn about him from a different angle.Their father, Leopold, is painted as a sinister man in most accounts I ve read He starts off being unlikable in this novel, but about halfway through, he becomes a hero The person who actually becomes unlikable to me is Mozart himself.I found it to be very interesting to learn how Nannerl Mozart was as talented as her br [...]

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