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His Reluctant Omega #2020

His Reluctant Omega Mitchell is an alpha among alphas in the brutal Mountain Ridge Pack He rules with equal parts fear and respect but his pack is growing restless after decades without an heir to his proverbial throne

  • Title: His Reluctant Omega
  • Author: L.C. Davis
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • His Reluctant Omega By L.C. Davis, Mitchell is an alpha among alphas in the brutal Mountain Ridge Pack He rules with equal parts fear and respect, but his pack is growing restless after decades without an heir to his proverbial throne Only an alpha and an omega pair can sire another alpha to lead the pack, but Mitchell s not so secret shame is the fact that he hasn t been able to impregnate any of his femMitchell is an alpha among alphas in the brutal Mountain Ridge Pack He rules with equal parts fear and respect, but his pack is growing restless after decades without an heir to his proverbial throne Only an alpha and an omega pair can sire another alpha to lead the pack, but Mitchell s not so secret shame is the fact that he hasn t been able to impregnate any of his female omegas Unlike the other weaker packs, the Mountain Ridge wolves have always kept their omegas in line and at a safe distance through the infamous yet efficient Breeding Program On the recommendation of an old rival turned tentative friend, Mitchell decides to try his hand among other things in a last ditch effort at siring an heir with a rare male omega When a transfer request for one of the only male omegas in the pack uncovers unspeakable abuse and corruption within the Breeding Program, the very future of the pack is thrown into question Angel s heart has turned to stone after a lifetime of abuse at the hands of the alpha shifters who oversee the Breeding Program in his pack unit The only love he has left belongs to the three other omegas he shares his little corner of hell with Angel will do whatever it takes to protect them, even if it means becoming the mate of the top alpha himself Angel knows better than to believe the gruff Mitchell when he claims that he s not like the others Despite his best attempts to steel himself against the strange bond that forms between them, Angel discovers that Mitchell is the most dangerous alpha of all because he wants the one thing Angel has sworn never to give his heart With war looming on the horizon, a pack in chaos and two hardened hearts melted by an unlikely spark of love, only one outcome is certain The Mountain Ridge Pack will never be the same Disclaimer See inside cover for content warnings This is the second book in The Mountain Shifters series Reading His Unclaimed Omega may provide context, but this book can be read as a standalone.

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      380 L.C. Davis
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    1 thought on “His Reluctant Omega

    1. The story started off really well I was intrigued beyond my expectations The omegas were pretty amazing, and Mitchell was fine too Then they mentioned the cheating and how Angel got turned on by it That pretty much soured the fun for me And the ending really disappointed me.

    2. CHEATING 61% into the book The Alpha was fighting the mating drive to be with his omega after they had sex the first time and he gave him a mating bite This shifter world required two bites to become official mates, one in human form and the other in wolf form For several days he had been staying away from home for long hours and sleeping on the couch to avoid his omega The Alpha got his beta to keep tabs on his omega and report back To take the edge off of his sexual frustration, he had sex wit [...]

    3. I definitely enjoyed this story than the first one in this series, I thought the writing was stronger and I liked the story telling I m a sucker for characters who are badass on the outside but really just want to be loved and are a softie, and also for characters who had a bad past get their HEA, and this gave me both with Mitchell and Angel I definitely do think it s best to have read the first book in the series since it does continue on and helps to know what has happened This is a fun ser [...]

    4. I actually quite liked the world building and the writing was very good What I didn t like is the way the alpha hero who was meant to be mated to the omega had sex with someone else as if it was a completely normal thing to do.There was no agonizing over it No thought of it being cheating or in any way inappropriate or wrong It was like having lunch What made it worse for me, was that the guy he had the sex with multiple times throughout the story was also in love with someone else yet behaved u [...]

    5. No proofreading It was a good book, but there was a lot of proof reading errors in it that were kind of annoying.

    6. I think this is the first time I ve dnf a book I got to 18% and was done Not going to rate bc what I had read isn t worthy I should ve known after book 1 but was curious.

    7. Nicely rough and tumble for an Omegaverse bookMost of the Omegaverse stories I ve read lately have come across like stories of traditional male female arranged marriages This book is significantly grittier, with interesting characters who are tough and yet also press gender lines and Alpha Beta Omega roles The ending was swift but had some nice twists and turns, making up for slow spots here and there.

    8. Fuck no, this has CHEATING O Cheating something I LOATHE with an absolute and fiery passion something that is guaranteed to kill a book for me Why Seriously, WHY Why is cheating a recurring trope NO Just hell fucking NO This review sealed the deal and turned me off this book COMPLETELY Theresa s review Thank goodness for this reviewer s review

    9. I liked it, but in coming to terms with his sexuality and his feelings for his omega, the alpha has on page sex with another character Something I do like is one of the secondary characters is trans man and they show his transition, and acceptance by other characters There is even a side romance with this character.

    10. I have to say I really like this one better then the first one and I like the first one.The story is about Mitchell, the Alpha of the Mountain Ridge pack, asking Barnabas as to why he is not getting an heir when he basically slept with every female omega in his pack, who are part of a Breeding program It turn out that he need to sleep with a male omega to at least get an heir, which lead him in finding one name Angel Angel has been living in hell cause the Breeding program is nothing then as ex [...]

    11. So bummed.I really enjoyed the first book in this series and was excited to start the second Unfortunately, the story has one of the plot points that really annoy me, and I found myself unable to invest in the characters because of it view spoiler the Alpha has a casual sexual relationship with his beta throughout the book, even after he s mated and the beta is in love with someone else At the halfway point he mentions that he likes to have sex with someone else, in passing, to his mate, who doe [...]

    12. Angel s experience at the breeding facility left him broken in ways than one but everything changes when orders come to transfer him Angel wasn t a typical omega he s a protector with a strong heart Mitchell surprised me throughout he takes responsibility for what the omegas went through I really enjoyed this one but I d be lying if I said it didn t drag on.

    13. Definitly NOT for me view spoiler The first time the alpha screwed his Beta after meeting Angel I was unease but I was like, ok there s not really anything going on between Mitchell and Angel but the other times I mean come on, that s cheating, I don t care Angel is for an unknown reason turned on by it and not at all jealous hide spoiler

    14. 3.9 StarsMuch detailed and nuanced than the last one, and the rating reflects that improvement I also liked the inside look at a pack run like it was a branch of the military as well Interesting, to say the least.Definitely adding the next one to the TBR pile.

    15. The editing errors were extremely distracting, but the story was good And I m not a fan of mpreg stories in general, nor of wolf pack stories of late, so my judgement may be off a bit on the rating.

    16. Special Omega sEach has a good talent that s useful to their people as a whole Couples are very interesting with all the ups and downs.

    17. Outstanding This is one of the nest books I have read in a long time It had me crying and also very in vested in the ending Do your self a favor and read it I don t want to give anything away that might spoil the story so read it your self of is great

    18. KUVery strong story, good writing and well developed characters I didn t particularly care for some of them but others I loved Best of all for me, although there was sex, it was well integrated and didn t take first place in the storyline And the ending was great I got this book from Kindle Unlimited and books like this make me glad I joined I ll be reading of this author s work.2nd book in a series but reads well as a standalone great HEA

    19. This wasn t a bad read at all, I enjoyed the story I was in the mood for a earn my trust kind of story, and that was what I got That beings said there was a lack of character development, and there was significant cheating, even though it wasn t really treated as such in fact when Mitchell tells Angel about it, Angel gets turned on and jumps Mitchell s bones Eh But honestly, if you can get through that, this is worth a read, particularly if you have KU.Angel has been abused at the hands of alpha [...]

    20. There is nothing I abhor than authors who use whole chapters to go into explicit detail about sex Horribly written and one can tell they re making shit up AKA author is not gay or lesbian and has no idea what they re on about Secondly, this book is riddled with grammatical errors Did the author not edit it or have a human being with good command of English proof it Shouldn t we know the difference between off and of , too and to and the ever ubiquitous there , their and they re by the time we r [...]

    21. I didn t get very far into this one before I turned it back in on KU I don t like stories that give lots of details of physical or sexual abuse I tried to push through the horrific stories here to get to what I thought would be a sweet story of redemptive love NOT The alpha was an sshole He ran his pack like a military organization and neither cared about nor trusted absolutely anyone The culture of the pack is really sick as well They keep the omegas in breeding programs and use them to FEED OF [...]

    22. For the most part, I loved this story, but there were parts to Mitchell that rubbed me up the wrong way he was so keen to do the right one thing wrt his pack, but ignored his mate and casually mentioned he was off doing his beta at the time Bummer I hate cheating so this spoiled the story for me, almost as much as Angel s easy acceptance of this right in the middle of getting it on with Mitchell himself.Plus and oh my god will someone please read these stories before publication The errors, typo [...]

    23. Loved it I would say, to fully appreciate the characters in this book, you need to read the first book in this series There, we re introduced to Mitchell, who has a really terrible reputation It was really interesting to see how he was redeemed in this book I loved both Angel and Mitchell For an omega, Angel is just really sassy and isn t the usual simpering, timid omega It was nice to see his spirit And Mitchell isn t as ruthless as his reputation made him out to be He s actually pretty honoura [...]

    24. HARD HITTING LOVE STORYThis story was a little hard hitting in the storyline than the first book Mitchell, the Alpha of the Mountain Ridge Packs, is a battle scared warrior Angel, the only Omega male rescued from the breeding program, is also battle scared Seeing how these two hardened young men, who have seen the worst of what the world has to offer, form a bond was wonderfully written This story is about friendship, trust, respect, confidence, fearlessness and standing up for what you believe [...]

    25. I get some of the negative reviews regarding the cheating but I still thought this was a remarkable book and Mitchell redeemed himself when he righted what the other Alphas had done to the poor abused omegas Even going as far as filling a complaint against himself Mitchell really learned that he had other people who cared for him and had his back besides his beta Toval, I m glad things went well for him because he deserved his own hea Angel, well who wouldn t adore him for his bravery and large

    26. There was a lot of telling instead of showing in this book And I never felt like the alpha was that noble or that great a guy He was so concerned with the few omegas he freed that had been brutalized, but they were all being raped Every single omega in the pack was being mistreated and enslaved I didn t finish the book, I just couldn t I skimmed a good portion, but then just gave up at 84%.

    27. Laughing at those hating this book because of cheating It s a different society, it s a wolf pack wolves practice serial monogamy in the wild And the alpha mates with others in the pack to show dominance This book follows the standards enemies to friends, and enemies to lovers Most important is the struggle to protect the weaker and rights for all, which in the world of shifter packs utilizing A B O dynamics can be difficult.

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