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To Wager Her Heart #2020

To Wager Her Heart Can a railroad man and a Southern Belle turned teacher find a way to work together to achieve their dreams in the new reality of the post Civil War South Sylas Rutledge former gambler and new owner o

  • Title: To Wager Her Heart
  • Author: Tamera Alexander
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • To Wager Her Heart By Tamera Alexander, Can a railroad man and a Southern Belle turned teacher find a way to work together to achieve their dreams in the new reality of the post Civil War South Sylas Rutledge, former gambler and new owner of the East Line Railway, invests everything he has into this venture, partly to see if he can do it but mostly to avenge his father One man holds the key to the railway s sucCan a railroad man and a Southern Belle turned teacher find a way to work together to achieve their dreams in the new reality of the post Civil War South Sylas Rutledge, former gambler and new owner of the East Line Railway, invests everything he has into this venture, partly to see if he can do it but mostly to avenge his father One man holds the key to the railway s success General William Giles Harding of Nashville s Belle Meade Plantation But Harding is champagne and thoroughbreds, and Sylas Rutledge is beer and bullocks Sy needs someone to help him maneuver in high society, and when he meets Alexandra Donelson, he quickly decides he s found his tutor.Spurning her family s wishes that she marry, Alexandra Donelson is pursuing her passion for teaching at Fisk University, the first freedmen s university in the United States But her family does not approve, and ultimately, her father expels her from the family home and cuts her off completely.Through her friendship with Mary Harding, Alexandra is thrown together with both General Harding and Sylas Rutledge And she soon finds herself falling in love with a man whose roguish qualities and adventuresome spirit smack of recklessness than responsibility.Sylas Rutledge will risk everything to win the hand of the woman he loves What he doesn t count on is having to wager her heart to do it.Set at Nashville s historic Belle Meade Plantation, To Wager Her Heart is a sweeping Southern love story about a nation mending after war, the struggle to move a country forward, and the courage of a man and woman to see themselves for who they truly are and can be with each other.

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      496 Tamera Alexander
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    1. Once again we are visiting the Belle Meade Plantation with this book, the third book in this series We ve come back to visit with a few familiar friends and make new friends while we are here This historically accurate book mixes true events and places with fiction that wraps up to make this a book that you will read late into the night and it holds you captivated I am a huge fan of historical fiction so I really appreciate the many visits the author made to Belle Meade Plantation and the countl [...]

    2. This author s writing style is rich with history and a meandering pace that ensures that readers don t miss a thing I haven t read many books set during Reconstruction so I appreciated the new perspective of the freedmen and those in the South seeking to help them Much of the story revolves around the work and issues at Fisk University where Alexandra secures a job teaching men, women, and children It is at the same time encouraging and daunting, with the endeavor receiving both support and oppo [...]

    3. Twas such a lovely story To Wager Her Heart is definitely one of my favorite novels by Tamera Alexander I was surprised anew by her beautiful writing style and rich storytelling.With harsh reality and heartbreak, yet tenderness and fresh chances, Tamera Alexander unfolds this incredible story during the aftermath of the Civil War Amid train accidents, bitterness, and prejudices, Sylas Rutledge, owner of the Northeast Line Railroad, and Alexandra Jamison, schoolteacher shunned by her family and f [...]

    4. This book is the final story in Tamera Alexander s Belle Meade Plantation series It is rich in historical events that actually occurred in Nashville and Fisk University I learned a great deal while reading this book Things such as actual railway accidents that occurred during that time period as well as the famous Jubilee Singers from Fisk There was also a light romance between the hero and heroine in which I really enjoyed To me though, this book was about the history at Fisk and the struggles [...]

    5. Tamera Alexander has been one of my go to authors since I rediscovered my first love of reading Everything she writes is beautiful, heartfelt, and sincere Her books are the kind you must keep reading until you ve savored every last word To Wager Her Heart is no exception While this is the 3rd book in the Belle Meade series, each book can be read as a standalone Alexandra is my kind of heroine stronger smarter braver than she realizes, yet still decidedly feminine And Sy is book boyfriend materia [...]

    6. One thing you can count on in Tamera Alexander s stories is a deep appreciation for and attention to historical detail From the Fisk University a freedmen s school and its internationally renowned Jubilee Singers to hymn writer Philip Bliss to the prevailing prejudices of the time, the story is rich with historical detail While each book in the series is perfectly stand alone, they also fit well together, dealing pointedly with the prejudice in Reconstruction era Nashville, while tying them in [...]

    7. Welcome back to the Belle Meade Plantation series Book three centers on characters in 1871 Nashville who are new acquaintances, both who have similar struggles to achieve their dreams at the cost of great personal sacrifice It reads well as a stand alone, with some mention of people from other books.This finely written story creatively weaves together real people and events with fictional characters, effectively dealing with issues like prejudice, overcoming fear, and walking by faith towards Go [...]

    8. With fates bound by a shared tragedy, a reformed gambler from the Colorado Territory and a Southern Belle bent on breaking free from society s expectations must work together to achieve their dreams provided that the truth doesn t tear them apart first Sylas Rutledge, the new owner of the Northeast Line Railroad, invests everything he has into this venture, partly for the sake of the challenge But mostly to clear his father s name One man holds the key to Sy s success General William Giles Hardi [...]

    9. My favorite thing about this book was the richness of diversity, something you don t always find in Christian fiction And the diversity was authentic and paramount to the story, not tacked on like someone checking of a list of things I must include in my book The book focuses a great deal on Fisk University and the Jubilee singers and I loved being introduced to this bit of history that I didn t know a whole lot about before.Without giving away any spoilers, I think the thing I ll take away most [...]

    10. If you like the When Calls the Heart TV series, I think you ll really enjoy To Wager Her Heart To Wager Her Heart by Tamera Alexander is the third book in the Belle Meade Plantation series It can also be easily read as a stand alone I don t normally like to read a lot of books set in the U.S during different war periods, but recently I ve been picking of these up and enjoying them than I thought I would To Wager Her Heart is just such a book Tamera Alexander has a superb and engaging writing s [...]

    11. As with all of Tamera Alexander s novels, I enjoyed the final book in the Belle Meade Plantation Series To Wager Her Heart had a slightly different style than her other novels that I ve read In To Wager Heart Heart, the heroine Alexandra comes from the upper class of society and her father pressures her to marry a suitor she has no interest in This crossroads pushes Alexandra to take a risk to become a teacher at a freedman s school.Hero Sylas is a railroad owner that isn t from the south His ma [...]

    12. To Wager Her Heart is a lovely conclusion to the Belle Meade series In what I ve come to believe is her signature style, Tamera Alexander brings the Reconstruction to life, rife with racial tension and numerous injustices, yet not without hope and the push for reconciliation.Alexandra Jamison is an admirable character, surrounded by other admirable figures those teaching and those daring to learn, in a time when both aspirations were fraught with potential danger Sylas Rutledge is an outsider, r [...]

    13. When one door closes, another opens Alexander Graham Bell That is the phrase that stuck with me while reading this book Alexandra is living in the past and not moving forward She lost her fiancee in a terrible train accident, and hasn t been living life to it s potential.I loved the messages in this book One is that life goes on and that there is love and joy around the corner It comes when you least expect it I also loved reading about the plight of the freed slaves in Nashville Tamera Alexande [...]

    14. To Wager Her Heart was a great wrap up to the Belle Meade Plantation novels Although if you haven t read the other books, don t worry, this one can be enjoyed as a stand alone novel.This author always takes me right back in time and makes me feel as if I am really living in the time period that the book is written in She also writes very realistic characters, which I enjoy I liked Sy and Alexandra and appreciated that they were characters with good intentions and were both kind people They were [...]

    15. From time to time a book finds its way into your TBR pile that oozes special literary vibes that are hard to ignore It looks good, it feels good it even smells good And it clamors for attention until you pick it up and open the cover And once you do there s nothing for it but to surrender to the beguiling story within To Wager Her Heart is just that kind of novel It s a story that feeds a reader s heart, mind and soul.The romance is deliciously sublime Sy is the kind of all encompassing hero tha [...]

    16. I have been a fan of Tamera Alexander s ever since I read her book, Inheritance She captivated me with that book and I would read anything of hers blindly I was super excited to take part in being able to review this newest release, the third book in her Belle Meade Plantation series Let me tell you what I had so much fun reading this book I loved the detail she incorporated into the story and the characters she created owned me while I read this book It did not take me long to read it, I was th [...]

    17. I was almost finished with this book before I realized why parts of the story sounded so familiar A couple months ago, I had read a children s book about the Jubilee Singers with my students Once I made that connection with some help from Tamera Alexander the grand picture just fell into place I did not know Fisk University was in Nashville and the historical connection there As always, Alexander does a wonderful job weaving the historical details in with her characters The history is not overwh [...]

    18. At twenty Five, she d expected to be beyond all this But life hadn t turned out at all as she d expected 2 As I dive into Tamera Alexander s latest release, To Wager Her Heart, I am once again reminded by the beauty of Tamera s writing, the visualization of her words of the setting, and a story with a message that leaves a mark None of us knows what we re fully capable of doing until God leads us to a place where we realize our strength is nothing compared to His 293 It is a story of dreams, of [...]

    19. This book It s poignant It s relatable It s beautiful And it s immensely satisfying.The historical events are very well researched and enrich the setting of the story The pace is perfect The characters are endearing The journey is gut wrenching and humbling.Alexandra Jamison has grown up in a respectable and wealthy family However, she wants to do and be than just a pampered heiress She s not afraid of embracing the changes overcoming society and putting her head to work to give her outmost bes [...]

    20. It has actually been a very long time since I ve read a Christian historical with the railroad as a backdrop Remember the Ribbons of Steel series by Judith Pella and Tracie Peterson from literally 20 years ago I d forgotten about those stories until I read To Wager Her Heart and was reminded how much I like the stories of the iron horses of yesteryear.To Wager Her Heart has an authentic feel to it Even though it is set years after the end of the Civil War, its affects were still felt and are tan [...]

    21. I was very disappointed by this book I m settling with three stars for now, but with a leaning towards two Perhaps 2.5.The ending was rushed Several plot lines weren t resolved I felt that the heroine went from still being in love with her late fiance to suddenly being engaged to marry the hero in a flash Much was skipped over them becoming engaged and I don t know, admitting their feelings for each other It was pretty terrible.Also, I found it very disappointing that the whole affair with the r [...]

    22. I love how much history Tamera manages to stick into her stories without making them read like a textbook It is fantastic and is the main reason that I still love to read her books all these years after I first discovered her work I have found that a sadly large number of Historical Romances today are romance, with barely any historical , where as Tamera balances the two to create a filling love story.Sy and Alexandra s relationship starts off heated to say the least, but time and forgiveness [...]

    23. Powerful, well researched, well written, and emotional read are just some thoughts that come to mind upon finishing This is book three in the Belle Mead Plantation Series, but I had no problem reading it as a standalone This era of history is brought to life in a beautiful story that you can easily identify with The characters are real and the sacrifices that were made to educate freedmen were selfless The scene at the slave pens was so emotional and you will definitely need tissues I can almost [...]

    24. Alexandra has been in mourning and almost driftless since she lost her fiance in a train wreck She s been unable to make sense of his death and is now afraid to ride on a train after witnessing the collision Sylas has left Colorado and come to Nashville to bid on a railroad project He s not exactly comfortable in the genteel southern society and asks Alexandra to coach him on the southern customs, especially business deals This was a fascinating story The author drew so much from history and it [...]

    25. 4 Stars Alexander has once again written a historically rich, beautiful and evocative tale Fans of historical fiction and of the series will enjoy curling up with this one Alexander takes readers into the the time, place and experience of those at Fisk University and the Jubilee Singers really it is but a taste of what they experienced and most likely felt, but worthy reading all the same While there is a bit of romance to this tale with Sy and Alexandra, really this story reads as of a histori [...]

    26. I love when a novel brings history to life This was definitely the case in this novel I d had no idea to my own shame, really about Fisk University nor the Jubilee Singers prior to reading this book I liked that a lot of the characters mentioned by name were actual people who participated in the Jubilee Singers group I also liked how Sy and Alexandra s relationship grew from initial distrust, to friendship, which then grew to be I really appreciate when authors take the time to let their charac [...]

    27. Tamera may I say that you ve really made my heart sing with this one I have learned a lot through reading about Alexandra and Sy s story There is one quote that really stands out It s when Mr White is leaving Alexandra some advice that I really took to heart He says It s your decision to make but remember that there are dire consequences and Alexandra soon found out what they were Oh my what a brave lady I admired her for following her heart and stepping in the right direction God was working on [...]

    28. To Wager Her Heart 3 Belle Meade Plantation by Tamera Alexander1871, Nashville, Tennessee one thing Alexandra Jamison will not do is agree to an arranged marriage by her father, especially to that man Instead she bravely pursues her passion for teaching at Fisk University, the first university for freedmen in the United States But family, and Nashville society, do not approve and she soon finds herself cast out from both her home and society The new owner of the Northeast Line Railroad, Sylas Ru [...]

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