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Tales of Moonlight and Rain #2020

Tales of Moonlight and Rain First published in the nine gothic tales in this collection are Japan s finest and most celebrated examples of the literature of the occult They subtly merge the world of reason with the realm o

  • Title: Tales of Moonlight and Rain
  • Author: Ueda Akinari Anthony H. Chambers
  • ISBN: 9780231139137
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tales of Moonlight and Rain By Ueda Akinari Anthony H. Chambers, First published in 1776, the nine gothic tales in this collection are Japan s finest and most celebrated examples of the literature of the occult They subtly merge the world of reason with the realm of the uncanny and exemplify the period s fascination with the strange and the grotesque They were also the inspiration for Mizoguchi Kenji s brilliant 1953 film Ugetsu.The tFirst published in 1776, the nine gothic tales in this collection are Japan s finest and most celebrated examples of the literature of the occult They subtly merge the world of reason with the realm of the uncanny and exemplify the period s fascination with the strange and the grotesque They were also the inspiration for Mizoguchi Kenji s brilliant 1953 film Ugetsu.The title Ugetsu monogatari literally rain moon tales alludes to the belief that mysterious beings appear on cloudy, rainy nights and in mornings with a lingering moon In Shiramine, the vengeful ghost of the former emperor Sutoku reassumes the role of king in The Chrysanthemum Vow, a faithful revenant fulfills a promise The Kibitsu Cauldron tells a tale of spirit possession and in The Carp of My Dreams, a man straddles the boundaries between human and animal and between the waking world and the world of dreams The remaining stories feature demons, fiends, goblins, strange dreams, and other manifestations beyond all logic and common sense.The eerie beauty of this masterpiece owes to Akinari s masterful combination of words and phrases from Japanese classics with creatures from Chinese and Japanese fiction and lore Along with The Tale of Genji and The Tales of the Heike, Tales of Moonlight and Rain has become a timeless work of great significance This new translation, by a noted translator and scholar, skillfully maintains the allure and complexity of Akinari s original prose.

    • [PDF] ½ Unlimited ☆ Tales of Moonlight and Rain : by Ueda Akinari Anthony H. Chambers ✓
      266 Ueda Akinari Anthony H. Chambers
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ½ Unlimited ☆ Tales of Moonlight and Rain : by Ueda Akinari Anthony H. Chambers ✓
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    1. Perhaps this has happened to you too touched by a new enthusiasm for Iranian cinema, troubadour poetry, a new Olympic sport you seek out a specialist for a little background He smiles, and tells you that his specialty is so unique, its aesthetic pleasures so subtle, its cultural assumptions so complex, that its proper appreciation will require of you a life long habit of dedication and study After an hour of his monologue, drained of all enthusiasm, you finally tear yourself away, vowing never t [...]

    2. AcknowledgmentsIntroduction NotesPreface NotesBook OnePreface Shiramine The Chrysanthemum VowBook TwoPreface The Reed Choked House The Carp of My DreamsBook ThreePreface The Owl of the Three Jewels The Kibitsu CauldronBook FourPreface A Serpent s LustBook FivePreface The Blue Hood On Poverty and WealthBibliography

    3. Anthony Chambers, who is a professor of Japanese literature and literary translation at Arizona State, has brought together these little tales of ghosts, spirits and other things in this slim little volume The title alludes to the belief that mysterious beings appear on cloudy, rainy nights and in mornings with the lingering moon it s a great book to read on a dark night when all is quiet rain is a definite plus and for someone like me who is very deep into history, it goes well beyond just the [...]

    4. These were light short stories mixed with Japanese and Chinese myth fundamentals I generally find enjoyable but, in this version, poorly presented in a disconnected flow by prefacing each tale with the origins of the myth, historical background and synopses.

    5. Lepo ka u ljudi da je te ko napisati stvarno dobru pri u o duhovima, a naro ito iznena uju u, jer nema mnogo osnovnih varijacija te teme Ali Pri e ki e i meseca su kao pravi osvedo eni klasik uspele da me iznenade i to pre svega zahvaljuju i odli noj kompoziciji cele zbirke koja po inje nekim blagim, lirskim i pou nim susretima s duhovima i onda se sasvim malo poja a da bi pred kraj, u sedmoj i osmoj pri i, stepen u asa i grozote odjednom samo sunuo u visine Plava kapulja a omg I onda ni ta, ope [...]

    6. If you ve seen Mizoguchi s Ugetsu then you know not to expect horror stories from this collection But hey haven t you seen all those Asian horror flicks , you ll ask That s scary stuff Yes, but the way they scare you is they get under your skin and then grow aliens in your brain These are a bit subtle Symbolic, atmospheric and rooted in tradition, the stories won t give you nightmares if you read them before bedtime, just a twinge that there s a world out there beyond the touchable.

    7. An interesting collection of old Japanese ghost spirit stories Each one has a lesson for you to learn, for example do not eat those that you love once they have died or you ll turn into a demon.The stories are quite mixed, they were pretty gruesome at times, I m sure when this was written they would have been terrifying but in this day an age they are tame.The version I read had tonnes and tonnes of extra info about the characters, the setting, the plot and theories on what the story was about, [...]

    8. I enjoyed Akinari s Tales of Moonlight and Rain eventually Unfortunately, the translator s introduction is long and gives the impression that one simply will not possibly be able to understand or enjoy the tales unless one is a scholar of Japanese history and literature if that s not bad enough, the intro also contains spoilers This is a great shame because, while of course one will get out of them if one has read the same texts as the author and has in mind the same history as readers of the d [...]

    9. Ugetsu Monogatari Tales of Moonlight and Rain is a collection of ghostly folktales from Edo Japan It was first published in 1776, and was adapted from Chinese ghost stories It became famous in the West through Kenji Mizoguchi s 1953 film by the same title, which focuses on a single narrative from Aaji go yado The House Amid the Thickets within the collection of 9 stories The are a number of stories which would terrify government officials of the period, and I suggest these for those that are int [...]

    10. I ended up reading the Hamada translation of these tales, originally published by Columbia in 1972 After adding the introduction and understanding the complete mastery demonstrated in the creation of the original in Japanese, I m not sure I could ever get the same experience in an English translation.That said, I enjoyed the blend of folklore, religion, and the supernatural The demon snake woman was the most memorable character, and the frequent use of buildings and people who could transform in [...]

    11. 3.5Che libro strano come se i racconti fantastici fossero una scusa per mostrare la competenza storica dell autore O.o

    12. If some writers have an artist mind, others are scholar in the heart and Ueda Akinari is one of them.The stories of his Tales of Moonlight and Rain seek to avoid the zoku the vulgar in order to achieve the ga the elegance which is a success for the tales are thorougly refined in their prose and in their meaning Drawing from both chinese and japanese classical cultures in a remarkable harmony, the stories are full of buddhist outlook, of confucean philosophy the references to Confucius or Mencius [...]

    13. The introduction makes note that a different translator might arrange the nine stories in a different order In Chambers s translation, Shiramine White Peak comes first, set in autumn 1168 with the character Saigy a Buddhist monk and Sutoku the ghost of New Retired Emperor Reading the story, one comes across Buddhist beliefs and Confucian virtues as well as the Chinese zodiac The Chrysanthemum Vow involves the friendship between the Confucian scholar Samon and the samurai S emon Evident is the Co [...]

    14. While some of the stories in this slender collection are interesting, they are buttressed by essays that could have provided cultural context but instead were dry and unengaging A list of old place names would have been better served on a map The analysis of each story was pretty shallow often explaining things that could be readily taken from the text such as the time of year the stories were set , while ignoring cultural aspects that were harder to get, the most egregious of which was in the s [...]

    15. Aasta l pp l ks kiirelt ja tasapidi j uan blogis tagantj rgi v ljakutse raamatute lugemis maratoni kajastamiseni Nii otsustasin raamatukogust v tta Akinari Ueda Vihma ja kuupaiste lood Tegu on mitu sajandit vanade jaapani udusjuttudega, mis sobisid veel lugemata anri alla p ris h sti.Raamatus on mitu juttu, mis on teemadelt v ga erinevad, kuid l bivaks jooneks k igil on vaimude teema M ned jutud on positiivsemad, teised s ngemad, kuid konkreetset sellist udust, mis sel leval hoiaks ma kahjuks v [...]

    16. A very creepy set of stories that have a weird cultural insight to them If you like strange tales that give a sense of Japanese background, then hey, maybe this is for you I ll add to this review once I have time, but I would recommend to anyone who likes a creepy tale.

    17. Even though all the stories were good and I really enjoyed the book, my favorite story is the one that Mizoguchi s Ugetsu is based off, how cliche of me.

    18. This story collection is a classic that I plan to read at least one time The translation keeps the text flowing with a style that s simultaneously ancient and contemporary Also, every tale contains realistic and fantastic elements, and leaves the reader with a handful of ideas to consider afterward I d recommend this book to anyone without hesitation.

    19. It might be a 20th wait, we re in the 21st now aren t we century lens looking at these tales, but though they were mighty interesting tales, the climaxes felt too soon, the story too elaborated I feel like maybe I was just expecting a twist ending to come last minute Again, 21st century.But they are richly interesting tales, if you are into eastern culture Very strong references to Chinese literature and history, but really this is pretty much the equivalent of English literature evoking the Gre [...]

    20. Cel z stupy japonsk ch d mon Opravdov horror show Podivn a hr zostra n jako k ik ba anta nebo z pas drak Jak oddanost ekat na n koho s v t vkou chryzant my a lehk m sake Mu i, kte z stali ve vesnici, se zm nili ve vlky Samoz ejm Taky chci, aby v m m ivot bylo obdob , kdy m mi spole n ky budou jen li ky a sovy Vstoupit do jezera a cht t si zaplavat jako ryby nej ist touhy Uc tit, jak m kr jej a probudit se ze sna Hodit obrazy do jezera, aby se namalovan ryby odlepily od pap ru a za aly se proh n [...]

    21. The preface was helpful in giving information that would haveen present in the cultural lexicon of contemporary readers of the work, it was, however, so dry that I thought I would never make it to the actual text thankfully it turned out to be worth slogging through the academic mire The stories themselves were beautiful, poignant and had the sense of timelessness that is the mark of great literature.

    22. Because of the stilted and formal style these 18th century tales are written in, I would say most of them are probably 2 star stories That being said, the ones which are quite good, the first and second to last one both involving rapacious ghost monsters of former humans to some degree are strong enough to tick the average up.What it is really most interesting at doing is showing the social attitudes towards both history and present by a writer in the middle of the Tokugawa era.

    23. This was a tough read for me I m not the biggest fan of horror, and was expecting horror ghost stories, but even then it seemed to fail me.It is an interesting book of folk tales, and seemed like a series of moral sermons While it is quite an interesting view of old Japanese culture, with a bit of philosophy and Aesop like instruction, it just wasn t my cup of tea.

    24. A collection of nine short tales of the supernatural by Ueda Akinari, a late 18th century Japanese writer, translated by Leon Zolbrod Written in the then new style of the reading book, it was intended to be read in the study, rather than performed on stage like the no plays Akinari used allusions to classical Chinese and Japanese works chiefly Water Margin and Tales of Genji, but many others , and used place names connected to literature or history in order to evoke particular moods The characte [...]

    25. I found Tales of Moonlight and Rain because I had begun reading Lafcadio Hearn s Kwaidan and been struck by how westernized the supernatural folktales were, which led me to seek out a authentic collection of such Japanese tales Tales of Moonlight and Rain is certainly authentic than Kwaidan, as Chambers has put obvious effort into translating these stories so as to keep them as close to the original text as possible, but unfortunately a good deal of the entertainment value of these stories had [...]

    26. Questo libro strano ma probabilmente perch non sono abituata alla scrittura orientale.Molto bello sopratutto l ultimo racconto sul valore del denaro.Me lo aspettavo pi centrato sulla tematica della mitologia orientale ma non stato cos , delusioni.Unica pecca una visione un po retrograda per quel che riguarda la femminilit e il valore della donna OVVIAMENTE dovuto al periodo in cui stato scritto

    27. Been meaning to read this since seeing Mizoguchi s Ugetsu, but apparently it wasn t a pressing enough need this book has been languishing on my TBR for eight years Anyway, atmospheric and philosophical, these are like meditations than stories It s all right there in the title I might have appreciated their misty artistry without the tonal dissonance of copious academic notations, which bookended every story in my edition They were informative but distracting, and the preface brimmed with spoil [...]

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