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Catalyst #2020

Catalyst After disobeying orders and saving the planet of Alsea from invasion Captain Ekatya Serrado returns home a hero and renegade alongside Dr Lhyn Rivers now the foremost authority on a culture that fa

  • Title: Catalyst
  • Author: Fletcher DeLancey
  • ISBN: 9783955336417
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • Catalyst By Fletcher DeLancey, After disobeying orders and saving the planet of Alsea from invasion, Captain Ekatya Serrado returns home a hero and renegade, alongside Dr Lhyn Rivers, now the foremost authority on a culture that fascinates and terrifies They share a secret they are tyrees, linked by an Alsean empathic bond that should be biologically impossible for two Gaians The secret could cost EAfter disobeying orders and saving the planet of Alsea from invasion, Captain Ekatya Serrado returns home a hero and renegade, alongside Dr Lhyn Rivers, now the foremost authority on a culture that fascinates and terrifies They share a secret they are tyrees, linked by an Alsean empathic bond that should be biologically impossible for two Gaians The secret could cost Ekatya her career, but when both women are drawn into a deadly political game, their tyree bond may be all that stands between them and the dangerous enemies they have made.In Catalyst, the fourth book of the Chronicles of Alsea, the bonds of love, friendship, and family are redefined The intersection of the Alsean and Gaian cultures has profoundly changed both and become a catalyst for miracles.136,000 words

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    1. This book is quite a bit of a departure structurally from the first three in the series in that it is mostly told in flashbacks In the first book, Alseans encounter aliens for the first time in their planet s history, both friendly and hostile The near apocalyptic battle for the planet afterwards drove much of the action in the first book The second and third books chronicle the efforts of the native Alsean leader Lancer Tal in dealing with the political fallout and worldwide panic from the sudd [...]

    2. On the occasion of a happy reunion of the Gaians humans Ekatya and Lhyn with their Alsean close friends, we come to know what happened to Ekatya and Lhyn during the period of their absence from Alsea, their adventures, including a very hard time for them, and we have an insight of how their Tyree connection evolves.Also, the reunion is a moment to explore some of the personal relationship left unfinished between the two Gaians and the Alseans closest to Andira Tal, who is now opening to include [...]

    3. The thing that I love about this entire series is how effortlessly it transports me to a completely different world I love how easy it is to engage with, and relate to, the characters, and to see Alsea through their eyes This book is no exception Chronologically the events in this book follow on from Without a Front The Warriors Challenge , but occur before Vellmar the Blade.The main story takes place planet side on Alsea, where Andira and Salomen are on their bonding break with their families, [...]

    4. I re read the others in this series books 1 3 before reading this, because I knew it focussed on Ekatya and Lhyn than books 2 3 did While the Caphenon was my least favourite of those three, it provides invaluable background for this story, and I appreciate those details now Before reading this I thought it was going to be set during the same period as the two Without a Front stories, and I was partially right, as that part is told in flashback, but we spend almost equal time in the present and [...]

    5. The thing with excellent writers is that you tend to get a little bit demanding with every book And Fletcher Delancey is on a league of her own She s absolutely one of my favorites storytellers.And Catalyst is easily a 5 stars book It s incredibly well written It truly is.However and that s a tiny however view spoiler I didn t feel like the story got anywhere I mean, it has a full plot per se and lots of heart wrenching heart warming scenes that takes your breath away it s Delancey we re talkin [...]

    6. Following immediately on from Without A Front The Warrior s Challenge , Catalyst brings all our major players together for the Lancer s bonding break Set on a holiday resort island with gorgeous beaches and honeymoon cabins, Tal and Salomen are joined by their closest friends and family, including Captain Ekatya Serrado and Dr Lhyn Rivers A happy vacation for all involved, celebrating the divine tyree bond, becomes a time for sharing recent experiences and the baring of souls.In the two years si [...]

    7. I received this book from Ylva Publishing in return for a fair review.There have been four books in the Chronicles of Alsea that have been previously published This is both the fifth book published and not the fifth book in the series no, this is book four in the series the fifth entry appeared out of order earlier this year in July This specific book here picks up seemingly moments after the end of the third book Without a Front The Warrior s Challenge Of importance to this story a do not read [...]

    8. I didn t read the other 3 books and so it was a bit hard to follow at first and get the names and everything right but after a little while I really enjoyed the book and I will read the previous books and then probably reread this one to have it in a context andreazupanc.wordpress

    9. This is apparently the forth book of an on going series and I jumped in at number four I read it as a stand alone novel and really enjoyed it I m guessing had I read the previous three I would have enjoyed it even The author has an amazing imagination, one that you find you want to know Saying this all could have been explained in detail before this book but the author does give you enough to read this and understand what is going on I found it inventive, unique and totally engaging I really e [...]

    10. I was given a copy from Ylva Publishing for an honest review I think my favorite aspect of this series are the characters and all the well craft complexities of the different relationship dynamics Even if all characters of this series sort of orbited around Andira Tal, each and everyone of them is as interesting and complex as she is That is no small feat in a novel, to create an ensemble of characters that can each one carry a book of their own Because as creative and interesting as the world c [...]

    11. The Chronicles of Alsea is a series developed and written by Fletcher DeLancey Catalyst is the fourth book in this set and took me on a beautiful flight to the next galaxy It s a science fiction series and the first one I have read in this genre I d heard great things about Fletcher DeLancey s work in several groups on Facebook, but I kept ignoring them shame on me because I thought I wouldn t like the genre or I wouldn t understand it.Oh, my goodness, HOW WRONG WAS I This is, by far, the best I [...]

    12. The fourth and also fifth installment of the The Chronicles of Alsea definitely lives up to it s predecessors, which is to say, it too is awesome, and I m sad that I have to wait for the sixth one This time the plot has two threads one in the present, which is Tal and Salomens bonding break and one in the past, which is the story of what Ekatya and Lhyn have been up to for the past two books I will say that the focus is definitely on the past, so it can feel like nothing new really happens DeLan [...]

    13. For the last couple of weeks, I have been immersed in all things Alsea I had purchased the earlier volumes in the Chronicles of Alsea and read them back to back before jumping into Catalyst For some reason, despite the title, I thought this book would be wrapping things up, but it was another thrill ride with well crafted characters and storyline As the blurb says, Catalyst recounts what Ekatya and Lhyn have been going through during the Warrior s Challenge They are sharing their stories at Andi [...]

    14. Catalyst Book 4 Chronicles of Alsea by Fletcher DeLancyCatalyst is 4th in the story chronology while being the 5th book released For those of us with even mild OCD that takes some acceptance Anyway, this story picks up immediately after the 3rd in chronology Without A Front The Warrior s Challenge We are invited along on Lancer Tal and Solomen s Honeymoon along with the entire family Yep, not how we do things The group spends time getting to know each other by relating stories and interacting in [...]

    15. ARC from Ylva for review After the last Alsea book I thought, the story was told But boy, was I wrong Fletcher DeLancey picked up, what was left and wove it into a great new book.The three main threads are the current bonding break of Andira and Salomen, the recount of Ekatya s off world action and the recount of Lhyn s off world action All the Protectorate action shows us the big bad world out there, that has so much in common with ours politics, profits and power games shades of grey, no black [...]

    16. Once again, I cannot gush enough about Ms DeLancey s gift as an author I ll try to hold myself to a mature level.This book is a little different than its three forerunners have been, it is a delightful mix of viewpoints, but not in the way you might think It flows so very well When we are in the present day, on a bond break of all things What is that Think of a honeymoon that you invite your closest friends and family along we see things throughLead Templar Lanaril s viewpoint But the book is a [...]

    17. Another fantastic read from this wonderful series Although I have mixed feelings about some plot points, I found this installment to be the most suspensefull and difficult to put down I love these characters sooo much, and the world building continues to blow my mind Also, something exceptionally great about this series is the way it leaves no stone unturned I m never left wondering if the characters resolved discussed something, because they always do At length I love and appreciate that This i [...]

    18. I never write reviews but really love this book and the whole Chronicles of Alsea series I hope there will be .

    19. I received an advanced review copy.Continues the excellent Chronicles of Alsea series.Great world building and character development in these books.Imaginative and with interesting geo politics.Interesting main characters and their various romances, adventures and interactions.Highly recommended for anyone who likes speculative fiction.

    20. I think this book is a wonderful next step in the Chronicles of Alsea series All the characters return and are given even depth and nuance by the author But to get the most enjoyment from this story, it is a good idea to read the other books, first The Caphenon introduces three of the four main characters in the series, and describes the world of Alsea This first book is primarily focused on the growing but complicated relationship between the Captain of the Caphenon, an interstellar spaceship [...]

    21. 4.5 stars because I liked Without A Front Producer s Challenge Warrior s Challenge so much and I rated those books 5 stars.The book was very well written world building was solid, story was exciting enough and I enjoyed reading about what happened post bonding However, I really wanted to read about Alsea, Andira Tal and Salomen Opah and not so much about Ekatya and Lhyn Alsea and its main characters were what hooked me into this series and I can t wait for the next one which I hope will give u [...]

    22. I rec d an ARC from Ylva in exchange for an honest review No synopsis necessary This book is 4th in the Chronicles of Alsea Series but was published 5th a trifle confusing because the series flows when read in sequence Split into two parts, Captain Ecatya and Dr Lhyn bring us up to date with what transpired in the two years between leaving Alsea and their return home Then bonding breakers Lancer Tal and Salomen make the most of their time together Once again Ms DeLancey weaves romance, suspense [...]

    23. I love Fletcher deLancey s work, and this is one of her best I first came across it when I read her excellent Star Trek Voyager fan fiction The world she writes about Alsea was first conceived as part of the Voyager fiction, but it has been removed from that franchise and developed into a fully fledged universe of its own Catalyst is the fourth novel in the series of the Chronicles of Alsea There has also been a novella Vellmar the Blade that is set after the events of Catalyst but was released [...]

    24. I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing in exchange for an honest review.This is the 4th book in theChronicles of Alseaseries It is a fantastic tale, easy and exciting to get into, even if one has not read its predecessors.Ekatya Serrado, Lhyn Rivers, Lina Stille Lanaril and other friends and family accompany Lancer Andira Tal and Salomen Opah on their bonding break , what we would consider a honeymoon According to Lhyn, The words of an Alsean bond proposal are really a request to be taken into t [...]

    25. Having read DeLancey s books before, I came into this book expecting excellent character growth, political intrigue, and excellent world building I was not disappointed even with the author taking a slightly different approach to this novel Many of the same characters return this time, but the focus is not on the beautiful green planet of Alsea, but on the Protectorate the alliance of planets from which Ekatya and Lhyn hail The political intrigue that was prevalent in the the first three novels [...]

    26. Please note this is book 4 in the Chronicles of Alsea series I would not recommend reading this as a standalone as there are quite a few plot points from the earlier novels that are revisited and fleshed out.This entry in the Alsea series is unique in that there are parallel present day storylines balanced against flashbacks from the two year separation of the Gaians and Alseans Ekatya and Lhyn take the front seat, describing their activities out in the Fleet while at Andira and Solomen s bondin [...]

    27. Of course, Fletcher Delancey knocks another one out of the yard I have enjoyed her world building, scene creativity, and exquisite attention to detail for some time This entry into the Chronicles follows on the end of Book 3 so continuity was not broken I m not keen on playing out the book by review but I agree this is as good as Book 1,if not a wee better I was surprised and a bit unsettled by a level of descriptive physical abuse and assault in a necessary plot line Note that it was not over t [...]

    28. I ve been an enormous fan of the Chronicles of Alsea series since it was in another form as Star Trek Voyager fanfic really good Star Trek Voyager fanfic , and I recommend the entire series extremely highly It s only gotten better.Catalyst, for the first time in the series, is set away from Alsea the focus is on events and politics in the Protectorate and the Fleet A new antagonist is introduced, details and filled in, and future developments suggested If you ve read the rest of the series, you [...]

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