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Emma: Woman of Faith #2020

Emma Woman of Faith Emma stood alone at the edge of the Mississippi pondering its lazy flow that was so familiar to her More than three decades had passed since she d lost her precious Joseph She had learned to live wit

  • Title: Emma: Woman of Faith
  • Author: Anita Stansfield
  • ISBN: 9781598116304
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback
  • Emma: Woman of Faith By Anita Stansfield, Emma stood alone at the edge of the Mississippi, pondering its lazy flow that was so familiar to her More than three decades had passed since she d lost her precious Joseph She had learned to live without him but nothing had ever felt right without him Joseph, she whispered into the breeze as she lovingly fingered the worn gold beads encircling her Emma stood alone at the edge of the Mississippi, pondering its lazy flow that was so familiar to her More than three decades had passed since she d lost her precious Joseph She had learned to live without him but nothing had ever felt right without him Joseph, she whispered into the breeze as she lovingly fingered the worn gold beads encircling her throat, a gift from Joseph, one of the few tangible remnants of his love for her In this triumphant tribute, well loved LDS author Anita Stansfield conveys Emma Smith s greatness of spirit her undying love for and loyalty to Joseph her remarkable compassion, courage, and dignity and her unwavering testimony of the Savior Joyful and poignant, insightful and moving, intense and reverent, this thoroughly researched fictional narrative paints an intimate portrait of the Lord s elect lady through a love story that transcends time and embraces eternity.

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    1. I was incredibly disappointed by this book I attended a lecture about Emma Hale Smith wherein I learned so much and had a love in my heart kindled for her When the ward book club selected this title, I was looking forward to reading it and learning about this amazing woman Unfortunately I was completely let down Maybe my expectations were just too high I felt the writing was poor and there were timeline mistakes and word choice errors that should at least have been caught by a good editor Part [...]

    2. I was pretty disappointed in this book I was hoping for a book about Emma, her life and her struggles, and her amazing ability to overcome daunting life events It was sappy sweet, very repetitive and glossed over events like polygamy that should have been a huge deal in her life It felt a little like reading a romance novel written on an 8th grade reading level Virtually nothing was covered after Joseph s death Nothing was written about her 2nd husband or leaving the church very strange that a b [...]

    3. Emma Smith is not alive to personally tell us her thoughts and feelings I thought Anita Stansfield did a great job in describing what Emma could have been feeling and the adversity that she endured It is a novel, not a biography.

    4. I felt that Anita Stansfield did a great job in trying to stay true to Emma and her feelings and experiences while also writing a very good story I felt that I gained personal insight into the incredible person Emma was, and I admire her great faith in the face of SO much adversity I don t know how she was able to do all she did while suffering through 11 pregnancies, the loss of six children, her husband s high calling and constantly being gone, mob violence, moving in the dead of winter, and [...]

    5. In this triumphant tribute, well loved LDS author Anita Stansfield conveys Emma Smith s greatness of spirit her undying love for and loyalty to Joseph her remarkable compassion, courage, and dignity and her unwavering testimony of the Saviorrough her Anita Stansfield traces and expands Emma Hale Smith s life with Joseph Smith It does not delved too deeply into her life before and only briefly mentions her life after his death It illustrates the love that they shared and the devotion they had for [...]

    6. I didn t like it much at all Much of the dialogue and character actions read like a trite, cheesy romance novel soap opera, and whenever Emma s cornball language ISN T identical to Joseph s or any of the other cut and paste characters which doesn t happen very often , Emma s personality comes off sounding like a cross between a 5 year old and a puppydog Very irritating to read I was also wondering how Stansfield would write Joseph and Emma s relationship dynamic once Joseph s other wives situati [...]

    7. I was looking forward to learning a lot about Emma Smith and the life she lead She was such an amazing and strong woman someone to look up to for sure I was interested in learning about her life and choices AFTER Joseph was killed Since this book was about her life, I assumed that it would cover life after his death Disapointingly, it didn t It skipped right to her old age and her death I was very annoyed that it didn t go into her choices to leave the church and why she took a completely differ [...]

    8. This book clearly had the style that is typical of Anita Stansfield and was interesting enough However, it seemed to lack the depth I was hoping for from a book about Emma Hale Smith and it seemed to glance over her life too quickly for me But I also understand that a book that explores her life in any real depth would take volumes that would probably rival The Work and the Glory series There wasn t a whole lot historically that I didn t already know about Emma s life, but I did get a chance to [...]

    9. This was a book my R.S book club chose to read and it really wasn t my favorite Since I already know the story of Joseph and Emma Smith, I wanted some new information or some character development that was sadly lacking In fairness to the author, I can t imagine how difficult it would be to write about book about Emma Smith I suspect she glossed over many things because she didn t feel it was appropriate to assume what Emma was thinking, saying, or feeling While the book didn t achieve the depth [...]

    10. This was only a so so book I didn t really learn anything new as far as history goes and as far as Emma s perspective well, you get a little blurb here and there from her own words or something that was recorded but it seems like most of it is simply what one would assume the wife of Joseph Smith would be thinking feeling I m not sure but is this what the movie EmmaSmith My Story was based on I liked that show all right, but then again not really any new information or insights.I am enjoying ano [...]

    11. Emma Smith was an amazing woman, and her life has fascinated me for years Imagine being the woman chosen to be the wife of a prophet of God Emma endured such heartache, not only as the prophet s wife, but as a woman and a mother Through it all, though, her faith endured.This book was good, but I felt like I was reading the screenplay to Emma Smith My Story, the movie that was recently released in theaters They both had a very similar feel to them, as well as similar storylines, with Emma relatin [...]

    12. This book was commissioned by both Joseph and Emma s families to be written so I have to hope that much of it is based on truth although without them present, there has to be some information that is assumed such as personal feelings, thoughts, etc I don t know the material in which this writing was based such as personal journals, first hand accounts etc.All those thoughts aside, it was nice to read what might have been Emma s feelings toward her husband who was the Prophet of the restoration I [...]

    13. The perhaps all too familiar story of Joseph Smith, Jr s wife, Emma I had really hoped to gain insight into Emma s character by reading this book, told from her point of view Unfortunately, only a couple of times did the author come close to sharing the way Emma must have felt about the same events that members of the church have heard chronicled over and over in every book about Emma s husband There was nothing technically wrong with the book,and overall it was okay to read, but I was disappoin [...]

    14. I love Emma Smith and I loved the movie of Emma And I believe this is the book where the movie came from.But was a little on the contrived side I could see Anita piecing her story together with all the stories we ve all grown up with about Emma In between she would build the relationship between her and Joseph and that was probably the best part of the book We want the two of them to have each other while everything is going on around them Granted there isn t a whole lot of material to work with [...]

    15. I didn t really enjoy this book because it was written like a history book instead of a novel It took me a very long time to read it I usually finish reading Anita Stansfiled s books in a day or two This title took me about 6 months to read I also have mixed feelings about Emma Smith seeing how she left the church in the end This book is titled Woman of Faith, does anyone else see the irony in that Yet, I don t think that I could have endured the trials that she went through That s why I am tor [...]

    16. I struggled a little with this book at first I m not used to real historical figures being the main charachter in a fiction book It does have a lot of fact and research but seems to be marketed with other LDS fiction books Overall though the impression is good and I felt a better understanding for what life must have been like for Emma and Joseph Smith i couldn t help crying when she lost her babies and it made her trials so much real to me It is definitely worth a read if you have any interest [...]

    17. THis was an amazing book and I learned so much from it My testimony of the gospel and of Joseph Smith was deepened and helped me to see how life would have been like then Not to mention the heart strings it pulled when she lost so many babies and in the end her husband I can only imagine was a marvelous reunion it was when her time on this earth was through I felt the spririt so strongly while reading this and it helped remind me how much I truly care for my husband and that I am thankful we wil [...]

    18. Anita Stansfield s Emma, Woman of Faith gives insight into Emma Smith s experiences as wife of the prophet Joseph Smith and a member of the LDS church during a period of new beginnings, great hardship and persecution It was inspiring to me to read of her faith and how it endured the deaths of several of their children, having her husband constantly away from her as he fulfilled his stewardship as prophet, constantly relocating their home and rarely having a home of their own , and living with fr [...]

    19. I was really disappointed in this book I love Anita Standfield s books and I have read so many of them and loved every one, so I was expecting this book to be my favorite of hers since I also love anything and everything to do with Emma Smith But, this book wasn t like a novel at all, but like the history of Joseph and Emma The book is accurate and well detailed with the life of Emma and Joseph, but I ve read their histories over and over and I was hoping to read this book and have those histor [...]

    20. I am not a huge Anita Stansfield fan However this book intrigued me I ve read other books about Emma Smith but I thought it might be insightful from a modern, popular LDS fictional writer It took me a little while to feel the rhythm of the book probably because I m not fond of Stansfield s writing , however, about 1 4 of the way into the book, I began to sense the strong personality of Emma and the trials that she was called to bear This book did strengthen my testimony of Joseph Smith and once [...]

    21. This was a beautiful retelling of the love story between Emma and Joseph Smith by a masterful storyteller The author did a very good job capturing the feelings Emma had, and conversations that could easily have taken place I m even amazed by Emma than I was before I read this after attending a fireside where she and a descendent of Joseph Emma and his wife told stories of their amazing experiences, including asking Anita Stansfield to write this book, and her spiritual experiences in doing so W [...]

    22. I love the love story between Joseph and Emma Emma is always portrayed so negatively, and I love how Anita Stansfield portrayed her how I have always liked to think of her an amazing, elect woman who bore than any of us could ever imagine I wept as I read about her pregnancies and children and her fear for her husband s life time after time I smiled at the joy she found in the Gospel And I loved the ending it explained why she chose the route she did after Joseph died I view Emma s story comple [...]

    23. This was an interesting look at the life of Emma Smith, her background, struggles, and challenges The dialogue between Joseph and Emma was endearing and gave some insight into what their relationship may have been like I would have liked the book go in depth into her story, but something like that would take a much larger book, or volumes of books, but I was especially hoping to hear about why she stayed in Nauvoo and what happened to her when she remained and all the other saints left.

    24. I really liked this book It was such a great love story and also spoke to what life was like being married to a man of God I connected with Emma s love for her husband and her desire to be a good wife but to also do what God wanted her to do I have always been a fan of Emma Smith and the trials she endured and this book really solidified my feelings of reverance for her.This was the first Anita Stansfield book I ve read and I enjoyed her style so I will read some of her other books.Highly recomm [...]

    25. Listened to as an audiobook I d give this 3 1 2 stars Written in true Anita Stansfield style, emphasizing the romance side in the novel I hoped to hear of her post Joseph life but I suppose that would have spoiled the focus on the relationship between her and Joseph It helped me realize a little bit what it would have been like being married to Joseph Smith and how she might have felt through all their trials.

    26. Historical Fiction love story of Emma Joseph Smith Begins when they meet and ends with his death.It isn t as good as her other books it moves too quickly from one popular church history story to another doesn t give any details I would really like to see of Emma s story before and after Joseph rather than the same stories we always hear It s basically the same as the Joseph Smith movie, only it is told from Emma s view.

    27. I wish this book had footnotes and details about where the author had gotten her information I beleive Emma Smith to be one of the most amazing women of all time, but I had a hard time with her voice in this book I wonder how much liberty the author took I think a list of specific sources and information would have helped me appreciate this book a little That said, I do admire Emma and all the hardships, trials, and challenges she had to face She does deserve a mansion in heaven.

    28. I agree with those that were a bit disappointed with the book It wasn t really all that compelling as it handled so much time in so few pages There were incidents in Joseph and Emma s lives that were hinted at but never given any detail why for heaven s sake couldn t she even mention who some of the people who helped them were There s not much that you don t already know in the book if you know much Church history at all It was readable but not noteworthy.

    29. This is called a novel because Emma apparently left no journals behind She went through incredible trials and sorrows in her life, constant persecution, loosing 6 babies and her husband of only 17 years I cried when reading about at least one of those deaths but I have yet to find an LDS novel that grips me with its writing or its story so that I want to finish it for myself and not just for a book club.

    30. It was a history of Joseph through Emma s eyes I put Emma in quotations because everything thought and said by Emma is fiction in the book Not one of Anita s best, but then she s best at LDS romance fiction not trying to give some fictional flavor to something already non fiction Didn t really give any new insights, and just wasn t a page turner for me but not the worst book in the world either

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