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Peacekeeper #2020

Peacekeeper First in a brand new action packed military science fiction series meet Major Ariane Kedros daring pilot decorated soldier war criminal Fifteen years ago Ariane Kedros piloted a ship on a mission

  • Title: Peacekeeper
  • Author: Laura E. Reeve
  • ISBN: 9780451462459
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Paperback
  • Peacekeeper By Laura E. Reeve, First in a brand new action packed military science fiction series, meet Major Ariane Kedros daring pilot, decorated soldier, war criminal.Fifteen years ago, Ariane Kedros piloted a ship on a mission that obliterated an entire solar system Branded a war criminal, she was given a new identity and a new life in order to protect her from retribution But now, twelve of ArianFirst in a brand new action packed military science fiction series, meet Major Ariane Kedros daring pilot, decorated soldier, war criminal.Fifteen years ago, Ariane Kedros piloted a ship on a mission that obliterated an entire solar system Branded a war criminal, she was given a new identity and a new life in order to protect her from retribution But now, twelve of Ariane s wartime colleagues are dead assassinated by someone who has uncovered their true identities And her superiors in the Autonomist army have placed her directly in the assassin s line of fire on a peacekeeping mission that will decide the fate of all humanity

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      419 Laura E. Reeve
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    1 thought on “Peacekeeper

    1. Research really does make a difference After reading a little bit on Laura Reeve s experiences on her website, I believe that it is her experiences in part that help her to craft such convincing bureaucrats, military men, technology, and international treaties She includes critical details that someone on the inside might pick up and that add a realistic touch to her inventions She writes convincingly about the tricks of inspectors pretending not to speak the language the concerns of soldiers wh [...]

    2. Ariane Kedros is a a reserve in the Autotomous World s military who is called upon for secret Intelligence missions by Colonel Edones Her day job is as a N Space pilot aboard a space ship with Matt Journey, the own of a second generation space exploration vehicle Ariane Kedros, however, has a secret, several years earlier, she was the pilot on a secret mission, for the Autotomous World s who were engaged in a war with Terra, and her crew deployed a temporal distortion Bomb TD Bomb , which has th [...]

    3. I have mixed feelings about this book The main character is a woman who was directly involved in the destruction of an entire universe She s now a pilot on a geological survey ship, and she s called up for a special mission by the man who gave her a new identity fifteen years earlier There are some fascinating SF concepts in this book the difference between humans raised on generational ships versus those born on planets a body control technique mastered by some Terrans the character of Colonel [...]

    4. When I bought the book I had no expectations that I d end up liking it as much as I did The reviews by the people I follow really ran the gamut I was expecting something actiony, cheesy and breezy like a Kris Longknife space adventure that I d blow thru in a couple of nights What a nice surprise it was for me to find that it was so much than what I didn t expect The main character was very well drawn She has a history of addiction, PTS syndrome and genocide , so she s coming to the story carryi [...]

    5. Okay, it was great And funny at times With feels And my mind kept trying to find patterns to fit the plot into and IT DIDN T TURN OUT THAT WAY So that was great too I want to read the rest of the books I feel like starting a women of powaa spree

    6. I liked this novel a lot though it s somewhat misleadingly labeled as mil sf, being of an adventure mystery space opera with the aftermath of a long war ended by one terrible act as background Humanity is divided in 2 polities and an independent but essential community About a hundred years ago, mysterious and seemingly powerful aliens called Minoans because of their culture s resemblance to the ancient one in Knossos contacted Earth.Veiled and mysterious even now after a century of intercourse [...]

    7. I d actually give this story two and a half stars It s clear, well written and has a solid pace.Military science fiction Maybe There s been a lot of debate on the web about that terminology lately, but I think you could just as easily call this a political thriller or a murder mystery In many ways the sciency portion of the book is as much gimmick as it is necessary to the plot Outside of the speed of communications this could be set on earth after one country bombed another and are now settling [...]

    8. This is a weak first book, but still worth reading simply for the promise it shows and growth the author makes during the progress of the book.It s one of those futures where they have AF instead of Navy ships, which also makes it less enjoyable as a read, but considering the author is ex AF and the bunker ICBM on a stellar scale which makes up the base premise of the series, it s readable.

    9. I d like to like this than I did Honestly, it was getting to be a chore to continue reading at times and I found it very difficult to have any sympathy for, or empathy with, any of the characters The decision to have or less all of the story split across multiple threads and POV did not make the story compelling or easier to read.The world Reeve is spinning seems to be the main character here A huge amount of time is spent setting up things for later books in the series Political situation, t [...]

    10. This is a pretty good Mil SF adventure, with enough freshness of approach to hold my interest despite some stumbles The plot is set in the aftermath of an interstellar war and involves puzzle solving than action The main characters are reasonably complex, and the heroine uses up at least 3 of her 9 lives in the course of the novel I liked the starship technology and the military setup The twist ending comes as a surprise and isn t entirely convincing, but the novel comes to a satisfactory endin [...]

    11. Fifteen years ago, Ariane Kedros was part of a mission that destroyed an entire solar system While she and her crew were just following orders, unaware of exactly what it was they had been ordered to accomplish, it is little surprise that to the enemy, they are the worst kind of war criminals Given a new identity for protection, Ariane now pilots an exploration vessel with her business partner but remains a reservist for the army s intelligence branch Now someone is taking out those involved in [...]

    12. I seem to have lost all desire to write a review for this book Why Because as entertaining as it was, there will be no beyond what has been published No More I will read all the published books eventually, but I won t be rushing to do so after all, what s the point in investing in a series that is stopped before it concludes Still, an entertaining book Three Stars.Plot Three and a half Stars What makes this announcement that they won t publish any in the series even galling is the fact that I [...]

    13. cover On her website, Ms Reeve has notations or quotes up about the wretched covers I kind of like the cover, however the one thing that gets to me is the blond hair the character has short dark curls, not flowing long blond locks Also, I don t remember her carrying a large gun anyplace in the book, or even the sequels But you know how covers can be I still like the cover though.I just love SciFi especially SciFi with space ships, implants and enhancements, and bigger than life scenarios This tr [...]

    14. When I picked up this book a couple of months ago we didn t have a good fit Now I can t understand what I had a problem with It is a very good book Laura is a talented world builder, she remind me of David Weber She has built an universe where the outer colonies , the Consortium of Autonomous Worlds, are dominated by the Greek culture The alien culture that gave humanity the temporal technology to reach the stars is called Minoans since they share symbols from the Greek equivalent Now generation [...]

    15. Not sure about this one For one thing, I have no idea why Peacekeeper was the title Ari did not keep the peace and there were no law enforcement officers as major characters The flashbacks were random and unnecessary I don t much like flashbacks at the best of times, and it tends to indicate a scene that the author couldn t bear to cut.The blurb bore less than usual resemblance to the content of the book Kedros is a war criminal she has no remorse she acted under orders, or variously, didn t kno [...]

    16. I usually classify myself as a fantasy person, so it always surprise me when I pick up a sci fi book I picked up this one because I follow the blog of the author s agent, and something about it caught my eye I don t know quite what, since I don t usually care for military scifi.I m glad I picked up The prose had all the complexity, and acronym heavyness, you d expect out of both a heavily technological setting and a military setting but was also smooth and easy to read It was easy to sink into a [...]

    17. Peacekeeper published by Roc and released in December of 2008 is The First in a Brand New Series I first heard about the book from Laura Reeve s sister We were both attending WorldCon in Denver last August I wrote the title down and the next day bookmarks were out on one of the display tables I put the book in my wish list and purchased it as soon as it was released While I have been disappointed in many first books I was not disappointed in Peacekeeper The story is very well written, the plot w [...]

    18. Solid storytelling, a decent mystery, and lots of details to make it feel real A bit too much military procedure for me, and way to many acronyms to keep track of, but it s not a military battle sci fi book and readers who aren t into that sub genre shouldn t let that turn them off, just skim past it and focus on the story I m very curious to see how Ari and Matt s big discovery turns out, if there are survivors in the destroyed solar system, and what the Minoans really are I enjoy when there ar [...]

    19. A good bit of world building, an interesting space operaish detective novel I predicted who the traitor was a little bit too early, but I ll definitely read the next one Fans of Elizabeth Moon, David Weber, and Ender s Game would probably like it I like the strong female protagonist, the acknowledgment of difficulty coping with actions during wartime with less depression than David Feintuch.Generally a good book Definitely could see it leading to another few good books, I want to see what happen [...]

    20. Just OkThis book started out a bit slow To be honest, there wasn t much action and I wasn t overly impressed by the storyline.The characters had too much talk and self reflection for my taste The action scenes were very few and far between However, whenever there was an action scene, it was very interesting and did kept my attention.Unfortunately the sparse action was insufficient to entirely hold my attention and interest and it took me a long time to get through this book.But on the plus side, [...]

    21. Quite a decent first novel, really solid sci fi, good plot and decent characterization I would describe the writing as tentative though, it s not at all dull or bad, but it lacks a certain passion or full commitment For instance, Kedros is a decent example of the female heroic archetype as written by western women writers 1 2 , but a crucial aspect of this archetype is exhibited only sporadically 3 1 Yes, I recognize that this is cultural and not genetic etc 2 The character who really introduced [...]

    22. I really enjoyed this novel written by a fellow Colorado author I don t typically read science fiction, and it took me awhile to feel comfortable in Laura s complex and fully fleshed out futuristic world, but then I really got into the story, the political machinations and the dare I say it, being a mystery author mystery of the whole thing Major Ariane Kedros is a complex three dimensional protagonist who s not perfect by far, but her flaws make us sympathetic for her and want to root for her P [...]

    23. Love me some scifi What I don t care for is hard scifi where the character development takes a back seat to the technology I m pleased to say that s not a problem here.The world Laura has created is completely fleshed out, but she mostly lets the setting show in a very natural way As for Ariane Kedros, the main character, she s someone I ll happily read about What s not to love She s absolutely kick ass, sometimes dark and tortured And I really enjoyed her relationship with her business partner [...]

    24. I wanted to like this book, the concept and the female protagonist drew me to it I made it to the end of the third chapter, but I was bored out of my mind I can t say for certain what the problem was, but I just didn t care about the characters I think it was too world building heavy I have no problem with dropping in the middle of a new world with little explanation beyond context for the jargon slang However, this was either too much or the characters situation just weren t interesting enough [...]

    25. I ll admit my bias upfront I m a friend of author But I think I would have liked this in any case As a first novel in a planned series it does have to spend significant time setting up an alternate future and establishing all the necessary elements It was fun to learn the jargon and piece together the factions in this particular future I found it quite original and I was pleasantly surprised that I didn t see where it was going or how it would end I need to get going on reading the next one, Vig [...]

    26. I liked this story It moved really well, and kept me engaged the entire time I never wanted to put the book down It was obvious that Ms Reeves had military experience from the outsider approach to the main character,Ari, to Ari s civilian boss, Matt and his lack of understanding of military protocol and procedures Encase the characters in a gripping tale of spies, cold war and mystery and you have a classic Well done, Ms Reeves, well done.

    27. Some sci fi comes a little light on for the science of a space station but not this one It was a delight to discover a very detailed environment behind this cracking story Lots of detailed data mining software tucked away in here and a few surprising twists Add a power female character and you have a book I can really get into.Looking forward to the next book in the series which I have on order

    28. This was one of those books that clearly had a well thought out universe in the background Which I totally, totally didn t care about Yet somehow I got sucked in To the point where I m considering buying book 2, because the library doesn t have it.This is slightly military, than, say a Vorkosigan novel, but it s also a murder mystery and a few other things I am intrigued.

    29. This is Ok It felt a bit like sometimes reading a text composed of random made up words, some of the story causal points made no sense and were forced to make it plausible In the end the killer is so obvious it s not a surprise since the author hints at it the entire book All in all, not tragic but not great by far Mediocre

    30. so politics much bureaucracy wow.The protagonist had a gun in her hand on the cover I expected she would actually shoot at something at least once But nope.Don t get me wrong, I did enjoy the politics regarding the aftermath of a war and subsequent disarmament of both warring parties The idea was interesting, the execution not so much.

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